Now that the dust has settled, was this the moment the jury lost all belief in Amber?

Now that the dust has settled, was this the moment the jury lost all belief in Amber?

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>Exif data shows it's the same image>"It's not the same image"Lol


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>>168995399No. It was the bottle story. What in the actual fuck was she thinking lmao

What were they thinking?

>>168995399>"I didn't write the article about Johnny"Later>"That's why I wrote the article about Johnny"

It's crazy that she's trying to appeal when she clearly faked evidence

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>>168995399i almost lost all belief but then i looked at the metadata under these black bars

For me, personally, she lost all credibility when she gave her side of the events and she just immediately turned everything up to 11, which didn't really correlate with the evidence, and the fact she blamed everything on Johnny (except when she blamed herself for sticking with and forgiving Johnny). She would have made a better impression if her retelling of events wasn't so outrageous and she would have been more reproachable in the arguments. You can still be abused without it having to be penetration by a bottle or being thrown around the room

>>168996593People misunderstand what the appeals process is, you can only appeal for deficiencies in law, so you have to point to a bad call the judge made, and she made none. So the appeal will get lmao'd out of the court. You cannot ask the appeals court to overrule a jury verdict on the same facts, you can't introduce new facts, you can only claim the judge fucked your case by allowing or disallowing something they shouldn't have.

>>168995399How did she get away with brightening and airbrushing the second same train picture to?

For me it was her psych saying Johnny forced her to give blowjobs and then nobody mentioned it again

umbrellaguy is the key to all of this

>>168995399>>168996593Explain what's happening here?I dont get it?

>>168997706How retarded are you?

>>168997706it's the same exact pictureshe said under oath that they were different pictures

>>168997777What was she trying to prove with that?

>>168995399Clearly one of them was taken with all the lights on and the other only with the makeup lights on.

>>168996593she’ll just declare bankruptcy or elon will bail her out, either way her career is over

>>168997777kek. It's clearly the same picture. What was she thinking?

>>168997917Bankruptcy wont discharge the judgement, she'll just not pay, and either Depp will just move on or waste a ton of time and money chasing it down in the courts.

>>168997881Domestic abuse, I guess. Kind of funny how the image is so tame that anons who don’t know the context can’t even understand the purpose of the image.

>>168995399>All actress and actor discussion should pertain directly to their roles and careers.

>>168997965>she’ll just not pay How does this work?

>>168998080She tried and failed to act during the entire trial.

>>168997881That she didn't photoshop a bunch of the pictures that she provided as proof.>>168997964>What was she thinking?She either wasn't thinking or was thinking she was way smarter than she is.

She's a narcissist who feels everyone should believe her brand of bullshit because she said it. When they don't she gets angry and retaliates like a child. She is hoping by coming out as gay (again) she can get the gay community to back her but most of them see through her bullshit.

>>168998095Same way as it works when people don't pay any debt, delinquency is a fairly common thing. The only way to force payment is to cry to the courts and they'll maybe put a lien on something or garnish her non-existent wages

>>168996348Stream that movie if you’re so great

>>168996671to be fair, thats how literally all trials by jury go. Jurists are stupid, and the safest bet is to have them remember something with high emotional shock value, even if its not true

>>168995399For me, it would be the part where she says she has no idea how to send stuff to the tabloids. Then later saying that if she wanted to she could send/release stuff far worse to them.

>>168998157>She's a narcissist who feels everyone should believe her brand of bullshit because she said it. When they don't she gets angry and retaliates like a child.That's literally every woman, dude

>one is a vanity lightBitch, how's a room light and a vanity light gonna cast the exact same shadows? How retarded do people with BPD think others are?

If she refused to take the stand she wouldn't have lost. Nothing could save her after her own testimony.

For me, its psycho wife

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>>168998158>maybe they’ll do etc.Isn’t it their job to enforce these things? What’s the point of the sentence if nobody does anything about it?

>>168997881She fucked with the contrast of the original picture to emphasise the mark on her face. She later claimed that these were two original, entirely seperate photos taken on different days. She maintained this lie even when the metadata of both pics showed they were taken at the exact same time. Down to the exact minute and second.

>>168998325Come on user, she doesn't know how to contact TMZ, you think she knows how photons work. Cut her some slack, it was clearly Johnny's internet bot swarm that are bullying her right now, they hacked into her phone, planted the faked picture, and then brainwashed her and her lawyers into submitting it as evidence.

>>168998391>Isn’t it their job to enforce these thingsNope, their job is to approve the judgement which gives him the rights to claim it and go through the motions of enforcing it.>What’s the point of the sentence if nobody does anything about itIt's always up to the aggrieved party to enforce it, even in criminal cases, the courts don't manage prisons it's the state and it's up to the state to enforce imprisonment.

