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>do you fear debt

>>168979736>AWhy do scots do this

.... Amber heard sent me to settle her debt

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So tell me. What's become of my shit?

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>>168979818wrong pic

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If anyone so much as mentions the word 'hearsay', I'll have their guts for garters

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Davey jones is one of the most kino movie villains of all time

are the 4th and 5th movies worth watching?

>>1689811764th is watchable, 5th is pretty bad, Jack is insufferable but Barbossa is pretty cool.

>>168980613>'ello pooppet!

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>>168980613this nigger and the other nigger were so fucking over-used

>>168981289only in the 3rd movie

>>168981226I spoke to Geoffrey Rush in one of my previous jobs. He was ok

>>168979736Heckin kekorino

>>168979533Disney won't give Depp his job back. Their pride as a woke company is on the line, and they'd rather be wrong and sink the franchise with Margot Robbie than do what's right.

>>168979736>>168979746>>168980360toasting in an epic bread

this tweet must have felt good to

>>168979808>Flying Dutchman>Scot

The curse of the black pearl is decent but overrated. The other two movies are way better.

>>168981176The 5th one is crap. It has the dwarf magically return out of nowhere, and retcons shit like where Jack got the compass and now suddenly Barbossa having a daughter.The 4th one is ok at times, but overall a bit mediocre. You could tell Disney trimmed the payroll in that one by cutting a lot of regulars out.

>>168982446Bill Nighy was doing a Scottish accent

>>168982446flying dutchman is the ship not the captain

>>168982653>The 5th one is crap.*wheeze*Jabsbarro...

>>168984080>WHEEZE>yagsbarros givenup da COMpass

Davy Jones prequel movie fucking WHEN?


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>>168984177>Davy Jones is trans and hides his dilator under her/xir tentacles

>>168979746>do you fear Depp, miss Turd

>>168983927>>168983672Davy Jones is conically Dutch though, no idea why they opted for a Scottish accent. Maybe because the Dutch accent is disgusting.

>>168979533>All your deeds laid bare>All your turds punished

>>168984177He appears in the post credits scene for dead men tell no tales so he'll have a sequel.


>>168979736>*pop* >hits pipe>squints and looks amber in the eye

>>168980433at first i thought motherfucking mike is balding

>>168982446>"flying dutchman">doesn't fly, isn't dutch

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>>168979533>DO YEH FEA' DEBT-A

>>168979808Davy Jones is a proud Welshman

>>168985366Fucking kek

>>168985351>isn't a man

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>>1689826535th would have been a redemption if they made it about Barbarossa fighting Capeetan Thalazthar with Jack as supporting character in it to steal Barbarossa’s treasure, the Pearl, and beat the Spaniard. Spanish shouldn’t have been dead either, just a really tough anti Pirate enemy.

>>168985181>Regarding on how Davy Jones would speak, the Pirates producers needed something that would sound different from all the other characters and to give Jones a bit of power and authority. Director Gore Verbinski at one point suggested that Davy Jones should speak Dutch, taking from that Davy Jones' ship was called the "Flying Dutchman", or Norweigan. Though the previous suggestions were all authentic within the story, actor Bill Nighy decided to use a Scottish accent; despite the fact that Nighy's mother grew up in Glasgow, Nighy himself had stated it was because he could do an;dr they discarded him being Dutch during development

>>168985449part of the ship, part of the crew

>>168982653>Barbossa having a daughter.doesnt seem so far fetched


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I realized the other day Rango also had Bill Nighy. Gunslinging Snake and SquidwardBased Nighy always making Deppkino

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>>168985712>>168985680the 23" bbc stare

>>168985391wrong one idiot

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Don’t let this glorious thread die mateysSALLY FORTH ALL HANDS ON DECK

>>168981176They both have alright parts but they're not good movies.

Best and worst of each film or at least your favorite and least favorite: go


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>"Oh no! Domestic abuse!"

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>>168989111such a cute scene

>Strrraight to Davy Jones locker, I say..>Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz, too- ALL the monkee's had lockers..

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>"On his bed?"

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>>168979736THREE DAYS-A

>you have the witness testimonies?>better, the turd she shat on his bed

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>>168988814Best parts of every film - jack, davey, barbossaWorst parts of every film - stronk wymynz

>>168990067allow me to offer this as a rebuttal: Keira Knightley is hot

>>168990132she's hot for sure, but not an actress to play a strong independent pirate KING (female). didnt she literally have anorexia?

