Chan sexuality

user, why are you so weird with fetishes n shit? not singling out leftypol, but why do channers like anime chicks, traps, femdom, milfs, interracial, etc. Not shitposting, looking for a serious sociological answer.

Maybe I'm too old school but whats wrong with regular old big boob hot chicks?

Also post pics or ur a fag

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Whats weird about liking dominant women?

You mean those ugly sluts?

Anonymity, virginity, echo-chamber. You don't have to keep up appearances, you don't have to experience real sex consummate with your fetish (so you are not put off by whatever real life inconveniences it brings, it's all clean and easy), and you reinforce the weird fetish by exposing yourself to it to a bigger degree than could ever be possible IRL.

And I want of that downward spiral tbh.




Like I am seriously staring at your images man, but I literally am not turned on one bit. They are not attractive to me in the slightest. How the fuck can you like women that have such ugly long hair and look so incredibly bland and featureless.

Disagree, I'm not judging anyone, their sexuality is their own business but im asking why theres such a high concentration of weird sexualities in chan culture

Hmm, makes sense but are there really that many virgins? Maybe on Holla Forums

Not necessarily pure virgins, but people who don't often get any because of deep seated personal issues, definitely.

I don't really care about hair length. They look good to me, I mean featureless… Every human being has features, maybe you mean they look like generic white girls to you? point taken but they are clearly more attractive than average.

What weird sexualities?
Liking erotic art isnt weird
Ok thats slightly weird.
How is that weird? The dom-sub dynamic is the most common sexual dynamic out there.
Like one of the most normie things out there
Not even a fucking fetish


porn disagrees

No. Avarage is pretty. They don't even look avarage. They look fake and like they have no personality. There is nothing that distinguishes them from the next model. Why would they be attractive instead of the other 100 identical models I see every day on tv, billboards, magazines, etc. Look at those pictures, every single one of them looks like they have the intelligence of a carrot and the personality of a wet paper bag.

Its only a fetish in america, where "interracial" means "black and white" because theres a cultural taboo for it.

I mean for fucks sake they aren't even pretty. I had girls in my highschool class who looked better than them.

i love milfs and jailbaits, i dont really like the middle point

Models are more attractive than the average person, tho, isn't that the point of having them?

Probably true, I would imagine most of those women aren't exactly Rhodes scholars, but maybe my standards are lower or something if shes hot ill smash idc if shes vapid

Different people have different tastes you fucking retard. I don't find those women very attractive either but I know that's just my tastes and yours and some other people's tastes, doesn't mean that I am right or wrong or that people who find them attractive are wrong. There's no reason to be a moron and broadcast the fact that you don't find them attractive because that's just your fucking tastes and your fucking tastes aren't an universal truth.

Really? you had girls in your class that looked better than Kate Upton and Katy Perry?

By the way, did everyone miss OP saying this?

I don't know what the point of models is, I never find any of them attractive at all.
Vapidness is one of the greatest turnoffs in the world.

I just can not fathom how people can find those women attractive.

Yes I did.

I will do so if OP is being a fucking faggot and calls anyone who doesnt want to bang brainless cookie cutter capitalist media cunts "weird".

None of these traits have to do with how you look. This just sounds like so much sour grapes / female jealousy to me. You are either an ugly girl, or a guy that can't get any.


You are on an imageboard what the fuck did you expect

To each his own i guess


Massive exposition to porn is like drugs, you go on escalating the ladder from the weakest to the more strong shit.
In the beginning simple big boobs might to do it for you but after some time it gets stale and your cock stop reacting to it then you move to the next thing and then to the next and the next until the only thing that makes you hard is some snuff gore shit.

Looking dumb does have to do with you look. All of these things are represented in your looks.


Yes i like femdom, i can't explain to you. I felt like this ever since i started to masturbate. I can't give you a reason why i like femdom.
I also like interracia and milf(pic related), but none of the other things you mentioned. I'm completely heterosexual and the only time i could masturbate watching a trap was when i watch a video of a trap fucking an actual woman.

Because channers are generally very lonely people, or at least have been at one point and sexual frustration makes for extreme kinkiness. Like when your only outlet for sexual relief is porn and you're doing it all the time after a while you need to think creative to keep things fresh.

That's really boring.

So you can't tell who is and isn't likely to be stupid by the way they dress or look?

No, and neither can you. Unless they have a few chromosomes too many perhaps.


stfu and post hot chicks faggot

Gaiz, are you really saying if you were chilling at a bar and some random practically threw herself at you, would wouldn't go home with one of these?

