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I remember like nothing from the previous two seasons.

Just watched the new episode. Didn't really expect that heavy episode subject. Kinda expected the end result. Would have been ballsy to go a different direction, but I'm not surprised they went this way.

>>168973634LOL BORTUS GAY>this shit sucks

>>168974096I think it would have been too easy to just write him off. Now all the baggage he brings has to be addressed through out the season instead of it all just being over with after the first episode.

>>168974364I don't really want all-season baggage.

>>168974096Well shit. A sci-fi parody, what we all thought was space family guy, ended up being a significant heavy hitter for a lot of social issues. Good shit. Also hot ensign.


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>>168974399Everyone just narrowly avoided complete extinction last season and are currently in a war with a far technologically superior species. The person that was paramount in events leading up to all this is currently serving on the ship.It's not something that should be resolved in the first episode of the season.

>>168973634It feels like they created an episode to talk about it instead of weaving it into the story.

>>168974590Good. It doesn't need to focus on "the story". Episodic is very good.

>>168974364After rewatching all of the Orville recently I'm surprised they didn't address the issue of Isaac sooner. After the big Kaylon reveal it just goes unaddressed in the latter half of season 2.

what happens to norm's character?

>>168974664Space Goo Cancer

oh snap the first episode dropped.I miss the Orville watch threads. Never be the same

>>168974664Didn't they finish recording the season before he passed? You might not know until season 4.

>>168974611I wasn't referring to a season-wide arc. This episode felt like it was created to show off Seth's views on suicide instead of something in the universe.

>>168974694At least they're doing a weekly release scheduled.

I saw an ad for the new season and it looked boring as shit. I thought it was supposed to be a comedy.

>>168974735Sounds like the original Star Trek. The science fiction serves as a way to approach human subjects, rather than just being fantasy pew pew lasers in space.

All I want to know is when are they bringing back Alara?

>>168974799>The science fiction serves as a way to approach human subjects,I agree. I may not quite get it, but it has gotten stuck in my head because of that.

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>>168975152A literally horny alien who likes to eat rock candy after a fuck sesh. Nice.

>>168974934She's gone but at least we still have Ensign Turco

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>>168975152I kind of wish they had to balls to go a bit more explicit now they don't have to worry about network S&P

>>168975620I think that Seth wanted to keep it in the Star Trek mold.

>>168975692I fully understand why they didn't and agree it's the right decision. On the other hand though. Spiky alien tits.

>>168975744The cosmic dilemma.

>>168973634Finally, a show similar to Star Trek is back.

Good episode. Not 3 year wait good. But good

>>168973634What happened to the really strong lady?

>>168976473She wanted out of the show. Her final episode was a good one.

>>168976473She broke up with Seth.

>>168976473In universe she started to lose her strength so went back home to recuperate but decided to stay then got replaced by another strong woman.In real life Seth MacFarlane dated her then got rid of her when they broke up.

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>>168977053based Seth

Rider Bump

>>168973634Did Kelly fatten up? She was looking all skelly in Season 2.

>>168978912Hard to tell when she's in uniform but she doesn't look any different

>>1689736345 episodes in and SNW is already better.

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>>168979329Don't care, STD and Picard killed the franchise. I've been out since Picard died at the end of season 1. Star Trek ended in 2005 as far as I'm concerned.

>>168973634how the fuck did macfarlane manage to find a hotter version of halston sage. goddamn that lucky cunt. funny they bought back that swimsuit model who was fucking the black guy only for her to get utterly mogged by sage 2.0also can we quit with the sweeping orchestral music in every scene jesus christ.

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>>168979329Fuck off, idiot

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>>168979716Didn't watch STD or Picard because anyone could've told you they were trash based on the trailers. SNW is Trek.

>>168979972Sorry, Seth. It's over.

>>168979927we have a new space elf alara? or is she a filthy human?

>>168979329Vulcan Freaky Friday.

This episode, bros

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dropped it early on, downloaded this episode and it looks like they dropped comedy aspect completely surprised they aren't sued by star trek, it's barely a parady

>>168980057Filthy human

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>>168973634when i saw the black kid running at the opening of the episode it just made me laugh for some reason, i think modern media broke me somehow, wouldn't have even registered in my brain 5 years ago lmao

is it normal in the middle of a space fight just to have your crew randomly running around your ship (as if there was anywhere to go) instead of being in their positions and doing something useful?

