Why doesn't Hollywood cast black women who look like this?Why is it almost always a ugly bald monkey looking sheebon?

Why doesn't Hollywood cast black women who look like this?Why is it almost always a ugly bald monkey looking sheebon?

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>>168994185Is that joker lady?

>>168994185fuck blackies we need more arabian cuties

>>168994185Because these women are half white. The one on the left has a German father

>>168994185Because who rules Hollywood are people like theseThey hate true female beauty

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>>168994185because mulattos look like pajeets, they want the authentic black experience It's like if you asked them why they eat lobster instead of mcdonalds

>>168994185this could pass in 2010 but its not inclusive enough nowadays.you just dont undestandit HAS to be blackest baldest gorilla nigger faggot, okay?these are just some nice black women. it MUST be the niggerest of niggers

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>>168994185>why do jews create racial tensionIt's a story as old as time

>>168994247does this favelada have german ancestry?

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if disney game department can do this why their tv show hacks cant just do the same?

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>>168994660oh my god...Holla Forums bros... I lost...

>>168994660I can fix her

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>>168994185Because blacks are literally THAT fucking racist that they not only discriminate against whites, they also discriminate against LIGHT BLACKS. Their racism is so messed up that they also discriminate against their own subgroups. In my country white people and light blacks are actually in complete agreement about racist monkey blacks

>>168994185but Ella is going to be in the resident evil series so evidently they do

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>>168994709we're not your bros bunker tranny kys

>>168994513>straight hairyep, they got bleached, only the sudanese looks authentic but even her had to dye her hair

>>168994825brazilian macaco hands typed this post

>>168995223>what is a hair straightener

>>168994185Americans are utterly insane.Apparently, if a woman is pretty, then she is pretending to be white

>>168995264not him but there's no racism in brazil, brazilian here

>>168994185they want you to go along with the lie that they are talented and beautiful, like all actresses are supposed to be, because it makes you a coward or a liar and thus you are easy to control.

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>>168994247No, you're confusing her with Zazie Beetz.

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she cute

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>>168994463Most white brazilians do, so if she had a white father or grandfather, probably.

>>168995364I thought it was her. Who is that then?

>>168995317Or pajeet

>>168994185If you didn't know, it's actually an age-old war within the black community of darker more sub-saharan, less mixed black people hating lighter skinned and more caucasoid featured black people. The Rwandan genocide was partially based on this, but you can go on black twitter and see how much real afro black skinned negroid featured women fucking H A T E light skinned black girls with "white" facial features.Basically take how much older women hate younger women for youth that they can never have again, or how much fat women hate skinny women for beauty they don't have, but then add a racial aspect to it. This is why Hollywood won't cast them and also doesn't cast 10/10 women either, because they don't want to offend their audience.

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>>168995464its nathalie emmanuel on op pic, she's half-bong

>>168994660>semitic nose>straight white hair>blackpick one

they shouldn't cast them at allthese are the only skintones that should be in movies

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>>168995553the tutsis were not part white, they were ethiopian

>>168995664Yes I know, and Ethiopians/North Eastern Africans have more caucasoid looking facial features and lighter skin.

>>168995264I'm Dutch, faggot

>>168995830what do you think of de ruyter's hands

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>>168994709>Holla Forums brosi'm white, kys

>>168995719horn africans are literal caucasians if you go by the actual classifications of different races from back when it was still considered a science

>>168995986>horn africans are literal caucasians leave your basement retard

>>168996033they are.

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>>168995951>>>lgbt faggot

>>168995986you mean phrenology? genes tests confirm ethiopians and somalis are fully african, they don't have indoaryan genes like the indians or persians africa is just the most diverse continent on earth, picture relevant (pseudochinks aka capoids)

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>>168994185Because they look like they fuck white guys

>>168995553Except Eastern/Northern Africans tend to be lighter naturally. They aren't half-white, but have thinner lips/noses etc. African phenotypes are a lot more diverse than you Americans thinkhumanphenotypes.net/map/map.html just browse africa

>>168995620her hair is clearly not straight in two of the photos

>>168996510Yes I know.

>>168994185>mixed-race woman who looks like a white woman with black skinBecause most black women don't look like that.

The women in the OP pic-rep are obviously mixed and have caucasid phenotypes which is what makes them attractive. The normal sheboon is hideous and they are trying to sell to us that it is beautiful.

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>>168996738most people don't look hot, but you want hot people in movies

>>168996378>ohhhhh me so horny and sheeeeeeeit

>>168996758Literally no one is trying to convince you that Leslie Jones is beautiful. Take your meds.

>>168996210newfag lol


>>168996132>map made by a german autist who considered somalian niggers and turkroaches to be more white than finns>majority of contemporary anthropologist considered him an idiotyeah, i totally believe you nowjump off the bridge smoothbrain, you can't even read the wikipedia articles right

>>168995883Virgil Van Dijk HATES BLACKS?

>>168994185Stop doing this faggot redditor backpedal of "well I guess it's okay if it's ones I find attractive". No, it isn't.

>>168994185Black + (any race except black) women are my favorite. Nice, show interest in their hobbies, no passive-aggresive bitch outlook on the world, good sex, etc. I can't go back after them

>>168995410>fringeposting>Creator Backlash: Jasika Nicole has no fond memories of the series, complaining that Astrid was poorly written and "relegated to a caretaker role of white people for 5 seasons" and speaking about mistreatment from producers and directors, such as numerous ones who refused to pronounce her name properly, even when her co-stars stood up for her, which resulted in her strongly disliking the running joke of Astrid's name being mispronounced.

