KINOINOwhat did you guys think?

KINOINOwhat did you guys think?

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Other urls found in this thread:>>168993715Dead"Why are right-wingers so sensitive?"/

>>168993637We're talking about a new doc why are you upset?

Where can I watch it

>Why are right-wingers so sensitive?

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Holla Forums is ruining this board with their transphobia

We really need to get you a woman G

>>168993738What is a woman?

>>168993612Does anyone have an upload that isn't the megashare link? The jewish as website only let me watch like 30 mins of the movieI check /t/ but don't have torrenting software.>>168993637Are these 'right-wingers' in the room with us right now?>>168993673You can watch 30 mins of it here for>>168993715Dead meme>>168993738>>168993734too true

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>>168993637this seething nigga really be camping the catalogue spamming the same post"Why are right-wingers so sensitive?"/

>>168993786No! My master plan has been foiled! I better run back to my tranny zoomer discord

>>168993786mental illness is not funny user

>>168993907You mock the fact like it’s not what you’re really going to do. Nobody that obsessed isn’t colluding with other mentally ill

>>168993612It felt a bit forced in certain parts, but the rest was good for a movie doc. I think it was directed well and presented itself in the way it wanted to. It was honestly hard to watch through, seeing the mentally ill having so much power, being backed by who knows what and how many powers. I think I am done for the mentally ill, but there's a whole month ahead of us

>>168993907What is a woman?

>>168993777> I check /t/ but don't have torrenting get some you faggot they’re all free>inb4 muh viruses you’re retarded

>>168993612I dont care about his politics but this dudes persona is lame as fuck. I saw one video where he makes fun of a guy bringing a quiche to a picnic instead of bringing BEER AND CHIPS LIKE A REAL MANLY MAN

>>168995683i mean a quiche is like one of the gayest food items imaginable so yeah he should be made fun of for that

>>168995683To be fair, id be pissed too if you brought a quiche to a picnic instead of, you know, picnic food.

I can't stand either side of this issue anymore.

>>168993612>Threads nothing but screaming I'd actually like to get a run down over what this film is arguing.

>>168995966That’s how they get you, break you down until you are too tired to fight back

>>168995966Which sides? The side that's pushing this bullshit and the side thats calling it out as bullshit?

>>168996013the film is exposing the stupidity of the gender social construct ideology. The fact that a dude dressed as a woman is suddenly a woman.It does this by asking a simple question "what is a woman?"And you find that those completely bought in to the ideology are unable to answer the question without referencing the word 'woman'. So they would answer something like "a woman is someone who identifies as a woman", or "it can be anything you want it to be"

>>168996047he clearly said either

>>168996266i know and im clearly pointing out which side is obviously stupid and which side is sensible

The doc names John Money. Kino.

i think you guys are obsessed with less than .5% of the population


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>>168996467This. anime fan trannies are the worst

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>>168993612Not going to watch this but the poster is unironically pretty stylish.

>>168996355He's probably talking about how the "sensible" side says that women can do no wrong and just because men can't become women doesn't mean women can't be just as strong as men

>>168996809when you examine it closer from a what is good design perspective, its actually pretty poorly done. probably like the rest of it

i need a stream link this instant

>>168996047Nobody can do anything to combat it, despite there actually being real arguments against it being a positive thing, because most people against it don't care about anything like that, they just want to troll because they aren't smart enough to realize that this further entrenches them and pushes normies watching on the sidelines towards their side.

>>168993775What’s a woman? What’s a what’s a whatsa woman? Woman?

>>168995940unironically what is picnic food? i think im getting it confused with barbeque/cook-out food (which is obviously better than picnic food)

>>168995966>Muh BOTH SIDES, tho...Fuck off. One side is sexually mutilating children and the other is trying to stop it.

>>168993734don't lump with in with Holla Forumsfags, trannies are annoying and disgusting creatures.

