>"Luke, did I ever tell you about that one time I used an innocent civilian as a human shield...

>"Luke, did I ever tell you about that one time I used an innocent civilian as a human shield? Had I been a second slower at shooting that Stormtrooper, he would've died in my arms. Not that I cared, mind you. He was a good friend"

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>>168983376>remember Luke, non-humans are a lower life form than the likes of me and you

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>>168983376No snitch'n, Freck.

>>168983376Wow, the rebels really were terrorists

>>168983434To be fair he did call Mos Eisley a hive of scum


Why is every alien Disney invents some kind of mole?

>obi wan kenobi, you served my father during the clone wars>help me obi wan kenobi youre my only hope>oh also you went on a multi-planetary search trying to save me from kidnappers working under Darth Vader and you told me about your childhood and we pretended you were my father and you also obviously knew my mother and father who you will probably talk about later in the tv series and I wont be phased in the slightest when you die because the movie is about Luke so I have to respect that obviously.>help me obi-wan youre my only hope

>>168983376What part of the jedi way was using civilians as hostages while wielding a blaster? How uncivilized.

>>168983513>Mos Eisly is a hive of scum Luke. B-but I don't mean that in a racist way. Look, some of my best friends were aliens. Like this guy Jexter Dexter, he used to own a 1950s diner back on corruscant. He was a good friend. And when I was on the jedi council, most of my colleagues were aliens. It has nothing to do with race or anything, Luke.

>Luke, did I ever tell you about the time I spent with your underaged twin sister and made her roleplay as my daughter? She was a good friend.

>>168983516Must be at least 95 pound

>>168983376everything in this looks so cheap and flimsy

One good thing about Disney Star Wars is showing how racist the humans are, you thought it was just the Empire, no it's pretty much the entire human species

>>168983597>Luke, now I don't mean this in a racist way, some of my goodest friends are aliens, but remember - around Zabraks, never relax!

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>>168983597>Jexter Dexter>By 4 ABY, Dex's Diner was defunctNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>>168983708>There's 20 million species in Star Wars chud, don't be racist against the black inquisitor>Implying blacks are a different speciesWhat did Disney mean by this

>>168983552>"I haven't gone by the name Obi-Wan since before you were born"What did the man still being called Obi-Wan when Luke is 10 mean by this?

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>>168983784What he told Luke was true, from a certain point of view.

>I sense something; a presence I have not felt since... the mining world of Mapuzo nine years ago where I fought Obi-wan in a quarry....

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>>168983376>get shot in the front>fall forwardOkay so is this because lasers are light but not matter or some shit?

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>>168984014>a presence I have not felt since... 2 weeks ago in the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 6 streaming exclusively on Disney+ where Mecha-Jar-Jar fought mine and Palpatine's gay lovechild on board the prototype Death Star whilst Obi-Wan and I had our fourteenth consecutive duel during the time between Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope, streaming now on Disney+....

>>168983518Most Disney aliens are oversized Podlings then anything molelike.

>>168983376> Luke, did I ever tell you about that one time I used an innocent civilian as a human shield?Disney stands with brave defenders of Mariupol

>>168983552They could’ve gotten away with Leia just knowing him as Ben but then the lady in ep3 calls him Obi Wan right infront of leia

>>168984062SW "lasers" are actually plasma.

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>>168984225Right? If only Obiwan could have been more heroic, like a Russian.

>Darth Vader... is Anakin Skywalker!How do you know this?>I just do! LMAO

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>>168984406>Obi-Wan acts surprised>even though he fucking saw Anakin being named Vader at the end of Ep. III

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>>168983376>innocent civilianMoron

>>168983376There are 20 million species in the galaxy and he chose to be racist

>>168984480He's LITERALLY an innocent civilian that reported a suspicious character to Empire troops. He literally, emphatically did nothing wrong.

>>168984440That’s not why he’s surprised

>>168983376It's an ugly looking alien so who cares.This is the logic disney use at least.

>>168984062I like the idea the guy was always curious about what exactly the lasers did so knowing he was dead from the shots in a few moments anyway he jumped into them


>>168983774>>168984519was that one of their damage controls?why not make a story about one of those 20 million species instead of human characters that already had complete arcs and contradicting their prior apperances

>>168984406Luke, did I ever tell you why I hate niggers? There was a black inquisitor that chased me and your sister, she eventually became the main character and spared your life in the end Luke. She was a good friend.

