How do you solve the free-rider problem when it comes to having a minimum-basic income and universal healthcare?

How do you solve the free-rider problem when it comes to having a minimum-basic income and universal healthcare?

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With communism.

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Free riders only exist under capitalism. It's funny how right-wingers consider welfare queens bigger leeches than capitalists. More of your tax money (assuming you have a job, faggot) goes to corporate welfare than actually unemployed people. The real welfare queens are on wall street.

How many years of welfare spending did Wall Street receive in its bailouts?

As for that fat fuck boogie, he'll be forced to lose weight. If we get authoritarian communism, the state will put him and all other fatasses on a ration. If we get libertarian communism, the communal council will decide, which most likely would also limit his intake.

guys on wall street, are usually over-educated and highly motivated individuals who work overtime regularly. " For Wall Street interns, a 90-hour workweek is considered reasonable."

"They'll say they worked 110 hours one week, and you're like, 'Shut up, you only worked 90.'"

I'm guessing you also have money and wages in that sort of communism, ya?

Wall street interns aren't the leeches we are talking about. We're talking about the guys who own the banks.

is that when you have a state but don't call it a state?


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And hundred of thousands of people work just as much and often more, doing manual labor and are not rewarded proportionally for their efforts, despite the claim that "Capitalism rewards hard work". The workers also do not exploit other workers like the bourgeoisie, and if they get sick or injured they're pretty much fucked. I couldn't honestly care less about the fact that the rich are highly-educated and hard-working when they're actively exploiting their subordinates.


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they produce zero value in these 100 hours of work, capitalism provides a lot of useless labor

It's only a problem under capitalism. If we get rid of capitalism, it's no longer a problem.

People won't suddenly love parasites, they will be dealt with by exclusion and psychological coercion.

By realizing that it's not a problem at all. If people want to free-ride then let'em be.
Work should be done not because of money but because you have the conscience that work needs to be done. If nobody sows the seeds in the fields then there won't be any food, so if you like to plant seeds go there and work on it. If nobody do maintenance on the electrical grid then shit will be dammed and there won't be electricity for you to turn on you computer and fap to porn, so if you like to deal with this sort of maintenance go ahead and do it.

It doesn't solve the free rider problem because the bourgeoisie still exist

So mandatory work camps it is.

how can you be this naive.

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What's naive about his statement?

This is:

It's complete shit made into words. Works needs to be done because it materially needs to be done! We know how to build fridges, fridges improve people's quality of life like few other things, therefore works should be preformed to build fridges. And if few enough people will build fridges to provide people with fridges, we either have to incentivize more people to work, or force them.

And that's why communism will never happen and capitalism is here to stay.

1. Work isn't optional under capitalism
2. You both have no idea how incentives actually work

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It's a non-issue. The American system has less coverage and it still manages to be more expensive, up to 50% more than the universal health care systems of most developed Western nations.

Non-universal coverage is actually a problem in itself that produces more costs.

In the US the following happens:
There is a stable >15% of people that are not covered. These uninsured and a lot of low-insured people notoriously shy away from going to the doctor for minor conditions that sometimes accumulate and develop into full-blown and expensive emergencies that then have to be legally treated during an ER visit.

Now certainly, these people are not able to ever pay their medical debts since they weren't even able to purchase insurance in the first place. So who is footing this unnecessary bill that would've been a lot cheaper if there was universal coverage, so people could get their check-ups and treatment for minor things?

It's the average insured person that is paying the higher premiums and less coverage for their buck.

This means that this is a system that is more expensive and less-covering. The only people profiting from this insanity are the very rich.

Minimum-basic income and universal healthcare are capitalistic solutions to the growing crisis created by capitalism. They soothe the growing anger of the unemployed masses. There is no free-rider problem as, hopefully, more and more people free-ride causing the system to implode. As for free-rider under socialism, they wouldn't exist. Under socialism work is a universal condition. There is no joblessness. On the other hand, if someone willfully tries to free-rides, he can expect at best ostracism or even outright exile by the rest of the community.

So either you work or you get fucked.
Seems like the exact same options you have under capitalism.

their work is basically valueless gambling built on memes which exacerbates crises and fucks the real economy

read steve keen
every day until you like it

how is that a problem? fully automated luxury capitalism is fine too, i ain't doing anything anyway. sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing is the best way to rock the boat

You don't, that's one of the many reasons a welfare state is shit.

Revolution eliminating class antagonisims so porky and his/her/xirs spawn can stop milking me dry.

A transgender demiboy otherkin muslim double nigger could own a bank and they would get a bullet too, we will kill Schlomo Goldenstein and Mahmoud Bin-Bombing, LaDa'Andre Jenkins and John Whiteguy as long the are bourgeois and are resisting history. We are not liberals.

the idea of a free rider problem in healthcare seems like an amazing example of pure ideology.
like, I wasn't going to cut my arm off before but now that i know the NHS will put it back on i'm going out to get the saws, this is gonna be awesome.

fucking hell one look at the number of fatties in the US would tell you ""personal responsibility"" doesn't work.

(vis-a-vis basic income, people will continue to work because [a] it's a social norm and [b] they're going to want to consume more than the minimum income will provide, while the existence of minimum income can justify deregulating the labour market since a precarious job is no longer a barely masked death sentence. "the gig economy" as something other than a completely cruel joke.)

He who does not work does not eat. That includes you NEETs. Who do you think we are,some kind of god damn liberals?

Why are burgers so stupid? How can you even be a free rider when it comes to healthcare?

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because whenever a burger isn't stupid, nobody bothers to make a meme out of it and you never find out about it. You only ever hear about the ~10% of dumb burgers.