>refuses to condemn the ""racism"" being directed at Moses Ingram/hayden/chads we just keep winning

>refuses to condemn the ""racism"" being directed at Moses Ingram/hayden/chads we just keep winning

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>>168983184It's a shame Ewan's such a twat now

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>>168983257this video was probably made like 3 months ago just like the screenshots she posted


>>168983184Imagine being racist. So fucking stupid.

>>168983184Its fuckers like you that gave us Black Dwarves. Every time you shoot your mouth off about black people or women or gays, Hollywood pushes back even harder and gives us a Black tinkerbell and black hobbits. You're the ones that fucked everything up for everyone


>>168983350Wrong.>don’t be racist>oh, no one must have any problems with black dwarves>be racist>we better teach these racists a lesson by giving them black dwarves

>>168983350Bait post, but the "just ignore it and it'll go away" defense was always made in bad faith. People have been saying to ignore it for over 10 years now. It has nothing to do with what audiences WANT, retard.

>>168983350Wrong, there's a system to this.If they announce a black character and nobody cares e-journalists will just release articles about "insane racists on the internet." anyway. Even if nobody seems to care.And because it's the internet where, yeah, you're always going to be able to find at least 5-10 people saying something no matter what they'll just plop the screenshots on their article and call it a day.If even one person out of billions on the planet reacts to it in any way other than "mm mm I love disney I love product" there will be 40 op-eds about the "disgusting racism in X community." within the day.

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>>168983350I will tell you a secret. Nobody likes blacks, not even other blacks.

>>168983184>I don't niggers. They're coarse and irritating and they get everywhere.

>>168983184Ironically, he's the guy who got by far the most hatred from star wars fans and has the most reason to hate them, but he never lashed out and even defended fans before.

>>168983350>if you would just shut up and take it, he'll stop hitting us!you sound like a battered wife

>>168983350factually incorrect, they literally have pre-written articles and twitter posts in advance to adress racist fans the second something comes out.

>>168983587He did the best he could with the material he was given

>>168983603Trump wins every time a tranny dies

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what was even the point of casting Hayden when you're gonna put his voice under 20 filters? Is he in a flashback or something?

>>168983184I HATE SAND 1. IT'S ROUGH2. IT'S COURSE3. IT SUCKS!4. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>168983257>Trashed the prequels for years, calling them "nightmares">Comes back for new show, painfully pretends he liked them on the press tour, Hayden has to pump him up>Gleefully records video attacking fans againScottish cocksucker.

>>168983693This. He was always a prick.

>>168983644He was in one scene out of suit for almost 5 seconds, so checkmate?

>>168983350>ignore it and it will go awaythis doesn't work for schoolyard bullies it's not going to work with people that have serious political goals, and so many people having this retarded fucking attitude of yours is part of how things got so bad

>>168983603Rent Free

>>168983184I dunno why the nigger character even exists. Imagine every scene she was in, hunting obi-wan, if it was just darth vader himself hunting obi-wan, the show would be infinitely more kino. Instead of Obi-wan vs vader got Obi-wan vs nigger woman. whoever came up with this is should have a purple haired cunt fly a spaceship through their body at lightspeed and shatter them into the million pieces of trash that they are.

>>168983960Exactly. Either Vador chases him or he doesn't and another cool villain does. Instead we have this bitch being trash and Vador being scared of fire. Wooohooo.

>>168983960>whoever came up with this is should have a purple haired cunt fly a spaceship through their body at lightspeed and shatter them into the million pieces of trash that they are.kek

it was good to see him again

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>>168983299Wait, what? Last I checked it was leftoids in tears that someone said "nigger" on the Internet.

>>168983603It's been well over a year now.When are Bidentrannies going to have an ACTUAL argument?

>>168983257Ewan’s the executive producer of the show

>>168983184He knows it's all a ploy to detract from negative criticism, as per usual for Disney releases at the very least since Black Panther.

>>168984048>what are you doing with my daughter, Obi-Wan?

>>168983501wtf? Is that real.

>>168983350Kike is mad lol

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>>168983693>>168983749This. And let's not pretend he's the other side of the PUTA HOMEWRECKER coin.