>>168996378those khoi/san were brutally murdered by the bantu expansion that happened decades after the Whites established South Africa by the way

>>168994185Same reason they don't hire Latinos despite being a larger population than blacks: We're not exotic enough and do not accrue substantial "woke points" for (((Hollywood))) elites to brag to other elites.

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>>168997816she was qt, what else does she want? lol

>>168997894based bantu genociding the last autistic negro civ

>>168994185They don't want to make the white liberal women who endorse pozzing insecure, hence the ratio in interracial couples in media as well.

>>168997894>those khoi/san were brutally murdered by the bantu expansion that happened decades after the Whites established South Africa by the wayBantus arrived in South Africa in 300AD.The first male Dutch settlers only arrived in the Cape in 1652 where they encountered the Khoisan.The Dutch-Khoi-Khoi Wars started in 1657 after the Khoisan accused the Dutch of land and cattle theft.

>>168995662>when you see a skinny white boy

>>168994185They do. It helps if they're British though.

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>>168997910you're kidding right?

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>>168998330lmao they look of disgust on her face

>>168994660How did they manage to make a black woman look Indian?

>>168998375What movie set is this from?

>>168998527Loca academia de policía 7 feat. Dom from Fast & the furious

She's a fit girl.

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>>168998330Naomi Scott a cute.

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>>168994185It makes it too obvious that the only way niggers can maintain any level of non-revulsion is to be at minimum 50% non-monkey.

are they shooting that Resident Evil show with Ella Balinska or what?any news? are there any bts pics or videos? I need to know if it's gonna be a fucking massive unmitigated disaster or barely watchable.

>>168995553>The Rwandan genocide was partially based on thisIt in fact was not in any way whatsoever, the basic distinctions between Hutus and Tutsis are naming schemes and height.

>>168994185>>168994228>>168994243>>168994247>>168994305>>168994340>>168994391>>168994392>>168994463>>168994513>>168994709Its a mystery.

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>>168999496dont even need to check early life

why is it cultural appropriation if non black people have dreadlocks but its perfectly okay for black women to wear hair made from other races' hair?


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>>168999496>trusting a white woman to know what good TV isimplying

>>168999645kek"Dana Freedman was born to a Jewish family[1] in Los Angeles in 1964."

>>168994185They consider races that look good as a white washing. They can only cast the brownest beaners or the most gorilla looking niggers. If they can convince goys that they are good they will be more likely to race mix.

>>168995364naw the got slave girl is still definitely mixed you dont get those features without european admixture >>168998290stop with your whataboutism bantu are the ones that genocided them

>>168999785>white womannot at all, she's white+, the pro version of white people. costs more, has way more perks

>>168994185they did for years until the far left said it wasn't enough and they needed more borderline monkeys in movies. disney got the memo and promptly hired every monkey possible, sheboons and lizzie olsen included. however, there's one that they still need to complete the set. y'all know who.

>>168999783this image is so true

>>168999896Of course she's mixed, I'm just saying she's not German.

>>168999785Imagine thinking any of these “people” are white

Isn't a tar-black Nigerian one of the biggest black actresses around? Her career is certainly bigger than "I was in Game of Thrones" girl.

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>>169000037What’s the benefit for the yids at the studio? Are they just that much more focused on demoralization over propagating race mixing?

>>169000513Lupita a cute

>>169000513I think Lupita is one of the few actually black actresses that Holla Forums likes (in general)It does help that she's not American

>>169000513i love her, she looked so cute in that video of will smith smacking chris brown

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>>168994185Are these supposed to be the "attractive" ones? Lmao

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>>169000539they care about ESG.>ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance, the three broad categories, or areas, of interest for what is termed “socially responsible investors.” They are investors who consider it important to incorporate their values and concerns (such as environmental concerns) into their selection of investments instead of simply considering the potential profitability and/or risk presented by an investment opportunity.hiring diverse casts allows disney to promote their stock as an ESG to socially conscious investors, putting them high up on the list of suggestions that brokers will give to their clients. more diverse, more niggers = more money. it's not about the individual box office, it's about the stock value of the company. that's what the real big yids care about. the social schism is just the cherry on top.

>>169000513Lupita nyongo is qt

>>169000780>Ella Balinska isn't attractiveI hate niggers as much as anyone, but you've dun goofed

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>>168996798Not even Leslie is trying to convince us

>>169000789>making successful products don't matter only a graph of how much people think our company is worth doeshaha stock market goes crash

>>169000760it's going to be a white boy summer, lads

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>>169000789The free market will f-OH SEEEEEEIT!

>>168994185Use a better picture of Nathalie

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>>168995223A lot of East Africans have partially or completely straight hair.

>>168994513>>168994660>We could have imported East Africans instead of Bantus

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>>169001094What are they talking about

>>169000780That's a bad picture of Nathalie, unfortunately she likes to wear shitting nose rings and makeup in public but when she can't do that then she is gorgeous

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>>168995662the one in the middle is the only human-looking one

Reminder that East Africans are white.

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>>169000780that's a lot of words just to tell us you're a faggot

End of discussion

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>>168998598for you