It only matters to anyone here at all and this thread only exists because of Holla Forums's right wing bias.

She can blow me in the toilet, other than that no

Sup Holla Forums.
Still trying to push the bot narrative? You need to put more effort on it, although since you guys are fucking retarded just this little effort might be enough to convince your circlejerk.

omg i trolled you XD le epic le troll le face

objective beauty

Ya, it is a fetish. A fetish for the skin and race features. If it wasn't a fetish then why make it such a point of interest? When I date a woman I don't focus on her knees, because I don't have a knee fetish. These people who date other races make it a major point of their desire and seek these features.

I think you're trying to defend BM/WW relationships, but would you really say that WM/AW isn't most cases a fetish?

I don't know why but my fetish was with me way before I even knew what sexuality was.

I had boners about my fetish since I was like 6. I didn't even know what a boner was.

also those are pretty fucking tame fetishes OP, dafuq you on about.

Dunno how it's about others, but as somewhat of a an idealist and perfectionist, I find myself a hopeless romantic.
I'm not so much of submissive, rather a switch with passive tendencies.
As a child I was always drawn towards adults which I got along with better due maturity.
Today perhays it'd just be decent individuals instead, be they intellectuals, artists or fellow folk.
However that'd somewhat explain why the idea of a more mature significant other seems alluring.
In the end however it's desire for depth of personality so back to hopeless romanticism..
Other than that I'm rather vanilla, a somewhat more dominant and caring significant other would've been desireable indeed.
Then again I do enjoy and take initiative every now and then. Eccentricaly that'd could even be some kind of lovely worship, devotion, occult/esoteric ritualism and what not.
Perhaps thigh/footjobs. The weirdest I can get would be, well, it seems I have somewhat of a kink for the likes of slavery, incest or eugenics.
As much as the first would be somewhat realisable on both sides and not as odd. The other two..? Eh, they're something of the first two traits turned extremist.
Perfectionism would relate to an affinity for eugenics, whilist idealism to incest's.. idea of closeness.
But they're probably nothing more than something in the likes of the common rape fantasy, likewise, wouldn't touch my own family even in gloves.

out of that list i like anime and maybe milfs and interracial but only if its white man on asian or indian female. these are all pretty normal things to like

oh right J E W I S H P R O J E C T I O N lol


virgins construct a much heavier fantasy of sex than people that havent been social outcasts do, hence heavier amounts of fetishism

Personally, I've learned to completely wean myself off all porn, even softcore stuff. All anime with ecchi themes too. That stuff fucked me up for a long ass time.

Nowadays I am actually attracted to average looking women and my love life has improved a lot. I still have a problem where I sometimes feel apprenshive going out in public with my very plain gf, like I'm afraid I don't hold up to the big other's standards or whatever

Also here's a nice sexy WORKING class girl for y'all, instead of a disgusting plastic bitch

Erotic art isn't weird
Being gay isn't weird
When people have sex, usually one person is dominant over the other. How is a woman being dominant weird?
Liking milfs is incredibly normal
How is fucking someone with a different amount of melanin in their skin weird?

Holla Forums never fails to make me laugh

Cause we're lonely and we develop unrealistic fantasies about relationships (often based on feelings of lack or embarrassment when dealing with women in childhood) because we have no idea what normal relationship looks like. That's my guess anyways. More or less my situation. I've generally noticed that I develop fetishes in response to intense feelings of loneliness, embarrassment, inadequacy, etc. and I wouldn't be surprised if the same was true of others to an extent.
Nothing. but I ain't into tits that much really. I mean sometimes they're good, but for the most part the ass is more important

Just get laid bro

stay lonely for the revolution user :(

Ah yes, frogposters, the experts in quality.



This picture more or less contains all of my fetishes

Nothing! As long as you're imagining you are the big boob hot chick

I refuse to believe this can turn on a normal, reasonable person. There has to be some serious dysfunction buried in there.

Most likely. I really want to beat up furfags and diaperfags, even outside of threads specifically addressing sexuality they can't help but be weird fucks at every single opportunity. Bronies too.

is bronies sexual though? I thought it was a just a weird show that children and manchild neckbeards in their 30s liked to watch

Nothing could receive that much of a persons attention without also being sexual. If you focus for too much on anything, it means it turns you on sexually.

I assume so, it crosses over a great deal.


I agree, but because of the technocrat flag not the fetish

That's actually an anarcho-authoritarian. Truly the rarest of memeflags.

i'm too autistic. tbh i don't really want it that bad anymore so everything's more or less ok

What weird you out about the matter?

