I unironically live like this and get drunk everyday in my kitchenette

I unironically live like this and get drunk everyday in my kitchenette

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>>168996788i keep thinking this is the PREVIOUSLY, ON THE SHIELD scene at every first glance lolz

>>168996788Based. If I ever move out of my parents place, I'm living exactly like this.

>>168996788Why did he live like that?

>>168996841i thought i was the only one

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>>168996932He was a monk. Monk's don't need material bullshit.

>>168996932>Don't get attached to anything you can't walk away from in under thirty seconds

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>>168996788Living like this is my dream but my mom won't let me.

was this an improvement or not

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>>168996841>>168996953why did they keep reminding us before every episode, lads?

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stop glamourising misery.

>>168996988>Don't get attached to anything you can't walk away from in under thirty seconds>You can get attached only to things you can walk away from in thirty secondsBut that sounds like you're not really attached to those things.

>>168997260It's not , i'm not even depressed, i get up go to work, come home, play vydia, watch a movie and get drunkI don't feel miserable


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>>168996932why do you need more?

>>168997270I didn't write the fucking thing. I'm attached to my gamecube, but if the cops were after me, I could leave it behind in thirty seconds easily.

>>168997320that's a fairly small rant for the average sized person, I'd say?

>>168996788That's cool if you're under 30. After that, move on

>>168996932He had severe depression.

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>>16899731621st century Bukoswki

>>168996788>carpet floor

>>168996841kek, it's like a reverse shot

>>168996788Literally me except my appartment is smaller (15m2). Wish I could post pictures but jannies banned me from posting any.


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>>168997127I live like thisit's over

>>168997481fuck, why you doing this to me? just went and grabbed one myself, oh well another night were i get shitfaced wakeup in the morning with a headache, eye pain, pop 2 painkillers and go to work

>>168998056it's called waster you fucking retard. you'll never have hangovers again

>>168998109i still get them, i get to drunk i forget to drink and forget everything i was doing after some time

>>168996788I live like that and read declassified FBI files about pedophile rings on my free time while drinking.vault.fbi.gov/the-finders/the-finders-part-01-of-04/at_download/file

>>168998056Just in the remote case you're not memeing, get help bro. Talk to someone. You don't have to live like that. You're not alone.

I've gotten blackout every day since my gf left two years ago, I haven't had sheets on my bed in a year and it's covered in cig burns and stains. My house is just piles of bottles and cigarette packs. It took me a month to clean up the maggot infested fast food bags in the corner. It's so insane that your body doesn't just shut down but then some people just randomly die from like, tripping off a curb.

>>168998347Nah i feel fine, i got friends and family nearby, not depressed at all, it's just routine for me, not saying i might not feel depressed in the future, who knows

>>168998056Hey bro, I do the same but with drugs, it's not worth it.

>>168996788I live like this out fear of being robbed or having my things destroyed in disaster. Just books and cheap metal and plastic furniture. I have those plastic white lawn chairs in my kitchen with small blue square table.

>>168998455holy shit senpai you can acknowledge another existence besides whatever that is

>No piles of dirty laundry>Kitchen is immaculate with zero dirty dishes>Loves Jesus>Has enough money to afford a two-story house>Is a drunk but never makes a scene like Marty doesHow is Rust a loser again?

>>168998056How is alcoholism real just walk away from the liquor store

>>168998056Any tips on reducing the effects of hangovers? I'm 31 and used to be a good drinker but ever since I turnt 30 my hangovers are horrible.

>>168998455Post room

I got some.plants to fill the void

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>>168997461I wouldn't want to read it, but I easily could if I had to.

>>168998922My guts are fucked up now so I feel like I'm going to puke 24/7, but if you're not there yet, order some liquid IV on Amazon and drink one before bed and one in the am.

>>168998922Switch to beers. The other way is 'Hair of the dog', where you have a drink the day after. But that's a very slippery slope. Or drink lots of water and eat something before going to bed.

>>168998922Drink red wine and champagne. It's the healthiest alcohol you can have.

>>168996788As someone who used to live like this and is now a father and a husband I wish I could go back. Simpler times indeed.

Bros I fucking love The Sopranos and The Wire. But True Detective season 1 is the highest form of kino in television imo. Shame the other seasons can't hold a candle

>>169000830Red wine is even worse. I literally fall asleep after 2 bottles and the next day I can't be functional>>168999704>>168999249Thanks, guys. I think it's over for me. Whatever I drink, I just feel like shit.

I live like this because I have a severe mental illness. My minimalism is a reflection of simultaneous apathy and minimizing the shit I leave behind if I were to make a quit exit.

>30 years old>drink at least a 6 pack a day>usually around 12 beers>feel like shit every time I wake up>hate working, looking forward to my buzz when I drink in the evening>will probably get fired soon>no friends>no gf>avoid my family because I think they can smell my alcoholism>dick can't get hard anymore>spend time watching kinos and shitposting on Holla Forums>not an heroing because my mom would be sadat least Rust also drinks

>>169001490wtf are you me?

>>169001490You're not alone.

>>169001490The thing that keeps me from killing myself is that I know you usually actually live for awhile and I have this really vivid mental image of my tongue pushing up against this shredded hole in the roof of my mouth while the blood and brain fluid pours into my mouth, throat, and sinuses. I figure your teeth are probably knocked loose, an eye socket might be shattered, and the entire time your brain is just firing constant streams of electricity trying to understand how fucked up it is. My gun is a small caliber so I would probably live several minutes or several hours even if I wasn't discovered.I really wish there were euthanasia clinics. Exit bags aren't really an option, either. Helium is all mixed with cow now to prevent them.

>>169002013not if you use a 10 gauge shotgun and hit the right spot

>>168997399Why would you? It has a handle for easy transport.

>>169002013There are in Switzerland. Soon in the Netherlands too

>>168998532>not saying i might not feel depressed in the futureIf you keep it up you’ll feel depressed when you get diseases that either permanently cripple you or flat out kill you.What’s wrong with sobriety that you have to be drunk all the time?

>>168996788I live like this and I pray for death everyday

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>>169001490Same, except I smoke weed all day. I haven't done laundry in like 3 months. I've eaten so much fast food. Not even sure if I make my own decisions anymore or if I'm just a machine that winds itself up and does the same thing over and over. Kino is all their is. Morbhead4life

>>168997399Lol that dude that quoted you. Imagine being on Holla Forums and not knowing Heat. Is this the underage generation?

>>169002489all the essentials for a happy life in one room

>>168997496Bukowski actually got laid though.

>>169002489>I pray for death everydayIt doesn't even make sense to pray for death because you're dying anyway. Nobody seems to understand that they're dying really slowly or they wouldn't write garbage like>boohoo i wish i was deadIf that's what you really want then you just have to be patient and wait because you'll get it. I don't even do anything but sleep or browse 4chan and I still don't cry like you idiots because I understand that death is guaranteed so if you think your life is bad then just learn some patience.

>>169000830Lmfao this is the worst advice ever. Don't listen to this kid. There is no real way to prevent a hangover but here are some tips: Drink one or two megapint glasses of water before going to bed, eat a little snack of you think you can hold it and are hungry. It is wise when drinking to not mix too many different drinks with each other (you're most likely in for a headache if you drink beer, wine, vodka, tequila, whiskey and rum in the same evening; even mixing different beers can have a shitty outcome). Bloody Mary's are your friend.

>>169002917>There is no real way to prevent a hangoverSure there is, don't drink in the first place

>>169002917He's clearly being sarcastic.

>>169001490>dick can't get hard anymorecan this be fixed if you just stop drinking?asking for an alcoholic friend hehe...