>>168998531So it comes down to if Depp gives a shit really

>>168998531Imagine if she demanded her award from Depp but refused to pay his.

>>168998568Pretty much, and based on his text messages, he gives some level of a shit, so he'll probably get his lawyers to do the leg work, but if it requires massive effort he'll probably not bother.

She can pledge to pay it? Unironically

>>168998604Camille might hunt Amber down for free. It's like a game to her.

I fucking loved her terrible excuse of why she wasn’t responsible for the leak to TMZ.>I was on a flight at the time, I was in the air, it couldn’t have been me Like we’re all just supposed to forget that she’s a celeb with an entourage and a publicist.

>>168995783>didn't even clear the exif data

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>>168996375ThisDepp knew nobody would believe her, so he raped her with the bottle

>>168997565This.That's straight up why her lawyers would object to every little thing, even their own questions. If a statement, question or action taken by anyone in the court proceedings isn't objected to then it can't be brought up in the appeal process because you didn't have any issue with it originally. It's better to simply object to everything and then try to nitpick shit for an appeal if you're positive you're going to lose.

>>168998647The internet wasn't around in 2016 you bigot

>>168998366She probably thought doing something so ill-advised would amplify the sincerity of her claims. Bold move, but sadly it was not advised for good reason.

>>168995399Just proves that america is a lawless country with untrustworthy people(the jury). Depp lost in an actual country(UK) by a real servant of the law

>>168998421The TMZ defense was fucking retarded. She admitted the footage was hers but that she didn't leak it. So then how did TMZ get the footage?

>>168998720mucho basado

I wish i could see her bottle gaped pusy

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>>168998775UK is a shithole and I live here

>>168998782She is right technically. She can send it to her friend of her publicist knowing they will leak it, but that still means that she never leaked it. Its why she was so adamant about that because it's technically the truth

>>168998849She would still be held accountable because she gave it to them to leak.

>>168998775Come on lad, every bong knows the UK courts are the worst in the world. You win or lose based entirely on your oppression score.

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>>168998912Did she? She might have just been sending it to them because she was scared Depp would break her phone. She can say anything

>>168998775>a real servant of the lawA real servant of the law. With a finger in every pie made by Rupert Murdoch.

>>168996593VLC chads we keep winning

>>168998731Is this really better? It sounds like ultimately it’s just a waste of time.


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>Turd claimed she had two black eyes, a broken nose, and cuts from Johnny's rings in this photoIt's kind of sad that we'll never get another court case as kino as this one ever again

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>>168997965She has to pay, if she doesn't have the money, they will take it in installments from her earnings.

>>168999037Marilyn Manson is coming

>>168998403>She maintained this lie even when the metadata of both pics showed they were taken at the exact same time. Down to the exact minute and second.Is there footage of this moment? How did she respond?

>>168998775proves UK is cucked beyond recognition. amber even lied to you about donating the $7m and you just took her word for it? fuck is wrong with you?

>>168999037The Manson one has a real potential to be 10x more crazy with the 12 women

>>168999043>from her earningslmao what earnings, she'll be hard pressed to get a job as a waitress because people inherently hate her.

>>168999072She laughed and said how can she tell

>>168999071>>168999087Is that going to be live as well?

>>168998775fuck up mate our country the uk is a absolute joke legally, no credibility or objectivity at all.

>>168999111this cant be real lmao

Honest to god I wish I could date Amber, so the first time she acted like a lunatic to me I could beat the absolute dog shit out of her. Imagine her reaction kek

>>168999037Let me guess, she didn't go to the hospital to fix her nose and it healed on its own?

>>168999111Lol wut any footage?

>>168998775>a real servant of the law

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>>168999194She's Texan.

>>168999178Uhh user performing violence against women is not a joking matter

>>168999037Apparently, the thing under her eye is just a regular bruise you can get from recieving botox injections.

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>>168998849>She can send it to her friend of her publicist knowing they will leak itShe can’t, because of copyright. The reason TMZ were able to publish the video 15 mins after receiving it was because they were given copyright permission directly from Amber Heard and her team. She was simply lying.

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>>168999082Pledge and donate really are synonyms there.


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>>168999202>let muslims rape children>arrest kids who make fun of a drug addicted violent niggerthis is why we shot your ancestors to death mercilessly. we know you weren't human by any stretch of the imagination.

>>168995399is she supposed to look beat up in EITHER photo? I can't even tell which one is supposed to be the original photo, they both just look like a photo with a different filter applied to it

>>168999219austin does not count

>>168999262Her team did it, she had nothing to do with it.


>tfw Texan and an Amber bro I dont know how I recover from this.

>>168999349Right is the originalLeft upped saturation

>>168999371Vote for beto, you seem to have a thing for losers.

