Guess the film

Guess the

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>>168991456As an artist, I don't approve of recent developments.

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>>168991456seeing the description ruins the whole idea op

>>168991504that's like a 3d artist complaining about a 3d scanner, get gud faggot

>you will live to see manmade horrors beyond comprehension

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>>168991544I know, it was an example.

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>>168991456Drive (2011).


>>168991456>>168991592>>168991606By the way, the reason the faces are fucked up is because they dont allow it to replicate realistic faces, it's by design

this episode is lost media

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>>168991707That sucks

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>>168991707>allow it to replicate realistic faces>everyone uses it to create porn scenes with their favorite (underaged) actors

>>168991592Wow, they've actually developed an AI that can imagine what Eve Green would look like wearing clothes. Amazing they can get these results with no example data.

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>>168991606>Jordan Peele's worst nightmare

>>168991870i dont think you can do sex things with it

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>>168991456Back to the future, kek

>>168992211>George pacing frantically throwing his arms up>HE OPENED IT, SO THEY CAME! HE OPENED IT! SO THEY CAME!


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>>168992466what's with all the Larry David shit?

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Looks better than the real deal.

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>you merely adopted the tossed salad

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>>168993469diamonds right now

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>>168993361actually spookier than most

>>168991456>choose all images with a stop sign

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>>168994282.....i mcdonalds

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The rebels never stood a chance

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>>168994471Darth Adolf looks pretty cool

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>>168995370check out mein reichflip

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christfagbros, i don't feel to good

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>>168995049I swear these AI's are making their own websites. There are loads of these AI tools and the websites don't even look like they're designed by humans. Antiskynetbros, I don't feel too well

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>>168996388>a bunch of ais creating ais endlessly until the process is perfectedWhat could go wrong?

>>168996487>archons all the way down

>>168996487>What could go wrong?an AI says something racist like "trans women are actually men in dresses" or some bigoted AI shit like that. Computer are fucking racist!


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>>168993382>that look of fear and worry

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Not really what I expected

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I just want deepsuke back damnit

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>>168997321I like how typically the human face is completely distorted but Baldwin's remains consistent

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>>168991721jerry get ipad

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the lil crack head

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> sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning

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>>168997809bottom left could be a painting


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>>168991606Oh shit, it’s my favourite kino, Boats

Good thread, probably best of these generators yet.

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>>168997855>prettayy prettaaayyy prettaaayyyy affirmative

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I’m in

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What's your excuse, you ffffucks?

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>>168997908and it's not even close to the real DALL-E

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ova here

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'ere u go lads

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>>168998010Now THAT is fucking rare

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try putting in porn themes


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>>168991456>this a.i. is incredible!>can't count to sixlol skynet isn't happening yet i take it

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>>168998471I hope Luke didn't find out about this.


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why do all their faces look weird?

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>>168998680Purely socio-economic factors


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>>168998425kino is back on the menu

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>>168998632Cracker-Man on top left

uh i suppose

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>>168998866They are big guys

>>168998449>the AI is already ignoring the master and doing what it wantsmostlybagsofwaterbros, we're fucked.

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it's from the new marvel film: morbin time

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David Lunch LOL

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Time to fap...

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uuuuh, Morb bros? what does the AI know that us true Morbheads don't?

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DCbros........... not like this.................

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>>168999148>Van GoghTry Rubens instead

>>168991504we will not live to see our jobs being taken by the aidon't you worry


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>>168999293>Bane has a secret twin called Plane


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>>168999293Turns out Plane was his long lost twin brother. Bravo Nolan!

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>>168999592this is apparently the real power of the new openai DALL-E 2 (generator mostly used in this thread is not it)

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What did xe mean by this?

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>>169000050wow wtf that looks great

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>>169000061AI is always right

>Please do bring all your friends

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>>168993361Top right, middle, and middle right are fucking scary as hell


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>>169000071yeah, it can really adapt to different styles

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>>169000203he seems like a nice guy

>>169000570Why won't they let us unleash its full power with unlocked face and porn inhibitorsjust imagine the content...

>>169000711that day will comeit is inevitable

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>>169000876I was hopeful with AI dungeon already, and yet they have destroyed it

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Oh bother.

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>>169000941AI Dungeon and GPT-2 were first released just 3 years ago

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>>169001263why only kermit the frog?

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>>168997934Holy fuck, it looks like Dren from Splice



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>>169001223Pretty good



From Toho and WWE Studios comes the must-see blockbuster of the summer.

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>>168998979The AI can't decide whether to generate a TARDIS or a Dalek kek

>>168991504Think about this.Procedural terrain generation has been perfected over the years and artist who specialize in landscape and settings modelling still get jobs.

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>>169002134Meesa back!

>>168999389holy kino

new thread >>169002994

>>169000676For you