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>>168992977If they keep funding Kino like this. Yes I do too

The military industrial complex is the second coolest thing about America and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.

Yes i especially want to intern japs

>>168993024Maybe, but it's also part of the cause of its decline.

>Strongest military in the world>Doesn't use it to conquer and subjugate entire countries>Instead uses the hypocritical message of "spreading democracy" while siphoning resources from backwoods shitholesDishonest warmongering

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>>168993086Wrong. The opposite is true.

>>168992977Unironically. Thanks to Americans spending trillions our small nation will have more stealth fighters than Russia.PS. keep sending Ukraine free shit please

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>>168992977We need a fucking WEBM of the ground to air missiles where at some point shit is just one big clusterfuck of confusion and radio chatter. It only lasts 2 seconds or something but I heard some audible Holy Fucks in my theatre

>>168993086No, you're thinking of leftists

>>168993133>he doesn't knowlol

>>168993114You forgot the part where they funnel money into Israel.

>>168993012This. I'm too old now, otherwise i'd enlist.

>>168993114>>Doesn't use it to conquer and subjugate entire countriesBecause it can't. America is a paper tiger. It's sole reason for being is to enrich its oligarchs. It cannot do anything else.


>ukraine good>south vietnam badwhat did liberals mean by this

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>>168993214>he thinks he knows

>>168993114If you openly conquer every yells at you, political control of leader while siphoning resources is much easier

>>168993291>every yells at youI don't give a fuck about what those pansy faggots think.


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>>168993322that's why your son will never sit on the board of directors of a ukrainian energy company

>>168992977i feel the need...the need to make my movie pander to the chinese communist party by removing any and all mentions and references to taiwan from my iconic jacket

>>168993402chill man watch some gagayoutube.com/watch?v=O2CIAKVTOrc

>>168993402>he didn't watch the movie

>>168993291Yet every single power in past 3000 years of history did this. I think amerilards are just too lazy to do shit


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>>168992977yes top gun was kino, problem?

>>168992977Correct, constant warfare is what keeps the US ahead of everyone else technologically. You would be very unhappy if the US were to ever stopped waging wars.

>>168993220What was the point of being in Vietnam. Every minute we spent there was a minute we created more things to fight. Vietnam was a mistake it's time you stop trying to act like it wasn't.

>>168993144>picWith a fighter jet, you can go anywhere!

>>168993144Get back in the trenches faggot

>>168992977>I LOVE THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXYesPax Americana.You're welcome first-world.

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>>168993160>ground to airIt's SAM-Surface to Air Missiles. Sounds cooler than GAM.

>>168992977I'm sad they didn't use the Dark Star latter in the movie.

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Wasn't this film scheduled for a 2021 release but then Biden fucked Afghanistan to the ground and everyone laughed at America (and inbred Afghanis)?

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>>168992977I will invest in Lockheed Martin stock so more war films kino can be made.

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>>168993114>he thinks you need to conquer a country and paint the map in your colors to dominate the worldretarded russian nigger detected

>>168995873What part of "dishonest" did you not understand, you dumb fucking Christkiller

>>168995355Same here, I thought they'd figure a clever way to bring it back for the final battle but once Cruise wrecks it it's over.

>>168995004>What was the point of being in Vietnam.The point was to prove to the Europeans, especially the French, that USA was willing to sacrifice blood and treasure to defend an ally (South Vietnam) from hostile invaders. The French were playing with the idea of ending NATO in order to form some kind of servile compromise with the Soviets. They often claimed that the US's security guarantees to Europe would not be enforced in the time of need. "The US has troops in Europe. They do not have cities in Europe. When the fighting starts, the Americans will leave". The American War in Vietnam was a gesture to the Europeans, "look what we're willing to do in defense of a worthless piece of shit like South Vietnam. Now imagine how much more we'd do to defend an actually valuable ally like Western Europe." There were many ironies in that era. One irony was that, despite America losing the War in Vietnam, definitively; the actual goal of appeasing the Europeans worked, and NATO survived. Another irony being that independent, unified, communist Vietnam was immediately invaded by communist China after the USA left. Also kind of ironic, or maybe just hypocritical; that France was very vocally opposed to the USA's war in their former colony "French Indochina", but in reality, deeply reassured by America's actions.

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weapons are cool deal with it chud

>>168993024Without it we couldnt have this kino. so yea. its pretty cool

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>>168994938No problem at all, I was being serious

>>168993160That shot was absolutely horrifying.


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we need to go back to the time where the majority loved the military industrial complex. the second it stopped america suddenly started going to shit

>>168993220I love jane fonda, boomers were mentally ill if they got offended by this shit

>>168993160The biggest “holy fuck” in my theatre came when that SU-57 stopped on a dime, turned, dodged the missile/guns, and came straight back in. Came before Goose and Maverick even got their “what the fuck was that” moment.

>>168992977I prefer freelance

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>>168996651It stopped at the end of the Cold War and the US lost something that united everyone as Americans.