U mad

I actually dislike technocrats

it's a bit redundant though isn't it

it's weird in the sense of atypical, since the overwhelming majority of women are sexual submissives repulsed by non-dominant men

Not mad, just capable of exerting my will in real life and like to do so on the internet too because I'm not a diaper wearing, fart sniffing little faggot.

I do not really like porn. Porn is just entertaining to me if it has things like foreplay, roleplaying, mostly if these things are not explicitly done sexually in the video, but if it is then it may still arouse me. When the video devolves into just fucking, I really don't enjoy it that much anymore and often end up closing it.

I do not masturbate for some reason. It is strange to me that so many people in chans, probably in reality as well, find it hard to control this, but I just don't have much libido and in the rare cases I watch porn, I almost never masturbate. I'm probably just as strange to them.

It is really hard to put one's own sexuality into words, to be honest.

Piss and shit are smelly waste, diapers are collectors of human waste. They are a humiliating necessity for the old and the young, literal bags of shit you carry on your person. These things repulse me. As to ageplay, children are nuisances, the least interesting kind of people, there is nothing interesting about them or their behaviors. To be attracted to anyone emulating these infantile/senile characteristics is utterly inconceivable to me. I'll namefag for honesty.

That's just the way some people are, Mr Quads.

Pretty much this.

It's time we stop being ashamed of our sexuality and embrace our fetishes. As long as it's consensual, it's all good.

He mad

Pic related may shed some light

Are you a girl?
It's not normal for a man to not enjoy porn or to just like the boring foreplay parts.
If you are a man go do a check up with a doctor you might need to fix your testosterone levels.

HOLY FUCK. Are you me? I've actually never masturbated, not even once

I am pretty sure there is an actual reason beyond my poor sexuality.

Actually a man. I want to do this but I'm pretty much a poorfag with no money and doctors are expensive as hell.

I have, but like 3 times. Never came, just the usual pre-ejaculation that occurs while you are aroused.

No, you're just a weird fuck.

Nah, you're fine.

Other than traps, which seem to be overrepresented here, that's like asking why we breathe so much air, it's not that only anons are into those things, it's that this is one of the few places where they can openly express it where in other places it might be awkward ot taboo to do that (although tbh those fetishes you mention are fairly mild, especially by board standards and even by those of normalfags; some survey done by iirc pornhub said that incest was one of the most popular in most Burgerland states except the Deep South, where it was ebony/interracial). This place is a very large closet, basically.
t. former adult video store clerk

What's wrong with this?

Try using lube.
Spit can substitute, but feels less good. Plus, it makes your dick smell.
Pre-cum can help too, but it is rarely enough for me imo.
Sometimes, when first starting off with masturbating, it may also take a while. Spending 30 minutes on it is uncommon, but may happen with some people.

I hate that shit, I just want to see a hot chick getting nailed, why does it have to be incest?

Holla Forums, why don't you head back to your containment board…

What to do comrades?

this tbh. trying to do this myself. i'm a 20s virgin and it sucks. i'm getting to a point where i'd rather fuck a prostitute just to have some real human interaction than be a lonely pornfag. i think porn has become escapism for me. i know i'm not bad looking, i can be funny.

a lot of it is not wanting to put in any effort. i'm getting tired of always being the odd nerdy one that can't get laid. people really abuse those that don't 'git sum' and i am just so tired of it. we are the eternal punching bag of anyone who naturally has the guts or inhibition to approach women like its nbd. it wouldnt be so bad if they tried to show you their normie ways, but they don't, they just double down on knowing you're a lonelypornfag while they talk about 'smashing poon' or w/e. these people are the worst, fuck bullies

wow who would have thought

all those girls look great, but i gotta say the last pic on the right is that 'kim kardashian' look… and my god, when will this 'style' end,… i can't stand the whole white chicks appealing to black guys thing… its really off putting, like they're reaaaally trying to signal that they just want to marry kanye west or something, deep down inside. i dont get it and ehhh its not attractive. i'd rather just talk to a legit qt black girl than deal with these kinds of white chicks.

sorry, didnt mean to rant, just sharing my opinion on these women thats all

I feel you my man, but I'm not sure what to say to make you feel better. I would advise against hiring a whore, you'll feel even worse after. All I can say is learn to love chicks that most people aren't attracted to. I think for people like us it's the biggest key to satisfaction with our love lives

really tho? is the whole 'dont hire a working girl' concern just being a huge moralfag? i wouldnt be a shitty person or treat them like garbage. but at what point do you just have to get rid of your v card because its a hindrance/? people seem to make a big deal out of it…