>>168999367That isn't how it works. They bought the copyright of the video directly from the source. The TMZ employee specifically stated this.

>>168999362Yes it does. Stop fellating the state of texas. Its a shit hole. >t.former texan

>>168999349They're different pics according to Amber Turd.

I literally can not watch Amber Heard on the stand, even during the cross. The way she talks over Camille, never answers direct questions and keeps trying to spin her own narrative is so frustrating.

>>168998080YWNBA Woman

Will the Manson trial be televised? I can't wait for that shit show.

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>>168999371Fellow Texan here. Makes me sad to share a state with you, bro. I think Oklahoma might be more your speed.

>>168999424Yes her team was the sourceProve it was Amber

>>168999371i think the line from the dad in pineapple express is fittingsomething like>amber i love you but you’re a fucking idiot

>>168999367Are you baiting or just retarded? The TMZ journalist explained that when they receive videos from people they need to verify ownership and permission before they can publish, otherwise they’re at risk of being sued. They were able to publish the vid so quickly because they received permission from Heard.

>>168999551Christ, you can stop this any day now. She already lost.

>>168999551Depp did prove it, this is civil so it's not beyond a reasonable doubt, it's what is more likely.

>>168997907They were taken at the exact same day, hour, minute, and second. They also have the exact same filename, something like "IMG_5028". You are incredibly retarded.

>>168999145it's in state court so there is a good chance

>>168999570Permission from her team

>>168995399No. The tape saying "don't be such a baby, come back so I can hit you" was the beginning of the end, her UK testimony being played to show she actually alerted the press was very damning, the TMZ guy saying "about fifteen minutes" was last straw, and her flat out admitting "that's why I wrote the op-ed" was game over.

>>168999551Her "team" or her agents, aren't allowed to do anything in relation to her without her consent you fucking shitposting retard. Even using this shit argument you aren't proving anything other than that you're dumb.

>>168999426fellate my asshole you gaylord

>>168999371Do you listen to Jefre Cantu-Ledesma by chance?

>>168997702>>168999501I heard the Manson trial got thrown out.

>>168999671Yes that's what happened, like how her lawyers wouldn't let her use her evidence

>>168998775Please, The court system here in the UK is a joke. They let a fucking degenerate like me serve on a jury for a rape case, It was a paki so my mind was made up from the moment I saw the shitskin cunt. He got 5 years.

>>168999685>Marilyn Manson Sexual Assault Case Likely Won't Amount to ChargesOof.

>>168999671Stop replying to that retard, he for some reason has adopted the job of baiting people with misinfo and pretending to be an idiot.

>>168999646The video didn’t belong to her team. It belonged to her. The only way the vid could have been posted by TMZ was if Amber Heard authorised it.


>>168999741Not true her team has authority

>>168996348One of many moments.

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that tape with her pyscho cackling is when she lost

>>168999271What's this


>>168999194I forget her exact words, but yeah, that's basically what she claimed. She later altered her story to say it only felt like a broken nose when it was pointed out to her that ice wouldn't fix an injury like that.Also, here is a close up photo she submitted as evidence of her "busted lip" that supposedly occurred from Johnny beating her in the mouth and face multiple times with his rings on

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>>168999711Lads like you are sorely needed in this hellscape, keep up god's work.

Is there anywhere to watch a recap of the best parts like the makeup bruises or bed shitting? I don't feel like sitting through 40 hours of this stuff.

>>168999677>texan wants another guy to eat his assSteers and queers user. Steers and queers.

>>168999803Here's a recap.

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>>168998775you should and will never be a woman

>>168999801That's a coldsore, probably from mollusk's crooked dick.

>>168998775The judge in the UK's decision was based on entirely circumstantial shit and Depp was suing a tabloid for believing Heard and not Heard herself. Basically, the judge decided shit like "Depp nicknaming himself "the monster" is reasonable grounds to suspect abuse" and that was the level of detail. Most of the incidents were directly undermined by the US trial and the others weren't proveable in the first place. >SHE WON IN THE UK!!!!!Cope.

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>>168996593You fucking retard, everything of any sort of significant value gets appealed. Amber will likely appeal this to their state Supreme Court (get denied) then appeal to the United State's Supreme Court (and get denied cert). Crazy bitches will do this on regular old divorces. Fighting over millions isn't something you roll over on. This shit will continue for years and those fat lawyer checks will keep coming.

>>168999771Her team doesn’t have authority.

>>168999088does anyone feel bad for her? literal b tier actress sent to nothingness because she wanted to ride the MeToo wave.

>>168999367>she had nothing to do with itFROM THE SOURCE

>>168999711very based and good morning sir

>>168999882She does


>>168999861And don't forget the judge being the father of a The Sun higher-up.