>>168983350>bro just don't push back and I promise it will go awayFuck off nigger lover

>>168984048i really hope we get to see him as anakin in a flashback or somethingi mean the show is pretty shit, so fan service is the least they could do

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do you guys ever get tired of logging on to 4chan every day and posting "right wing based niggers ACK trannys leftoids jews rent free seethe"

>>168983560The first thing blacks do, when they can afford it, is move away from other blacks

>>168984341I do. I wish television and film would just focus on entertainment and stop producing hollow propaganda and race bullshit, so we could stop discussing it.



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>>168984341Sounds like you're mad people are discussing TV being so politicised, rather than the fact that TV is being so politicised.

>>168983350meds, then kys

>>168984323the fuck is wrong with that mouth

>>168984341>do you guys ever get tired of logging on to 4chanHow do you log into 4chan?

>>168983257Typical fucking Angl* scum. Eternal traitors of Europe and the West.

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>>168983184itt: fragile white incels

>>168984679Are they fragile enough to riot over a word?

>>168984679>itt: fragile whi- URK!

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>>168983299You got BTFOD last thread Xir.

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>>168983350Gaslighting level 900000000000000. I think we have a true kike here frens

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Racism is cringe. Trump lost legitimately.

>>168984486i really don't care about this star wars show situation, just getting very bored of reading the same posts on 4chan every day

>>168984813It's mostly kids calling each other shill, or shouting "cope", "seethe" at each other. I basically only come here to see if an attractive celebrity has masturbated on camera again. Most people here are wasting their lives larping as a chat bot.

>>168983257He sucks Mouse cock. Like almost every actor he’s never been respectable.

>>168983184I feel like Hayden probably just filmed his Obi-Wan scenes and then went back to his ranch to hide from fear of criticism or something. Poor dude.

>>168984669Same union shit you hypocrite fuck.

>>168985059fuck off mutt


>>168983184he's not the executive producer, so no need to virtue signal>>168983257it's unavoidable for him, just like when a ceo has to apologise and wag their finger for wrong thing

>>168984622what is going on here

>>168983257You're just jealous he gets to fuck MEW every night.


>>168984048What is the point of the next episode though? Are we just going to sit there and watch Vader just make a new lightsaber? Sounds boring as fuck, is there anything special in making a lightsaber?


Maybe it's because he got hate for years and it had nothing to do with race. James Earl Jones doesn't get hate either

>>168986056>implying anyone with an ounce of dignity would fuck PUTA HOMEWRECKERNot that user, but not everyone is a loser virgin like you that thinks PUTA can turn your life around because she played that manic pixie scott pilgrim role. I myself would sooner touch her with knife than with my dick.

>>168984323Is he implying that hes off to georgia with the intention of getting fucked by his own dad? What the fuck?

>>168983350I've stopped complaining because the shows are so bad they're not even worth pirating. I'm going to watch the Lone Ranger this weekend I don't think I'll get through all five seasons, but it will be more fun than watching anything made in the current year. The studios should be afraid of apathy, not hatred.

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>>168983693Yep. He is pure globohomo and never supported the prequels.

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>>168983184I love winning

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>>168983349There's only like 10 people in the world that aren't.

>>168984048>>168984218>You think I'm gonna let Leia be raped like your sick Jedi Order diddled me, Obi-Wan?

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>>168983693Ewan clearly hates the fans and is phoning it in.

>>168983184Post just ONE (1) example of a racist comment to her on twitter

>>168988299I would rather have a Vader show with Hayden. At least he deserves it and won't call fans shit.

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>>168983184>come back to star wars after decades of shame and ridicule>immediately forced to be a voice of reason in an internet culture war that has nothing to do with youpoor hayden. this is actually a conundrum if you're not a narcissist like ewan

>>168983257>cheats on his wife of fifteen years>ruins her life and the lives of his children>ruins MEW's marriage as well>"ugh racists are so despicable"

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>>168983184>Not just the men, but the women and the children tooJesus Christ Raimi!