>>168996919Since you have such a good idea I'm sure you can elaborate because that's looks pretty decent. Sounds like you're just biased by that last comment.

>>168997111and this is why you get called sensitive

>>168997131You can't elaborate on why the poster is bad mr graphic designer? I already said I don't care to watch the movie.

>>168993734/pol/ ruined the entire website six years ago.

>>168997161lol im not that user im explaining why you get called sensitive and you're still bleeding from the ass

>>168997187Why would I be sensitive? Sounds like shitting on a reasonably made poster is the signs of someone being more sensitive.

>>168993612A woman is an adult human female.Inb4 "b-but what about people with abnormal chromosomes". The existence of a tiny handful of mutants doesn't invalidate the fact that sex is binary

>>168993612>Still no torrent available

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>>168997226why are you chafing so much at being called sensitive

>>168997053Would you make me a sandwich?

>>168997111follow the lines where the color breaks and how they added the line around the arms on the lower part breaking the entire theme so it wouldnt look like hands are floating. its poorly done like those designs hacks to do when remaking posters for older films

>>168993612>movie titled 'what is a woman?'>directed by a man>written by a man>created by a man>staring a man>most of the cast is men>women had very little involvement

>>168997387>try to do


free stream link or you are shilling simple as

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>>168997432what did you expect? seriously, what were your expectations about a doc being shilled on Holla Forums?>>584772295test

>>168997387I think that looks fine, it's mainly just that men wearing women's clothing is inherently a repulsive aesthetic that reminds me of bearded, estrogenized hipsters who paint their nails.

What the fuck you have to pay annually? I just wanted to see the documentary but I can afford $140 out of the blue the fuck. Don’t know why there is no monthly option

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>>168996467rare post from the CEO of the based department

>>168993661>>168993673>>168993715>nooooo, you can’t let a grown man choose to cut off his own penis. That’s genital mutilation>Yes doctor, please cut off my newborn son’s foreskin and put it in skincare products. Here’s $2,000.America has no right to complain about trannies until they outlaw circumcision.I don’t give a shit what some grown man wants to do to his cock and balls, but keep the knife away from babies. >pic rel: mutilated mutt face

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>>168997039>if you do anything you push normies awayNo

>>168997566>I think that looks finewell, yeah you know nothing about good design

>>168997226Don't feed the trolls

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>>168997432That’s the point though, isn’t it? For a man to understand what a woman is.

>>168995683Yeah the persona is weak. Only video I ever saw of his was he was complaining that the left wanted to make children "too domesticated" in the he sat there in a sweater and bow tie speaking into a $1000 microphone lolOver compensation for the onions boy look

>>168997615>America has no right to complain about trannies until they outlaw circumcision.Two wrongs don't make a right. And your strange strawman like we all agree with circumcision is disingenuous and incorrect.

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>Matt WalshCan't stand the guy, personally.

>>168997768more like circumcision affects exclusively men whereas this tranny issue is about women's gynocentric worldview being destroyed by the facts being laid in front of them that men can overpower them at any moment

>>168997846is there a cooldown period between switching?

>>168997432What is a man?

>>168997682You could make something that breaks the rules of design that is still beautiful, this just doesn't do it.

>>168997941adult human male

>>168997279what's wrong with being sensitive?

>>168993734Nah the whole insane ppl pretending it's normal are, and calling Holla Forums transphobe doesen't helpNormal people just don't want to hear about whoever ideological views on a fringe sexual deviancy

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>>168997769it's like they dress up as their imaginary dream girlfriend.

>>168996467>it's a "post i agree with gets a lot of replies so i must now repost it endlessly whenever relevant" episode

>>168998044It's weak and pathetic, you can be empathetic towards others and aware of what is happening without being pathetic, it's fine if you are young and still growing.

>>168998129That person self identifies as a wolf.

