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We must protect his smile editionThread theme: youtube.com/watch?v=haCOU64qCo4cute: >>168992272

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First for demochads


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>>168998858He’s gonna die isn’t he

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>hisI thought that was supposed to be Winona lmao

>>168998919We can save him. The post production isn't done yet.

>>168998919Maybe they will change their minds from killing him when they see the massive fan reaction We can love him back to life bros

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>>168998909>>168998913betasimpcuck vecnacelsalpha chad mind flayer maniacssigma lone wolf demochadssimple as

>>168998972He's doing a fucking TEEHEE thing with his hair that girls do in this pic

We need to see eleven smile

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>>168998981The great chain of being


>>168997513>>168998107Buy your mom a turntable so she can groove to Kate Bush

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I want to like Eddie but I just can't. His cocky over the topness (standing on tables, intimidating the boys, "charming" the cheerleader) was just too much for me. He's just the inverse of the stupid basketball team captain.

>>168999035Yes, while flirting (successfully) with the most popular girl in his school.

someone post the SOVIET DEMOCHAD killing the Russian counter-revolutionaries

Vecnabros, we ARE litigating against this obvious case of fraud? Right? R-RIGHT?!!?

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>>168999078oh my god her birthday is coming up, youre right. i can give her the record back as a fake gift then surprise her with a record player. user you're a genius. thank you.


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>caleb in season 5 will be like..

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>>168998708>Brenner was Private Joker>Brenner was the hothead-hating cop from Batmanmy mind is blown


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>>168998858How much of the black little sister is in this?She ruined last season being a cunt

>>168999380She isn't in it much, and she actually made me laugh this time.

>>168998931The fuck is her problem?

so the season totally ends with a cliffhanger about Chernobyl, right? We're like a month away from it in the timeline. Few weeks timeskip after the resolution and then news from russia?

the only good characters left are Joyce and Steve. Maybe Nancy and Max depending on what they end up doing.

>>168999380Small role, so far. She shows up for an DND scene early on, has a small comedic scene with a joke, and doesn't do anything until the last episode of the volume where she tags along with Dustin, Lucas, etc. Makes the odd sassy remark but Dustin's doing all the heavy lifting here, they don't have le magical niglet fix everything


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>>168999479 *comedic scene with a jock

>>168999117I AM NOT A JOBBER! I am not a jobber. I know he rigged that strawpoll. I knew Max was going to get away from me. I let her go. As if I could ever make that mistake. Never. NEVER. I just- I can’t prove it. Flayer covered his tracks, he got that idiot at strawpoll HQ to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is pathetic? This? This CHICANERY? He's done lamer. That possession! You think that a 12 year old boy just happens to fall into the upside down like that? NO! HE orchestrated it! Flayer! he DEFECATED in Will’s mouth! And I saved him. I shouldn’t have. I gave sacrifices to restore his strength. What was I THINKING!! He’ll never change. He’ll NEVER change. Ever since season 1, ALWAYS the same. Couldn’t keep his soul out of the pubescent boys bodies! But not our flayer! Couldn’t be precious flayer! Possessing young boys! And HE gets to be the main villain!!!?? WHAT A SICK JOKE!! I should have stopped him when I had the chance.

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>>168999446>Upside Down invasion happens but it starts in Russia, not Hawkins so we don't immediately see all the characters of the town like Mr. Clark slaughtered, the town itself destroyed, etc., only happens to literal who slavshitsYes I can see that happening. Chernobyl is some big rift much like how the nuke was for the Black Lodge in s3 of Twin Peaks

>>168999446>you didn't see graphite in the Upside Down because it's NOT THERE

>>168999635>Chernobyl is a big rift>Stranger Things is just a prequel to fucking STALKERPlease god

>>168998913>>168999117>>168999577kek, this needs to be an ongoing shitposting saga until 1st july

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>>168999635Oh, I'm sorry, I meant UKRAINE#Istandwithukraine#blm#bbcandlgbtforukrainianchildren

I remember when while watching the first few episodes I was reminded of House of Leaves. Then it really leaned into being a monster capeshit type stuff. I wish they would have stuck more with the time/space weirdness but maybe then it would just look like a poor excuse for Dark or something.

>>168999701My ancestor...

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>>168999577>>168999701>I might be a jobbing manlet and not the final boss, but I'll have one thing you'll never have Mind Flayer... cuteness and twitter thirst!

why did they divide this season and why is it not divided evenly? only 2 episodes in the second volume?

