[Vidya] Inside Cuba’s secretive underground gamer network


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good job cuba

good on the cuban people, technology is meant to be shared



Oh it's actually a part of a series of articles on Cuba and video games, neat.

Good shit man. Viva la revolution indeed.

>Young Cubans love games; love networked gaming in particular despite the low rate of internet penetration, love collecting games, love playing them alone and together, love making them and would even be willing to buy them legally, if only they could.
Ahh, piracy!!!!!!


I fucking love what these articles are trying to push.

Well, is it socialist or communist?



The invisible hand of capitalism is everywhere.


What the fuuuuck
And then those cunt in the comments saying





thanks communism. thanks fidel

these decentralized initiatives are more communist than the cuban government fam


Communization in action.


V..v-Viva la revolución!

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Try reading the article next time.


I mean it's not like the Cuban government has encouraged piracy since the 60s to get back at companies, right.

Oh wait, it says right in the articles.

Cuban's cucking capitalist companies on commie computers completely uncompromisingly.

Why not consume all that 10/10 communist media m8? They should be downloading all of jason Unruhes Videos instead. lol.

In all seriousness, i'm not against them doing any of this. it just sucks that cubans have been cucked for this long just because of that fag fidel. i bet they cant even play crisis 2 on max settings. Also, i bet only people who have family outside the US or have some sort of money can really play high end games. where is the average cuban suppose to get computers or game consoles? this reeks of black market economy.

commies don't make computers, silly.

What these people are setting up is unironically a prime example of communism. No state, no money, no class, no exploitation, production for use instead of exchange etc.
Intellectual property is a perfect example of technology under capitalism.

I can't either and I live in a very capitalist country.

Hahahaha I love how somehow Cubans stealing video games means they want to """become""" a """democracy""" and their evil government is the ones holding them down when in reality the government is facilitating and possibly responsible for the underground internet projects. They don't even see the irony in conflating Western imports with Western values- it directly implies that Western society is built on products and media and propaganda and that Cubans will like these fucking movies so much that it'll make them want to have an open market because reasons, because the clueless dipshit author thinks Cubans don't make just as many movies now as they would under capitalism because the government censors them uguiseeee. I also love how they conflate opening the market a la Deng with becoming less reclusive.

It's so fucking funny.

oh my god

I can't either and I live in the netherlands.

Daily reminder that became of piracy and the absence of IP, it wouldn't be profitable to make movies, games, music or any R&D in ancapistan, since it would all be stolen with no consequences.


get banned

How delusional do you have to be to believe this?


i probably cant even play it lol. but you still probably need some money or family outside the US to start gaming in cuba.

people coming together to build something isn't communist or capitalist, it is just a result of the states failure and the failure of communism itself.

You do realize people coming together to build is called civilization.

what does that have to do with what i said?

That what you said makes not sense. In any successful civilization you'd have people coming together to build something by definition of what a civilization is.

i still don't see your point m8

Why is the building of something be a failure of the state? Imagine someone saying X builds bridges thus X fails at being a nation.

Isn't most shit like videogames actually affected by the embargo in Cuba?

I know for sure that Blizzard doesn't sell their stuff there.

that was in the context of cuba, sorry if i didn't fully explain.

basically someone said that this was a "prime example of communism"

coming together with other people isn't a capitalists or communist action. obviously people in capitalists countries do this all the time, this doesn't mean they want to implement communism.

cubans creating their own network is a result of the failure of communism in cuba.

Coming together and creating a decentralized effort with voluntary labour and no charging money is communistic.
A capitalistic effort would be people buying cables to create a network, charge a rate to use it and then hire other people to maintain it for them, while they receive money.

this tbh

Netflix makes millions (billions?) in profits despite torrents being a thing. Capitalists are indeed the ultimate cucks.

i agree. What you forgot to mention was the black market of electronics, and the capital required to even connect to the network. meaning that only those with enough capital or family outside cuba can even enjoy such a network. You can replicate media with relatively no charge , however the means to consume that media will continue being capitalistic.

this system would not be possible without the smuggling of cable and electronics though capitalistic means.

but sometimes i like to support the creaters user. i always pirate before i buy though.

She cute :3

I dont see how that is relevant. So due to circumstance people used money to buy things?
Ah the old "buying things with money is capitalism"
Little hint. You can connect to this network with a mobile phone and wifi.

due to circumstance people used money to buy things

due to circumstances people will come together to build stuff.

this has nothing to do with ideology, just the failure of the cuban state.

Which nobody is arguing with.

But that doesn't mean that the coming together of people to build a decentralised network for free, maintaining it for free and providing access for free (IE moneyless production for use) is communistic.

That doesnt mean that it isnt communistic.
Long sentences are hard.
The network and how its made and maintained and used is communistic.
Also, fun fact, communism is stateless.

why are commies pro piracy?

Consuming capitalist propaganda is somehow good for the Cuban people?

Piracy is the freeing of information, which can be put to use communally, without charge, from the capitalists who keep it hostage.

Information litterally is a post-scarcity good, kept artificially scarce by capitalists to make money.

those two sentences aren't even related lol

Not like they can consume the media of the Comecon anymore.

i agreed it was communistic on my previous post. im not saying this is a bad thing, its really good.i just think it really magnifies the failures of cuba and communism in general. The same happens/ has happened in china, north korea, russia, and all the former commie states.

How did commies lose the culture war this bad??? The pinnacle of commie videogames is tetris. man communism sucks.

I always actually asked myself if there will be a real enforcing of intellectual property rights after the invention of the internet


Incorrect. You're not looking at the bigger picture here. Work had to be put into creating that digital data, so the ones who worked on it should be rightly compensated for their efforts. Just because data is infinite doesn't mean you should steal that data that somebody put their time and labour into creating.

Lol, them keeping the equipment safe and not cracking down on it says otherwise. They want to keep the internet sandboxed for now to make sure that it won't damage their republic.

Internet piracy = watching even more Hollywood propaganda then you could afford

Those who create data have already been compensated for their efforts unless you are buying games from a small indie. Any extra copy you purchase goes into the pockets of the capitalist who didnt make any of it.

Yes, that's all piracy is. Good job!

I'm not stealing it, I'm copying it. :^D


What's the difference between copying the data and borrowing a physical copy? Shit there's people that rent this stuff, making money from the act of lending a game without giving any compensation to the original creators, and you're complaining about some rando in cuba who wants to play diablo 3.

This doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure products are free under communism, making piracy useless.

Accelerationism maybe.

You're a special kind of retard

But those who produce it aren't being compensated, it's those who own the intellectual rights. Just more bloated porkies sitting on property that they have no realistic practical claim to.

Liberals should be gunned down in the streets.

Heard about the embargo, fag?

Neck yourself.

but i'm not depressed

It does. But what are you going to do about it in your ancrap utopia? Send a mercenary death squad after them?

Make content so good that people WANT to support you. that's my answer to piracy.

And people say commies are the idealists with no grasp on reality.

game of thrones does it.

Further proves my point that video games are purely a products of capitalism.

That doesn't work. See the slut trainer games industry. Creators just spend years milking projects for all they can to keep the money flowing.

its shit. you cant pirate any game nowadays, yet DRM platforms like steam and xbone are only growing.

[citation needed]

name one bb girl

Oh ho yes you can.

And you missed my point. It's that slut trainer games are generally released for free but are supported via donations on places like patreon. Likewise in an ancap society there would be no laws against piracy so in response it would be more profitable to release games this way.

Oh sgut, that was a typo, lol. I meant you could pirate almost any game nowadays. Yet videogames are still profitable.