Is she a good actress?

Is she a good actress?

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>White>Attractive>Big boobsI WANNA DIE!!!

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>>168985784>done black scenesLmao if you ever take an actress seriously after they do this then you need to kill yourself.


>>168985784Nope. Just a pretty booba

>>168985862Oh shut up and get over it.

The actress that plays Maddy mogs her so hard

>>168985915Mmmmmm Jamal xx

>>168985831>attractiveno. Her butterface ruins it

>>168985928That is factually untrue, especially after season 2 where she looks bloated

>>168985784>goodShe's one of the very breast.

>>168985784Literally who?

>>168986024>looks bloatedI didn’t see season 2 cause that shits mad gay but Maddy objectively mogs Cassie throughout season 1


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>>168986094They're both cute but look nothing like siblings, weird casting. Maude would be more believable as Maddy's sister, kek.


>>168985784Is that sweat or some kind of glitter on her skin?Would lick either way.

>>168986941Lmao, it's glitter dude.

>>168985784mommy i just want some warm milk

>>168985928OH N

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>>168986011Cope. Any non-white woman would die for a face with nordic features like hers

>>168985784She's a good BLACKEDtress

>>168989063Euphoria is so disgusting, Skins is wholesome compared to this degeneracy.

>>168989245nobody asked you fagot pansy

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>>168985831Go to ANY high school or college right now. The big-tittied white girl with nice rack is getting picked on and fucked with by everyone (especially darkies, immigrant women, and fat feminists trying to feel better about their own ugliness that's as bad on the inside as on the outside).

>>168985831If chad doesn't give them attention for a week they go insane. An army of ugly simps doesn't cut it

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>>168989287Get fucked to death, you pathetic homo. Your whole family thinks you're repulsive.


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>>168989436the fuck is this show?wasn't it a teen drama or something, kek.

>>168990298a bit of everything :)

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>>168989193>nordic featuresYou retards don't understand what that means

>>168990391SHUT UP REEEEEE

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>>168985784>Euphoria lures you in with Sweeney's tits>you get that ugly mutt Zendaya and a fucking tranny instead, and the attractive white real-girl is depicted as a slut. Fuck Hollywood

>>168990426what the fuck is this shit lmao. I hate that ugly brown mutt bitch but here reaction here is perfect kek

>>168985784Her boobs is hard carrying the show

>>168990494it's a good show that filters Holla Forums, simple as

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>>168990298pedophile jew show runners that want to normalize sexualization of teenagers

>>168985784Perfect cast

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>>168989063Everyone's done this.

>>168990579the show is about how bad drugs are, not really about sex but you clearly didn't watch it so your opinions means nothing

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>>168990627>not really about sexprob should've posted a webm about drugs, not tits

>>168985784Im 100% sure season 2 was setup for Nate and Jules to fuck around and cuck the shit out of maddie.but the Tranny hates Jacob Elordi so the jewish writers said fuck it lets go with the boob option.Imagine an entire season full of tranny sex scenes

>>168985784yes she's amazingalso SEXO SEXO SEXOSEXXXEX

>>168990688or maybe i'm just messing with you

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>>168990627the drug thing was just about 2 episodesthis show is about jewish pedophiles jacking off to teen sex porn

>>168990741>this show is about jewish pedophiles jacking off to teen sex pornclearly it's not, but whatever you say retard

>>168990424Yes, nordic features don't exist, white people don't exist, we're one race, the human race

>>168990627Hng post more, is that Sydney?


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>>168991166Might want to watch this show, Hunter already had it on my list but woah

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>>168990426>now Zendaya, for this quick shot do your Zendaya face

>>168990714>Learning to have sex from pornDo women really?

>>168990494Just standard high school girl drama.They are vicious cunts to each other and get off on provoking meltdowns like that.

>>168990714How can you possibly believe Cassie looks better than Maddy after watching thisSydney Sweeney is a plain jane whitebread diamond dozen bitch whereas Maddy has chola flair

>>168991278And you just know she'll end up with an Emmy for it, kek.

>>168991335yes, and they start young>>168991359they all alright except the fatty

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>>168989063Is that supposed to be a teenager? Bitch looks 35

>>168985784Unironically yes she is a very good actor. Definitely one of the best on the show. She rides the line between dramatic and comedic very well.

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>>168991418One of those things is not like the others

>>168991278>Damn! She's still got it!

>>168990535My ex used to do that all the time... fuck...

>>168989245>>168989403>>168990298>>168990494>>168991357>>168990579>>168990688More popular than The Mandalorian btw

>>168989356Same for the one you posted thoughWomen in the entertainment industry are all the same, though Asia is worseLot more producers and lot less troon patrol to stop their getting it on with young whores

>>168989356>I wanna kill myself because I have big boobsWtf was wrong with her. She could've just done a reduction.