Starting to see why they played the race card so early. Only way to distract from how shit the show is. Nigger.

>I don't agree with everything he says, but Sheev is only trying to make the empire great againFuck this guy

>>168983761So he won't be in the show?

>>168986138He'll be a begging hobo

>>168983784He doesn't go by that name, everyone except Darth Vader and the inquisitors calls him Ben


>>168986424He could make good money giving random strangers handjobs. Even have a 4 for one special like at his restaurant except he's gripping cocks.

>>168983518he's a diggerwhat you do for a digger alien

>>168983513More like Os Mosley

>>168983376>DUDE what if a star faced mole... was an ALIEN!!!!!!!!

>>168983518They're all garloids with faces.

>EU fucks up the continuity and lore>"....">Disney fucks up the continuity and lore>"NOOOOOO HOW COULD YOU"

>>168984183Fucking lmao

>>168986956EU was just licensed fan fiction that was never regarded as being on the same level of canon as the movies. Disney are the ones who decided that everything in nu-canon is on the same level as the original movies.

>>168986956>Books written by literal whosVs>Shows and movies made by megalomaniacal globohomo corpOne of these things is far easier to ignore than the other

>>168984440obi wan kind of forgot about darth vader

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>>168984707Why's he surprised

>Luke, did I ever tell you about the time I found out your father was Darth Vader back when there was still a Jedi Council, but then years later I acted surprised when I found out he was Darth Vader and then fought him on a mining planet despite him saying he hadn't seen me since episode 3 and almost died to him but then a small fire separated us and he realized he couldn't catch me even though he could walk around the small fire, or even through it, it was very small, and I got away easily. He was a good friend.

>>168984440He thought he was dead.Apparently he never heard of a Darth Vader for ten years which is retarded.

>>168987404yeah thinking about this, its kinda dumbbel organa would've surely seen Vader since he's a senator. Had he seen him he'd have told obi wan

I don't get this screenwriting. Why the fuck did he destroy that laser barrier when he could just have walked around it. Was he bored or something? And why the fuck did he choose to walk again instead of taking that truck they rode in? Did he try to tire that 10yo girl so she wouldn't nag him when it comes to bedtime? Or did he know there was a truck full of Stormtroopers coming up anyway?Who the fuck writes shit like that? It's painfull to watch and utterly retarded. And why the fuck was Vader scared of like 10ft of measly flames? He's a fucking Sith Lord for crying out loud, and he can't even walk through that or just leap over it? What kind of badass is he supposed to be? The female one who just doesn't feel like getting shit done because she's on her fucking period and has cramps right now?You just want to punch the writers every time they come up with shit like that, like seriously punch them with the intend to hurt them.

>Luke did i ever tell you about that time I wasted 30 seconds trying to turn off a laser fence when I could have just walked around it? It was a good friend.

>>168987253>>168987404>>168984440Jfc this show sucks.

>>168988152Walking around things is a weakness of the Jedi. This is the hint that even then, Vader still had the spark of light in him.

>>168984368>plasmaPlasma of what. I hate mutt sci fi ao much. They just use sciency terms that don't mean anything.

>>168987719>And why the fuck was Vader scared of like 10ft of measly flames?an user made an ok point about that, seeing his old master who beat him being so weak and pathetic may have been good enough for him, change his flavor of hatred for a change, low key let him go if he could manage . vader will continue to ruminate on his hatred in general but feels less tormented about obi wan... also it was something like a nice move from him, sort of, ambiguous but could be a baby step towards the force, a move we know he will eventuially do.but for the rest, ye its whatever. not that great. but it made for a change to see big structures. big cities n shit.

>>168987719>I don't get this screenwriting. Why the fuck did he destroy that laser barrier when he could just have walked around itThe writers have no say in how the set is constructed on the scene is blocked. They probably didn't imagine the crew would be so retarded as to leave 5 feet gaps on either side of the laser gate. The gate and environment were certainly all CGI with the Volume so they had no clue how dumb it looked while filming.

>>168989024All this fanfiction that tries to give Vader a conscience or make him sympathetic completely misses the point of his character.

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I was drunk when I watched the latest episode, but why do I feel like they insinuated Ben had sex with Leia's mom?That's all in my head, right?

>>168989913Yes. Ben had sex with Anakin.

>>168984183I wonder how much of this will make it into the show.

