Fried fish and beer? Wtf is his problem?

Fried fish and beer? Wtf is his problem?

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>>169000283it's a good combo

>>169000283johnny... your new girlfriend... woof

Fish n chips n a megapintsimple as

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>>169000283TWO CHIPS?!!

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>>169000283>mushy peasFood of the gods.

>>169000283for me it's cornish pastries

>>169000283that's a cheap fish and chips

>>169000425It's baby food

>>169000283based. I wish I still had a fish and chips place near me

>>169000283Was it a megapint

>>169000283the next mega pint is on me, boys

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proper norf scran that faaackin 'ell


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>>169000425food of fucking nonces maybe

>>169000283corrr love me fish and chips, h8 liars

>>169000283I heard he's actually getting 10,3 mill

>>169000283based JD


>>169000283Was the fish battered

>>169000655Embarrassingpost, and I'm a hardline anglophobe.

>>16900028314 pounds for fish and chips! isnt that a bit much?

>>169000283>£14That seems like a pretty normal price to be honest. like a waste of a sentence.>normal chipsOMG he's just like us>Expensive chipsBougie Twat>poundland chipsoh another coke binge

>>169000888Probably doesn't even include the tip.

>fish>chips>mushy peas>gravy10/10 dish.>>169000953correct. Fish has gone up considerably since brexit. typically £7 just for a fish now at a chippy.

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>>169000769I think it's a round 8 million. But it could be 8,35

Excellent choice but damn that is getting expensive

>>169000769id be surprised if theres even that much left after a chippy

>>169001004Fish and Chips £7 you mean? Surely you don't mean just a fish.

>>169001038>>169000769I read Depp is getting 10 but heard is getting 8 mil profit.courts are weird.

>the food in this country is not very good

>>169000769>>169001038Jury awards him 15m10 for compensatory damages and 5 for punitive damages punitive damages in Virginia is capped at 350kJury found in favor of heard on a claim and awarded her 2 millionJudgment for Johnny for 8.35m

>>169000283>14 ponds for a plate of fried shitJesus fuck, how?

>>169000425Spotted the brit.

>>169000428It's pasty you fucking pleb.

>>169000283>big payday>fish and chips>new girlfriendcomfy

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>>169000283Do they deep fry in lard or vegetable oil in the UK?

>>169001142Didn't she get 7 million from the divorce? So she's not completely fucked. She probably has to pay for Depp's and her own legal fees though. Depending on how much money she got for Aquaman she could still break even.Still, she's 35 and damaged goods.

>>169001004Americans nuked the wrong island.

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>>169000283he should've gone for hard liquor and salad

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>>169000844underrated and checked

>>169001174>Jesus fuck, how?Inflation.wheelbarrows full of money coming soon.

first a pintthen a bint

>>169000856I bet you fellate old men for not liking my post

>>169001004Gravy and mushy peas is excessive, need to leave some crispness on the chips

>>169001300She does not pay depp's attorney's fees; she pays her own which were probably very substantial for the trial alone. A 6 week trial with like 5 lawyers in the room is probably a million in fees at the least.

>>169001300Mollusk's crooked & flaccid penis will proffer up the remaining millions. if there is a way to simp further the mollusk will do it that I can guarantee you

>>169001004A little over £10 for fish and chips (no peas) at my preferred place. That’s hake though, not the usual cod shit.


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>>169000390You joke but the event Colbert was referencing really does mean he’s a fat fuck who criticizes others based on their looks. He’s basically pic rel, but with money he swindles

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>>169000960>the tip>in the uk

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>>169001219I use pastries because I can eat more than one in a sitting you weak stomach wankstain

>>169000283Patrician choice.

>>169000283whos the girl

>>169000888Seems decent enough to me, but I'm no bong.

>>169000283>$15 million thats probably like 5,000 to him.

>>169000960>tipping for pub grub at the local WetherspoonAlright Tarquin

>>169001481I thought it was the rule that the loser paid the winner's legal fees.

>>169001334Not just that, the exchange rate with my country's currency has changed massively from what I remembered. 1 pound used to be 2.5 Swiss franks, now it's 1.2. Basically I thought it was 2 times as expensive than it actually is.

>>169001609Some rando who wanted a photo with him

>>169001514Never had hake, is it any good? I tend to go for haddock, much better than cod.

>>169001672No that's the British Rule. The American Rule is both parties pay for their own fees unless you contract for otherwise in a settlement or there is a statute granting you rights to have your attorney's fees paid.

>>169001698>1 pound used to be 2.5 Swiss franks, now it's 1.2.i want to go back, the last decade has sucked.

>>169000428pasty you fucking septic

>>169001291depends on the chippy but the best use beef dripping.

>>169001317Imagine not being white Lmao

>£14Fucking hell.>NewcastleFuuuuuucking hell.What the fuck are you doing up there? I wouldn't be surprised if it was some southern shithole.I'm Midlands and large chips + battered cod at the end of my road comes to no more than £7.50

>>169001004Two nukes weren't enough.

>>169001563>covering for illiteracy with poor insult.Never mind user, we all know you're stupid. Don't try and compound it.

>>169000283Why did he campaign to get him out of prison?

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>>169001300So she pays him back with his own money?When is this scam called "marriage" gonna end?

>>169001323>50kcal the green nonsense>650kcal the booze shotEnjoy dying sooner.

its just peas...?

what's up with bongs and Heinz beans

>>16900028314 QUID!??! GOR BLIMEY, THAT'S CHEAP AS CHIPS FOR A CELEB Yes, Ameribros, that is how some Bong speak

>>169001633Legit. Didn't he lose like $600 million through his shitty accountant?

>>169001525>2022>still lives in your head>rent freeIt's time to consider suicide, fren

>>169002302>be Johnny Depp>be Satanist & Crackhead>want to hang out with other satanist crackheads...user, it's not a difficult situation to ponder out.

>>169000844Czech'd and kekked

>>169002609>Though he blew most of his exorbitant wealth in 2016, Depp is still worth an eye-watering US$150 millionWhat happened in 2016?


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>>169001563In that case it would be pasties, you retard

>>169001423Gravy and mushy peas go great with chips, the problem is the container needs to be compartmentalized with the chips separated from the other two. Allows you to maintain the crispness while also enjoying the hearty gravy and peas with the option to dip them.

>>169000283He's a true lad.

>>169002611I’d love to drop him but he’s like a wet booger you can’t flick from your hand.When he finally shuts the hell up or dies I’ll never think of him again.I’d tell you to kill yourself as well but you’d probably shoot up a place before you do it so instead I’ll just say go fuck yourself.

He flew to Newcastle right after the trial?

>>169000769change left for taxi home then

>>169001323I don't think

>>169001423>>169001004you're also supposed to put the gravy on before the peas if you have both.

>>169002482>the green nonsense

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>>169003063been in the UK on tour with Jeff Beck for a week

>>169000390TWO SQUIGS

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