>>168999891No. Fuck her. Her kid will be abused by her now

>>168999891No, she got what she tried to inflict on him. It's about time, women have been using fake rape claims far too long and getting a slap on the wrist.

>>168999779The discrepancy between how she sounded on the tapes and how she presented in court was so jarring. You’d think for such a public case, her legal team would’ve coached her on how to act in court. But it seems they just let her do her own thing, which included bizarre behaviour like constantly looking at the jury and exaggerated mannerisms when retelling events.

>>168999928Good one.

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>>168996593The hilarious part is that she had to do it again with the spilled wine pic.

>>168999920Yeah, Amber has authority. Her team has no authority.

>no stickyjanny seething

>>168998403>She maintained this lie even when the metadata of both pics showed they were taken at the exact same timeBut why, why would you continue to lie when somebody throws a proof of your lying in your face? Before thousands of other people? Wtf is wrong with her?

>>169000002They absolutely would have coached her, but you don't tell Heard you know better than her. She even threw them and a prior team under the bus under cross. She is her own worst enemy.

>>169000042Because if you admit you lied on the stand they have that in your testimony. Its better to just keep repeating your "recollection"

>>168999711Is 5 years the maximum? If so your country is big gay.

>>168996671She should have said Jhonny hit her while drunk/high I'm sure he did that but saying he raped her was too much give. How there's no evidence.Also I've tried to look for evidence that she was severely abused and I was greatly disappointed when someone in Twitter who is a phycologist or something believes Amber when her thread let to someone else's thread pointing out circumstantial evidence that Jhonny cut his own finger (because he put it like that on a text) and that he smeared her mirrors with his bloody finger which is a complete lie because the only picture evidence is of mirrors smeared with red and black lipstick that do not look at all like blood.This and what other stuff completely made me loose faith on her once again even after trying not to and that those people are overlooking when she's lying and or presenting bad evidence

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>>168998989Amber has nothing left to lose. Or so she believes.

>>168999685That was some sexual abuse case against him. His defamation case has to survive an anti-slapp hearing which is fairly challenging in California I've heard.

>>169000101Course not

>>168999837what the

>>168999037>Turd claimed she had two black eyes, a broken nose, and cuts from Johnny's rings in this photoShe actually does and even provided them! It's her lawyers' fault we didn't get to see them, that's not her job!

>>169000042She was elevating her career by riding the #metoo moral panic and fucking over her ex. Do you think she had the moral sense to retract any part of her story? She had to go all-in and when you're that horrible of a person you don't question your own bullshit.

>>168999620Chuddy used exiftool to frame her.

>>168999711Based. I hope the nonce was sent to an all white prison to get beaten and gangraped.

can US lawyers really go on tv interviews right after a defamation case and lie?

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Five articles so far in the Guardian. They are having a full-blown meltdown.

>>168999194>it healed on its own?She applied some ice.

>>169000234>can a lawyer lielol, lmao even.

>>169000108You sound like a retard NPC who bought into the software and is experiencing glitches.

>>169000125That’s what I thought at first, but digging a deeper hole than this is a very, very bad idea.

My dog stepped on a bee


>>168999809the eater is the queer, not the eatee. that is the rule according to the law

>>168995399probably the bit where she said she literally wrote the op ed about johnny's power and then that other bit when she didn't know tmz would be there but then they literally showed a video of her saying tmz were alerted

amber heard also said metadata two different ways in the space of a minute too.

>>169000234She isn't lying..amber won her case


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>>169000125>mfw the appeals court uphold the judgment against her but overturn the judgement against Depp citing unclear language around agency liability

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>>168999876How does she have the money to keep appealing?


>>169000251Are they really? They framing it around women's rights?


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>>169000430Elon is paying for her lawyers.

>>168996593The utter visible distress on Amber and Elaine's faces lmao

>>169000430She doesn't

>>169000234She is now doing the exact shit they accused Waldman of. Hilarious.

>>169000386Depp won and justice was carried out unequivocally. The counterclaim for which the jury found in favor of Heard was in regard to a specific incident that detailed staging a specific event in conspiracy with several parties. It didn't find that Depp abused Heard; it found that Heard falsified claims of domestic assault and actively promoted them for the purpose of defaming Depp. Anyone who isn't an NPC ideologue/retard can extend that to justice being served in holding a woman, who cynically employed the plight of abused women to serve her own celebrity, accountable.To underscore this, she only got compensatory damages for that and not punitive ones. That basically says: "You lost work because of this but he didn't misrepresent your character."

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>>169000405Why did he go from this hair on day one to the ponytail for the rest of the trial?

>>169000430i’m sure twitter has a gofundme set up by now

>>169000480She won one of her counts so it's literally win win for both

>>169000511Told off

>>169000251Why have they nailed their colours to the sinking ship of Amber Heard? She’s the least convincing victim of violence imaginable. Anyone with even a hint of intuition can spot that she’s an extremely disingenuous person. The weakest part of her case was when she was on the stand. The more people listened to her, the less she was believed.