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>>168983299We’re all uncut

>Racism is based

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>>168983350it's the opposite in fact. just look at the talibanpersistence pays off

>>168988299hard agree. completely low energy and fags are using the "oh he's depressed" excuse. hasn't fucking bothered at all with the voice. he literally slips into his scottish accent like 60% of his lines


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>>168983299Yes, we are force sensitive


>>168983501couldn't read your text, was too distracted by that video picture. how did they do that?


>>168988944This, Ewan makes the "racists" he's condemning seem like lesser scumbags than he actually is

>>168983350>stop screaming when they torture you, it makes the rest of us uncomfortable in our cells

>>168983350They hated him because he told the truth.


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>>168983350It's artificial drama intentionally stirred up to justify shit like this. You have social media to blame for shit like this, because people have always been vocal about things like this.

>>168983350i used to believe this but when you are silent they demoralize even harder so, no

>>168987046start making lone ranger threads

>>168989272Leftist always project. Makes me wonder how many skeletons Ewan truly has in his closet. He is probably an unironic faggot rapist.

>>168984813then you should be even more bored with the source, overly identity-politicized media

>>168983257he's always been a commie self obsessed pathetic globohomo aids ridden faggot.i've disliked him since he started, and couldn't understand why he'd been put in the prequels.

>>168983257Ewan honey, how can anyone knows for sure that it wasn't her own people (like her cousins, her dads, her moms, her uncles, her bruhs, her sis or even her own man) concocted this cringe shit to satisfied her insatiable wokeness needs for attentions?I mean it is STAR WARS, exotic creatures is understandably expected. Am I right?

>>168984622brainless cuntyou might as well call him a chink.stop posting and lurk until you die of old age

>>168984679We get it, your dick looks like a poop log.

>>168983299You keep getting BTFO'D every thread, stop.

>>168989398ha ha ewan isn't the real problem ha ha I bet he was just doing the video as a joke, don't start looking into m- er his life

>>168986032eternal anglo-ism

>>168983349>>168983350Holy shit please never open your faggot mouths ever again.

>>168984323>yeah hehe I'm going to have sex with my own dad, that's going to make people appreciate my kind!

>prequelzoomers now pretending like they've always hated Ewan even though just a few weeks ago they were calling him based for shitting on prequel haters

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>>168989717>prequelzoomer+1year posting about prequelzoomers when a year ago he was posting about how the prequels were amazing

>>168989444Because George is also all those things.

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>>168989112he's a shit smirking self obsessed faggot of an actor and always has been.

>>168989352After I watch the first episode

>>168989917I was hanging out with George at the ranch a few years ago, shooting some scarecrows in his field while we were chatting, and George said "need to keep the skills fresh for the day of the rope".

>>168990035maybe it will lead to a "b/w revival general"

>>168983693He's always been honest about hating the big budget shit and preferring smaller movies like Trainspotting. He liked Phantom Menace because it was his first big gig, but he soured on blockbusters pretty fucking fast. He does them because he needs to, not because he wants to.

>>168990095Might just do that instead of a Lone Ranger general because then people can recommend other old movies and shows they've liked.

>>168986217If I remember from KOTOR there's something special about the crystals. Watching Vader make a new lightsaber for 30 minutes would unironically be kino which is why they won't do it.

>>168990285would be nice.

>>168983299Deep seated insecurity mixed with jealousy that others are doing things they wish they could do

>>168983184>The Virgin Ewan McGregor>The CHAD Hayden Christensen (who hasn't aged a single day in 20 fucking years!)I am a HUGE FAN of Based Hayden, I always knew that Based Hayden was /ourguy/.

>>168983603>Trump lost.You lost even more by losing the game of life itself by being a trannie. lol

>>168983613Did you ever stop to think that the reason they have those preplanned articles is because they 100% know for a fact that XYZ casting decision is going to trigger people that can't help but solicit death threats, and they're just leaning into it for more publicity?