>>168980339>surprised they aren't sued by star trek, it's barely a paradyYou realise that Star Trek doesn't own the concept right? If it was possible Star Trek would have been sued for ripping off Forbidden Planet long ago.

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>>168980936If they are on damage control duty, probably.

wtf did they mean by this?

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>>168974664died tragically during the war

>>168981272seth is part of the tribeyou can refer to your property however you like

>>168981210haha nice crop retard

>>168980499>disgustingUnironically she is, too skinny and has no ass. Bitch needs to eat a sandwich or something.

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It's pretty crazy how much better an actor the Doc is compared to literally the entire rest of the crew.

>>168981378>instagrammodern stardom is the worst lmao, they have to literally compete with random local whores and they usually lose the competition, they should stay away from social media except for a few paparazzi photos now and then

>>168981467hol' on

>>168977162>>168977053And replaced her with someone he fucked years earlier. He's probably even fucked the Doctor.

>>168981600Clearly he hired her for her acting

wait a minute, was he just gay Teal'c all along?

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>>168981703What gave it away?

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>>168980361>>168981378>another random character talking like your average college girl like nu-alarawe could have had space elves bros, it's so over

>>168982009>tfw no pointy eared, pointy teethed, space elf gf

>>168973913Probably just a shit memory but it has been 4 years since season 2

>>168981343>Seth is part of the tribeYeah, no

>>168973913something something, gay sex, something something, robots attack

>>168979329Not really, just because it’s better than all the other literal shit nutrek, does not make it goodThe only thing they have gotten right so far is the episodic nature of trek

>>168982202>tfw no pointy eared, pointy teethed, space elf gf to punch you in the dick

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I'm glad Seth Trek is back. I will always miss those /orv/ live threads.

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>>168973634>HuluIt's dead, Jim

>>168973634its cringe and pozzed, stopped watching when all episodes were either about bortus and his husband, or about the lady who decided to fuck a goddamn robot

>>168982973Don't worry, they'll be making Young Sheldon for years to come, so at least you've still got that to stimulate your brain.

>>168982909Gay and pozzed.


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>>168982745They also got the optimism and confidence in their characters. 5 episodes in and Orville was still trying to figure out what it was. I like both about the same right now.

>>168983099>posting a fired actress

>>168983136it's not so bad, but all the new characters are always terrible, they just bring people who can't act and just talk is if they were in a bar instead of an spaceship

>>168983192Sounds like the Orville. Must be why I like em both.

SNW has a drummer clone. That's enough for me.

>>168979329episode 2 was so bad how are you still watching that?

Charly is cute!

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the blonde girl is really cute, where's she from?

>>168979927>>168980361KKK ensign gets a 3/10, not even her racism can save her

>>168984191>>168984202current Seth's toy i assume

Will pickle jars ever come back?

>>168983760???It was kino and it's only getting better.

>>168984241And not afraid to show her spacism when she feels it

>>168984242nah, Seth has moved on

I want to see more Krill fun

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>>168984191how old and any fap material?

>>168984359She's 17 and a half so keep it in your pants

>>168984426really? She seems mid twenties

>>168984241Yes. 27 years old from texas.

>>168984314and klingorcs

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>>168982642>named Seth>Jewish mother>gets the OY VEY DON'T TRAVEL ON 9/11 CALL and is tauntingly open about it>makes incessant pedophilia jokes>has an extensive series of beards barely concealing his flagrant homosexualityyes, he's Jewish.

>>168976473You mean the black single mother? Stronger than ever. Brave, too.

>>168984191Pity her acting is subpar.

>>168985028>>168984191>>168981378>>168980361>>168979927Poll: Who is gonna bang her first? the answer may surprise you

>>168973634Too much drama in the first episode.And there were like five episodes after the Kaylon stuff and yet they didn't treat Isaac like shit.

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Is his Krill waifu back this season?

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>>168985857Seth's best mate is the ginger pilot, they've probably spitroasted her at least once.

>>168986148Scott Grimes was engaged to Palicki.I think they called it off, though.

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>>168981272>Isaac, you retard!

>>168973634i love how the picture is so clear and vibrant and the cgi is crisp and looks so good.

>>168974735do you think norm actually killed himself?

Is this gonna be a season long thing, or will we have regular one-off episodes, too?

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>>168986412I miss her

>>168986481Meh. Her replacement is a much better actress.

I'm so fucking tired of the gayliens.