>>168999805HAD cutness, vecnacel. HAD. Remember, he's a tumor-skinned freak now :D

>>168999828My understanding is that the last two episodes are gonna be fucking massive

Mind Gayer: >can’t do literally anything by himself, needs to possess people and have them act as his earthly agents>is nothing without Based Billy>needs to send soldiers like the Demogorgon and Demodogs to do his dirty work because he’s too weak to do it himself>is only interested in young boys like a pedoCHADcna:>can just appear in the real world AT WILL and kill anybody he fucking wants>is only interested in the HOTTEST stacies at school

>>168999117>>168998913the nigger lover ginger literally just ran away from him. how was vecna supposed to be a serious monster?i watched the season but dont even understand what his powers are. hes obviously much less powerful than the spider homo while he was still alive since he could just instantly kill people by looking at them

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>>168998858>tumblr fanart

>>168999870Even your virgin vs chad list is mogged by an exquisite pro-flayer one like in >>168998913

billy has been the only character with sex appeal on this show. change my mind

>>168999966please don't do this

>>168999900even with the mask on i can see that smug look of self satisfaction on the fucking retards face

I thought the kids were done playing D&D last season, the whole bit about how they had grown out of it and given their games to the little sister and now they're super into it again?

>>168999900The Mind Gayer got BTFO by >>>>>the fucking clash and their meme songBased Vecna got BTFO by a much more powerful song at least. If running up that hill had been released when the mind simp was active he’d last a single episode at most. He couldn’t even stand should I stay or should I go. He’s a loser. A LOSER

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>>168999900guessing he saw her memories of 11 and was either shocked or as we saw fucking pissed she survived, He knows she isn't in Hawkins since he accessed max's memories and will lure her in with the kids? just a guess

>>168999870>can just appear in the real world AT WILL and kill anybody he fucking wantscan he? we havent seen that, all we have seen is people having visions of him, you dont think he was actually in that bathroom do you? chrissy was having a vision of him

>>169000159ummm sweaty he can be in there dont assume his gender

>>168999051shes so qt its unreal

>>169000069I like the clash and all but that was a terrible song choice, didnt fit the kid or the setting. should have been joy division or the smiths or something.

>is…. Is that…. Oh no… please.. is that… A BRITBONG POP ROCK BAND AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MERCY MERCY I YIELD I YIELD *vacates will’s body and flees back to the upside down*What did the Reddit Flayer mean by this?

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>>168998919>>168998972IDK about Eddie but Steve`s triggered so many red flags it`s fucking ridiculous at this point... >>168998913The thing about the mind flyer is that there is just no plausible way to currently win against it without using some deus ex machina. I am thinking that more than Vecna the point of this season is to introduce time travel mechanics in some capacity to solve that evident issue. Eleven starts the season talking about time travel and on the last episode they show that the upside down time is offset not to mention the recurrent use of the clock motif seems to be hinting that way too. Meanwhile Vecna gives the kids a more manageable threat, much like the Demogorgon was. In way this season manages to do what season 2 failed to accomplish, rise the stakes and reference season 1 while avoiding becoming derivative.

>still waiting for someone to post a webm of finn in his undies from ep 1

>>169000028>stranger things>consistency Pick one

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>>169000330>joy divisionatmosphere was in episode 4 of season oneas a long time fan of 80's music ive found the soundtrack to be fantastic, the original synth track made for the show are also greata favourite of mine is kidsyoutube.com/watch?v=Ha2OcL_0gtM&ab

I just watched the Hot Ones interview with MBB and has anybody else noticed that she's barefoot in every interview she does? What does she mean by this?

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>>169000317Believe it

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>>169000588literal sign of autism

>>169000330Wouldn't it have to be something at least a little upbeat/inspiring? If I was trying to fight off possession by a powerful extra-dimensional being I feel like hearing Ian or Moz would be a bit dishearteningNew Order could probably work though, I could see Age of Consent actually being a good fit in context

>>169000588it means she has taken the Lundinpill

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>>169000588Well, it's called hot ones for a reason.