>>168987253Why does this guy look like George Lucas fucked a jew?

>>168989913I think Leia asked, "You knew my mom?"And Obi Wan replied, "I loved her." in a longing way. I didn't watch the cartoons, but going by the film canon they hardly interact, let alone on any level of "love".

>>168989913Leia suspected Obi-wan was her father because he knew her mother and was hiding his identity from her.

>>168986956>the Mouse thinks "Whataboutism" will make me watch Disney WarsShill harder

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>>168983376What's the point of wearing that armor if a single laser blast can go right through it

>>168985148No you see in Disney SW every single alien species need to be single one off character in the background.No reuse of aliens or any implication that anything other than humans matter

>>168983376I can't wait for scientists to stop pretending they care about ethics so that we can just genetically breed molemen like this for these kinds of scenes instead of costumes. Imagine how much better horror movies would be if we could just make monsters IRL instead of relying on special effects

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>runs behind small hill>camera shot of vader>runs back outwtf was this

>>168986956EU was well known for being considered less valid than the movies. Fans were fine with it. Disney first erased that, then set out to build a grand expanded universe, saying that it hadn't been done for Star Wars, claimed to have people coordinating everything, and instead created soulless corporate trash.The worst EU novels - fucking Crystal Star, Children of Twilight - still somehow managed to have more soul and Star Wars character than anything Disney has shit out.

>>168987543Bail Organa and Obi-Wan have a line of communication, but they aren't friends. Shit, they met all of once, maybe twice in the prequels. A scattered handful of other times in the cartoon.

>>168983376This looks cheap as fuck. Like Syfy levels of cheap.

>>168991822Yeah but don't you think that Vader would be contact worthy>hey you're protecting Luke, fyi anakin is still alive and is probably a danger to the kidsI'm sorry but that's a serious confliction there along with the fight between Vader and obi wan

>>168991512And imagine the prostitution of said mole people.

>>168983774kek. This is getting better and better

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>>168990708Obviously he can't say 'she was a good friend' because they knew you retards would have a field day with it


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>>168983376>innocentHe was a fucking rat, literally and figuratively. Based Obi-Wan.

>2-part debut>didney+ subscribers surgeOh I get it, it's so bad they wanna milk these idiots fast

>>168986956I doubt they were ever as directly contradictory as characters who couldn't possibly have encountered each other at that time getting into fights

>>168991775You forgot>and then desperately plundered it and put it on screen in the most embarrassing form possible

>>168984062are you implying Lee Harvey Oswald didn't do it?

>>168983376>Luke did I ever tell you about the time I abandoned my family? And they were good friends.

>>168983376Why the fuck does it look so bad

>>168983376Haha wait, is this actually, unironically from the Obi Wan show. The same Obi Wan show that people pay money to watch?I don't believe it, this has to be a fan film made in a quarry.

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>>168986956The Virgin Disney vs the Chad EUstarwars.fandom.com/wiki/Chad/Legends

Everything that's been out outside of the movies is just the Expended Universe with slightly more budgets, it's shit and i don't care about it. Who cares about what's "canon" or not, just don't watch it if you don't like it, you don't have to care about it, it's not like those shows and spin off movies are going to matter if they decide to make a new trilogy. You know they're gonna ignore everything that happens. These shows are they own little universe and have nothing to do with the real movies and nothing that ever happens in a spin off will affect a new trilogy (if they make one).The only thing i see crossing over into the real canon (main saga movies) iGs Baby Yoda

>>168994484>nothing that ever happens in a spin off will affect a new trilogy (if they make one).You sure? I can see another Kenobi who seeks training from Rey coming.

>>168994752Rey will start her own jedi academy and be successful unlike Luke.

>>168994835>Rey will start her own jedi academy and be successful unlike Luke.They're going to steal Luke's arc from the EU, aren't they?

>>168994933But Kathleen Kennedy said they had no material to go on when making Star Wars content!

>>168987333That Vader lived through the burns. That’s how I read it and how anyone without autism would too.

>>168986956Shut up Mouseshill.What I really hate is that Disney trashed the EU and everytime they pick something to cannibalize they just make an infinitely worse version. >RoS is Dark Empire, but 100x worse. >Star Killer base is Galaxy Gun, but 100x less imaginative. >Kylo Ren is just Darth Caedus with Revans attire, but written even worse. >Rey is Jaina without the years of writing and backstory. >The dyad is just a retarded version of the connection Kreia and the Exile had.