You'll feel like shit because you'll always think of yourself as pathetic after. And who gives a fuck about virginity? People ask you about that regularly? If they do just be like "yeah totally bro I get laid"

i know what you mean i guess, i want to have real companionship. not just sex. i guess what i meant to say with that albeit in a shitty way, was that finding women that are worth keeping, and also are sexually compatible i think is really tough. i also cant say i put myself out there, but all the time i end up feeling like i'm appealing to their every beck and call, which always puts you at a loss as far as power in a relationship goes.

i don't like that and am trying to figure out how to deal with that i guess

Why would anyone want to continue that horrible social conditioning that is pushing people to lose their virginity?

Vanilla sex and relationships are horribly boring.
Traps and femdom are some of the spices that make engaging in such things worth it.

In fairness, it does seem to be the biggest fetish on the right.
Pol has shown time and time again just how much they are obsessed with it.

Needs more dick.

Do you have more of that?

i'll say the only people that ask are friends. i was asked in the last year by my best friend and he was surprised. he is gay. so he seems to have an easy time 'getting laid' (he only sucks cocks as far as i know and says guys are 'thirsty') and then in a way he rubs it in your face… i mean, he may not mean to, but it comes off that way like "haha i got a nut last night what did YOU do?" like oh great, you're gay, and apparently guys are soooo horny so good for YOU… like, that's great. but for us straight dudes its not the same so stop humble bragging pls. he really seems to flaunt how 'great' it is to be gay, and it makes me feel even less confident in my sexuality.

not necessarily doubting my orientation or anyting like that, but 'doubting' as in, i feel like people are more interested in who i'm fucking than even I AM sometimes… and it creeps you out, so you try to avoid talking about it again just so people will get off your case.

and then, ofc, the whole family asking who you're dating doesn't help either.

dont get me wrong, if one of those girls in pics related 'threw' themselves at me, i would be pretty satisfied. but i'm being realistic about myself right now and am pretty far off from pulling a girl like that. i think i need to get used to just not wanking it to porn first, talk to people, get rid of the anxiety first.

lmao *whew*

i guess you may be right, but lots of rockstars lost it to women that weren't their dates or gfs or wife material. for some reason, there's something comforting about women that know what you want, and you know what they want. dating is full of fluff about women 'wanting great sex' but the older i get it always seems like there's a bunch of other hoops to jump through along with that.

who knows, though, i have days where i borderline just want everyone to leave me alone and keep to myself. then other days, i'm the opposite. i want companionship, to talk to ppl, be normal, etc.

am i bipolar you guys? fuck

Nah, its fairly normal to want some of your own time. Social interactions have always felt like a burden to me, but on other hand I can`t stand being isolated form rest of humanity more than 1-2 days max.

Fuck the family man, I get your feels. Sometimes I sincerely think about opting out by actually joining some monastery one day.

You have it all wrong, OP. Everyone likes fucked up shit. The anonymity of an imageboard just makes it easier to acknowledge. I've known normal-looking guy who slept with stuffed toys that he used for relief. I've known a divorced slightly older woman who admitted to regularly letting her pet dogs fuck her. Hell, I once caught my wife masturbating to an underaged cartoon girl. That was worth a lot of good needling. There is no "normal." There never has been.

this is a rare sight on an imageboard…

Dating is bullshit. You learn nothing about one another. You do a bunch of expensive shit while managing to not have a good time. Social awkwardness just gets compounded. You both spend the evening trying to guess what the other is thinking. Fuck that shit.

It is much better to just do what you would do anyway and ask someone if she wants to join you. Then, if you are interested make a move. Worst case scenario: you are still doing what you do while she fucks off. Best case scenario: I've been married for over a decade to a woman I asked to walk around a theme park with me while I was on vacation.

Only because most folks are so young, I think.

Brush your teeth.

You don't need courage, just an understanding of your social position, because all awkwardness is is misunderstanding your own social position. Do not go into a social interaction thinking that you are a bitch. You know some shit. You are not a greasy, fat Holla Forumstard like pic related. You have value, and, believe it or not, people see that.

I never got futa/traps. Its fucking gross. I always assumed it was just weird fucks with gay fetishes.
Now its becoming mainstream and I'm even more confused.
Personally when it comes to real porn I'm reasonably vanilla to be honest.
Hentai is the land of imagination though.

