Where did he go wrong?

Where did he go wrong?

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>>168995805Being color blind and not asking why his kids all have yellow hair

>>168995805He better make a cameo in the new got show as a baratheon ancestor

>>168995805He was a warrior not a king He should have abdicated the throne to someone who could run Westeros or just divided up the country into city states

>>168995991That would be cringe

He did everything right

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>>168995991weren't the baratheon ancestors basically targaryens?

>>168995805Being obsessed with qt tomboy Lyanna instead of embracing having a hot wife Cersei. Had he at least tried to move on and stop whoring and calling his wife the wrong name in bed Cersei would have at least put out one true Baratheon child.

haven't watched the show but reading book 2 right now, good stuff

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>>168996629Yes, the first Baratheon was Aegon the Conqueror's bastard brother, plus Targs married into it several times including Robert's own grandmother was one.

>>168995805He should have hunted a rabbit instead.

>>168996695the show is shit, user. Stick to the books.

>>168996864>Targs married into it

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>>168996695You now have to choose between never getting an ending, or getting a shitty half assed one.

>>168995805By not having all the Lannisters killed at the end of Robert's Rebellion.

>>168995805should have killed WHORE before she got PREGNANT

>>168996579>dragon whore >dead>stark girl>fucked by his own son>lannisters >goneYep, Bobby won.

>>168995805I feel if he just killed Jamie cersei would be too butt hurt to think straight and advertise her moves due to being emotional. Though realistically he could've avoided all this shit if he didn't kill a bunch of Motherfuckers over Ned's sister who clearly didn't want anything to do with him.

>>168995805He let his wife get pregnant by her brother.


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>>168997259The rebellion was also over the Mad King killing Neds father and brother.

>>168997238>Bessie and her fat teats>suckedbased bobby

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>>168996682wait... Lyanna was fucking a targ and had his baby who is Jon. None of this story makes sense anymore. It's been too long.

>>168995805Never stick your dick in Lannister

>>168996682its true and if we assume the book cersei is the same hotness as lena headey was then he was indeed a fool, a damn fool

>>168996864>>168996629As I recall, it’s said that Ned Stark had an equal or better claim to the throne than Robert himself did.

>>168996682there's no reason to think Bobby would have been monogamous with Lyanna, which is why his marriage with Cersei fell apart

>>168995991>He better make a cameo in the new got show as a BOAR

>>169000319We have many reasons to assume he wouldn't, really. He fucked bessy during the war to rescue Lyanna after all.

>>168995805ruling in the first place. he never wanted to do it. Arryn shouldn't have been such a cuck and just took the throne.

>>169000569oh yeah. what a great guy

>>168995805Teaming up with Lannisters was always a ticking time bomb. He needed to work towards getting them out of the picture but he instead got complacent and was too drunk and lazy to notice them scheming around him.


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>>168995805He did not own any dogs.. Dumbass, that's not how you hunt boar.

>>168995805He should have given the realm to Stannis or someone who actually wanted the crown, went back to his castle and fathered 1000 bastards.Likely Cersei and Jamie would have still fucked but Stannis would have caught onto it early and had them both killed. Tywin would declare war to save face while taking another bride to have children with asap, sacrifice a thousand or two men in a weak attack, then quietly tell Stannis Tyrion did the whole thing so he could get rid of the entire bad crop of children while having new ones.Ned Stark would have had 5 more kids, dumped Jon at the wall to ensure he was bound to the black and couldn't try to take the throne.Dany's entire story would probably be the same minus the assassination attempt and maybe she'd never hatch the dragons idk.

He surrounded himself by lannisters. He should have left based Stannis Baratheon in charge of all the affairs but instead it was basically Tiwyin who was the real king>>168999858The thing is none of them had a claim. They took it by the sword. But Boromir arrived first to King's landing and met Jaime Lannister who had just killed the mad king.


>>168999343Book cersei is an 11/10Lena is ok. Not my type


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>>169000875>>169001088Robert hated Stannis and vice-versa.

>>169001215Not hated. They just didn't love eachother

Being a hedonist and not caring about his family at all

>>169001215Correct. But end of the day Robert wanted to avenge his friends and go home. He didn't want to be king. He likely didn't expect to win.

>>168996629Please don't encourage the bookfags.

>>169001215And that was his mistake. It's true that Stannis is not a man easy to love but even Ned and Jon Snow respected him. I just hope he doesn't die on the books

>>168996695The books are shit, user. Stick to the show.

What was the most stupid thing in the show for you?I recently rewatched GoT and holy shit that north expedition to capture wraith idea was beyons retarded and the final nail to the coffin. Everything after was just on the same level of shit

This show had 1 (ONE) good season and it was the first Do not watch past it

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>>169000821real chads just need boar spear

>>169001510Just because they changed some stuff in a dumb way later does't make it bad.Only season 5 finally jumped the shark and became bad, everything before was good.

>>168996554It would be cringe, yes

>>169000821Everyone knows you hunt boar from a helicopter.

>>168996629The first Baratheon of Storm's End was a black aired dude named Orys Baratheon, a general of Aegon. It was rumored it was a bastard brother of him from his father's mistress (silver hairs from the Targaryen can sometimes be recessive against dark airs. Between Orys and Jon we had other examples in history of dark aired pathernal targs)>>168999858Robert's strong claim wasnt from a 300 year old rumor. He had the strongest claim because his pathernal grandmother was a Targaryen princess, and so outside the Targs themselves he was the closer to the succession lineThat, and the right of conquest, as he defeated the heir and de facto ruler of the Targaryens, prince Rhaegar, the lunatic rapist that made Lyanna fall in love with him to fullfill some bullshit prophecy


>>169001749>Only season 5 finally jumped the shark and became badThat phrase doesn't mean what you think it means.

>>169001215>>169001265>>169001301Not exactly. Robert was seething at Stannis because of his "failure" of taking Dragonstone before the targ loyalists could escape Visery and the newborn Dany to the east

>>169001829Yes, he was. He knew Lyanna was promised to Robert, and he was married, but decide to seduce her anyway because he was sure she was the Ice and he was the Fire of the prophecy he readHe didnt do that for lust or just to abuse his power, he tought saving the world was worthy seduce a promised woman and betray his wife. But still, he likely didnt loved a random 15 years old he barely knew.

>>169001938That is not rape

gods he was strong then so the only way to go was down

>>169002101>Seducing a clueless 15 years old as a 25-something dude because you want and need to have sex with her isnt rape>???

>>169001510Season 3 is great you infidel

>>169002206she agreed though

>>169001749thisthe show died with Tywin and making Barristan into a jobber in early Season 5

>>16900220615y is the legal age in 1st world countries though?

>>169002339>>169002507Still, he should had know that seducing her would had lead to a massive civil warEven in the case he won, what was his plan? Execute half of the lord of the realms?

>>169002206Today sure, but this is medieval. And she consented. Holy fuck in our actual history we traded 13 year olds for cattle