Just watched new episode. It looks absolutely fucking gorgeous. I'll be the first to say I wanted it to get a touch more serious since the humour could go a little too far into stupid/crude territory in past seasons. Well, I got my wish, but I think it's gone too far in the serious direction and lost its punchy pace along with it. I'd compare the feeling of watching that episode to the first Star Trek movie, (which I don't hate). There is kinda cool sci-fi Trek shit going on, but it's taking way too long to happen. Maybe they wanted to play this particular episode more sombre due to the subject, but I get the feeling this might be the new atmosphere/pace/style they're going with. Which is sailing uncomfortably close to the 'up it's own arse' un-fun tone of official CURRENT YEAR Star Trek. If they did something between this and the previous seasons, they'd really be onto something. You don't need wall-to-wall shitty Family Guy type humour, but the casual language and workplace interactions on a starship was pretty cool, and a welcome difference from the rather regimented TNG style Trek. Basically, a 'Galaxy Quest' type working atmosphere should be about the aiming mark. Where they are professional, the rank structure always exists, (at least in the background), but they're also friends and workmates who go drinking, fuck around, talk straight and casual to one another in a very human way.One of the cool things about, 'The Caine Mutiny' (1954), was the officers of the Caine are professional, but refer to each other by their first names and have normal casual conversations, rather than referring to each other by rank all the time or some perpetually uptight shit like that. Just a bunch of guys who know their jobs, running a

>>168986481>>168986518C-Can I maybe get an answer to the question instead of lust?

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>>168986254They are married since 2019.

>>168981378Looks like that's his type. I don't like big butts and I cannot lie, but I find the total lack of arse on that Keyali bitch particularly disturbing. Something wrong with her whole pelvis, where her frame looks like that of a 12 year old boy. Yucky.

>>168986794>At the San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, it was revealed that he was dating his Orville co-star Adrianne Palicki. The two announced their engagement in January 2019,[10] and married in Austin, Texas on May 19, 2019.[11][12] Two months later, in July 2019, Palicki filed for divorce, but had it dismissed in November.[13][14] The couple separated again in June 2020, with Palicki again filing for divorce in July.[15]

>>168986911Separated but still married.To work in orville you have to be a friend or an ex, or a grilfriend or possible sex partner of seth?

>>168986254One of the most charismatic motherfuckers I've seen in a long time. So not shocked he's banging Wonder Woman.

>>168986911Wtf did she find out about him that made her want to divorce so quickly?

>>168973634Why do you faggot keep shilling this stupid show? Its just as pozzed and poorly written as the NuTrek crap. Fucking idiots.

>>168987030Go to bed Kathleen, adults are talking.

>>168987026obviously that he's gay

>>168987134Yeah, but a better singer than her.

>>168987073>redditspacing>weird replyPottery.

>>168986054>And there were like five episodes after the Kaylon stuffi thought that was the season 2 finale? was there 5 more episodes?

>>168987322Identity 1 & 2 are the Kaylon episodes.Technically the season finale episodes involve them, too, but it's not the main plot.

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>>168987030>Its just as pozzed and poorly written as the NuTrek crap.That's where you lost me.i can understand people not liking Orville due to personal taste. I didn't expect to like it at all since I literally can't be in the same room with Family Guy on the TV - I shit you not - but it's not even close to shitty Kurtzman Trek.I still have issues with Orville, but it's as close as you'll get to old Trek. Which by the way had no shortage of gay shit in it - like Riker falling in love with a gender queer alien. I don't particularly enjoy the gay Bortus crap, but it's something actual Trek might have legit done to address CURRENT YEAR political faggotry shit.


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I didn't even make it to when she left, but I've been meaning to go back and watch the show anywaygood to know it's still good

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>>168987410Quit cringeposting, please.If you can't adapt to the etiquette return to reddit.

>>168987392for some reason i removed from my memory the last 5 episodes, or maybe never got around watching them for some reason, but the descriptions sound terrible so don't really want to go back

>>168987490Outside of sanctuary, which is a Moclan episode, they're all pretty good.As good as the Orville gets, at least.

>>168987484Fuck Reddit. Why would I use that shitty site?But if you mean using paragraphs, I learned to type old skool on a mechanical typewriter before Reddit or this site ever existed, and it's just force of habit, so fuck all a' y'all and your gay little standards of how you think other people should type.

>>168987571No, I mean you talk like a soft, inner-city, faggo.

>>168984191Better hope that Seth doesn't dump her so she can stay on the show.