>>168984183Fucking beautiful.

>>168995256Vader was appearing in public and word of him would have reached Bail Organa who would have told Obi-WanIt's just bullshit to have an epic ending to an episode where you get to see him react to Anakin being alive when it makes no fucking sense that 10 years would have gone by without him finding out about Vader

>>168983376This raping of our culture should be making men angry and active. Hell, it worked for BLM, it'll work when Hollywood is on fire.

>>168995617>Vader was appearing in publicNo he wasn't

>>168987333He found out you were gay

>>168995680>No he wasn'tLol

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>>168995825lmao>TO THE VADERMOBILE!

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>>168983376Looks like a scene from Power Rangers.

>>168983376>innocenthe was a heckin fascist enabler

>>168995825Literally no one would know who he was plus this scene is after Obi-Wan Kenobi dumbass.

>>168983376it’s okay he was a trumper. Also, kids, remember to attack police with a hammer if they come into your house

>After six days of hacking through the jungle with a vibro-machete, Jettster had received bites from two vipers and countless gnats, but managed to find the ore hubDex > your favourite character, spinoff series when

>>168987098>>168987128>>168990908>>168991775>>168993338>>168994444>>168995533>you just don't get it , do you? EU was my childhood, the heroes I aspired to be, the philosophy of my world. Disney ruined the best (man)children's space setting in existence.

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>>168988152>Luke, did I ever tell you about the time the best kidnappers in the galaxy tried to run slower were stopped by one lone branch at either their knees or their chest so they couldn't catch a small child

>>168986788Oswald Mosley wasn't racist so your implication is retarded.

>>168995936Oh shut up retard. They are all set between a few days and a few weeks after the end of episode 3.

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>>168995680He's not some secret spy assassin, he's emperor enforcer spreading fear. He would appear on public on hundreds of planets across the galaxy while hunting for the remaining seps and jedis for the last 10 years. Realizing what this scary tall nigga in life support suit is Vader wouldnt be that hard for Kenobi who would surely see him on holonet while visiting Tatooine spaceport or hearing rumours in cantina

>>168987719>tells the stormtrooper its a long story>"its a long trip">gets off after obiwans been talking for 20 seconds

>>168996177You can't be racist against aryans.He was a good boy, he wanted to drink the blood of german children and return northern Ireland to the republic.

>>168996406There's so much shit like this to indicate that people who have no storytelling ability have written this show. Things like this are an inability to hold the narrative in your head. They're writing and don't remember what they wrote five minutes before and so it doesn't matter, only the current thing happening matters not how it came to happen or what it will cause in the future.

>>168996409>return it to the republicThat would imply that they ever had a right to it other than, "it touches our land."

>>168994484>these shows are they own little universeFuck off, Moses

>>168986956The EU IS the continuity and the lore, the movies fucked it up.


>>168983376Low budget shit. Haha

>>168996045>you're manchildren>as I mock and post childish pictures I'll never get it

>>168996347>>168996218>>168995825He isn't making public addresses either. Most people don't know who the director of the CIA is and neither does most people know who the top General in the US is. It's quite believable that Kenobi wouldn't know about Vader since he is on Tatooine and doesn't go out of his way to conversate with people

>>168996315>>168996946>a-a-aha...! you posted a wojak! that means obsessing over a franchise for children is ok!seethe. cope. dilate

>>168983376>innocent civilian>xenos scum

>>168983376Frack is my new favorite character


>>168983376Men don't deserve the treatment from the Mainstream Media that they're receiving. We need to just turn off the television and unsubscribe from any Hollywood steaming services. Men cannot tolerate this abuse forever, something has to give.

>>168983552Good girl

>>168983761A victim of gentrification I see

>>168997586They replaced his place with a jamba juice.

>>168984406Villain Mary sue I see

>>168997634Not bad

>>168983774Has there ever been a confirmed mixed-race child in Star Wars? Is there a chance blacks and whites are unironically different species that are incapable of crossbreeding?

>>168987719Why didn't Obi-Wan immediately leave the moment he saw Vader? Why did he leave Leia to get to safety (the entire reason he's in this situation) with some random he just met? Why was he so hellbent on confronting Vader? Did he think he would be able to fight him even though he could barely use the force anymore? All Obi-Wan did was just run away when he did face him.

