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>>168999312First for Creamy Sheev

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Let me take this opportunity to say that I would have saved Jyn Erso, and when she was asleep, I would sneak sniffs of her butt.

Ugh meh... Fucking Not Jane... I hate coomers.


>Luke, did I ever tell you about the time that Darth Vader was hunting me for 10 years and he finally caught up with me and had me pinned to the ground in a giant barbecue pit only to just let me go instead of force pulling me over the fire or actually walking around the fire to come get me? He was a good friend.

>>168999312What's the best non-Empire/Republic nation and why is it Hapes?

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TLJ was good.

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Michael Bay should direct a Starkiller trilogy

>>168999605That's not Korriban...

I wouldn't care if they recast Jyn as long as she had a cute ass and an overbite.

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>>168999605I liked Zakuul. As long as you forget all the ridiculous bullshit about it being Vitiate's second empire, it's pretty interesting.


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>>168999789>I liked ZakuulIntense cringe

>>168999312She's cute. Too bad she's British

What's R2's problem?

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>>168999717And then Disney murdered it

>>168999830What a slut.

>>168999579Already explainedDarth Vader is still the learner but is becoming the master and won't fall for the same trick twice

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>>168999605Nal Hutta my nigga. Greasy rain all day.

>>168999312She was so much better in that one Doctor Who episode.

>>168999887Poor Blue Peter dog

>>168999887Terrible Spice addiction.

>>168999887Padme groomed him as well, and made use of his special attachment

>>168999312>SWINO General

>>168999605The Chiss Ascendancy>Govern a relatively large area of the galaxy.>Long-established and enduring.>Have their own culture.>Capable military that 1) serves as a deterrence against them being attack, and 2) makes others try and court them as an ally.


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>>168999887that actually really hurtsthey're mostly aluminum for weight but the feet are steel because they're constantly running into stuff on set and aluminum doesn't hold up when the retard on the remote runs it into a corner at full speedpoor doggie


>R2 indicates a fleet has come out of hyperspace

>>168999975>Darth Vader is still the learner but is becoming the master and won't fall for the same trick twiceDogshit excuse. Still undermines ANH. It's just bad writing entirely.


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>>168999975>won't fall for the same trick twicelol the leak implied they fight again by the sixth episode, to which it ends in another draw.

>>169000129>>169000184it wasn't painful, doggie just got startled.

>>168999975>Darth Vader is still the learner but is becoming the masterThis much copium.

I liked it.

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>>168999312I really liked Rogue One, and I remember being really optimistic thinking we were going to get movies like that every two years or so. Then we got a bunch of shit.

This a 59 year old man.Qui-Gon was 60.Wear sunscreen kids.

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Kasdan saod om am omtervoew has asked Jon Favs to continue Q'iras story in the Mandalorian Era. Looking likely she will be Booba's main antagonist.Emilia is the right age too. Q'ira's only like 40, and she's almost 36.

Why is it so hard to find /hr/ pics of Jyn?

i liked when anakin was in the field menacingly

>>169000683Try at /hr/ archive.4plebs.org/hr/search/subject/felicity jones/

>>169000657>Kasdan saod om am omtervoew

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>>169000657>Kasdan saod om am omtervoewECHUTA

>>169000602You do know people age fast in 9 years, right incel?

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>>169000602Alec Guinness was 63 when they shot the film in 1976, so it's not too far off. Ewan was cast too young in the prequels.

>>169000818Are people really giving out about him getting white hair and looking older a few years later? it's like another 9 years, he could easily turn white haired and more wrinkly in another decade.

>>169000602Qui Gon was 48 same as Neeson.

>>169001009Despite all the legitimate problems, people are desperate to nitpick this thing to death over bullshit

>>169000970>Ewan was cast too young in the prequels.I've seen people say Kenneth Branagh should have played Obi-Wan in the prequels. He's ten years older than McGregor.

>>169000970The Character was 59.Fuck you people and your autism.