>>168983350Yeah dude they totally don't do this if you keep quiet and comply. Every time you back down, they're less emboldened and mm ore likely to leave you alone. This is what conservatives actually believe

>>168990886they manufacture the death threats though

>>168983501I can't believe there are people who don't grasp this

>>168990799Hayden has always been /ourguy/

Attached: it's a movie don't ban me jannies.webm (1000x544, 2.99M)

>>168990886They just make up death threats if they get none. The idea that being silent makes them stop is retarded and hasn't worked over the last 200 years but retards keep falling for it


Attached: ogkza9j64g191.jpg (1170x533, 86.97K)

>>168983184He has no reason to when Star Wars "fans" have been attacking him, Jake and Ahmed for two decades now when the Star Wars "property" did absolutely nothing and even ignored them up until recent years and that's only because the prequels have been getting appreciated. Fuck Ewan for being a hypocrite though. He laughed it off and stayed silent for years.

>>168983184Why should he?

>>168983350>they're doing it to piss us offNo they're not. They are doing it because jews, and we are getting pissed.

>>168991025You're right. Ewan is just another pro-globohomo actor.

>>168983501This, even if there's no more criticism than there would be for white actors, they'll still put those articles out. It's all pre-orchestrated propaganda.

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>>168983603Depp won

Attached: 58c.jpg (1022x1024, 118.54K)

>>168983603>Trump lostHe defeated you though

>>168991069Even George isn't allowed to shit on the sequels as per his contract. Lmao you think a mere actor is going to?? All we know for sure is that both Hayden and Ewan love Mando and their kids love Grogu because they talked about it unprompted.

>>168991191True and based reply.

>>168991025me in the middle

>>168991060>>168990976I promise you they don't have to make up death threats.

>>168991738go suck some more corporate cockit's literally a hoax designed to deflect criticism

>>168990716like dilate?

>>168991777Trips of truth. Disney has created fake racist messages (not all of the racist messages, just the worst ones involving death threats) to frame fans of pre-Disney Star Wars just like Disney bought tickets to Captain Marvel to artifically increase its box-office profits and created fake positive reviews for Star Wars: Resistance.>Verification not required.

Hayden got shit on for years for being a bad actor in a Star Wars thing. Did Moses Ingram defend him?

>>168983257Blame zoomertards for hyping him up as "WHOLESOME HELLO THERE MAN"

>>168991025me in the bottom right pulling the robe out of shot

>>168992069>Did Moses Ingram defend him?No, because she's a hypocritical nigger.


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>>168992069just call it negress of the week.

>>168983350Cuck mentality.

>>168991069Hayden is contractually obliged to not shit on the shitquel trilogy, but the truth is that Hayden hates the shitquels.

a black person needing the condemnation of a white person, how come a black person need the help of a white person? Is this anti-woke?

>>168991025Wow, George should have left this scene in.

>black villain can act>no one complains about it and considers it one of the better parts of a bad adaptation>black villain can't act>everyone gives her shit for being a shitty actorit's not about race

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>>168983693>>168988299in the talk he and hayden had hayden could remember all the workers' names who were on the set of ROTS while ewan couldn't


>>168983184Neato. Still not watching your shitty show.

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>>168993440Him and Padan Fain were the only good parts of the Wotshitshow. But everyone got all uppity about people hating Perrin's actor when he was legitimately terrible.


>>168983299Low iq

>>168986932Little genalpha, I’m sorry to say, tiktoks aren’t real.

>>168993300>Anakin fucks all of Padme's handmaidens (Deleted Scene #2)

>>168993543Ewan can't even remember filming a SINGLE scene and blames it all on green/blue screens which is complete bullshit. Fucker just erased that time from his memory as soon as it happened.

>>168983350That\s victim blaming you sithlord.

>>168988299He's probably secretly like Harrison Ford and loves that his character gets shit on.

>>168996392obi wan wasn't largely shat on until kenobi came out lol

can you actually find a guy to hook up with on /soc/?

>>168991304Hamill shitted on them from great height with high velocity.

>>168993543Hayden is too pure for this industry, no wonder he spent all his money on buying a farm.

>>168996667Wasn't claiming that to be the case. Just that Ewan probably hates all the Star Wars stuff as much as Ford and is thus more than okay with his character being humiliated and shat on now in this new show for which he came back and shilled hard for.