>>169000234What is this?

>>169000480>he didn’t misrepresent your character Doesn’t get much more BTFO than that

>>169000511Because he was told he looked dishevelled and it'd play into all the narrative Amber's team was using about him being unhinged, so he cleaned himself up to look more formal.

>>169000234elaine looks like she was pretty cute when she was younger

>>169000471Prove it's Amber telling her to say this then?You can't. Elaine is a woman so ofcourse she will defend this important issue.

>>169000300A retard NPC is someone worshipping Jhonny Depp.The only way to be objective for me is to put my mind in a different mindset


>>169000525No it isn't. A good analogy would be two people stabbing each other. The woman managed to land a shallow cut to the man's forearm. The man managed to stab the woman in the chest three times, each hit piercing internal organs. Now you can technically say they both stabbed each other but in reality the man "won" the stabbing by a mile.Besides Amber didn't win a counterclaim against Depp. She won a counterclaim against his former lawyer because that particular claim was the only one that could not be proven.

>>169000480>You lost work because of this but he didn't misrepresent your character.kek

>>169000558Because they know if they let one go the dam will break and the "belieb all wymn XDDD" movement will be over and it'll shift closer to the "believe the evidence" and they don't want that.

>>169000234it’s not a lie if you believe it

>>169000558Because it destroys "believe all women", many leftist women want the ability to lie, and be believed.

>>169000667People are treating a 3-1 match as a win for both.


>>169000525She lost where it counts, and that’s all that matters.

>>168998080You will never be a janny

>>169000659See I don't even care if he's Juan or John or whatever

>>169000525>loses claim that she didn't fake sexual violence allegations>isn't awarded punitive damagesYou're a retard.

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>>169000443Yup "This verdict is perhaps the biggest blow to the #MeToo movement since its inception"Tears, massive temper tantrums, all a bit ironic really.Including two pieces that argue we should believe women even when we know they are lying (because reasons) and anther one by a journalist who is currently being sued for defamation in a #metoo case (but the Guardian's shitty editorial standards don't seem to require anyone to disclose this blatant conflict of interest).

>>169000783>look how much I'm not caringOkay lol

>>169000699>peopleSome seething journalists, perhaps. Normal people know what this was. For god's sake, even the president of the Law & Crime network chimed in after to verdict to tell viewers that the media will try to spin it into a "win for both" but in legal terms it was absolutely a massive win for Depp.

I hate Amber, but I don't really but that Depp is innocent either. I feel like he has an ego considering he wasn't even around for the verdict and was instead partying in the UK. Kind of a slap in the face to all the people who supported him all those weeks imo

>>168998731Why is the legal system so horrifically inept, corrupt, and retarded? Shit like this seems to come up all the fucking time.

>no more Judge Penny>no more Camille destroying everyone>no more Chew>no more of Amber's insane witnesses>no more Elaine and her schizophrenic episodesWhy even live?

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>>169000858Got me lol

The people saying that this sets back the metoo movement must be literal sociopaths. This is unreal. There's literally evidence of her being a abusive cunt physically and emotionally

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>>168998080this pertains directly to ambers career

>>1690009002/10, try again, Elaine.

>>168997565If anything, they didn't allow the most damning piece of evidence against amber. The australia audio. She legit says to a doctor "I didn't mean to hurt him, it wasn't on purpose" while crying, talking about Johnny's finger.

>>169000900Stupid idiot. He meant to wait around potentially weeks for a verdict? thinking this guy is guilty of anything other than being a decent bloke who takes drugs.

>>169000916im gonna miss the little chica like you wouldnt believe

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>>169000525Technically yeah, but Depp won his defamation case. Heard only won her counter suit and only one of three parts of it. She didn't want depp winning his defamation case. She even see's the whole thing as a loss based on her post trial statement.

>>169000667It's not even like that. She lost the claim that Waldman was lying about her general fabrication of sexual violence allegations and media manipulation. She won her claim over an overly elaborate account concerning a specific incident and wasn't even awarded punitive damages for it (i.e. Waldman went too far in the elaboration but he didn't misrepresent Heard's behavior). Simple as.

>>169000900The fact that he wasn't even there shows that he really didn't give a shit about the verdict and that it was, in fact, about showing everyone the truth about Amber.

>>169000900His plans to play music in the UK june 2022 were announced two years ago. He's just honoring his obligations.

>>169000864Oh shit... THE president of the Law and Crime YouTube channel?

>>169000915Because it’s a complicated system and complex systems are never air-tight. Clever lawyers and statisticians work together to formulate strategies that seem counter-intuitive at first, but end up winning because of taking advantage of gaps in the system.