>>168997429if you haven’t done that already you’re not a real man and hopeless as shit

>>168986956EU always existed outside of the movie canon you colossal faggot

>>168997856Because Vader can sense Obi Wan's presence just like Obi Wan can sense Vader's presence. He separated from them to lead him away. This is directly from the original trilogy where in both New Hope and Jedi Vader can sense Obi Wan and also Luke and both endanger the mission.


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>>168997325Bail Organa is a Senator dealing directly with the Empire who would almost certainly see Vader then tell Obi-Wan about the impending threat to Luke and Leia. Stop defending their retarded writing just so they could have le epic reveal moment of Obi-Wan finding out Anakin is alive.

>>168983708>>168983774>>168985148>>168991033>>168992892>>168997800>>168998024Remember chuds.

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>>168986956there has only been 3 movies of star wars dumb Zoomer

>>168990911there was supposed to be armor plating under the plastic, but an officer sold it and pocketed the money.

>>168998000I see, I still feel like Obi-Wan could have booked it the to the port the second he saw Vader and got away. I guess the writers needed a reason them to fight. Nice trips.

>>168995617Oh I agree with you. Unless Vader was hiding for 10 years it makes no sense. But that’s the route they went with, and that’s why Obi Wan was surprised.

>>168998161I am black so why did you reply to me? I like Moses even if she kind of sucks in Kenobi.

>>168984440>>168987253>>168987404>>168987543>Sidious brings about the end of the Republic with propaganda and fearmongering>Hear a rumor about Darth Vader being back>You literally cut off this nigger's arms and legs and lit his ass on fire before stealing his wife and children>lol yeah right faggot fake news>This random bitch knows Vader was Anakin, a fact which up until now you thought nobody but you, Sidious, and Yoda knew>oh... well shitNot hard or unreasonable. The series is full of bullshit, but you're just poking at things that aren't there to try to look cool on 4channel working hours edition

>>168998131You're not wrong, but this kind of shit is all over Star Wars. Do you sperg out seeing Yoda and Chewie hang out because Chewie should have told Han that the Force was real because he was best friends with their Grandmaster?

>>168998432why do you like a balding race baiting ugly chick who was only ever in that anya taylor joy netflix chess show where she also sucked at acting before getting into star wars

>>168998310Probably, considering Vader literally can't run.


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>>168998486Han can be written as telling Chewie he's full of shit talking about tiny green guys levitating stuff.Bail or Obi-Wan jerking off and not doing their fucking jobs seeing what the Empire is up to so they can better defend Luke and Leia is much more damaging and should have been thought through better.

>>168986956but user EU has the superior Kenobi story>no forced cameos>interesting conflict>no planet jumping>actual reflection on failure to prevent Order 66>feels like Ben is actively trying to stay in exile and watch over Luke

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>>168998182>there has only been 3 movies of star wars dumb Zoomerbased, but it was actually 4.5. R1 was entertaining and some parts from the Prequel Trilogy are salvageable

>>168998131>Bail Organa is a Senator dealing directly with the Empirehis planet was so unimportant they didn't mind just blowing it up. the empire is an autocracy. the function of the senate was already so ceremonial they abolish it entirely in the OT.there is also no reason why anakin would want to deal with him.

>>168998859He still is involved in politics enough to be aware of the 2nd in command of the Empire when he's guarding the last remains of the Jedi Order.You faggots want Vader to not appear in public and be sitting in a tomb for 10 fucking years not doing anything just to make this retarded show make sense.

>>168998859Alderaan was a major population center of several billion and it was an influential planet within the Senate, it's why Bail Organa is always around in the prequels. The Death Star blew it up because it was a supporter of the Rebellion and to show the rest of the Galaxy that no one would be safe from reprisal if they continued to defy the Empire.

>>168998859>Lord Vader! Why are you by my side in public! Run and hide somewhere, don't you know this is the new Disney idea?

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>>168996218>>168999183who cares about the comics lmao

>>168983376He got what he deserved for supporting the empire

>>168999183Based Sheev

>>168999032>2nd in command of the Empirethat really isn't vader's deal. he mostly just kills people.

>>168983376that alien was voiced by Zach Braff btw

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>>168999223i care more about them than making the latest cheap disney crap tv shows from nobody writers and directors make sense

>>168986956Disney killed the EU saying they were going to make the same mistakes.Then they made the same mistakes. And new ones.