Sure do

One of my old posts, on the nature of porn as one's development of one's enjoyment.



Needs some Hitomi Tanaka or Asa Akira tbqh

I see this thread is in need of a good reminder.

dont got much more thats strictly this.

ew, no thanks

Yes yes, every race got ugly people.

It's not. It just has some really vocal and insecure proponents.


I don't care if people are gay. Whatever. But I can't help but despise seeing gay porn on porn sites. Segregate the two.
Hence why /d/ always made me mad.

Holla Forums detected.

Inferior white girls belong in the multi-generational gulag.

So, are you saying that people should only fap to their imagination so that only they have control over what they enjoy?

Do you have moar of those asian femdoms?

Imagine being me and having to wade through piles and piles of shitty male-dom to find some quality masturbation pictures.
Stop bitching.

Why does it make you mad? What is the thought process here

Personally I like it when porn boards aren't segregated because I like to wank to cute boys and girls at the same time.


And as for you, I don't see how a fetish equates to sexuality. I wade through other peoples fetishes all the time. But wouldn't it be easier just to keep gay stuff on gay sites and straight stuff on straight sites?

Sexuality isnt anything else than a really strong fetish tbh.


That would imply people are mostly exclusively straight or gay. Which I suppose is largely true but on Chan sites I would wager the majority of users are something in between.

Besides sexuality is a spook and basically just a glorified fetish anyway.

I am saying that people shouldn't fap at all, even towards their own imaginations. In fact, you should psychoanalyze yourself to remove any possible fetishes you have, so that you won't waste any time fapping to their pornographic visualizations. Do you honestly think you are doing yourself a favor dumping all of your energy towards seeking more and more eclectic images of fap material?

I studied and wrote this so others can actually keep their enjoyment directed at things that are legitimately beneficial and do not waste their time, and that do not subvert their autonomy.

Porn subverts your autonomy, since you do not enjoy that which arises instinctively from within you, but is a suggestion made from without by someone else. The fact that you get hard looking at a naked girl's picture does not mean you are enjoying the naked girl; you are enjoying her image, not her actually. You see the girl, you think of what she could be, in the picture, and on the chance you actually meet her, and she fails your expectations, you become disappointed. Porn is full of unrealistic expectations.

r e l e v a n t

By your logic, isn't sex subverting of my autonomy, because the sexual pleasure experienced in sex comes not from within you, but from somewhere else, taking away your control over what gives you pleasure?

By your logic, shouldn't you have no sexual pleasure at all, or just fap "to" your hand, because your hand is the only source of authentic sexual pleasure that you have autonomy over and does not come from an outside source or pornographic suggestion? And if you're that spooked about making sure that image that you enjoy does not come from somewhere else, why can't you draw your own hentai so that you have full control over what you enjoy or fap to your imagination? You still haven't explained how fapping to something created by yourself takes away your autonomy.

Isn't you saying that I shouldn't fap basically you trying to subvert my autonomy anyways? If I want to fap, there is nothing you can do to stop me, thankyouverymuch. I don't give a fuck about expectations, I know that porn is full of fake expectations, but that doesn't stop me from pleasuring myself from them. It's not like I'm ever going to meet the naked girl in question. There isn't anything whatsoever wrong with enjoying the image of a naked girl without enjoying the girl herself.

And really, what is beneficial? What is beneficial to me is ultimately subjective and up to my choice. If I choose that fapping is beneficial to my pleasure, as it is, there is no reason why I should not do it. You can only define what is beneficial to yourself, not what is beneficial to everyone.

You bitching about porn "taking away my autonomy" and then trying to take away my autonomy by telling me how I should and shouldn't pleasure myself is completely contradictory and hypocritical.

What a fucking load of crap.

So no porn, no video games, no movies, no animes, and so on and so on.

It is fantasy after all, just like most media entertainment. Only a retard wouldn't realize this and build false expectations. It's like if someone watched a movie and started to think that what he watched is real.

If I masturbate to this stupid post, does it violate your ideology?

Beneficial towards what, I might ask?

What the actual fuck?

That is not true. As far as I know there is no such thing as a completely straight woman, and it's difficult to say about most men.

Jon Rafman,my dude

IRL most people are for all intents and purposes straight.

Really I don't think they are and they just behave that way because of cultural conditioning - but since you can't understand what's going on in someone else's head we may as well just consider them straight. I don't think women are naturally more predisposed to bisexuality, I think in our society which is strongly influenced by Jewish morals who never had the same violent ruthless hate for lesbianism as they did for male gayness women are just less repressed about it.