>>168998162the amount of replies it got has nothing to do with its reposting, user

>>168997905depends on your build

>>168998203That's pretty common etiquette on Holla Forums where I'm sure it came from

A woman is someone who is born with a uterus. Genetic defects which cause her to not be born with a uterus, but still having all the female sexual characteristics would still make this person a woman. Not that even close to a % of trans people have that defect, as the majority of trans people were born with a cock, balls, and no uterus, thus making them men, not women.

>>168996467that fae / faer girl was a girl, rent free

any link?

is it funny and just for laughs or an actual serious doc into the topic?

>>168997836>more like circumcision affects exclusively men whereas this tranny issue is about women's gynocentric worldview being destroyed by the facts being laid in front of them that men can overpower them at any momentMore proof that America is a matriarchy that cares nothing for men’s issues.I don’t even have to do a le>imagine if the roles were reverseRepublitard argument, because it already happened.Female genetial mutilation is illegal in the USA, but dicks are fine to cut.

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>>168998317It's a serious documentary.

>>168995416It's any human being with female reproductive organs and long hair

>>168997256People with abnormal chromosomes are either male or female.

A woman is a human born with XX chromosomes, why are zoomers asking such dumb questions?

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>>168998044Nothing, as long as you don't let it affect your decisions. Im a very sensitive guy too, I get teary eyed all the fucking time and feel emotions deeply, but I don't let it affect my decisions that I have to make.Most people let it affect their decisions however. So being sensitive in that regard is labelled as a bad thing.


>>168998203It absolutely does because people say shit like this all the time like the schizo and his "today I will remind them" pasta, but no one reposts those because no one cares.

>>168998317It's both.The guy takes a deadpan humorous approach to structuring the documentary.Then there's the interviews. He doesn't go "there is only man or woman, disprove it". He asks simple probing questions and you literally watch the interviewees flounder as they desperately try to answer it. One where he's talking to a gender studies professor isnt able to answer it without reciting an entire textbook, but when he probes on specifics and wanting to know the truth or objective reality, the professor accuses him of transphobia and gets frustrated by the general concept of objective truth being a thing.So it's played like a serious documentary, with the host never cracking a smile, but its hilarious to watch because we do need to be reminded that these crazy people do exist and they genuinely do subscribe to an ideology which has rotted their brains.

>>168997769>watches anime>LITERALLY MEclockwork

>>168998441um what about people who aren't xx and xy

>>168997054>unironically what is picnic food?Depends on if you have access to a grill. If not, then deli style sandwiches, potato chips, and pre-prepared potato salad/tuna salad are decent options.

>>168998491So you're saying that the only reason it's posted here is because it got a lot of replies in its previous thread? Could the content of the posts have anything to do with the subject of this thread? Could that possibly have anything to do with it?

>>168996467Extremely based post

>>168998500Yes he does Socratic dialogue pretty well. I'd actually like to see a rebuttal to this movie if anyone has one.

>>168993612>im not a shill because just because I’m not ok?

>>168998556Yes they are deformed and it's very tragic.

>>168998556What they are has nothing to do with what xx and xy (female and male) are. It is irrelevant to the discussion.

>>168993734>Noooooo you can't hate trans people >If you do you're a NAHZEE

>>168998162The circumstances that make the post relevant keep repeating themselves very frequently, hence why the post gets repeated very frequently.

>>168998556>what about this rare thing?What about it? It bears insignificant effect on the average.

>>168998441watch this:

>>168998556They are intersex.

>>168998401>>168997256Are there any studies of hermaphrodites with both functioning genitals who grew up without taking any drugs or doing any kind of surgery?I would love to see how they turned out, especially if they look male or female or if it's ambiguous.