>>168987571You should try Reddit, you'll probably like it.Plus you won't get told told to go fuck yourself with the business end of a rusty rake quite so often.

>>168987598Ehhhhh! Wrong. Would you like to go for Double Jeopardy where the scores can really change?You're the one who sounds like the fucking homo running around demanding people talk in a way that doesn't trigger you or whatever your fucking problem is. Kill yourself you AIDS-infected faggot.

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> season 3 still not available on Disney + here in Germany REEEEEEEEEEE

So when does the big breasted chick from the 100 show up? I heard she was cast for S3

>>168988616What is the 100?

>>168988646A mediocre CW show. It had some good episodes but mostly I was there for the hot chicks in it

>>168988682Who is the girl in question, the girl cast for S3?


>>168973634no thank you.

>>168981378>>168981378Kekkk that as

>>168988744Eliza Taylor

If only he knew.

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>>168981340I didn't even know he was sick.

>>168988869Looks like she's only in one episode.

is this show any good guys? thinking about starting it

>>168988550it's on free streaming websites online

>>168989317it's like family guy in space

>>168985028I didn't want to be the one to say it.

>>168989317I won't call it great, but its decently okay. It had the honor of being the best Star Trek show when it came out, despite not being Star Trek, because it was running against the shitheap that was Discovery. Its basically someone making fairly honest TNG fanfiction, but with lame jokes thrown in just often enough that they can still claim to be parody for legal reasons. Seth McFarlan is in it, but anyone who mentions it in the same breath as Family Guy has never watched the show and its just shitposting.

>>168989317For everyone that misses Star Trek the Next Generation, this show has been a lot of what they want. High quality most of the time.

>>168989317Season 1 is bad. Season 2 is good enough.

So how much better is stargate compared to this ?

>>168990051Stargate is a joke.

>>168989430>it's like family guy in spaceIts really not. If anything its more comparable to something like Scrubs in space.

>>168986148I bet Grimes got to pick out which actress he wanted to fuck and Seth gave her a role. Banged her first, just to make sure she was good enough for his buddy. I love Palicki, but she is a whore with fake tits (so is Jessica Szohr now). I want to marry them Big Love style.

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>>168986148>>168990312You people are disturbed. Seek help.


>>168990510No you are.Seriously tho, The Orville is an incestuous little group. It's on Saved By The Bell levels of inter-cast sex.


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>>168987490Are you me? I remember thinking that the space battle episode was the finale but I somehow think to remember having seen the other episodes upon reading the descriptions.

How did trek get so bad at this then when Orville knows how?

>>168974590It’s only jarring because it’s the first episode of the season. I’m sure on rewatch of the show it would feel more like an epilogue of season 2

How the fuck does one episode of this shit make me feel more then anything current Trek has done?

>>168992146Except it's more like an epilogue to episode 9 of season 2 than of episode 13

>>168990312>The Virgin Jess Bush>The Chad Jessica Szohr

>>168992582The new episodes of Trek only exist to sell product.

>>168986054I wish they were more creative with this design, it just seemed like a miniature version of the main ship, like the arcs on the back could have been put on the sides instead or something.

>>168986054>And there were like five episodes after the Kaylon stuff and yet they didn't treat Isaac like that is funny, but that speaks to the shittiness of post-Kaylon S2, not this episode The fact that Isaac just came back an episode after betraying all of them was retarded. Gave me flashbacks to DS9 when Odo was just accepted back after he betrayed everyone to the Dominion

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>>168979329The Orville is back, so we don't have to pretend any NuTrek is good anymore.

>>168987392Weird, I recall the Fell In Love With Hologram episode being before Identity, and forgot about Blood of Patriots - leaving only Sanctuary, which was very Isaac-light.

>>168984191Based robot alien hating waifu enjoyer

>>168990617>It's on Saved By The Bell levels of inter-cast sex.As far as I know, only two pairings were confirmed. You think Seth banged more?

>>168974160>species hates w*men so much they exile every single one of them and turn full homogayyyyyyyy but also based af

oh wow, its like a different show. i liked it.

Goddamn first episode was so fucking good. I had feels.

Can I skip the first 2 season?Season 1 wasn't hitting for some reason

>>168995831yes, there's not much going on in the overall plot that's important, except fighting lizards, and then fighting robots

>>168990051stargate is good, but it's mostly walking through different forest planets, orville is bad, but there's more interesting CGI space battles

>>168995831yeah pretty much. theres some trek cameos throughout the seasons you'd miss out on but nothing story wise. maybe like the last few episodes of season 2

>>168995831OFFICIAL Holla Forums episode guide:S1: 1,4,11S2: 3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14

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>>168995831Season 2 is kino.