>>168999312It infuriates me that we only get Felicity Jones once on one hand, but on the other Disney can’t ruin her now.

>>169001095I didn't claim otherwise. Are you retarded?

>>169000818Goddamn.Say what you willBut Ewan has the most beautiful beard I have ever seen.

>>168999605>Hapes>not ZeltrosBro.

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>>168999887midget on the inside. midgets are inherently evil.

>Anakin stop lusting after me, silly boy

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>>169001045Gin was 60 when he died, Stop lying.>>169001143Yes you did you brought in real life for no reason.


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>>169001251>dirty fingernailsgross

Post your unpopular SW opinion. Mine: Episode 9 is decent. Abrams did a miracle with all Disney's demands.

>>169001227>we'll never have sexy women in a Star Wars movie ever again

>>168999887holy shit, R2 needs to be cancelled right now.

>>169001296>>169000683I had to compress them to post them here.

>>169001251Saddest death is the Droid's.The rest are just varying levels of narm.

>>169000530This scene is fucking great.

>>169001375Forgot image.

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>>169001227How many younglings would you slaughter for this tummy?

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>>169001361>you will never get this, you will never get this lalalala

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>>169001399youtu.be/tzKElcLGTBcthis one and the one right after I thought were touching, I like the look back at his friend's body as he just sort of accepts death

>>169000683see >>168999658

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>>169001424Damn she cute

>>169001456>Mixture of laughing & crying.

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>>169001227>My dear boy, did you know that Senator Amidala is visiting an establishment of ill repute tonight, alone with only a handmaiden for company? I fear that being a young beautiful woman in an intoxicated state, some miscreant may attempt to harm her, Anakin and there is no Jedi, who I trust more to protect her.

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>>169001434>How many youbglings qould youbput into this tummy.Fixed.

>>169001357Episode 2 is the best movie and Im still glad the old eu is gone.

>>169001434All of them. That tummy can make more

>>169001361A shame.

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>>169001363Droids have a history of being oppressed. R2 can pull the droid oppression card. He's untouchable.

>>168999312Will we ever have a good looking woman like her in SW again?

>>169001478But he's blind?


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>>169001456That's so fucking edgy I kinda like it

We’ll never get to see handcuffed Jyn Erso in a slave Leia bikini


>>169001290You are monkey-brain low-iq idiot. You fucking cunt don't even know what it means to "claim otherwise".

>>169001434I'd turn Palestine to radioactive glass for she

>>169001580youtu.be/U1rihQBuqwoThis one, Chirrut dies and Baze dies right after

The Mando era is so comfy.

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>>169001636Double nigger

>>169001602Good wardrobe design.

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>>169001456Even without the slutty costume, it's such a great desig, it's actually surprising that they didn't use it already

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>>168999655Why are his pants so high


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>>169001714Why aren't yours?

>>169001700Why didn't Star Wars ever win an academy award for costumes?

>>169001638>aLeC wAs 63!

>>169001666That's Nolan levels of drab.

Hows that fleet coming along son? You taken the Seswenna sector yet?

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Friendly reminder Temuera Morrison beat a teenager to a pulp in 2000 because he taught he was a member of a gang of teenagers going around with knives and setting property on fire.Mans an asshole.

>>169001758Hollywood unironically hates Lucas. He bucked a lot of tradition with the OT, and they never forgave him. It's why when he was shopping around for someone to direct the prequels, he couldn't get anyone, even his buddy Spielberg, and had to do it himself.

>>169001887You mean based but misguided.

>>169001887>Temuera Morrison beat a teenager to a pulp in 2000Good

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>>169001357Episode I is the SW movie closer to what George Lucas always imagined because he made it what he wanted with full budget and without gauging any public opinion.

>>169001887Good, I bet you think Batman just beats the homeless.

>>169001887When you say "a teenager" do you mean...

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I've finished The Originals and Prequel audiobooksAny other recommendations? I heard the thrawn trilogy is good, is it actually?

>>169001948And that's why it's awesome. I do wonder how a Spielberg ep1 would have turned out.