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>>168998556All “intersex” conditions, when examined, clearly arise from single-gene mutations or chromosomal aberrations on a genetic background that would have indisputably been producing male or female gametes had these mutations not occurred, and, rarely, due to chimerism (i.e. individuals made up of both male and female cells). True hermaphrodites possessing both sets of functional gonads and genitalia have never been observed in Homo sapiens.Therefore the “intersex” argument against the sex binary is simply not valid. Intersex individuals exist only because of continuous de novo reintroduction of the relevant mutations in the population, recessive genes becoming unmasked, or disruptions of normal embryonic development.Sex in mammals is on a fundamental level binary and immutable, and claims that “intersex'” individuals disprove that can only be made in the absence of any consideration of the biological nature of humans and how our evolutionary history has shaped our biology.

>>168998570A quiche would honestly be easier to eat on a picnic than potato salad

>>168998556How many chromosomes do humans have? What about people with Down syndrome? See how stupid that sounds?

>>168998745>Are there any studies of hermaphrodites with both functioning genitalsDoesn't exist

>>168998500That interview was both hilarious and frustrating. The professor even got to admit that some declarations someone could declare about themselves can be objectively false. Such as when Matt told the professor if he could say he is black, and the professor is able to objectively see that Matt is not a black person. But still the professor fails to see how that could be related to gender identity.

>>168993612I liked the prequel better

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Is this pro trans or anti trans so i can watch it

>>168998964read the thread

>>168996467Trannies btfo of existence. They literal social parasites.

>>168999002I did and still couldn't figure it out

>>168993734No one is "afraid" of mental ill fags. Just disgusted.

>>168998702lurk moar newfag

>>168998823Tldr; any such person is just a mutant and a literal non entity (who probably would’ve been dashed against a rock back in the Bronze Age) Only by the endless benevolence of human society are these dysgenic freaks allowed to draw breath.Leftoid trannies keep championing sterile genetic refuse and drug addicted murder-robber negroids for some reason. Thats their ideal so ci ety


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>>168999013Trannies are slaves to the globohomo. They even realize this themselves but can’t decouple from the kikes, because they’re dependent on their ideology, medicine, framework and economy to live. It’s an ingenious way of mass producing shock troopers while at the same time stealing young people from whites- also fulfills the child rape quotas jews must have also they get to harvest penile material, and utterly defile young autistic girls Win win win for jews, and the trannies lose

>>168993734Nazis allowed trannies btw so fuck off to whatever mentally ill echo chamber you came from and kill yourself

>>168993612this was deadass bussin fr fr no cap

>>168999173Yeah, Hitler just didnt go far enough lol

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>>168998729KINO lmao

>>168993777I'm trying to watch the one thing for free brother-cousin.

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>>168996467>they put themselvesno they don'tthey didn't become prevalent out of sheer feminine power lmfao

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>>168998729>WOMEN NEED EQUALITY AND ARE TREATED AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS>also anyone can be a woman and what defines what a woman is, is indefinite

>>168997053>mind broken trannoid shitfitlmao

>>168996467That was perfect.

Can you just save me the time and tell me what a woman actually is?

>>168993612>mfw TRANS will never ever be women!

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>>168996467>I open up a YouTube video, and there they are - EXISTING!>This is an act of aggression

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>>168999537women is a trip unclefunkle

>>168999578Why is this Pepe always used by faggots?


>>168997432I wasn't sold till your comment, downloading now

>>168997053something you will never be.

>>168999619it depicts a very homosexual emotion

>>168997432>>168997541buckbroken trannyamber lost

>>168999537Somebody whose chromosomes are XX. > Females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and are called the homogametic sex. Males have two different kinds of sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex.[1]In humans, the presence of the Y chromosome is responsible for triggering male development; in the absence of the Y chromosome, the fetus will undergo female development. In most species with XY sex determination, an organism must have at least one X chromosome in order to survive.[2][3] >In most mammals, sex is determined by presence of the Y chromosome. This makes individuals with XXY and XYY karyotypes males, and individuals with X and XXX karyotypes females.[1]

>>168993612They got /our/ grandpa in itThis based old

>>168993612Post the torrent niggers

>>168998891It really has to be watched to be believed. These people either see the contradiction, and refuse to recognize it, or they are so immersed in their bullshit that they literally don't see it.


