/bcs/ Better Call SaulBetter Call Morb Editionformerly >>168985664

/bcs/ Better Call SaulBetter Call Morb Editionformerly >>168985664

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1997 kim anus

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I keep hearing theories about Kim still being around something about the golden toilet from Episode 1 of S6. Then we see Kim actually sitting on a toilet...

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>>168999190S E X O

>>168999190Is this from porn?

Streaming bcs atBongstream dot liveBongstream dot liveBongstream dot live

>>168999190>>168999230She doesn't have many fans, and she's not a very good actor. Sorry.

>>168999190>25 yooh no no no she looks fucking same

>>168999230Kim lives in the mansionShe makes Jimmy live in the panic room like a little bitch and only lets him out to do her bidding as saulThe golden toilet has a pipe running into the panic room that disperses her fart gas, this alone sustains jimmy


s6e11: Kimmy and Jimmys6e12: Crime and Punishments6e13: Liberty

>>168999297Cope Howardfag

lol so true

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You clean your teeth with a toothbrush, I clean my bathtub.We are not the same.

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You guys literally copy and paste the same posts in every thread

Waltuh, I'm stretched real thin right now

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>>168999161Women push the morb meme. Saulguys this doesn’t look so good. I’ve never seen brba looks like trash

>Aaron Paul is 42In 8 years they could make a sequel about Jesse having his 50th birthday and needing to get back in the game

>>168999584Wanna bet the farm on that?

>>168999539>los culos hermanos

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>>168999190Looks like that chick that married and had a kid with elon

>>168999650The reality is that Jesse probably killed himself after a few years in Alaska.Extreme PTSD + isolation + cold weather and little sunlight are a volatile mix


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Was kind of a waste to have him die right after his career got destroyed. There should have been another season about him descending into degeneracy and crime. And about him trying to get revenge on Jimmy with more illegal means before he gets killed.

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>>168999760of all places to disappear, Alaska is one of the worst. He would have done better in Montana, or Idaho or somewhere else in the PNW where he wouldn't be found.

>>168999595nigga done got Mike Teevee'd


>>168999806Fuck off Howard is pure

So...Kim's gonna show up at the Cinnabon shop or not?

>>168999539gay thoughts lmao

>>168995643>>168995300she told walt to kill himself before she saw the tape

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This changes everything

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>>168999806Howard's career is ruined, Kim gets what she wants and continues down the wrong path with Saul into Breaking BadHoward shot to death by Lalo, Kim is both scared for her life and/or regrets her actions and breaks with Jimmy before BB

>>168999912Could be. Remember, this is the first season without any Gene flash-forward in the first episode. I'm guessing Vince is keeping it for the end of the last episode with some epic BRAVO moment.

>>168999806Nah this was the best for him. He doesn't have to suffer the fall out of something he didn't deserve. And overall his death will make them feel responsible for it. He was too pure for this world and God(Lalo) took him from everyone else because they don't deserve him.

>>168999817Why is the supposedly overpowererd vaccum cleaner man only make you "disappear" inside of the US and not in a country that would never extrade you like Russia or something ?frankly i think life is prison is not so different than living like an ermit in Alaska

>>168999190made for BBC

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bros... they found out

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>>168999806so Chuck but edgier?

>>169000137also why Jimmy get to have a manager Job, a house and a fairly public life while Walt and Jesse have to live in a cabin in the woods ?

>>169000181is banks talking of his own experience being a weird fan of rhea?

>I'm sorry. I'm kind of new here. I have to ask, who is that?Sneed. The 'S’ in 'SFS’. Greatest forced meme I ever knew.>Wow. I hope someone says that about my posts someday.Well, maybe there are more important things.

>>168999330>>168999230>you will never comfort Kim on a night where she binges Los Pollos Hermanos

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For me, it's Bill.

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>>169000262It did bug me too that jimmy is very well known and has his face everywhere and he gets out into a public facing job rather than working as some office geek or something somewhere

>I AM NO TYRANT! I am no tyrant. I know he swapped sides. I knew he was always loyal to Pompey and the Republic. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that idiot Cicero to vouch for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That refusal to my offer! Are you telling me that a man just happens to hate Macedonia that much? No! He openly snubbed me! Brutus! He held a knife to my throat in a cartoon! And I forgave him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own family! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 15, always the same! Couldn't keep his mother out of my bedroom! But not our Brutus! Couldn't be precious Brutus! Stabbing me dead! And HE gets to be a consul designate? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you, you have to stop him! You -

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>>169000332>chuck dead>Howard dead >nacho deadI fucking hope atleast redd’it doesn’t kill him

>>169000381he'll live, as he is the only one that cares for the law


>>168999584Not my call

>>169000381he's in that mockumentary, he'll make it Cliff won't tho

>>169000440Well chuck and howard were caring tooChuck was right with kicking out jimmy from the lawyer business, Jimmy is just hurting himself with playing the lawyer

>Cliff is not in american greedCliffbros....