>>169000982I'm glad we had our laughs, any other good reaction gifs?

>>169000434>>169000234Why is she talking about hte UK trial when it isn't relevant to this one?

>>169000703Whitney actually looks quite fuckable here. I guess when Johnny wasn't around to beat up she moved onto the next best thing being her sister.

>>169000931It sets back the metoo movement the same way equality sets back the feminist movement

>>169001084Because it is the closest thing Amber got to a 'win' even if it was an extremely corrupt trial.


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>>168998374um... more?

>>169000986Not even technically. No punitive damages. Just compensatory damages because Waldman couldn't claim she conspired with multiple parties and staged a specific scene (i.e. the police were there twice and decided nothing happened both times and didn't note any changes to the supposed crime scene; Depp's side had to show evidence that a conspiracy in that situation took place to sway the jury--they had to demonstrate Heard specifically arranged the scene with the help of a publicist/lawyer/multiple friends).

>thinking people care about evidence and facts in the year 2022the bumpkins in the jury were on johnny's side since before he met amber.

>>169000995exactly. based move imo

>>169000699Johnny doesn't need the money. The whole point was to win to court of public opinion and respect from his family. Which he has unequivocally done.


>>169000646>CELEBRITY THO!That's the retard take, faggot. Justice was served because a vapid bitch used the plight of abused women to further her own celebrity status and carry out a personal vendetta. Cope. You're an NPC and that's why you're experiencing cognitive dissonance and can barely write a sentence. >>169000659kek

>>169001216I highly doubt it. Things looked grim for Johnny at the start.

>>168997917>either way her career is overimo the really big problem is her second career is overnamely "ex-actress trophy wife to richfag"even the most cucked of richfags wouldn't go for her nowlooking forward to random tabloid articles in 10-15 years showing her working the service industry and looking like a pile of rotting potatoes.

>>169001216Careful with that megapint of copium amber.

>>169001339Shes never working an honest job come on. She could probably get disability


>>168998954Based (I'm a flat earther as well btw) and a serial phoneposter

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>>169001216Hi Elaine.

"DEMONIZE AMBER and SUPPRESS THE EVIDENCE"And that is what ALL abusive men do. . If all evidence about a man's abuse were known, there would be no doubt.

>>169001339she won a court case to have elon musk's baby and you know he's just the kind of simp to pay for her lifestyle for the child's sake

>>169001340>actual footage of Holla Forums tranny and the Washington Post administering copium to Ms. Heard after her loss

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>>168998374even after this whole fucking fiasco you niggas still think getting into a relationship with a crazy person is a good idea.

>>169001084She is trying to appeal the verdict and the best argument is that they was already proven true in the UK but the jury was biased and influenced by social media.

>>169001086Tiktok video filters are wizardry and also the reason you shouldn't simp for any e-girl, they're all a lot plainer in reality.

>>169001419It's hilarious how Elaine thinks Amber's evidence was suppressed when there's an entire tape from Australia that was prevented from entering evidence, and that tape alone would be enough to convict Amber as guilty.

>>169000558Its amazingly stupid and an obvious tactical mistake from the start, but they do these kind of things all the time. The Guardian is terrible at reporting news it finds unwelcome. I remember after that mass new year's eve sexual assault spree in Germany they basically didn't report it for over a week in the hope it hadn't happened until people were making fun of them below every article. "This week in feminism" column by Jessica Valenti complained that the biggest issue in feminism for the week was an absence of a Rei figurine for Star Wars Monopoly (I'm not making this up, you can check). The eventual short piece was written by freelancers without a picture, they didn't even trust their own news staff to write about it for some reason.There are many other examples. They basically ignored demands from most of the American media (WaPo, Harpers, The Intercept) to substantiate a story about Assange that was obviously invented, including from Glenn Greenwald is the only person to have ever won a Pulitzer at the Guardian. The editor wouldn't return his calls and the article's author vanished from social media. Its murky as fuck because one of the authors of the article had his name removed from the piece altogether (Ecuadorian spook it seems, there are pictures of him partying with the piece's other author)

I'm disappointed the public was policing Amber Heards conduct. I hope they don't know someone on the spectrum or with ADHD or a number of other conditions because I'm pretty sure those folks don't always respond to things the way a neurotypical person will. We do not get to dictate how someone responds to things. She is less believable because she didn't cry or respond the way you think she should? People are ridiculous.

>>169001419>if the evidence existed he'd be guiltyKill yourself.

>>169001506>replying to obvious bait>you will never be this new ever againFeels bad man.

>>168998989Appeals are for losers. Appeals are also a fuckign far cry, unless there was ACTUAL deficiency. Hell, the judge was extremely lenient to AH side bullshit, most likely because she expected THEM to try and appeal and wanted to protect herself.People need to realise that no judge likes to get her cases overturned, it's a bad look for them.