>>168993612somebody give me a rundown, I don't want to watch 56 minutes of some asshole jerking zirself off about how much better they are than other people. Do they prove gender is real?

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>>168998521Invader Zim was made by a Mexican

>>169000110lurk the thread, it has been answered several times

>>169000110Why are you posting Chris-chan?

>>169000080You will be here until you die by your own hands.

>>168999930>I don't give a shit about their feelings, I'm old

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>>169000176how about you answer the fucking question no one wants to look at you talk to one person all day

>>168996919Actually once you spend more time studying the poster it's really post poor instead of poorly done. I'd imagine you're viewing this poster as a enthusiast rather than a professional poster inspector like myself.


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>>168999537A person naturally ordered towards gestation



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>>168996467holy based almighty

>>168997941a miserable little pile of secrets

is this the new Jazz threads

>>168999930what was teh sign?

>>169000176my brother in christ, I have, and it was just full of poltard rantings about troons. No one has talked about what this movie actually saidif you're going to do shill promotion for Matt Walsh (I don't even care to hit HOME to check for his real name) at least try and sell the product harder

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>>168993734'ate pol fags'ate leftypol troons'ate trannies and faggots'ate woke shit'ate capeshitlove kinolove dubssimple as

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>>169000598Something along the lines of "If you have a dick you ain't a chick."

>>169000263im not just an enthusiast, im a designer and this post offends meGOOD DAY SIR

>>169000661if I'm just watching 40 minutes of a Crowder style "interview" edited to seem like he triggered professors, I'll pass, seems like a yikes from me brah

Why is america so tranny obsessed?

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>if I'm just watching 40 minutes of a Crowder style "interview" edited to seem like he triggered professors, I'll pass, seems like a yikes from me brah

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>>169000580have at you!

>>169000670you are an embarrassment to not only this board but the entire site and your family as welldelete your sorry post

>>168999512>>168999690Lurk more

>>169000681>have/had* a dickFTFY

>>169000883>reddit posting>defending troons>>>/lgbt/

>caring about anything Soi Walsh saysLmfao

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>>169000834Your documentary's a dog!

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>>169000980That's a pretty based take though. Ive always felt that a man wouldnt be caught dead using emojis.

>>169000800>pronouns in 2 years : were/was

>>169000800No its more like this: >>168998729

>>168997615Really cool strawman, got any more?

>>169000980He's absolutely right but he forgot about fags

>> basically did

>>169000980>>169001037>>169001144>no! don't use emojis! that's too embarrassing for a manly man like me! i'm so super adult and a man!Incels.

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>>168993734Yes, Frankenstein was a scary monster for a reason.

>>169001191Yes, child. Straight men don't use emojis.

>>169001289>calls someone a child while expressing the views a child would have of what an adult man isWith his super powers of zero self-awareness, he is Irony Man!

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>>169000080Is president bush there?

>>168993612>Interviewing a bunch of "experts" that define basic gender with circular logic, obfuscations, and denialism

>>168999053yeah you dont know how that works tranny

did you regards seriously not watch the pre stream show? you have full on larpers like ben shapiro and some other balding jew worshipper saying about how trans girls defy the will of god and the first chapter of genesis. no matter what rhetoric they use, mind games, lies- remember that. that’s what these frothing mouth cucks are fundamentally trying to brainwash you into step by step, jew worship. can trannies be annoying? yeah. they’re kind of a new thing finding their footing. can they also be extremely hot and pass for women? despite your seething, yeah. there’s nothing wrong with sticking your cock in a hole no matter whose it is if it feels good. they fundamentally hate that fact because of their kike book and everything is cope to disguise it

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>>168993612The whole trans thing is only a problem if you’re terminally online. I live in a major city and have only encountered like two obvious trans people in my 7 years here. They were chill, one was super into trains so we bonded over that. Otherwise all I see of trans people is fake gay and online.