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>>169001700One of the best parts of that trilogy was Lucas using her as a living doll for his costume porn.

>>169001995Haven't seen the series yet. What is so bad about this bitch that McGregor had to do the support video for her?

>>169001881Going slower than I'd like due to developing carpel tunnel from all the clicking and dragging.Does anyone know know if was hard coded that Thrawn could never be force user? I remember playing lots of games as the Empire and Vader never found him to be force sensitive.

Moses Ingram has goddess level thighs and I would let her force crush me with them.

>“I went up and down Naboo with a laser sword (a lightsaber), hoping I’d be approached by somebody — I’m ashamed to say that — and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some 'Gungan bastard’ would come out of a swamp and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him,” the Master Jedi said in an interview published on Primeday in Coruscant’s Independent Newsnet. He used air quotes when saying the words “Gungan bastard.”

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we support moses

>>169002156Nothing she's fine. Not AMAZING just fine.

>>169001887>gang of teenagersI know what you mean by this.

>>169002217>>169002356>>169002368she's maximum uggo. as the OP image shows its possible for cute girls to be good in Star Wars. if i want to see uggos i'll go stand in line at the dollar store.

i always wondered,did george lucas ever admited he fucked up by killing darth maul in the first film????how the fuck he dint realized that character was going to be popular just by his looks??

>>168999658Look at her, she is so helpless...

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>>169002491Ok? She'll be dead in 3 episodes anyway so we can all move on

>>169001515Heh the prequels were so much fun

>>169002496When Lucas made Star Wars, he was just some guy, and people told him no, that idea is stupid, etc., all the time. By the time he made the prequels he was George Fucking Lucas, and nobody could tell him anything. That was the root cause of every problem.

>>169001705Talon always was a 10/10

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>>169001515kek when obi-wan was shook

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>>169002608Oh this tired canned "answer"... It might aswell be a JRPG line of text it's so hollow.

>>169002491I wish she was my gf so we could play battlefront together.

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>>169000818gunn probably just gave up coloring it


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>>169002642>It's a nice wife you got there Anakin.It would be a shame if Force started to send you discomforting visions of her demise, wouldn't it...

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>>169002727The same question over and over again gets the same answer over and over again if the facts haven't changed, and they haven't. Pretty easy to understand. Keep asking what two and two is, keep getting told four.

>>169002217Post em

The prequels are actually really good, i’m sorry George…

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>>169002760lmao look at the top of her head

>>168999312>best girl from Disney Star Wars>gets nukedTragic...

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>>169002170the only chiss force users are teenage girls called skywalkers retart

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It's like they pick actresses that do the oppisite that whatever Lynda Carter did. It's soul eroding.

>>169000104>Hamill>kot>pink overallThis is the amount of comfiness they took from us.

>>169002790Sheev is eternally based dabbing on sex-havers.

>new episode mentions JabiimWE'RE GOING BACK BOx2grhYS

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>>169000095Also Jag Fel was pretty alright and iirc he had a cute sister who showed up for a book


>>169002945It'll be shit like the rest of nu Wars.

>>168999887dafuq was his problem

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>>169001995it seems to me that such a elaborate haircut requires very frequent care. She must be going to a really good imperial hairdresser twice a month or so.Thats why the character feels off.She's not a princess. She's a fierce warrior.

>>169001889Bunch of retards

>>169000095God I hated this shit so fucking much

>>169002881man that's pretty gay and retarded. is that EU shit or disney shit?

>>169003014This close to greatness...

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>>168999605I need to read the Han Solo books. The corporate sector is meant to be cool, and there was a couple of NJO books that was pretty much an ode to them

>>169002822You know math is done with numbers not letters right?

>>168999312>Jyn Erso

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>>169001227Why was a respected senator of the galactic federation dressed like this again?

>>169003171Such a fun read.

>>169002496>character was going to be popularGoing by this logic, he shouldn't have killed Qui Gon and Duku either.

>>169003197It was a disguise duh


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