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last thread died in 100 posts... we need a discord


woah.. he's literally me!

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what did Orson mean by this?

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>>168980855>>168981665>>168982332what film?


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>>168982777it's an anthology filmRosellini Godard Pasolini and other guy I dont remember

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>>168982777>>168982833oh that's already on my watchlist. looks kino

What is objectively the best decade for /film?

>>1689838092010s easily


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>>168984501he said best not worst


I've watched Bad Lieutenant. It was way better than I expected. 90 minutes of neo-noir self destruction, well acted and with a couple of really good scenes. The christian morality ruins it, but not too much. Sadly, this shot was included in the film, so I give it 0/10.

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>>168983809depends on the country but honestly I'd say 60s.

>>168982332based topo gigio>>168986573Watch Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, it's peak Herzog

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>>168986573I fucking hate that led zeppelin sued schoolly D and pulled the "kashmir" sample from signifying rapper for bad lieutenant and all the prints. I've been looking for a VHSrip of this forever.

>>168986982>led zeppelin suedThat's rich coming from a group who stole every song that made them famous

Okay, /film/, I need some serious stuff. No more weak sauce. Give me the Han ye torrent.

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>>168987289ferrara even said "i'll strangle that cocksucker jimmy page". zeppelin are literally plagiarists.the song makes the film so much more badass, especially during the nun rapetwitter.com/jfrankensteiner/status/1331396990161317889


>>168984705what movie is Antonioni directing here?

>>168987915Hats off

>>168988115There are still no English subs, so hope you know Cantonese

>>168988062Blow up

>>168988208do you watch movies with subs?

>>168988479Yes. I find it much easier than learning a new language




>>16898380960s for me, but the 20s are also a strong contender.

>>168990293>but the 20s are also a strong contender.based silent chad

>>168983809despite it also containing the most dross of the 20th C I'd probably honestly say 80s, the lows were lower but the highs were higher too


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>>168991096what is this garbage?

>>168991096half of these are barely mentioned here

>>168990869>but the highs were higher tooSuch as?

>>168991096Nobody gives a fuck about half of those, the old filmcores are fine. This is shit.

>>168991459What is the most mentioned movie here?



>>168992366Not even the most mentioned or acclaimed of 2021 lol

>>168992095Hard to say.

>>168992366hated this and the american distribution gimmick just confirmed my suspicion that he is a hack>>168986573>christian morality ruins itwhy? that is what the whole film is about


>>168992725>why? that is what the whole film is abouthe's baiting. did the fact he gave the film a 0/10 for including Trump's name not give it away?

>>168993075i didnt look at that shot

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Moshi moshi?

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>>16898380970s best for american and soviet 90s best for asian, though now is also goodidk about European I guess it's all bad

>>168995811Horrible taste.

>>168995811>90s best for asianDon't post here ever again

>>168996083>>168996119Choke on my nuts

>>168995811>idk about EuropeanYou really don't.

Dreyer theatricalFordov Leninist>Terayama greenTsai Paris

Dreams is my favorite Kurosawa film, what do you lads think of it?

>>168995811god awful taste

>>168997152Rhapsody in August or Red Beard

>>168997152>>168997257Misread your post, thought you were asking for favorite Kurosawa flicks.Dreams is great, but it suffers from the same problem that most anthology films do. Some of the shorts just aren't that great. I personally didn't care for Mount Fuji in Red or The Weeping Demon.

>>168996227>>168997214Suck my peen

Thoughts on sensory ethnography?


>>168979934kill yourself faggot

Do Mexicans even make good movies? I want something like under the volcanoe.

rate Naruse's flicks so I know what to check first


>>168998321well fuck me then


>>168998286>google Naruse>see the first flicks that pop up>pick the one with the nicest posterthere

>>168998116Buñuel's Mexican films are pretty good

>>168998923I mean ones by people of mexican descent.

having a nice poster is what really matters

Does The Return bear repeated viewings?Saw it weekly on initial release but tempted to try again.

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>>168998116They make the best chainsaw gore flicks.

>>169000585I can't wait for this old fuck to die

>>169000585He looks so scary.

>>168996812>Fordov LeninistWtf I love him now