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she should have lied less and this never would have happened.

Its now legal for white men to rape women

>>168999494I can't believe Johnny Depp just ended women's suffrage

>>168999494>an orgy of misogynysounds hot

>>168999494>the first thing I think about is sex with multiple menHello repressed urges

>>168999494holes get what they fucking deserve

she should have seen the ted kennedy trial (that never happened)

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>>168999494not allowing a women to ruin your life and career under false pretenses is a big chud move, how dare he

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>>168999862>censoring poopwhy

Woman realises she cant ruin a man's life without proof and is pissed about it.

>>168999494Isn't that literally just gay sex?


>>168999903because it's yucky

>>168999628Sounds gay




>>168999494Maybe you shouldn't back a woman who's a psycho lying BPD bitch?

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>>168999494Thot status = patrolled

The main people following the trial are.women and the main people coming at Amber are women. Even the ones who aren't in love with Depp hate her because they remind them of their boyfriend's BPD ex whose head game they'll never match, or of themselves, because BPD girls love hating themselves.

>an orgy of misogynyWhat is wrong with leftists

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>>168999494who hires these barren closet dykes to write shit like this?

womensisters... it's over

I wish I could say I was surprised by the verdict, but I'm not. As soon as I learned the jury wasn't sequestered, I knew how this would go. I wish I could say differently, but women get screwed by the justice system every single say, and it's shameful.Anyway, I'm posting this comment just so it can be in writing that I always believed Amber Heard, and will continue to believe her. I don't care what the other side says, I'm going with facts and evidence, not a meme or a TikTok video. I sincerely hope the day will come when people will look back on this and realize the damage they caused this woman and women in general, but I won't hold my breath. They have shown us time and time again that they do not care. But, *I* care, and I will continue to do whatever small thing I can to help women when they are brave enough to come forward. If you have been abused, or are currently being abused, I believe you. I know it's hard, but please stay strong. When it feels like everything is hopeless, that's when we need to fight, the most.

>>168999494The Guardian at it again

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>>168999494>orgyWhy are they always so vulgar

>>168999494Why are you reading the Daily Mail? It's misandric trash.

>>168999494>orgy>trial (will someone be enslaved?) >-gyny>long>tipping point (tip)WHEW. why are female-written articles so sexually charged? are vagina havers secretly whores!?!

>>168999494Three articles defending the bed shitter

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>>169001735Why wouldn't you brush your hair before taking your professional profile photo?

>>169001731I read that on /r/DeppDelusion this morning.

All bitches, die

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>>169002063How could the same paper that.publishes that garbage produce this level of journalism?

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>>169002218fucking based

>>169001735>>169002063As if I could hate women and mass media any more


>>168999494Moira Donegan is currently being sued for defamation in a #metoo case. It is reasonable to feel the outcome of Depp/Heard might have a material impact on her own situation.Blatant conflict of interest, no disclosure to readers, fuck all editorial>>169002063Up to five now, they are having a screaming

>>168999494watch out bros she is a certified badass with that leather jacket

>>168999494>>168999530johnnnnnnyyyyyyy deppppppppppppp

>>168999494This is what we all and orgy of evidence

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>>169002218>What is an app? I honestly have no idea

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>>169002063Those journos look like psychopaths.

>>169001660no one is beating some sense into they/themthis will change

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>>169002218The Guardian is shit but Adrian Chiles is based and well loved. Those are humorous columns where he takes the role of a slightly confused old guy. Chiles did a BBC 1 documentary on his "problem drinking" and concluded he couldn't be bothered cutting down after all which annoyed a lot of people, he's not the bedwetter type.

>>169002063>"Believe it all, or believe nothing. Life's not that simple.">But they were willing to believe heard with no actual evidence of the abuse given to her because Depp is a man and therefore any accusation of abuse is true.