>>169000541this chick is bangable, why isnt she the star of the series?>>169000588wine aunts like this need to get out of the industry and stop shitting everything up. go help raise your sisters grandchildren you cunt

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>>169000672>Age of Consentpower, corruption and lies is an amazing album

>>169000588the serious answer is that shes desperate for sex appeal and its an allowable way to show off your body for SEXSEXSEX

>>169000541Thought this was Kate Bush for a second. Actually I’m still unsure

>>169000666>shes a cute sperg irl just like ElevenThanks satan this makes me like her even more

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>they went with the "misunderstood and abused person wants to destroy the world and now the hero must save everyone from doom" arcI hate modern television

>>168999138don’t thank mePost a photo of her

>>169000552oh yeah the actual score is great. theres a really soft, nostalgic feeling one that I like they've played throughout the seasons. that might be it..not sure.

>>169000666what do you mean? only Americans keep their shoes on all day, the rest of us remove our shoes at every available opportunity

>>168999103if she wasn’t having horrifying visions she’d be mocking him with everyone else tbqhwym8

It's so fucking obvious that Steve will die

>Sensory processing disorder is one of the main reasons why autistic children dislike wearing shoes. This condition affects the way the brain processes sensory information and may cause hypersensitivity to different elements in the environment, including socks and shoes.based mills

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>>169000730indeed it is, might have an even better pick from the same album youtu.be/2zpYieracgw

Why are they all so ugly now?

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>>169000672little will singing>i would go out tonight, but i havent got a stitch to wearyeah i suppose you're right, it would need to recognizable just from a little kid weakly 'singing' it. did the song actually have any real emotional value other than people hearing it? i dont remember it having an effect on anything.

>>169000894I want to build legos with her so much, anons

>>169000972Millie is cute and Jonathan is actually cute for once this season, he looks way better with that haircut than whatever the fuck he had in the past seasons.

>>169000773>modernthis is a story as old as time, what are you talking about?

>>169000966for me itsyoutube.com/watch?v=MEl0Chq36lc&ab

>>169000894my niece has that and she's a goddamn nightmare to be around sometimes, there's no way she'd ever be able to work in a high stress, professional setting. mbb is just a little dork

>>169000972I don’t know who hit the wall harder, bowl cut jew fag or ass eating brown

I miss Bob.

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>>169000972only decent looking ones are steve and max oh and robin

>>168999577why does it feel like they wanted to cast Skarsgaard #15 (I don't actually remember how many there are) but had to settle for a similar lad

>>169001122You ask this while Jonathan is stood right there?

>>169001046It's mass-produced to shit in modern times is my point. They could've made it interesting and unpredictable in so many ways. Instead we get archetypal dualist bullshit story

>>169001126Why did Joyce ignore teenage Bob bros?

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Not even Vecna could stop their love

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>>169000634I love her so much. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an actress more than I have with Millie this seasonShe's just so fucking adorable

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>>169000477I’d post it if I was at home

>>169001248lonnie was hotter

>>169001031>Jonathan is actually cute for onceIt's true.

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I miss Barb

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this was so cute bros. they work together way better than Jopper

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>>169001248Astin's pretty cute as a teenage nerd in Encino Man.

>>169001549Barb wasn't even a character.

>>169001665I hated how in season 2 there was an entire arc about her because the duffers misinterpreted an ironic meme about her as people actually caring


>>169001589so were in they movies together in the 80s? was that the whole reasoning behind this?

>>169000588She knows some of her fans like feet and she probably likes the fact that guys like her feet. Same way that toopoor (one of Lil Peep’s gfs) has a lot of pics of her posing with her feet in view (a couple post from Insta of her in “the pose” or holding a cigarette between her toes) because Peep himself had a foot fetish. Emma was also barefoot in socks during one of his documentaries and she sat with her feet facing the camera showing off her soles, it was tremendous MBB feet on the other hand aren’t very pretty unfortunately

>>169001319i expect her to start posting anti-nigger shit on her social media the second the series ends

>>169001721creators shouldn't be allowed to be influenced by fans.

>>169001721it got murray in the show and gave nancy some depth. I think people forget that nancy has always been one of the main characters from episode one

>>169001360>millie steals another heartIt was only a matter of time

>>169001784it's just comfy.

>>169001319Lucas-chads stay winning

>11 goes off about mike never saying "Love" in any of his letter>Moron proceeds to not just say "I love you" at any point in the conversation I feel like they're saving this for later, but by god how dumb can someone be to not realize what's the easiest way to fix this situation?

>>169001943>giving in to a woman's demandssimp cuck

>>169001794Never. Max knows the way of B. b. c. It’s why Billy was mad, because he knows young white redheads can’t resist it.

the kid cast members seem to not like Millie and think she’s cringe (besides Noah) but the older cast members like Winona and Dacre really like her. What kind of personality does this signify?

