>not a single (1) soul is excited for this movie Who was this even made for?

>not a single (1) soul is excited for this movie Who was this even made for?

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>>168995794The dudes that said "we need a bigger streaming catalog"

Money Laundering

>>168995794>take a somewhat neat concept >add a bunch of ugly black sidekicks that was never associated with the character ever >put them in the forefront of the trailers >everyone loses interestWow who would have thought

do you think white actors today long for the 20th century films where the cast was entirely white?


>>168995794i thought it was a great idea, if we must have more toy story spinoffs, but the trailer convinced me it will be boring

>>168995794Every single one of these Pixar CGI bulbous nose animated movies has been complete dogshit since like Shrek 1. Every single one. Frozen, life of pets or whatever, Despicable me, ratatouille, all absolute dog shit.

>>168995794Just another "take an iconic established character and reveal that they actually need a girl (likely black) to help/teach/outshine them" propaganda piece.

>>168995794It's made for manchildren who spend their lives chasing the nostalgia dragon

I am I loved buzz as a kid, so excited for another one of my heroes to be usurped by a black women

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All movies are produced for childless female film critics


>>168995794>entire first movie is buzz having an existential crisis thinking he's a real hero but later finding out through a commercial he is in fact a toy>the commercial itself even states he is just a toy and not real>but what if he was real? what if there was a buzz lightyear and he had a bunch of faggy sidekickscant wait for the shitty sheriff woody movie no one asked for as well

>its sci fi>but instead of cool alien characters and concepts it's just niggers, all the way downmany such cases.

>make the movie less diverse than the animated series for the sake of... diversity


>>168995864Yes, because tons of people were positively frothing at the pure thought of a buzz lightyear movie, you fucking nonce.

>>168995794>Who was this even made for?Disney execs

>>168996048nice zaku

I am convinced Disney executives have some Excel file to figure out what type of trash they can process and still have a net positive benefit at the end. It's highly likely this movie will be garbage, underperforming, and forgettable, but it will still bring to Disney a net positive benefit. That's the only thing they care about.

>>168995962This. All of those shit films are exclusively beloved by zoomers.

Why is Buzz's personality absolutely nothing like what we see from a fresh Toy Buzz in the Toy Story movies?

>>168996339it matches the goggs in the poster

>>168995820I am not american and literally nobody knows about this movie.

>>168996098Buzzlight year was a thing before Toy Story. He had many cartoon iirc.


>>168997951The cartoon was inspired by the movie...

>>168995864Huh? Everyone on youtube seems to be hyped, you dont actually think this hipster homosexual board represents normal functional members of society?

>>168995794I was till I found out it had nothing to do with the show. I want buzz and the blue chick to hook up.

>>168997951Nigger I watched that cartoon before toy story was even a thing

The fun of Buzz Lightyear is that he's a super-serious space warrior in a world of toys. I heard Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was a good cartoon but that was a comedy too (with a woman of color). Take his plucky, can-do attitude away and what do you have? Just shameless IP exploitation.

>>168998151>everyone on youtube seems to be hyped>comments for trailers are turned offUh huh

>>168998255Meant for>>168998125

>>168995794it was made for pixar

>>168997951Are you retarded or a child?

>>168995794It's white liberal power fantasy insert with his diverse but subservient ensemble cast.

>>168998267Big companies see YT as an advertising platform, nothing more. So they can disable dislikes and comments and pretend it's "social" media. YT is more than happy to oblige while they mistreat actual creators who don't dance along as pariahs. Bitchute is the answer but nobody is willing to migrate because they want the clicks.

>>168998255No you fucking didn’t

>>168995962Yeah. I am a zoomer I always hated them all.

>>168995794I don't understand the basis of the show itself. Buzz was a TV show, that spawned toys. But they're treating the character as someone who actually existed? And if he existed, it was in a different reality than the one Toy Story is set in. That makes no fucking sense. So next we'll get an actual cowboy named Woody, as a human?

>>168995794Disney died when they abandoned 2D animation.

>>168995794Everyone knows the black woman will be the main character who constantly has to save the white man from his incompetence. She won't receive any recognition for her constant success until the climax where everyone claps.

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>>168998485This is supposed to be the movie that started the Buzz Lightyear media franchise within the Toy Story universe.

>>168996048thumbnail looks like master chief clipping head through wall

>>168995891Yes, even liberals want this but their mental programming prevents them from connecting the dots. This mental illness manifests in interesting ways. They collect photos, movies, and memorabilia from the white era. They close themselves off from minorities by engaging in gay culture like fag bars and theaters. They move to homogenous countries even if they don't speak the language for reasons they can't even explain, countries like Japan and Thailand. It's very interesting to me.

For the owners of the money that needs laundering

>>168998350Nice try but they turned off the comments because of racism so. . . .

>>168995794For the people that embezzle away 50% of the budget these features have

>>168995794Cute kitty, where's his (her?) spinoff?

>>168995794They should have a scene after the movie is done where it pulls out to reveal a grown-up Andy watching the Lightyear movie in a theater with his friends/family.

>>168995794no cap i'm finna watch it when it drop

>>168995962Incredibles 1 was kino

this is what they took from you. all for money laundering and subverting purposes.

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For retarded manchilds and parents who don't give a shit about their children so they just feed them the same shit they percieve it's exactly what they liked when they were young

>>168995794Zurg is Buzz from the future. No need to thank me.

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I like this movie because I like the ships. My son likes the cat. My patients who pay for everything like seeing a black person occasionally.

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>>168998485I doubt they will make a cowboy film starring Woody, it would not be suited for the "current times"

>>168996258t. some faggot born after 9/11

>>169000353I like the Zyclops / Zurg Robot redesign. Its like a mix of Yellow Devil and a Zaku II.

>>169000348damn sounds pretty kino.too bad i got spoiled

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>>169000348That sounds kinda good actually. Now how will they manage to fuck it up?

>>168998652Except in this film, Buzz seems to be a screw-up who can't do anything right, and needs a team of diversity hires to help him out.What kid would want to buy toys of a character like that?

>>168998267Its a kids movie, kids are fucking stupid. Theyre gonna see that robo cat and drag their parents in. Its gonna make a billion easily

>>168998946This is a remarkably insightful and accurate take because the most liberal of them are always the most removed from living around blacks on an everyday basis.

>>169000348Zurg isn't even in the movie.

>>169001364who do you think the purple dude behind buzz is?

>>168998652But in the Toy Story universe, there is no high tech science going on. Its literally us but 10 or 15 years dumber. How the fuck is there space explorers before the buzz toys began. Absolute faggotry

>>169001013Who fucking knows? Modern Pixar is retarded and seem to have forgotten that Non-Toy Buzz already had an established personality that's competent and serious. It only comes across as comedic because he doesn't know he's just a toy.

>>168995859>>168995863the right answers.

>>168995794Its made for old people to feel like they made a shitty kids movie. For that dopamine....idk

>>168995794Their twitter following who does not go to theaters. Seems to be a trend lately.

>>169001464Our technology isn't anywhere near Star Wars level but we've still had those movies for over 40 years.

>>168995794I guess people here weren't born when Yidsney produced direct to video crappy sequels and spin-offs.Nothing has changed, they just have a better way to distribute it now and launder their money.

>>168995820Literally everyone is a foreigner dumbass, you have to be more specific

>>168995794disney says it's what you want, therefore it's what you want.m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAhb1ney2Vc

>>169000353based dentist