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Orville is showing Trek how it's done. It's unfortunate that it's probably the last season of Orville.

>>168994233It’s gonna get picked up by Disney+, possible soft reboot with a younger cast.

>>168994286>Disney+No good can come of this.

>>168994233have they toned down the out of place humor yet?


>>168994150The way Seth McFarlane keeps casting his much younger girlfriends in the show proves he's the true successor to Roddenberry.


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>PHWOAR!!! Must be something I ate.

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He can't keep getting away with it.

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>>168994150The stories are good. I'd even say they are a bit more Star Trek than SNW, clearly they feel more relevant as a social commentary. But the characters are still better in SNW, which is funny because we only had 5 eps. When watching the new episode everybody felt boring except the slime guy and the new girl but only because she was new. The doctor was also okay. The sets were spiced up a bit with details and more cgi in engineering, but SNW is still better.

>>168994150I skipped through half that Orville ep.Was pretty shit.

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Marcus and everyone else had every right to be angry at Isaac

>>168995747>wearing a suit and a tiehahaha, you wish

>>168994150Season 2 was greys anatomy in space. Does season 3 looks promising?


nu trek is poo trekold trek is gold trek

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The new episode of Orville was far darker than what I expected. Bravo for approaching the subject. The ending was kinda predictable, but the meat in the sandwich was well prepared. The new episode of SNW... could have been better. it had three floating plots. The Freaky Friday plot should just be deleted, it was on the level of Spocks Brain. The Enterprise Bingo plot, for a B plot... it needed more time to have an impact. The negotiation plot really deserved to be the episode instead of just background noise. They hurt the episode by not developing this. The sail special effect at the end might have had more impact if that plot had mattered at all in the episode.

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>>168995832Lol no they didn't, especially Marcus. Isaac was expected to kill his little brother but he didn't, even with Earth saved by Krill intervention the whole crew of the Orville owe their lives to Isaac's sacrifice, he only made it out because based Norm revived him.

>>168995923Sick of that black guy he's such a pandering Gary Stu character, at least in our society where degenerate behaviour is lauded.

>>168995923No, the bodyswap was cool and there should have been more hijinks on the ship with it in addition to T'Pring negotiating and Spock doing the other stuff. The Bingo plot was just too silly and didn't tie in with the other stuf at all, which was just not the skillfull plot integration I expect from a good show. The negotiation should have been more fleshed out.

>>168995977Marcus literally had PTSD.

smells like discord in here today

>>168996204You spam NuTrek every day bro

>>168996204To know such a smell you'd have to partake in it.



>>168996204shut uporville completely mogs nutrek and you know it tranman


>>168996262They've been poking their grubby fingers into the orifice of /trek/ for years now.

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>>168994606Ages ago.

Episode 1 had me teary eyed. As someone who has had friends commit suicide it hit close to home.

>>168994150orville is everything modern trek wants to be and more


clown shoes

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>>168998894Becky Lettuce is a big girl.

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You actively kill this general. Go away dude

>>168998275Sorry but it feels like it's 20 years too late.

>>168999105Who would have appreciated it at the time?

>>168998894nitpicking is only an expression of your inner sadness. I know it's hard, man

>>168999063>no nutrek in sight >can't hit 50 posts in 2 hoursYeah sure it's Starange New Worlds posting killing /trek/

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>>168994286disney isn't going to buy a drama about gay space aliens with the shit they're currently in

>>168994606Honestly, right now it feels more like a Star Trek show from another dimension than a parody

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>>169000230>He doesn't have the show on his hard drive

>>169000230I'm going to kill myselfunrelated to that though, literally torrent it or whatever

>astroturfing seth macfarlane's fanfic

>>169000230What country?

>>168999649Honestly, it's dog shit with a rare chuckle.I have no idea how they could take that many years off in between seasons, be that nepotistic to bring back a show with such low ratings, and make it even more boring.

>>169000230Please don't say that's the UK.

Every life Dukat took from this point onwards is on Sisko's handsyoutu.be/BOCWDCuTWq8 youtu.be/w6S9HnNGik4

>>168999606They already own it lol


>>169000694It's still Dukat's fault.

You are killing trek with your dishonesty and NuTrek spam.

>>169000725I thought Star Trek already left Netflix in the US.

>>169000725Ah good.

>>168998894What's the point of having the miniskirt uniform if the pants are the same?

>>169001101its a tunic

>>169001101So she can perform a proper curtsey.

>>169001101They're not the same. The dress has leggings.

>>168999012Name our Sentai.

here's a new trek butt to add to your trek butt folders

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>>169000750Name one thing that was his fault. Explain your answer.

>>168994150this was awful bet fags who watch this are into lower decks

>>168999012From left to right4, 4, 4, 5, 5What a mediocre bunch

>>169002181I only collect T'Pols.

Chappel fags are delusional if they think their 4/10 is anything close to being on the level of a dax, 7, or even Troi

>>169002552She's down to earth.

>>169002446Post your most delicious T'polNot the gif of her nipples in decon

>>169002181not a nice bum

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>>169002662very nice bum

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>>169002662Truly she peaked in S1

>>168998894Rebecca Romaine is a legit giantess. Gloriously big woman.