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Vecna's motives are so fucking cringe, holy shit.>wow, I wonder what the motives for this undead boogieman are>WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY, ELEVEN!

>>169001031Jonathan gers mogged hard by Max, he's gotten uglier over the years

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>>169002033She’s already fucked all the boys (minus Noah) and moved on.The boys are upset that she pumped and dumped them.

>>169002033she acts too childish with kids her age and acts more mature around adults? I was kinda like that for a while i hung around nothing but older people for the first part of my life all my cousins were 10 years or more older than me.

wahahahahahaha :)

>>169002008King Steve cured her

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>>169000437brainlet take, let's break this down (SPOILERS)>eleven starts the season talking about time travelirrelevant and I don't even remember that, mentioning something like that alone isn't evidence that it'll become an important theme>the upside down time freezetime isn't frozen/offset in the upside down retard, the diary reveal just means that the copy of hawkins we see in the upside down was created in 1983 when the initial season 1 gate was opened. No time travel involved here>the clock seems to be hinting that waythe clock symbolises time running out on the victims marked for death, nothing to do with time travel

>>168998858What species is this?

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>>169000972Does Will likes dick that much to use a dickhead hairstyle?


lucasbros what is this look…..

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>>168999051is this suppose to be "cute" imaging being one of the most recognizable actresses on the planet and debasing yourself on tiktok for your simps

>>169002268I think Sadie is an armpit slut.

>>169002033are all the kids the same age? about what...18 or 19 now?maybe the older cast just feel more protective of her something.

>>169001843Why are you talking to yourself?

>>169002316kids like to do this shit, its a universal of youth now. even friendless shut ins film themselves doing goofy stuff.

>>169002157they better not have Steve get back with Nancy when he could have prime redhead jailbait instead

>>169002268best acting duo the show has had

>>169002033teenagers take themselves way too seriously. i remember I was really goofy as a teenager and people in my class thought I was a cringe retard but I had a lot of friends in their 20s who liked me.

>>169000069>a much more powerful song

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>>169002473Billy and teenage girls is the most kino combination

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>>169002512I have bad news for you: Having only a bunch of 20-something friends when you're a teenager IS cringe.

>>169002670just means she was born an oldfag

>>169002512yeah nothing annoys 20/30 yr olds more than an uppity teenager

>>168999348Man the demogorgons got buffed this season.

I wish I had a fun DM like Eddie.

>>169002632Billy was a mothercon.

>>169002632when this scene happened i thought it was going to end with his mum dying saving him

>>169000672>>169000730I know they had Elegia way back in season 1 but I'd fucking love more New Order in the showalso seconded on the Power, Corruption & Lies part>>169000966>>169001053for me it's The Villageyoutu.be/A3Pm1f4koNcOH OUR LOVE *random bell* IS LIKE THE FLOWERSTHE RAIN THE SEA AND THE HOURS


I was half expecting so catch a glimpse of the silhuette of the Mind flayer when there was lightning in the upside down. Would have been kino not gonna lie.

>>169002827if his mom died saving him at least he would know she loved him

>>168999577Bros they fuckin got me with 001. When I first saw him I got an uneasy feeling, just because he was a lil creepy. But then when he started helping El I warmed up to him and thought he was a good guy, especially when he was tortured for helping her. I kept wondering how they're gonna reconcile him with everyone being killed by El in the lab. I was basedfacing HARD when he revealed his powers in the hallway bros. So awesome. Then they take that all away and show that HE'S actually the psychokiller who slaugtered the lab AND he's creel's kid? Man the way it all tied together was so friggen kino. And this dude's acting is top teir bros. How is this season so good?

>>169002961>silhouette of the Mind flayer looming in the distance through the red misti agree would have been kino

>>169003010Forgot pic

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>>169002268you just KNOW

>>169002980just googled what happened to her, she ran off to escape the abuse from billys dad, abandoning billy, is this why he wanted mrs wheeler?

>>169003010Add to that that those kids were actually his, how else do you think Branner made "more like him"? The good doctor used his sperms to impregnate a bunch of LSD-addicted women, and the kids then demonstrated psychic abilities much like their (then 15 yo) father. Sick...

>Defends the town from satanists

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>>169003218why has second from the lefts mouth fused over?

What did she mean by this?

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