>>168983184If you guys respect Star Wars and your own dignity, you'll stop watching it.Disney, Hollywood and our leaders in general want men to be demoralized and soulless husks who'll die miserable. Why continue to buy their media?

>>168983960>Imagine every scene she was in, hunting obi-wan, if it was just darth vader himself hunting obi-wanHer character exists because that would be far too expensive for their budget post-embezzling pass.

>>168996761He walked back on it. Disney obviously called.

>>168996939pirating it yields the same result plus you can speak on how bad something is with authority

>>168996939>buyWHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I don't even pay for media I like.

>>168996939Why would I be demoralised by bad TV? For me it's just fun to laugh at.

>>168996869>Hayden is too pure for this industryThat's true, he was in a Christian movie not that long ago.

Attached: MV5BMzMwODcyOTg.jpg (900x600, 72.86K)

>>168997059>>168997027But you still watch it and consume it, even if the people marketing this stuff hates you. We don't deserve these insults. Men of all races don't deserve this psychological abuse.

>>168983350Good. Fuck Hollywood, keep making more crap films to anger people. I win always because the seethe from all sides is entertaining.

>>168983350>capitalizes black a few timespoor leftist tranny just can't help but reveal itself


Attached: 1588803274653.jpg (985x707, 111.27K)

>>168983350>noooooo we have to be slow boiled instead

>>168983257Didn't he cheat on his wife with a PUTA?

>>168983257he’s the producer. Maybe he should have watched the fucking dailies and realized his show was shit. And he was a good friend

>>168983184Hayden's just there for a good time. fuck around play Darth Vader and get paid. he's not there to make waves. it's a shame he has to be in such a garbage show but who cares, I doubt he does.Ewan probably got fucked over in the divorce. He needs to suck Disney ass to collect checks. before it's all said and done you will see a MCU Star Wars cross over and it'll probably have Obi Wan

>>168997660He still is with PUTA HOMEWRECKER even now.

>>168995353www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289614001081>Cognitive ability and party identity in the United States>Individuals who identify as Republican have greater probability knowledge>Individuals who identify as Republican have higher verbal reasoning ability>Individuals who identify as Republican have better question comprehension

Attached: 1583017001214.png (500x598, 35.56K)

>>168983501how the FUCK does he do that

Attached: Elijah 67.jpg (1080x1426, 258.44K)


Attached: left wing activists.png (643x518, 49.17K)

>>168997660He left his first wife to fuck MEW, married her and had a son (he only had daughters with his first wife).

>>168990716>doing things they wish they could doi do wish i could wear blackface

Attached: pm-trudeau-090.jpg (1987x2000, 348.92K)

>>168997995People who hate both sides are definitely the most intelligent.

>>168989962So stupid

Attached: 1650320439867.png (310x266, 131.89K)

>>168998041is that real?

>>168998459I stopped watching after the first two episodes but it really isn't impossible. Reva interrogates Owen but later she has the ability to read minds. her force abilities seem to be whatever the plot needs to expedite things. if the plot needs her to use force portals, she'll use them.>>168998459

>>168988149Holy fuck he got old.

>>168998918He is a simple farmer now. The sun is a bitch on the skin.

Attached: 20220528_234335.jpg (1125x632, 106.27K)

>>168983184please stay in your containment thread >>168988063

>>168999294There's not much sun in Canada, that's why his jewish whore wife took off with their daughter just like Padme, well that and her being an LA party girl.

>>168999574When will Hayden go nuclear and kill some kids?

>>168997104What movie? I kinda want to watch it now. Hayden seems like such a Chad buying a ranch with his money. Honestly I respect anyone who makes it big and uses the money to buy a ranch or somewhere to connect with nature

Attached: 1577491928956.jpg (2048x1185, 251.14K)

>>168999728I'd rather he produced some white children instead

>>168984323>He pretended we didn't existGee I wonder why?


Attached: 2469755445455.jpg (2764x4096, 2.01M)

>>169000120Nice, I'll give this a watch soon, looks wholesome

>>168998041The whole idea of Inquisitor is retarded.The Sith's main goal was to eradicate the Jedi not bring them into the fold as lesser Sith followers..It's stupid and defeats the purpose of Order 66 and Palpatine's goals in the prequel.