I mean it was the exact opposite in antiquity. Men having sex with each other was not at all out of the ordinary whereas lesbianism wasn't so prominent.

Masturbation is normal and natural. None of you New Age Masculinity dweebs will ever change that.

Describing something gives you false expectations of what the experience is like. Listening to a description of something and enjoying it is enjoying the description, not the something. Therefore language, which conveys false expectations through audio imagery, should be abolished so that people can enjoy actual experiences instead of descriptions of experiences. Language should be abolished and replaced with random grunting.

Ugh ung.

Only hellfire can cleanse that disgusting desk and that filthy keyboard in particular.

Sex is never merely about your own pleasure. It is about an affirmation of the bond between you and the significant Other, that is the object of your desire. When you have sex, you are a pure subject, giving pleasure to another object. That object may be yourself, or someone else. If you have sex with yourself, you self-alienate, because you do not engage with the Other that in turn pleasures you. The self-love that is activated by masturbation alienates the self from the community, and gradually erodes your bonds towards it. Human psychology is built around social bonds that build the Human community: we receive gratification and approval from other humans, especially when we please our significant Other (most often a human individual), which is the foundation of our community; it is one of the few things that satisfy that desire, for it perpetuates that desire, which is that bond between yourself and the Other.

You speak as someone who has never had sex with someone who actually liked you and whom you trusted. Then again, this is an imageboard.

Your autonomy is only as strong as the Other's affirmation of it. Ultimately, your autonomy, as long as it is solitary, will be crushed and subsumed by an enemy Biopower whether you like it or not. Those who seek their own autonomy will only lose it, but those who subsume their autonomy to the community will receive it and gain even more in return. This community is your only defense against Capitalist Biopower. I am only trying to help you, to open your eyes to the Biopower, as autistic as it sounds.

No, you only violate yourself. Literally. You self-alienate and learn to hate yourself.

Towards yourself, and it is yourself and your ability to form real bonds that create a multiplicity of bonds that fights the Capitalist State's Biopolitical control of communities and the attenuation of forms-of-life. You want to fight against Capital and its control of society, you need to start building your own, and that's how the seed germinates. Solitary masturbation cuts your ties to others and your ability to fight capitalism.

Are you a revolutionary or aren't you, dubs?

I think the chick in the last pic on the right is asian

Says you. I'm not sure that I have ever met a woman who would never at least let a particularly attractive girl go down on her. In fact, I have never heard anyone younger than sixty reject the idea out of hand.

Now I know that's bullshit. Gay guys are gay. Straight guys are straight. Bi guys are autistic. Girls are open.


I agree. Woman.

Nazbol is based, for he understands what I mean. The internet, and particularly imageboard culture, is a Deleuzian rhizome, a multiplicity of dialectical paths that when combined describe the spiritual state of our society; a cacophony of reactions. That video was a traversal of that rhizome and its horrifying infinitude.

The digits do not lie, you are a manifestation of the cause of the downfall of leftism into the undisciplined postmodern morass that it is today. Woe unto you.

We come to chans because these are the only places we can really talk about our weird fetishes and interests. Try talking about doing kinky things to lolis on reddit and you'll be banned in seconds. If you're into boring vanilla shit you should probably just leave.

Maybe it's just because I live in one of the more backwards parts of Europe but where I live women are even more homophobic than men. It's not at all unusual for women to shit on lesbians here and a lot of them do not like the idea of being with other women. And this is young women I'm talking about.

That's just first world cultural norms. In most places lesbians don't have the same history of stigmatization as gay men do (not that it didn't or doesn't exist, just not as extreme) likewise it's acceptable worldwide for women to appreciate the beauty in each other, even in "tolerant" places men are wary of acknowledging the beauty of another man. It's easier for women to acknowledge their natural homolust in places like England and America.

As I said there was a time in history when the opposite was true. In truth sexuality is a total spook and the juicy butts of all sexes are my property.

There is no meaning to life. No higher purpose for us to strive for. This world is a horrible place filled with horrible people and bringing new life into existence is the second greatest possible crime. The only genuinely beneficial course of action is preparing for a painless suicide, but porn is a reasonable diversion in the mean time. We don't even have genuine autonomy, since the universe is mostly deterministic. The non-deterministic parts are strictly random, so there isn't any soul hiding there either.

Doing a woman in the pussy = manly
Doing a man in the butt = manlier
A man sucking your dick = manliest

Getting done up the butt = gay
Sucking dick = gayer
Eating pussy = gayest.