>>168990132Love Kiera, Penelope and Zoe Hate pandering simple as



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>>168990132this, pirates keira knightley is S tier>delicious tan>period costume/corsets enhancing her weakest feature in her dfc>tomboyish dress and attitude after the 1st film



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>>168988814>>168990067PotC 1: Perfect adventure movie. Jack was clearly the main character, but the story was all about Will and Elizabeth. Don't know what you call that kind of storytelling?PotC 2&3: Pretty good movies, but everything was about Jack now, and I never thought that worked well.The rest of the movies: Watched them once and couldn't care less. They had their moments, but meh.

>>168982417I chuckled

>>168979533MODDDDS Do your fucking job. This isn't Holla Forums but Holla Forums psyop

>>168990067What was wrong with Calypso?

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>>168991756Have sex

>>168991756Seethe chud

>>168979746Blessed bread.

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>Twelve fives?

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The weird romance triangle in 2 or 3 (forget which) felt really fucking forced and needless.

>>168992895yeah, it kind of shits on liz's character that will is doing everything for her and she's one step away from banging jack behind his back


>>168982368Depp has been box office poison for a while nowMaybe he might get some heat back now after the trial but his 90s hipster shtick isn’t really cool anymore


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>>168990132easily the hottest actress I've ever seen in her prime

Didn't they eventually start adding real pirates like blackbeard to the series? That seems like it would be very out of place if so.>>168993187All he has to do is stop playing every character like an off brand Jack Sparrow. His best film is still Secret Window imo.

>>168993500i didnt like secret window, it was obvious from the start what the ending was going to be

>Ya best start believing in structured settlement agreements, Miss Heard....yer in one

>>168981176As someone who just watched those for the first time I thought they were good. Stranger Tides was enjoyable for me, but the last one was just okay. Its crazy that they were trying to say Pirates 6 was not going to happen because the 5th movie was definitely there to set up another movie.

>>168993548It's been a long while since I last saw it, so perhaps now it will have lost its luster, but I remember being very engaged back then and loving it. I rarely rewatch movies, but perhaps I should break the code tonight to see if it'll hold up.

which one of you niggers

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>>168993810Why are you even there in the first place, buddy?>>168992966Yeah, they really undid a lot of things from the first film in a way. Clumsy writing leading to awkward characters. An artifact of writers trying to cobble a sequel out of a one and done film.

>>168994008because i knew someone would repost it

>obsessed with bwcwhat was her fucking problem

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>>168994429Needed a boyfriend and her nails did

>>168994504Barbosa shivered her timbers at least once.

>>168994429Kinda gave me jungle fever lids

>>168995480Same. Just something about spooky petite chocolate ladies.

>>1689811764th is massively underrated pirate kino.5th is borderline unwatchable

>>168991765She was actually pretty cool better than the female pirate characters


>>168991653It's called Depp stealing the show despite NOT being the main character but that's fine because it's perfectly normal for relevant secondary characters (like mentor figures, which is what Jack is in the first movie) to be more interesting than the self-insert bland protagonist.

>>1689811764vwas neat, but not as good as the core story


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>>168979533Could he postpone her judgement?


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>>168996140What is it with people stanning 4 and 5 these days?

>>168981176In the minority here but I enjoyed 5 more than 4. Last 30 mins of 5 are shit tho.

>>168981176i enjoyed every second of salazar (the dude who says jag sbarro)

>>1689981454 is good. People just hate on it because of when it came out, as an unnecessary sequel, for the sake of hating on blockbusters.5 is meme-tastic

>>168998145They are fed up with retards praising the objectively worst ones (2 and 3)

Never seen any of the sequels. Sell me on them?

>>168999593they're fun

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>>168999593>>169000877but skip the fourth and especially the fifth they're not directed by Verbinski

>>168999593Watch them all if you want and form your own opinions.


>>168999593Second and third become increasingly plot dense and overwrought. Few people seem to have a problem with the extent they took it with the second movie but many people draw the line before the third. I disagree with them but understand the criticism, the third is far less grounded and more over the top than either that came before it. Never saw the last two, but from my understanding the fourth was more of a return to form, spiritually similar to the first and second but with a newish cast, and the fifth is a mess with a couple good performances and a load of shitposting potential.