>>169000297I don't think they care about lore, logic or basic sense.

>>169000192I haven't watched it personally but I know the true story it was based on and it's a cool one, I hope they did it justice. Enjoy it, user :)

Attached: UWPWqD9dd.jpg (1080x1347, 135.49K)

>>169000297they needed sith baddies who were beatable, the concept is pre shitsney.

>>169000297>We must eliminate the Jedi >but not the youth with force sensitivity >I want them to be my personal army >You know....like the Jedi...but EVIL!

Attached: 73c8e095-0d12-484f-ae41-f8a26cf41834-1020x612.jpg (930x558, 19.55K)

>>168998860They're going to pull the swerve that she's still has good in her but is only doing evil shit to justify the means. Like she knew Obi Wan was there in the Owen scene but couldn't draw him out plus the other guy told her to wrap it up. It's very shitty writing that gets used all the time

>>169000120this was kinothere's also a movie where he gets put under anesthesia and gets operated on, but he's awake the whole timehaven't seen it

>>169000751This is the best Hayden kino

Attached: MV5BMWVlYTVmZWYtYmVjZi00MDU3LWE2ZTYtMGE4NTAyM2RiNDFkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x1480, 104.13K)

>>169000897meant for >>169000840

>>168983184Doesn't he live a comfy life as a farmer while earning those sweet sweet royalties from the prequels? Why would he give a flying fuck about what cunts are saying on twitter?

>>168993543it was 1 random worker lmao, I watched the video too you stupid faggot. Stop making headcannons about random bullshit that this stupid ass board feeds you. Absolutely embarrassing.

>>168983350bro this shit has been happening since blazing saddles and beyond that like idk othello

>>168983350>You're the ones that fucked everything up for everyone>leftards the enemies of civilization need anyone's input to push their disfunctional top-down horseshit

Attached: 1595062376706.png (799x2000, 182.12K)

>>169001047He farms Pokemon. I wouldn't call it a comfortable life.

>>169000897Let's make a list of all Hayden kinos>Life as a House>Shattered Glass>Awake>Jumper>90 Minutes in HeavenHonorary mention>Little ItalyNot sure about these>Outcast>First Kill

Attached: o.jpg (1859x859, 250.73K)

>>168983350>it's your fault for pushing back, goy

>>168999868his farms a 10 min drive from me I have seen him in town a few times always felt it would be weird to approach him. my buddy worked for him years ago and said he was nice but the girl from the oc was a total cunt.

>>168983501Whites are the global minority so the jews want to leech off the majority now that they've sucked the blood from all the White goyim.

Attached: 1467525925846.gif (198x236, 485.3K)

>>169001233Is- is this real

>>169001228Star Wars 3 is kino. It's also my favorite SW film.


>>169001393>the girl from the oc was a total cuntYepdistractify.com/p/rami-malek-rachel-bilson-photoHayden is just another poor guy she bombarded and decided to suck the life out of.

>>169001493Star Wars goes without saying

>>169001494Holy fuck, he will be dead soon. What a fucking retard.

>>169001603What a bitch.

>>168983184Hayden, unlike Ewan, doesn't have a career to cancel. The dark side of the force does have its advantages.

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>>169000597I wonder if Palpatine scolded Vader for killing the younglings.It would be funny if he has a soft spot for force sensitive children

>>169001810I feel like Ewan will never return to Star Wars again after this while Hayden will be given Vader series or a movie with a proper male director. We always win in the end /haydenbros/. Patience is the key.

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>>168983184did he actually refuse or just not comment on anything at all?

I for one will be shocked if the black slay yass queen turns out to be a good person in the end and saves the day.

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>>169002196I mean he doesn't even have any social media...


>>169002200You didn't read the leaks?

>>169002764wait she is ? really ?

>>169002764No leaks.youtube.com/watch?v=MRqijH1dDdI

>>168983587His role was the downfall of a hero into a villain and he played it perfectly. Everyone loves him as far as I know. He posts on Holla Forums so he's particularly loved here.He did some of the lines AS HIMSELF in the Holla Forums dubs the high ground. He's okay in my book.