Where does collecting your cum for a month, freezing it into ice cubes, and serving it to porky at a cocktail party fall into that spectrum?


dem blondes doe

Next level manliness.

By making someone else drink your cum you prove your superiority. And by making someone who thinks themselves powerful drink your cum unwillingly you have shattered their illusions with your undeniable superiority.

Cum rules the world.

what are you some sort of pagan/satanic ritualist you sicko?

Sex is all about submission and domination. A bit like fighting in a way.

And the fight is won when your bodily fluids are somewhere inside the other person, proving you the victor. This is why eating pussy is so turbo-gay, you've basically lost a fight to a woman.

You don't know how pleased I would be if you shared the name of the girl in the third image.

Y'all got any more of them short-haired tomboys, preferably playing sports?

T. ancient Egyptian diety

You could have the decency to post real blondes and not fake dyed ones

>tfw I think she's cute even without the layers of makeup

>Not knowing that actual' New Age masturbation/sex involves masturbation/sex with your SO with your own souls while astral projecting in the next plane of existence''
Next time, don't talk like you know shit, user

because big boobs and wide hips is an indicator that a woman is likely to be able to produce and nurture healthy offspring you fucking sperg

hence, psychologically healthy men find those traits attractive due to evolutionary forces

once you understand evolution and make the connection that most human behaviour can be accounted for by it in one way or another, you'll also realize why communism is a (as proven countless times) clusterfuck of an idea that's literally based upon the fanfiction of men who had no clue about the nature of man

Not that user, but you need to reread his post. He says absolutely nothing about not being aroused by they tits and hips, in fact his post is very hazy about what isn't turning him on, for all we know he just means models in general look like uninteresting people. It's almost as if you just wanted to come in here and bitch

Now of course you can be sexually attracted by women you consider a hollow waste of organic matter, however I very much doubt that was what he was communicating.

Looks like you just came here to nitpick based on your own conjecture, user :^)

Thing is, if we're gonna nitpick, he does point out what turns him off when he says
He's turned off by the hair and the vague "bland and featureless" aspects of her. It could be just her general -ness of being a model clouding his overall vision of the rest of her body, it could even be just her face, but he seems to overall be turned off by the long hair

I've fucked women like that. Most of them suck at sex tbh.

Those videos are way more disgusting than the people it "criticizes" (I put in quotation marks because it completely fails in criticizing, it just further promotes said filth at a higher level) and if you enjoy watching them then you're the ultimate degenerate.

that's cos it's your job to fuck us and not the other way around

feminism everyone

Or something

lmao at you thinking those kinds of girls are the main demo of feminists

No surprise

You need glasses my dude.

Bi guys are always autistic. Every time.

Wrong flag. Brilliant.

Ive had weird fetishes that have come (also cum) and gone. Only that has stayed is asians and slight femdom


Only hot IRL. When it comes to porn I need racier shit. I could have fapped to your images like 16 years ago.

Because I've been jerking off to /d/ since I was 14, you pleb.

Also, I've jerked off to too much hentai and now I don't bother trying to get laid unless she's gonna let me bust a nut when I'm balls deep.
This poses a number of issues.

I think you just hate male sexuality.

There's no such thing as a "weird fetish".
Weird and normal are relative. People's perceptions change all the time.
Back in the times of old Greece of great philosophers it was considered completely normal for man to fuck each other in the ass. Now this would be considered weird and a some things considered normal now would be considered weird back in the old days.
It's all a big spook.

the one about the fat furry betamale fuck is actually tragic in a way

Because they considered men superior to woman…but it wasn't exactly like you said. The man whose ass would be fucked was still mocked and seen as inferior.


That's your perspective. For me woman is always the superior on every scenario.
So yes, when a woman drinks a man's cum, she still showing how dominant she is over him. She's milking the dude and getting his soul. Don't forget that after the man has ejaculated and the woman continues to having sex, all men will become very uncomfortable and will start to feel pain after feeling such high levels of ecstasy.

lmao this is fucking modern art for MUH DEGENRUH SEE aut-reichers

butthurt furfag detected


edgyteen detected

i've been posting in imageboards for years and im still not sure of what the email field's for

Sage and Noko.


I'm a sucker for androgyny in women, especially if they're short. I'm not sure where I got it from though.

Every self-respecting Socialist should try cuckold at least once in their life.

Nope. That would involve interacting with a 3DPD whore. 2D is the only path to love.

Not really.

Funny joke.

Ariana Grande.