>>168986402I had twins in my grade growing up, one with snow white skin and pale blonde hair, the other tan as a black with dark brown hair, looked nothing alike, it happens some times

>>168989063I hate this Spic bitch like you wouldn't believe

She's good, but she's no Mayli - a true master of her craft.

>>168992549Maddy is /ourgirl/ you dumbass

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>>168992413That had nothing to do with it.

>>168985784What's the time? Blacked o'clock me thinks.

>>168985784Yep, she is

>>168985784she's the best in Euphoria which isn't saying much

>>168989063I would've licked her asshole clean tbqh

This bitch looks retarded.

>>168992787>>168985940>>168985862Zooms law


>here are those teenagers I was telling you about

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>>168993707*obligatory post about the man looking better than the women*

>>168994017He really doesn't. They are just ugly.

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>>168994092>unflattering pictures are representative of someone's attractiveness

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>>168994092>tranny is more attractive than butterface sydney herself>n-no stop saying the tranny is attractive reeeewhat simping does to a mf

>>168991418Why are they all ugly?

>>168989063Literally just use your hand and wash it, instead of rubbing shit all over everything in the room.

>>168994318>>168994221He doesn't pass as a woman, but he still mogs those ugly whores, correct. I never said that Hunter himself is ugly, he would be very handsome as a man.He doesn't pass as a woman, sorry.


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>>168994607good morning, sir

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>>168992116There's also the fact that Asian beauty standards are different. They are better when it comes to face, but worse when it comes to body. Some Korean idolds had to actually slim down their thighs and butt because they were too big. An absolute shame if you ask me

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>>168994666Sorry Satan but she'll probably be Charlotte Witter, an evil version of Spider-Woman.It makes most sense for the movie she's been cast in.

>>168985862>>168985940You need to repeat this more often, it will surely have an effect and take over the boards.

>>168994318They can't admit a tranny passes because it mindbreaks them. It goes against their narrative. Hunter is not even the best example of this new generation of passing trannies and she already causes a lot of butthurt simply because it invalidates a lot of their insults.

>>168994666>Satan tripsAlso imagine being called "Sydney Sweeny"

>>168994888>Mentions trips>Gets trips.

>>168993707Why are they all dressed retarded

>>168990426Why the fuck is that bitch the back looking like Buzz Lightyear.

>>168989193>Flat nose>Guppy eyesIf anything she looks like an albino negress.

>>168985784This or Emma Frost.

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>>168985784No, just a good pair of tits. But that will change and degrade as she gets older so she is a depreciating asset.


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>>168994636>Most beautiful woman in the world

I think she’s decent enough. Definitely better than Elle Fanning or Kiki Shipka…those two are pretty awful.

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>>168998215That's someone's daughter and someone's older sister.


>>168994221let's see them legs...

>>168998592>KEEEEEEEEEEK PLEASE TELL ME THAT'S NOT REAL KEKITY KEKplease tell me you don't actually talk like this

>>168999127Please tell me you're not a tranny lover

>>168994607it was for the pee. She was wiping pee.

>>168989063Busted a nut. Thanks, user

>>168989063that episode was kino as fuck.

>>168989063LMAO is all of euphoria like this? i might watch the show

>>168995669Cause traditional standards of beauty are white supremacy, everything has to be post-modern, amorphous and asymmetrical now.

>>168999719How could I forget

>>168999702this scene is10 times more kino if you know the context

>>168998376>someone's older sister.Sounds very specific, are you her brother?

>>168985928Someone explain how this beaner is considered attractive by anyone. Midget, no tits, no ass, not even pretty. I don't get it, what are you supposed to do with her?

>>168985784degeneracy can't make a show good

>>168989063Amerimutts don't wash their private parts?

>>168985784Never seen her in anything, and since I am not mentally ill, have never seen Euphoria.I assume she bases her entire "acting" career on flopping out her tits, since that's what /tv says is "her greatest acting".

Nice videos and photos in this thread.I think women are today the same or even more addicted to sex than men. Imagine being a hot woman that just wants to have all the sex that she can. You could fuck a different guy every day if you wanted. I think that the average Chad can't reach those levels.

She has a new commercial out where she is working on her car that is pretty hot. It’s crazy that celebs do so many commercials and shit nowadays…a couple decades ago it would be a sign that your career is failing

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Watching booba is all that matters in this planet.Watching booba still.Watching booba bouncing.Watching booba in bras.Watching booba naked.Watching booba wet.Booba!BOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAA!MORE BOOBA!

>>168994452because actualy teenagers aren't degenerate enough for this shit, so they hire adults

>>168994221There are no flattering pictures

>>168986011This, 2/10 would not bang.

>>168989436>>168990579Based Jew coomers giving us sexy naked shiksas

>>168991418>that one chubby girl who looks even worse than the literal troonwtf

>>168998592the webm cut off before he said he was kidding