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>>168999494I love it. The world was wrenched off it's axis yesterday, all those smug cunts in media and society are now faced with the unthinkable: being held accountable for their actions, and words. "What do you MEAN I can't write an op ed destroying my ex with lies because I can't get over him DARING to reject ME?" Now other men see the path. Rittenhouse apparently is more open to suing those who lied about him - and that will be a whole new ocean of salt when he does it, and wins - especially against Whoopie. I love even more them trying to re-frame it as a freedom of speech issue. No, you dizzy cunts, the Constitution has no provisions for the protection of lies. Slander, libel and defamation are not defended in any way by "freedom of speech", the 1st is not a license to say any shitty thing that passes through your empty skull with no repercussions. Depp is the hero we didn't know we needed. His case is going to rock the legal system, and the media, to it's core. Divorce lawyers are gnashing their teeth in rage. Family court judges are tearing their garments in outrage. It's fucking GREAT.

>>168999494>Holla Forums gets pissed off by a headline, nobody in the thread has actually bothered to read to article and just automatically goes into seething mode when the actual article itself could be pretty decent and reasonableGranted, I haven't read it myself but behavior like this is proof of that most posters on this board/website are low-IQ.

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Which Pirates did you watch to celebrate the occasion?

>>168999494Demonic Moira

>>169001660A lot

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>>169002675Remember when he presented Daybreak on ITV. We didn't know how well we had it.

>>169002845I’m not giving any ad money to globohomo journalism lol

>>168999618He didn't end it, incel, he leveled the playing field. But you keep masturbating to the idea of repealing the 19th. It's not like you have anything better to do.

>>168999564And that's a good thing


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>>169001664Unironically jews

>>169001731Weakest bait I've seen all day.

>>169002845>fighting low effort, low iq posts>with a low effort, low iq postbanter or shut it, you trite, dull fucking faggot

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>>169001731Nice pasta. Saved to edit later

>>169002932Then don't complain about what you imagine the contents of the article are because you can't know.

This entire trial has created a hilarious zeitgeist the likes of which we wont see again for quite some time>based johnny just wants to get his reputation back by proving heard is a bed shitting lunatic who beats men>"women" on twitter up in arms that this regresses the MeToo movement because a man was proven right>men literally pointing out that it should be helping MeToo because its justice for victims who are afraid to speak out, especially men who are usually laughed at and are afraid to come forward anyways>normies in general dont know who to virtue signal to because its either you're siding with Heard because she's a woman or Johnny because he was rightabsolutely sensational.

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>>169002996>Weakest bait I've seen all dayNah, >>169002950 is worse. Zero effort went into that one.

>>169002845Quit projecting illiterate, I've read it and it's exactly what it sounds likeChoice Quote:>As is typical of domestic abuse victims, Heard does seem to have done things many of us would not be proud of. She fought back. Depp’s outbursts and insults left Heard resentful and angry with him, and sometimes, she told him so. Many are quick to point out that Heard is not a perfect victim. But no woman is. We are told that the lawsuit is “complicated.” But the lawsuit is not complicated. It is abuse. Now, that abuse has been sanctioned by a jury.If you want to read the rest it's herearchive(dot)ph/oxLxb

The only reason that women's domestic violence group sided with Johnny is because siding with Heard would be bad PR for them since all the shit she did was public. They would have been 100% on her side even though she abused Johnny.Women's rights groups and shelters hate males. A women's rights group stopped Denmark from banning male circumcision.

>>169002845>reading low quality bait articlesAnon...

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>>169002063>believe it all or believe nothing>jury has to give 5 different verdicts with 5 different arguments being presented >jury still finds her guilty on all 5 countsJej

>>169003113Oh, look, an upset incel. How ordinary.

>>169002890Based Breaking

>>169002097Because you're a feminist


>>169003206Ooh, it's seething now. Need some buttcream for that butthurt, sweaty?

>>169003008Am I only allowed to make a good point and call you out on your bullshit if I package it in the form of a cool meme? Well here you go. Nigger.

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