>>168999369>cheap disney crap tv shows from nobody writers and directors>loves comic books lmao

>>168999391I loved how they canceled TCW then brought it back a few years later so the manchildren would be all "WHOA BASED DISNEY THEYRE BRINGING BACK TCW THANK YOU MOUSE"

>>168984531He reported the good guys to space Nazis. It's different when we rat out our neighbors to the not Nazi government.

>>168999391expecting a sprawling franchise to always be in 1:1 alignment on minor details like these is absurd, nor should the writers of the mainline products (the movies and TV shows) be beholden to what some EU writer said years ago it's like people who get mad when Bungie (the actual creators of the Halo franchise) made a game that contradicted a tie-in book that was a decade old at that point

>>168999439i'm lmao'ing at you as well. enjoy your black woman of color saving luke's life

>>168999183Not canon ;^)

>"Luke, did I ever tell you about my brother Owen? No? Good. Fuck that guy"

>>168998859>his planet was so unimportant they didn't mind just blowing it up.Yo nigger they blew up Alderaan specifically because it was important and the military arm of the Empire was trying to send a message to the dissident systems/senators like Organa that were starting to gain momentum that this is what happens to you if you don't bend the kneeyoutube.com/watch?v=lAAXorA4pg8The Emperor wasn't able to get rid of the Senate until EP4, so the dissident Senators had been a pain in the ass the entire fucking time between EP3 and EP4. >>168997325Darth Vader is the head of the religious arm of the Empire. There is obvious tension between the Military and Religious arms of the Empire in Episode 4, which DIRECTLY results in the destruction of Alderaan. People know who Vader is and what he's about. That's also why the Rebellion is pushing it. Vader wanted to interrogate Leia and snuff out the rebellion with precision. It was Tarkin that just wanted to blow shit up.Jesus fucking christ.

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>>168983518and they always have tiny eyes

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>>168999457It's kind of unrealistic to have expected Disney to continue to produce a show that often lost money so they could air it on a competing network I'm sure that if the Lucasfilm purchase happened while Disney had the current D+ infrastructure in place, Clone Wars probably would have continued mostly uninterrupted. I'm just glad that we ultimately got a truncated season 6 or 7 instead of the show just remaining buried forever.

did you not see the imperial flag on his redneck ass truck or the fact that he was an imperial sympathiser, retard? it’s like if you were jewish and a nazi white trash rocks up in his truck and goes on about how great hitler is on your drive. i would feel literally zero emotions toward someone like that, they could be burning alive and I wouldn’t flinch

>>168999515So a black man (Lando) saving Luke is fine, but a black woman saving him (which hasn't happened) is bad?Why do you get mad at things that only exist in your head?

>>168983754>Zabraks are only 13% of the galactic population Luke

>>168984183>where Mecha-Jar-Jar you just know this will actually be there

>>168983376please stay in your containment thread >>168988063

>>168983376He was probably a pedophile. I'm sure it will all come out in the comics or whatever.

>>168999557And in what piece of the new canon is it said that Vader is a secret figure shrouded in anonymity?

>>168983513The place was also filled with shitty humans

>>168999767Not the guy you're arguing with, just saying we don't know if Bail has met Vader, or Leia for that matter.

>Leia:...who/what the fuck are you? Why is the Empire making droids with capes? What is wrong with your voice? Oh wait in reality this 18 year old sheltered princess knows his fucking name and his reputation

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>>168998488She is hot

>>168998843But that doesn't have Obi Wan blasting Storm troopers and fighting Darth Vader

>>168999831you know this scene is a literal decade after Kenobi? For all we know Vader might have spent the first 10 years after Revenge of the SIth mostly brooding in his temple on Mustafar, only occasionally entering the fray directly to deal with particularly strong Jedi, while in the second decade he might have become more involved with the day-to-day political dealings of the Empire as most of the Jedi were wiped out and the operations of the Inquisition had begun to wind down.

