Letterboxd favorites thread

Letterboxd favorites thread

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>>168980496some favorite kino action/sci fiDreams is one of the best for sure

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>>168980496>>168980969very embarassing>>168980580very generic>>168981299not bad

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>>168982540Sell me on Beyond Lemuria.

>>168982540Pretentious faggot favourites

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How do you rate movies, Holla Forums?

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>>168983731I don't. Fuck trannyboxd.

Be nice.

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>>168983858>Be nice.No. You're reddit and you suck.

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>>168983886>happy meal of the midwit farthouse menuCool

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>>168980496>dreamsbased>walkaboutgiga based

imagine using letterboxd. fuck off back to r*ddit pleb fucking shits

>>168984430>not total doomer tier but probably dorky and a little insecure about his masculinityAm I right?

>>168980580>Good Time>2 and a halfWhat didn't you like about it?

inb4 the doxxing guy doxxes people based on their favorites

>>168985295How would you even do that?


>>168985394Still think I'm on the money but it's good you view it as a bad identity.

>>168985390idk but it happened the last time I posted my favourites

>>168985473Name and all out of nowhere? Or were you just silly and posted the same stuff you posted here on a public socmedia account?

>>168982540>calls others choices embarrassing>holy mountain is his number onepretentious twat

>>168983858First and last are both pretty kino, the other two are mid

>>168985514Usernames of everybody who posted based on their favourites.

too many pseuds ITT, posting to keep it real

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>>168984927>What didn't you like about it?too derivative of Michael Mann's Thief, and the music was shit.


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>>168985446Sounds like you're projecting mate, let's see your list

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>>168985669Bruh. It was just you being silly then. Use neverendingchartrendering.org/ next time and it won't happen.

>>168987290And if it still happens it's your own fault for being a letterboxd fag.

>>168987290Nope, again he doxxed many others

>>168987290This website just taught me that paracetamol causes autism in fetuses. Based.

>>168987434Letterboxd accounts I'm sure. >>168987568Might be true but be aware, the guy running it is a bit of a schizo.

>>168985295who cares

>>168985834When I envision you, I envision a skinny, pale kid, maybe a bit on the lanky side, mouth open and drooling. Also strongly reeking of drool.

>>168988217drooling over that pussy it be going wild

>>168985834Freddy got fingered rocks

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>>168989496a24 shit as favourite? come one

>>168989973no particular order, but safdies are kino

>>168980496My profile on Letterboxd boxd.it/2ASgj

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>>168988373>>168989496not bad, don't know about spree though

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>>168982540peak pseud

peak reddit but I'm new and learning

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>>168991723I think a lot of it is a matter of personal spiritual growth. Nolan isn't the worst address, as far as I see things. He was raised Catholic and that's there in his movies.

I accept movie and book recommendations. Also if anyone has watched Naruse's other films what else should I check by him?

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>>168982540>if your favorite films aren't faggot try hard "art" films, you're embarrassing!

>>168991955Laurus by Eugene VodolazkinOstrov by Pavel LunginThe Great Beauty by Paolo SorrentinoA Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.Also, look up Rene Girard.

>>168985295based if true

>>168991997>if your favorite films aren't pothead "schizo" films, you're embarrassing!ftfy


>inb4 not a film

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>>168991955La Dolce Vita is an all timer. And I rewatched La Collectioneuse earlier this year and it was a sublime experience. Brilliant sexy little film. >>168990640 Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now are my go-to movies when I don't know what to watch. Both endlessly rewatchable. >>168983478The Apartment is one of the few films I consider absolutely perfect.

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>>168980496I dont have letterbox but wat does my top 4 say about me? Im 28 btw. Jeremiah Johnson, The Exorcist, Network, and Evil Dead 2.


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Hi, yes hello :)

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>>168982540El Topo is better than Holy Mountain>>168982660good, but I'd add Gospel According to St. Matthew in there too>>168983858p based ngl frfr no cap>>168990640respect it>>168995771never heard of that Mishima one before, you recommend it? love Conan in there by the way

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>>168996270>good, but I'd add Gospel According to St. Matthew in there tooReally can't stand how they made Christ look.

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Has never had an original thought in his life

i scroll through these threads occasionally and it always seems like a bunch of memeposts, these are really your favorite movies? holy fucking putrid taste in film almost all of you have

>>168996563I generally agree but I'm still interested in seeing your choices.

>>168986537>"It. Broke. Me."shut the fuck upyour reviews suck ass

>>168995597>reddit shit>pretentious pseudo shit>more reddit shit>mostly pretty good but the ending was absolute assGet better taste user

>>168991723Those movies are perfectly good. It's ultra cringe that Holla Forums midwits go out of their way to pretend to like hipster arthouse or boomer abstract movies.

>>168997146>It's ultra cringe that Holla Forums midwits go out of their way to pretend to like hipster arthouse or boomer abstract movies.

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On my phone so I can't post the image but>Avengers End Game>Pulp Fiction>Midsommar>The Danish Girl


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>>168996827that review was actually pretty funny user

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>>168990745>I’m still learning Yeah freshman pre-algebra I bet


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>>168996827That's a Buck Breaking review, it's funny. My reviews suck more ass.

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>>168990251I had first and last on my favorites for a while

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>>168990244oh hey, how ya been?

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>>168998336I'd replace Commando with original Terminator, but otherwise agree

>>168998887hey kingi became a wagie and got too tired to watch movies

>>168998887Why is your favourite movie just photos of a capybara and it's the same movie four times.

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>>168980496I'm a sucker for after hours aesthetics

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>>168999009Kek, I’m pulling part-time rn so best of both worlds i guess >>168999107because i think it’s funny. My genuine Top 4 is probably>Curse of the Black Pearl>Princess Bride>Viy>Inception

>>168999379decent picks, provided we're talking about 1967 Viy.

>>168999538I'd say it's easily among the best ITT.

Side note, the Minions 2 poster got hacked earlier today. That was a fun couple of hours.

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>>168999639True, except mine >>168987005 is actually the best but there probably isn't many people ITT who've seen more than one of the four.

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>>168984543Why don’t you like fun?

>>168990378>spree Uber driver kills people for social media clout, it’s a pretty good flick but nothing breathtaking

greetings from engloid

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