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>you will never clean kim's piss soaked cunt with your tonguewhy live bros

>>168999584I'm going to post this in every thread to spite you

>>169000262Only Walt got the cabin treatment. And only because he is El Capone tier infamous and half of the criminal underworld would like a piece of him.Jesse decided himself to go to Alaska and there he starts a new life with a workplace, a home and everything. No cabin prison.Jimmy and Jesse just aren't as famous. They are just accomplices of the great Heisenberg, whose face is plastered everywhere.

>>169000671Why do you think that this will never happen? The future is yours to shape

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>>169000727how am i gonna meet rhea and convince her to roleplay kim

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>>168999584If jannies have a problem, they have my ip address. If you have a problem, i am right here.


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>>169001160I'm sure if you had fuckloads of money she might, don't know how well off she is. Alternatively, there's always crime but I don't really encourage that.

>>169000671Bob Odenkirk probably does

>>169001287>62 year old Kim sits alone in a dimly lit shitty apartment smoking>no Jimmy, no kids, no family>disbarred years ago and had to make a living as a cashier at a small town Nebraska grocery store (just as she always feared)>finally decides to end it all>as she ascends to the pearly gates, she sees Howard and Chuck in golden glory awaiting her>she reaches out to them>falls through and plummets all the way to hell>Howard and Chuck shout: "Say 'hi' to Jimmy for us!"

Kim did nothing wrong

Kim is worse than Skyler

>>169001287No Gale? For shame

>>169001771based>>169001801i agree but regardless: seethe

>>169001858>Ron Paul voter>heaven

>>169001708A disbarred lawyer wouldn't be a cashier tho, they still have a law degree they would work as paralegals or something

>>169001877Kek alright point taken


My guys are solid.

James Morgan McGill, Esquire

Betsy Boobyman.

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>>169001801so are most of the characters

>>169000368It's like killing Caesar where everyone's guilty...

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>>168999161We morbin?

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>>169002118dead meme


>>169002026*mogs your path*inb4 hogs your path

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>>169001877>>169001923Seething statists

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>>169001160>>169001568I think she wouldn't care about money. You just say "hey Rhea" and do the pew pew motion.

>>169002341peak slampig

>>169002026humina humina

>>169002385And when does the piss soaked puss licking occur from there? Questions to be answered user, please.

If digits I'm in the game

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>>169002544not my call


>>169002544you're solid

>>169001883>have professional degree>job is something a student could doI think I would rather just leave the field at that point.

>>169002544Yeah? Why?

>>169001883>world famous fugitive lawyer Yeah bro, lemme just grow a mustache and do something else law related. No one will notice me

Just started my shift bros. 16 hours to go

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>>168999689It's supposed to be mexican themed, not brazilian

>>169002729based speedreader


>>169002026i would do anything for a sniff after she has jogged 3 miles in 90 degree weather

>>169000368>Couldn't keep his mother out of my bedroom!Kek

>>168999584Seethe, scumbag. It’s the universal sign for seethe.

>>168999806Did you even listen to what he was saying? He’d been through worse. Hamelin had lost everything (his money, marriage, probably every major social connection in his life). No way Howard would give up just after one shitty settlement. HHM almost went bankrupt and he still got back on his feet. Cliff would’ve helped him recover and he’d find a way forward. The universe couldn’t break him, so they destroyed him.

>>169002747Shift for what

20 million dollars

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>>168999190She's a childless cuckette.

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My jutsu is solid

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Kim will kill herself

>>169002729>Don't read. Answer anywayBased

>>168999806>his career got destroyed Nah not really, killing him off was just lazy writing


>>169002341>hairy armsShe's very high T

>>169003012Walt using Bogdan's "first dollar" to buy a soda is the cruelest thing he ever did

>>168999161Nacho's death was so dumb. How could he miss Bolsa's head at point blank range like that? He's competent with guns in the last couple seasons too, it makes no sense

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