>assaults and murders people in broad daylight>never gets arrestedwere the feds retarded...

>assaults and murders people in broad daylight>never gets arrestedwere the feds retarded, how did chrissy never get booked

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>>168997278because sopranos are the best show of all time, everything makes sense and you should just stop thinking about it chud

>>168997278You get a pash for that

chrisopher only beats up other criminals in broad daylightemail, carlo, dino, barry haidu, the waiter, and tj hooker all happened at nighthe shot cheese fuck's buddy in the head during that drive by but that was self defence

>>168997559the bakery guy and the guy from his acting classalso murdered the tv writer (at night) but didnt bother covering his tracks at all

cops understand that taking out criminals just leaves a vacuum for new and worse criminals, as long as the whole system isnt overhauled to ensurea better citizen security, you better allow them to exist and prevent other criminals from rising.

Half of the cops were under their payroll. Paulie got pulled over and fucking pointed a gun at one crooked cop's crotch and they just laughed it off.

>>168997624killing criminals sets a precedent for the criminals that replace them ; figure out what that is

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i made this meme

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>>168997673>killing criminals sets a precedent for the criminals that replace them Yeah. Precedent that they better become more violent and merciless since their life is at stake now.

>>168997610There was nobody in the bakery and yeah, the guy from the acting class would have probably sued irl, but that's 1 inconsistency.

>>168997860tony says the police had a description of christopher and his lexus after the balery incident, plus gino was there as a witness. any civilian would have been busted immediately

>>168997751so they will become peaceful and less criminal the less they are pursued by law enforcement; isn't this the same argument jewish lawyers use to defend niggers? are you a nigger or jew perhaps?

>>168998197Adding oil to fire isn't a solution. If you want to get rid of violent crime then solve poverty issues, legalize whatever the fuck crime lords are dealing and make all money transfers digital so not a single penny can go unaccounted.

>>168997751commit a crime and tell the judge there will be more like you and see what he says you fucking redditor

>>168998263the question was why didnt chrissy get booked what are you talking about police reform and (((digitalizing currency)))?

>>168997624>>168997673>>168997751>>168998197>>168998263never had the makings of a varsity athlete

>>168998339Stop being disingenuous you dumb fucking faggot.>>168997624>>168997673Here is a discussion about crime prevention I responded to.

>>168998263>If you want to get rid of violent crimethey obviously dont want to do thishaven't you seen the amount of school shootings recently?

>>168997278Now he has some minor charges and he knows he's being closely followed. Good job cia

absolute aspergers from people in this thread. i’m only shitposting in it out of respect from my fawtha

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>>168997278The police in Sopranos only exists when the writers run out of ideas for an episode.

The mutt that shot up that Florida school a few years back managed to flee the school undetected and was eating a bigmac at mcdonalds a few hours later when they finally arrested him.Law enforcement is a joke, specially when they don't have the help of security cameras.

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>>168998741You need a special medication though.

>>168997673considering that literally every time in history that any government tried to fight crime with excessive violence, it resulted in more violence, it's not a very hard guess.

>>168997278>how did chrissy never get bookedit said so in the script, that's how. almost nothing about the show is realistic.

>>168998263>he thinks people only turn to a life of crime because of muh poverty

>>168997278white privilege

>>168997278Cops generally don't bother going after members of the criminal class for shit they do to one another, plus in those kind of social settings ratting to the cops is taboo, and you'd probably be inviting problems on yourself as well by getting them involved.

>>168997278its really more so to do with the times. hardly anything had good cctvs and phones didnt have cameras.also in shit neighborhoods people get beat up all the time and shoot others without ever getting caught

>>168997860>>168997610Wasn't Chris using a fake name in that acting class? Also, you can get away with violence easier than you think. Killing the waiter with Paulie was a huge, stupid risk, though. It's possible they'd get away with it before cameras were ever, but still.Most of the characters on this show are dead before any of their actions catch up with them legally.


>>168999055This isn't true, the show is somewhat realistic when it comes to the Mafia, but the brazen violence is more like the Mafia in the '60s-'80s.

>>168998873I'll get a note from my doctah.

>>168999910The most unrealistic aspect of this show is that the mob guys have somewhat of a conscience at times. Most of the Mafia guys I've read about irl are much colder, stupider and/or more brutal people.

>>168997559>he shot cheese fuck's buddy in the head during that drive by but that was self defenceHe still would have went to jail for illegal possession of a handgun and some form of manslaughter. NJ is not stand your ground or open carry by any stretch of the imagination. The second he was healthy enough to leave the hospital it would have been in chains.

It's a fucking tv series vuoi nonce. In the sopranos, old fat men have superstrength and are pussy magnets. We're not talking about realism here.

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>>169000468Fat guys do have super strength sometimes. I used to box and a guy with 50 lbs on you will make all the difference. Not to mention Tony was a millionaire, so no wonder he was popular with the ladies. But yeah, there are problems especially early on with the characters getting away with crimes they would never get away with especially in modern times. In the old days the Mafia could plausibly pay off some aspects of law enforcement, but even then, some of these crimes definitely would've landed them in jail.

>>169000468They show Tony doing heavy lifting in his basement. He might have been a fatass but he was def strong under it.

>>169000564I don't recall tony flaunting his cash to Gloria, yet she was absolutely soaked for him. Believe me when i say that confidence isn't enough

>>169000633He was able to overpower everyone aside from Bobby and maybe Furio


>>168997278Still more accurate than the idea being pushed by hollywood that someone gets murdered and there's some sleepless detective and a team of criminology nerds who won't rest until they've figured out the perpetrator.Niggers get away with murder all the time in the year 2022 where cameras are everywhere. Some mobsters in the early 00's could get away with a few hits.

>>169000696Tony gave off the vibe he had money, though. He bought women gifts all the time to show his affection. Also, there's a chance she heard about who he was as well. He was a local celebrity in the area.

>>169000633Bah, bullshit. Half of the show he's seen munching nervously on something. By the end of the series he went from portly to outright obese. Not to mention his arms are so tiny compared to his torso.

So who had the highest on-screen kill count in the show?Was it Christophah or maybe Tony himself?

>>169000861Idk, even with fighting experience, I might get a little nervous dealing with a pissed off Gandolfini.youtube.com/watch?v=FEN-Q3swWfw

>>168997278Chrissy didn’t have fingerprints or dna but he did have a built in aimbot and +100 sneak skills.

>>169000910Chris and Tony both had 8 kills each, I'm pretty sure.

>>168997278chrissy was small fry

>>169000979I thin it's 8 (Tony) vs 7 (Chris)I forget who killed Jimmy, if it was Chris then they're even.

>>169000910That piece of shit Tony Soprano's cousin killed 3 people in half a fuckin season. I can't even bring myself to say his name.

>>169001203Whatever happened there.

>>169001120Chris helped but it was Silvio

>>168997278dubs and I get a tracksuit and a gold chain and watch

>>169001120sylvio shoots jimmy

why were there so many twins in the sopranos?

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>>169001991Where do I find these? I've been looking for them all over the archives. This is the only one I had saved

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>>169002120these two are the only ones i’ve seen, i dont think there are more

Good to see my shittiest memes are still getting mileage

>>169001991Chase and the other creators liked Dan Grimaldi, so they brought him back as Patsy after they killed him off as Philly. They admitted they could only get away with it one time. I'm guessing they reused Vito's actor by accident or something.

ay tone, yous saying this finook wit da milennium eye can read peoples thoughts? thats satanic black magic, sick shit

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>>168997278no one has the courage to be a witness. It's called intimidation