>>169001419She lied, user. It’s time to let go.

>>169000558Identitarianism. Simple as. It's why the left can't meme--they're incapable of nuance.

>>169001428It’s not simping to take care of your child you retard.

The american system built and designed to protect white men defending a famous wife beater. Not very surprising. I trust the Uk judge more than a jury filled with men.

>>169001536/tv/ is infested with trannies and what they pass off for logic, user. This thread could die any moment, just like them, so why not venture to shake them a little?

>>169001503Amber Heard has never claimed to have BPD so you're just laying on the speculation as well.

>>168995399WHAT IF ANY roles do you think she will be getting after this fucking shitshow?

>>168999837Based Ben Chew

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>>168996348Besides the colors those two images are absolutely identical, every pixel is positioned in the same place, so it's impossible that it'd even be a lightning change

>>169001213Why was this claim against Depp and not Waldman? Why does Depp has to pay for what someone else did?

>>168998989It's a method of spinning the story. She hasn't accepted the verdict and is still fighting to have her truth known.

Bros, shes single and shes probably looking for a quick marriage to protect against any judgement liens on her property. Any takers?

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>>169000042She's a BPD (borderline, not bipolar) retard, her brain literally does not work properly and she can't connect A to B with these stupid schemes she makes up when she tries to attack everyone around her. It all makes perfect sense in her mind.

>>169001675Why would anyone hire a post wall controversial female actor that wasn't even good at it?

>>168998080I just came here to laugh at your impotent rage.

>>169001725Because he was under Depp's employ and those comments were made in the context of his professional relationship with Depp. It's the same reason Heard tried to say that she didn't actually write the op-ed and distance herself by saying they just applied her name to it.

>>168997777Fucking checked

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My roomate is a Depp stan. He's basically the reason I started doing research inti the trial, because I didn't want to get information that could just as easily been misinfo from him, while I who wasn't interested in the media circus, didn't know what was truth.It's gonna be really insufferable from now on.

>>168999300Who's "we"?

>>168999037Dumpster Defenders is in late augustPure texan KINO

>>169001812She probably would do anything to the person willing to pay off the courts.

>>168999860That's not even a coldsore, it's just red wine and blunt mouth.

>>169001821That's exactly it, user. It's about reality testing. BPD is like the female version of autism (the consumed by emotional thinking and hyperawareness of social situations).


>>169001725Because Depp had hired Waldman as his attorney at the time and the comments were directly about the legal fuss Depp was involved in. In the eyes of the law, that counts as Depp possibly guiding Waldman's statements. But ultimately Amber winning that claim means nothing in the greater picture, it's very telling that the punitive damages involved with that were 0$.

>>168999961>No, she got what she tried to inflict on him.Many years in prison?Are you retarded?

>>169001836With the modern news cycle everyone will forget about it in a months time

>>169001501>Jessica ValentiOne of the worst people around

>>169001675Nothing anytime soon, that’s for sure. All this case proved is just how bad of an actress she really is.

Fuck this so hard. It’s ridiculous.It’s moments like this that I remember that women’s rights were fought, so given. And that women’s rights are not linear. Women had more rights in the Renaissance Era than the Victorian Era for example.We can’t be the next slump in rights. I refuse to let that happen.


>>169001914She didn't press charges you retard, she was trying to kickstart her career by torching his. Now his career has been reignited by snuffing out hers.

>>168999088dont worry shell be fine, she will make movies for any of those cuck directors that tweet about feminism everyday, just wait and see.

>>169001965Why are you Canadian?

>>168998080yeah i get banned sometimes, so what?

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>>169000108>I'm sure he did thatWhy? There has been zero evidence of him being violent towards her and yet you fence sitting retards still insist on them "both being in the wrong".

>>169001902Waldman literally accused amber and her friends of fabricating a crime scene. That’s incredibly hard to prove, especially since their story about Depp being the one sloshing wine at that instance was the only thing they were all consistent about.

>>169001501That entire incident (literally 1000s of women being sexually assaulted and outright raped by migrants on a single night) is now memory-holed.

>amber kills the metoo movementabsolutely based and depp lost

>>169002065Exactly. (>>169000480 and >>169000784).

>>168995399I dont even get how this is supposed to be evidence of abuse. Depp gave her a sunburn? I didn't realize Depp was able to weaponize UV radiation

>>168996375>>168995399 It was having pictures of him sleeping and mirrors with writing on them and then coming out with stories about him beating her and raping her with a bottle with no pictures or medical record that did it. If she'd just not had any pictures at all then she ironically would have been more believable because loads of domestic abuse victims who fear for their lives do not document things out of fear of being found out by the abuser. She should have either gone with the pictures and the lighter stories of him slapping her and doing emotional abuse shit like writing on mirrors OR no pictures and him being a monster who even raped her with a bottle and she was too afraid to document anything. Combining the two was the full retard move that broke it all.