>>168993612Not gonna watch this cuz the whole conversation/concept is cringe to me. A woman has XX chromosomes and female sex organs, everything else is cope invented in the past couple years by weird lunatics. Troons and their deluded defenders need not reply to me.

>169001575didnt read any of this

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>>169001575>>169001576>>169001613Oof, someone posted this thread on a discord, huh?

>>168995683LMAO lame ass bitch actually defending quiche faggot


>>169001289I use emojis every third text or so, especially when flirting with women. Meanwhile you stupid losers are obsessed with being "manly" by making up arbitrary nonsensical rules and don't get laid, it's comical.Let me guess, you also think eating steak for every meal and drinking beer every day is "manly" despite being severely overweight and unhealthy, yeah? This is all just cope for being a loser.

>169001575>didnt read any of this

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>>169001575you will never be a woman, bro

>>168997076Both sides rationalize the other side as the villain. It's the reason why there can't be any productive discourse online about hot button issues.


>>169000973if you werent born this decade you would know that its /mu/ spacing

>>169001576This. I live in NYC which is considered the fucking fag capitol of the world and I’ve only interacted with like 2 trannies in my life. Both times they just acted like anyone else except they were ugly and autistic. Meanwhile on Holla Forums they make it seem like trannies are everywhere. I’m sure their flyover state has probably one tranny in the 500 mile radius.

>>169001538Stop responding to bait, newfag

>169001793not an argument

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>169001780>the bot posts the same shit on repeat over and over for years on endMan if you're a real human I feel really bad for you.

>>169001806Alright faggot what compromise do you propose. We cut off just one tit from mentally ill girls?

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>>169000980I've heard multiple women say men using emojis is a huge turnoff

>>169001811/mu/ is unironically worse than reddit


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>>168993612The answer is not what you think

>>169001806Trannies are unironically the villains, there is no rational argument in their favor. This is a very simple conflict of good vs. evil.

>schizophrenic shit about bots because the holy jew book was questioned>can’t explain how trannies are bad or why his cock gets hard to them>feels “bad” for someone enjoying an authentic free existence while being a balding incel

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>>169001967malding af


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>>169001967"authentic free experience" jacking off to a man in a dress, huh

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>>169000980I use emoticons like an adult:^)

>169001989you in real life when we win

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>>169001967>>feels “bad” for someone enjoying an authentic free existence while being a balding incel80% of trannies will consider suicide this year. 50% will attempt it.

>>169001894There won't be compromise from either side if both are content with viewing the eachother as unreasonable monsters.

>>169001989>using an unflattering and outdated pic of my cute gf NarcissaShe’s waifu material now

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>169002224except those stats are proven bullshit a million times over and suicide correlates with IQ anyway

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>>168997053You just unlocked an 8 year old core memory in my mind

>>169001575“I’m gay” would have been a much shorter post, you fucking trap loving degenerate. You’d get marginally more respect here if you just admitted you want to fuck a twink in the pooper

>>169002257The incel to tranny pipeline is real.

>>169002257>ugly dude plastered with makeup

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>>169002221Who's "we"?>>169002257I'm still holding out hope that Cosmo comes back from the brink of insanity one day.

>>169001954Unironically this is what people on both sides think which is laughable because even modern capeshit villains have more nuance than this.


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>>169002317>core memory

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>>169002257>those comments

>>169002231Thats acceptable.

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>169002342not an argument 80IQ jew worshipping pray the gay away mongloid

>>169002391Don't get all autistic just because you don't get the references

>>169001575Reddit is seething but yeah. Traps and trannies were beloved on here for years, especially Holla Forums. The larping tradcath morons invaded in 2016

>>169002382The villain always thinks he's in the right, as he is delusional. But looking objectively, the guy trying to rip off little boys' nutsacks and put them in dresses and inject them with hormones is a villain. That's fucked up sadistic behavior. There is no nuance here, it's incredibly straightforward. One side wants to be able to mindfuck and mutilate kids, the other side wants to stop them from doing that.