>>168991688It's called "30 foot wide fake set surrounded by an LED donut screen, and the director is an absolute idiot">leia loses her grip 10 storeys above the street and falls>bounty hunter stops shooting for some reason>inquisitor stops jumping from rooftop to rooftop for some reason>obi-wan lowers her down safely with the force>leia sits up on the street>obi-wan runs around the corner, having somehow moved from the rooftop to the street in 1 second

>>168999615>tiny far apart eyes >wide mouth>no nose, just nostrills

>>169000052>For all we know Vader might have spent the first 10 years after Revenge of the SIth mostly brooding in his temple on MustafarLol write whatever fan fic bullshit you want about "muh he was shy for 10 years hiding on Mustafar but then he got more into politics". I'm going by the actual movies and how a teenaged girl barely took a second glance at Vader as if she had grown up her whole life being aware of him and not intimidated by his scary appearance at all because she knew he was part of the Empire's political arm and couldn't just kill her.

>>169000282>Lol write whatever fan fic bullshit you wantI mean, you're doing the exact same thing, finding reasons to get upset about things because the timeline presented in the NuCanon doesn't exactly line up with your own headcanon. Nothing in Kenobi directly contradicts what was displayed in the OT, and the prequels themselves have a lot more egregious retcons and inconsistencies, but those were fine because you were five when Attack of the Clones came out >as if she had grown up her whole life being aware of him I mean, even by the current canon Leia has seen Vader as a child...? Why is it so unbelievable to you that Vader was doing different things at different points in his life in a 20 year period?

>>168999813Let's be realistic, user. This hypothesis would be perfectly valid in the first 1...2 years of the Empire. But we're talking about ten fucking years here. Disney itself tells us that a few days after the birth of the empire, Palpatine took care to make it clear who Vader is and where he is in the hierarchical chain.On the other hand, I think that things are much more mundane than they seem:> Shitty writer wants to copy Ahsoka's surprised reaction in Rebels (which at least made sense there) as a fanservice.> No reasoning is made about Vader's role or whether Obi-wan could have known it or not.> The series goes out> Spectators point out that this makes little sense and really stretches the suspension of disbelief> Disney starts damage control and muddies the waters waiting to figure out how to fix the situation.

>>168999611>religious arm of the Empireyou wotthey hunt jedi. what you're looking for is something between "secret police" and "assassins". the inquisitors also aren't important enough that anyone remembers them or cares about them. they get to boss the local grunts around but authority is not importance. neither vader or the rest of them are politically important in any other way than through doing what the emperor tells them to.

Why doesnt this lil nigga vader just blow up this sand planet with his death ray? Wouldve solved all his problems

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>>169000422>Why is it so unbelievable to you that Vader was doing different things at different points in his life in a 20 year period?Because I know this issue only began because these shitty Disney writers wanted an epic moment of Kenobi finding out Anakin was alive. They couldn't just restrain themselves and have Bail casually say to Obi when he comes to meet him "We know Anakin is out there, what he's become" to show that these 2 characters have actually been doing their jobs and keeping tabs on the Empire to better protect Luke and Leia. A scene like that wouldn't be epic bacon and get upvotes on Reddit with a thumbnail of Obi-Wan doing his shocked face so instead they turned Vader, Obi, and Bail into hermits who don't do fucking anything for 10 years just so their shitty TV show has a Reddit moment.

>>169000608>Stories are scripted dramas where the writers intentionally create scenarios for dramatic effect Whoah........ i thought Star Wars was a documentary of a real universe this whole time......>have Bail casually say to Obi when he comes to meet him "We know Anakin is out there, what he's become" to show that these 2 characters have actually been doing their jobs and keeping tabs on the Empire to better protect Luke and Leia. Honestly, I think Bail and Obiwan being in regular communication is more of a discrepancy with prior canon considering that Leia had to go to Obiwan to deliver the plans to him in person


>>169000777>Leia gets the plans from Jyn/Kyle/etc.>fuck the empire is right on our tail>Dad help me>Can't girl I have to stay and maintain relations with the Empire, this one is all youClearly Bail was not the action hero Leia was at the start of A New Hope, doesn't mean he was radio silent with Kenobi.

>>168998161>People are unironically more racist toward blacks than alienThis is some South Park shit

>>169000572it's his home planet, pay attention

>>168998024This reveal is great because her character is like 6'8 or whatever when fighting then when she takes the helmet off she's shorter then everyone

>>168984406please dont tell me shes the one who tells obi wan that vader is anakin...

>Luke, did I ever tell you about the time that Darth Vader was hunting me for 10 years and he finally caught up with me and had me pinned to the ground in a giant barbecue pit only to just let me go instead of force pulling me over the fire or actually walking around the fire to come get me? He was a good friend.

>>169001754it's real, and it's not spectacular


>>168983376This fucking mole deserved it