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>>169001965>rights She literally took advantage of the public’s sympathy towards female victims to tell blatant lies for her own benefit. This has nothing to do with “muh rights” you stupid bitch, and for the record an imbecile like you shouldn’t even have rights to begin with.

>>169001929Trump broke her mind.

>>168998080>trannies hiding behind jannies because their headcanon is upset

>>169002209or the zoe quinn story of being led around by her pussy, or being forced to walk across broken glass barefoot, or when he went subzero and pull out her spine.

>>169002212triggered little incel

>>169001812>shes singleShe's fingerbanging some scottish dyke.

>>169001675Probably none. But even if she does get a good paying role again Depp can go to a judge and demand his money. This could haunt her forever. And she's so crazy that I suspect she'll say or do something that could potentially open her up to Depp suing her again. Which would be beyond kino

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>>169002209This. Thank God Depp won, but Amber could've EASILY won this if she didn't escalate things, didn't lie about the picture being edited, hell, she could get an expert to testify that what she did was "color correct" to compensate for the lighting, which wouldn't be malicious per se, but no, she said that they are different pictures, unedited, took at different times and kept escalating things.

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>>169002311Zionist. Feminist. Leftist. Scottish

>>168999837>named ben chew>is literally always chewing on candy unless he is in the process of chewing your ass out

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>>169002212>pretends to be drawing on history for their take>filters out mass-democracy is a new phenomenon and 99.99999% of humanity have been peasants/slaves (even now)Obvious NPC ideologue take, user. Just call them a retard and move on.>>169002293Retard.

>>169001640piss off you retarded slampig

>>168999801Looks like herpes

>>169002485Let them cope by chanting their bullshit, user. The edifice is crumbling before our eyes and their stout denial of nuance only outs them as the enemy.

>>169000558It's analogous to trannys. If you can be convinced that a man can be a woman and vice versa, then you've cast such a large umbrella of counterfactual newspeak that you can centrally plan reality. Same with her. If this woman is to be believed then truly all women are to be believed

>>169002293Typical response from a typical, revolting femanon. Thanks for the (You)

>>169002212she’s the jussie smollett of the #metoo movement

>>169000480My question is how the waldman statements constitute defamation if during the trial they were proven to be true?

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>>169001419You're not funny and no one's buying you actually believe this.

>>169002630Both statements weren't awarded to Heard. Heard didn't receive punitive damages for the one she "won."

It really worries me how often I see "Johnny is on record saying he cut his finger himself before he changed his story and decided to pin it on Amber!". It's just really creepy to see people who believe the old "oh I'm just so clumsy... I walked into a door again!" type of DV excuses, and think it should stop a victim from later coming forward against their abuser. I've only seen that shit be believed in movies before now. Imagine seeing someone say that a woman is now clearly lying because she previously told the cops that she just fell down the stairs.

>>169002714I thought the subreddit was closed?

Stop getting baited by the leaf who copy pastes posts from r/deuxmoi, holy shit. You're all so naive.

>>169002630Basically, the first statement was corroborated by the evidence of the trial (i.e. the one Heard lost on). The second statement dealt with a specific incident that alledged a small-scale conspiracy relating to that specific event. It was found Waldman made that statement in a way that hurt Heard's career but not that he damaged her reputation (i.e. "you lost work because he put out a story he couldn't prove--but what he was saying about you, in general, was true").

>>169002069>That entire incident (literally 1000s of women being sexually assaulted and outright raped by migrants on a single night) is now memory-holed.what happened?

>>169002784 What?

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>>169002579have sex

>>169002058I will believe him kicking her by those documents, no evidence of that because at the time Heard wasn't trying to ruin her.And he for sure emotionally abused her by saying mean stuff all the time and calling her fat when she's skinny

>>169002986She called him fat

>>169000314Digging a deeper hole is exactly what a BPD cunt will do.

>>169001675I would watch her on ghetto gaggers

>>169002885A bunch of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers raped and assaulted over 1200 women (official number) in Germany on new years eve (2015/16). Sorry, I said thousands but seeing as the standard narrative is "THESE MOSTLY GO UNREPORTED" I can fall back on the narrative the media usually goes with when it isn't problematic for their identitarian bullshit.

Did you ever read Dune?

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>>169003090Sounds like propaganda

>>169002986Retarded NPC.

>>169003142>–16_New_Year's_Eve_sexual_assaults_in_GermanyWhen you think an actual event sounds like propaganda it's a good sign that your sense of reality and trust in the media is misplaced.