>>168994678They call their members Guardians. Unironically.

>>168996870>Guardians, of the galaxyBravo Gunn

The US operates an empire, this empire is based on tremendous military strength. The military industrial complex is an irrelevant sideshow, the reality is that American financial and industrial power is based on concessions secured by it's military, money invested there is not wasted.To think that the US spending money on it's military can only be a result of corruption is to be fundamentally ignorant of America's place in the world.When people in the US complain about the military industrial complex, they are in effect complaining that the US military is not efficient enough (in their view) in it's job of policing empire.>>168996195The US was able to leave Vietnam because they made a deal with the Chinese, and the Chinese were effectively completely alienated from the USSR from that point on.The US no longer needed to check sino-soviet expansion in East Asia, because they would both readily check each other.

>>168995430this makes NATO look badass lmao

>>168993336A based fellow /r/genusa enjoyer I see

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>>168996866Nah it stopped in the 2010s when leftoids gained power across every form of mediaPatriotism was super high after the world trade centre attacks

>>168993024based jew fellater



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>>168995430The only thing inaccurate about this picture is the Russian tank is operable. lol

>>168993336funny how Trump is the only one that didn't start a war or (((conflict)))

>>168997123More specifically I think it stopped somewhere around 2012-2013. That seems to have been the tipping point for, in my memory, the majority of shit that has happened since. I’m not sure why it took a decade after 2001 to do it though.

>>168997123Okay technically after the Cold War there was the threat of Islamic terrorism that united people especially after 9/11, but that threat has pretty much fizzled out in the 2010s and so you get both right and left wing extremists fucking everything up in our country. Things were still best for our country during the Cold War years and the the 90s after that for a brief period. Things started going to hell back in the 00s.

>"America has an arms problem! We shouldn't have this many weapons!">"But we do need over a dozen four-star generals who do nothing on salary...JUST BECAUSE WE DO, OKAY!?"

>>168992977fuck i want to rewatch this movie... if all the romance scenes were cut out


>>168992977I mean it was fun when Stargate did it

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This is not a war movie. The "mission" they were supposed to accomplish could have been accomplished with bunker busting, high precision missiles. This is to War Movies as Str Wars is to science fiction. TGM is military fantasy. And I think it's the best movie ever made.

>>168996870Based Platonists

>>168993160>>168996817For me it was when Maverick saved Rooster by doing that stall above him and dropping flairs. Someone post the webm pls

>>168997123it stopped with the great recession and changing public sentiment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

>>168995873I guess Israel is a master of shadow domination.

>>168996690why do you love north vietnam but not russia?

>>168993114>2 strong militaries in the world>both conquer and subjugate entire countries>one side kicks off bretton woods>wins>but then biden gets elected

>>168997812>changing public sentimentThere's a correlation with my point in there

>>168993133false dichotomy, animal

>>168992977As long as they keep that military industrial complex pointed at commies and brown people who fuck goats, it's fine with me.

>>168993114>What is the gulf war>What is the war on terror>What is the marshall plan

>>168998268it's currently being churned out to kill Russians in Ukraine so it's still fine with you

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>>168992977>Nooooo you're not supposed to like movies with fighter jets!

>>168998631I wasn't being ironic

>>168996195Holy shit this is some premium cope. Have you no self awareness? It's ok to be a loser sometimes Donnie

>>168992977Is there some dumb love triangle in the new Top Gun? Totally ruined the first one with their stupid romance tropes.>he was fighting for country>he was fighting for his life>she was the women who came between them

>>168992977i am sorry but you are not a real man if you have never served your country. nobody really respects you.

>>169000692There's romance, but there's way less emphasis on it and doesn't really have anything to do with the main story.


>>168993024Tom cruise is the first

>>168993012This movie was made for people with low iq

>>168993012Based>>168992977Did you know the Chinese made one of these called Sky Fighters / Lock Destination or something like that? In it, the protagonist plays entirely by the rules, the CCP are shown to be the best at literally everything, everyone is in uniform all the time - the love interest is just a dutiful military wife - and everything is done by the book throughout lmao. It's unbelievably boring and I don't know how you make jets dull but they did it. They even ripped top gun scene by scene

>>168993114look what happened to the so called "second strongest military in the world" when it entered a conventional war. stuck in some shithole right across the border for months on end.

>>168996434THE MASTER

>>169000223You know that France partially left NATO in 1966 right? And they only rejoined in 2009?

>>168997172>bombs syria>assassinates one of iran's top generals


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>>169002557i didnt notice, what's the difference

>>168993024Number one coolest thing: Racism

>>169002590Oh no a one off strike on an open air field and a drone strike on a single person that’s just as bad as turning Libya into a failed state. Trump ended the war in Afghanistan it was his peace deal and was the only president that got along with North Korea


>>168995873>you need to conquer a country and paint the map in your colorsliteral niggermutt enslaved by cnn propaganda, what is Syria, Lybia and Iraq dumbfuck?You are the conquered one goblino