>169002442Putin lostBernie lostMarx lostStalin lostAmber lostYou will kill yourself and I will be chilling

>>169002505Hahahahahahahaha faggot

>>169002231Good, I'm not willing to compromise at all.

>>169002342>atheists doing God's work

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>>169002511>But looking objectively, the guy trying to rip off little boys' nutsacks and put them in dresses and inject them with hormones is a villainThat's your side of the story. How do you think the villain rationalizes what they're doing?

>>169002342The comparisons get worse.

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>>168993734You are ruining the world with your queerness


>>169002505>Traps and trannies were beloved on here for years, especially Holla Forums.traps and trannies were fetishized and treated as a joke that everyone was in on. We accepted them because we saw them as an oddity that was interesting.Then they decided to be more than an oddity and we had to genuinely affirm their self imposed identity, despite reality clearly showing otherwise.You were clearly not part of 4chan in its early days.

>>169002648In this case the villain cant even define woman, so I am not terribly concerned with what he thinks.

>>169002613Neither side is for just about any issue and it just gets worse for both ends.

>>168993612>he has to make a documentary asking what is a woman because he’s never seen oneTop kek

>>169002761>thinks he made the documentary because he genuinely didnt know what a woman waslol

>except those stats are proven bullshit a million times over and suicide correlates with IQ anyway

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>>169002668>>169002551wow! it’s not an argument>>169002672no, people weren’t insecure right wing weirdos and enjoyed their degeneracy. we all jerked off to trannies and simped for femboy camwhores. it’s literal christcuck larper revisionist history to say otherwise. that’s what I MISS. when this place was proudly depraved and didn’t care what anyone thought, now it’s another reactionary cringe factory where young incel men tell people what they can and can’t do. you killed 4chan

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>>168993777A good website called will let you get 4.5GB of content for free. All you need to do is this:1. Make a burner account and get a referral link2. Make a primary account using the burner referral link3. Make the maximum number of burner accounts using your primary referral linkVery easy to do, should really only take like 20 minutes. And it offers DDL links and streaming, though admittedly the streaming is LQ unless you pay which is dumb.

>>169002761He has six kids, you on the other hand have to pretend you've seen a woman by your giant axe wound below the belt, your fashion sense stems from someone addicted to porn

>>169002761he's married, incel

>>169002735There is no reason for two groups with wildly different ways of life to exist under one goverment.

>>168995416[ $HAS_PUSSY = true ] && printf "Is woman" || printf "Is man"

>>169002663Oh no no no black bros. I thought it was the mayo crackas who were cucked??

>>169002731Yeah and they don't care what you think either, that's what I was saying in the earlier post. Both sides just consider eachother a one dimensional villain and aren't willing to listen to the other side of the story. The only kind of "productive" discourse happens inside of echo chambers where everyone already has some sort of mutual agreement with eachother.

>>169002921Even better:command -v havechild && printf "Is woman" || printf "Is man"

>>168995683He looks like he collects hot sauces. He also does that faux open minded act like that embarrassing scumbag "change my mind" Crowder. Pandering onions bitch.

>>169001967see >>169001989>>169002221>winsweetie you are dead already, it`s been proven by evolution and not social sciences that homos are an embarassment even to our mammal cells

>>169003044except animals have gay sex all the time (because they don’t have a made up jew god telling them it’s bad)

>>169002971You misunderstood. They cannot provide coherent definition of the most basic term related to their ideology. They claim to be women but are unable to define what it is. How can there be discussion when one side doesnt even make any meaningful statements? What is there to argue about?

>>169002913You think theres only 2 groups, just one extreme or the other?

lmfao, and zero actual responses and the chud recedes I win again

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just finished watching it. Unironically kino

>>169003131Yeah and they also eat their young