I'm more of a dom and, believe it or not, not particularly socially awkward. I'd like to make a cute loli wear diapers - not wear them myself.

This is no less weird.

over exposure

oh please, you don't even believe that yourself.

It's free, it's fun, and at the end you cum! Everybody should masturbate if they can. If you only use (ad) free porn, it's pretty subversive too, as your time is utterly void of profitable consumption.

So do you believe that there exists some kind of Platonic ideal human which is perfect, and all real humans are a corruption of that ideal?

I'm a nihilist, so to me it seems kind of stupid to try and claim that one way of living is more "correct" than another.

(not the user you replied to, btw)

That's because the modeling industry is entirely controlled by women and gay men.

I do have glasses ;_;
I just think that: yeah, her complexion is meh and some of her teeth are a little fucked up, but I don't think it's that bad, and would go as far as to say she's kinda cute even without all that makeup

I think you're just afraid of your own homolust. It would make no sense if all women were bisexual but all men were either exclusively homo or hetero.

And that's not Vietnam lmao

Part of it is memes, other part comes from no social stigma whenventing on anonymous imageboards.

Holy shit. I want a boyfriend like that.

A hole that gets you hard is a hole that gets you hard. To attach any great meaning or identity to this is what makes it autistic.

Sex and porn are two different things that exist for two different reasons. The first affirms bonds between two people and creates a community that, in its multiplicity of bonds, can withstand the predation upon it of other, opposed communities and the whole of the outside society. The second is an alienating commodification of people's sexuality on both sides of the libidinal transaction that happens when the porn is filmed and when later on, someone watches the porn that was filmed. I am pro-humane sex, not against it. I am for the kind of sex that builds people and communities, and not any other.

You have people like dubs here who could have a normal relationship with a woman, but odds are if he is on an imageboard (and on Holla Forums no less) he is an alienated NEET individual who barely gets by in life because of his economic AND social alienation, and knowing the fetishistically-held mercenary behavioral adaptations of the inhabitants of capitalist society, do you honestly think he would be able to get a girl that would get him hard, knowing the shit he's probably seen, being in the proximity of the mess that this board is? I see this all the time; do you think it is easier to enjoy a picture, a video or a real-life person that actually has a life beyond the present sexual encounter, as well as the rigamarole and bullshit that it usually takes before you know someone well enough to have sex with them AND trust them enough to come back to them.

We become what we enjoy. Lacan told us to police our enjoyment, because of this very thing. It's like becoming an adult and learning to enjoy the strange tastes of healthy food and not just the comforting ease and familiarity of junk food. That's all.

Shave ur legs

they help me distract from my shitty life
i like the idea of a slightly dominant woman to straighten my life out an to allow me to stop worrying about everything. i feel lost in the world.
interracial varies, i find some black women attractive, not really asian women though.
traps aren't my thing.
milfs are very appealing to me.

Oooh I got picked on.

It really gets on my nerves how easily I am read. Yeah I am NEET, but I have a (worthless?) bachelor's degree. I have no trouble finding real girls attractive. I just don't bother to go after them because of said NEET-dom compounded by the fact I am 30. I probably still won't go after girls even when I am employed again because I will still be living with my parents.

Funny thing is I went on my first daye ever a couple of months ago and it went great. I did not go on a second even though she wanted too. She wants a family and was kinda desperate for me to put a baby in her.

Sage because blog.


Dude, your standards are probably just too high. Go work out at the gym, get some ok pictures, make a tinder. If you're in a major metropolitan area you could probably pull a 6 or 2. Just swipe right on every single girl until you reach the limit for the day, then go about your day. If theres a match, send a message thats sorta clever.

IF they write back, by this time you have narrowed down the pool significantly, keep conversing with the few you have left and make a move

I'm too shy to go to a gym and I hate the idea of tinder

Dude, I am in your position as well. I know the feeling of isolation and how it fucks you up as an individual.

The point is not to dwell on the past, but keep moving. Hell, call her back and see how she's doing, maybe you still can salvage the situation. But be sure to enjoy yourself, cause if you can't enjoy yourself calling her because you like her, she will pick up on it and will not reciprocate.

Keep trying my man.

Nothing. That's why no one is saying anything, when they are posted. Unlike what you listed, which are always good for "controversial discusssions", regular old big boob hot chicks are a white noise.

I know a Dutchposter posts chicks on a regular basis. But like I said, white noise.

You did well in avoiding a second date.
It was a trap to enslave you.

You can do push-ups anywhere nerd