>>168996580It is approximately 300% better than season 1.

>>168974096I honestly thought he was dead after Norm couldn't revive him. DS9 would have killed him, but TNG would absolutely find a way to bring him back to life.

Pretty good episode so far. I was not expecting such serious subject matter, but I'm happy the trend of gradually getting more and more serious stayed. The humor was always the weakest part more often than not. >>168987134Nah, the other dude in Adventures in Babysitting was gay.

>>168974934new female character is mad cute

>>168996799i don't get what the black guy did when he broke the disk on the floor

>>168987026>What did a woman learn about a man in Hollywood that made her not wanna be with him?His actual wealth. Most women know the men in Hollywood are all gay. It's not a deal breaker. Look at Tom cruise. Guy probably is gay as fuck and still smashes bitches because the church of scientology tells him to.


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>>168996916but if she's not a space elf, what's the point?

>>168996799>TNG would absolutely find a way to bring him back to life with emotions

>>168996916I don't like the new ensign.

>>168996917He distributed the pieces so he could more easily isolate the tiny bit he needed.

>>168997024yes, still wondering when Isaac will get an "emotional chip" episode

>>168997024McFarlane seems to be a lot more disciplined about letting his logical character be weird and alien instead of having emotional outbursts.

>>168996917uhhh yeah I didn't get that either, will need to rewatch,>>168997024only in the movies...and well, this kinda felt like an Orville TV movie

>>168997185He's doing so good. Season one was a struggle, Two was overwhelmingly kino with a few missteps. I have high hopes for season 3 and will be fucking crushed if there is no more after that especially if it seems to be hitting its' stride right as its' canceled.

>>168997073there has to be a better way to extract it? he goes all "ohh, a little shaking may erase him" after that lol


>>168997343>huluit's over

>>168997372Well he did want to shoot it first but no one had a space gun. It's a TV show user. relax.

>>168997372I'm guessing that was meant to increase the drama and stakes of the Kaylon pursuing the Orville

>>168997438yes, i expected them to need to revive the robot to save them, was surprised when they just solved the battle by themselves and then have the small kid emotionally manipulate the blond girl into fixing it

>>168997508yeah you could have done it either way but I liked the kid going from having caused Isaac's suicide to causing his revival.

>>168997596didn't like fresh soldier girl literally ignoring orders cause some emotional thing with no consequences, some humor is ok, but sometimes it feels they are running the ship more like a classrooom than like actual military

>>168997676>it feels they are running the ship more like a classrooom than like actual militaryI'm guessing you were never in the military?

>>168997676I dunno man, Seth tried to handle it in a personable way, she wouldn't bite and then he ordered her, she refused and he relieved her of duty. That's exactly what Kirk would have done.

>>168997676you said it. fresh. shes a newly transfered ensign. bo experience

Where's the jokes?

>>168997820didn't see many redshirts shitting all over him

>>168997884Strange New Worlds is a big joke.

Man if this series removed all the weird cuck shit and the bad jokes it could have been a classic.

>>168998073welcome to Season 2 and 3, user

>>168998200season 2 was 90% gay sex episodes


>>168997676Same with all Star Trek or Star Wars outside the originals of both. The older guys that worked on both were ex-military (Gene for example, USIA/Navy for Lucas and their friends) so treated the subjects with a military structure that acted like a military would.All the new stuff is from people that basically have no clue how the real world works or never did the military, and it shows.The Orville is exceptionally bad about that. The new Slowbi Wan Snorenobi show is exceptionally bad.For McFarlane, it's like he worked at McDonald's once and said- "This is how the wacky military works!".To be fair to McFartlance...he kind of writes The Snoreville to be a civil-military combo (Next Gen), of which...he can almost seem to understand the civil side, and none of the military side.The new Star Trek show with Pike is really, really close to what the old East India Company navy used to be. Way less brutal, but the basis of military corporation confederations is there. It's far superior to the other ones on that alone.They just need to lay off the "muh interpersonal character development" fuckery.>jellico transports to your ship>order robbotman9000 to follow you from transporter room>stomp thru hallway to bridge & see Riker>immediately Article 15 every bridge officer>you are relieved from command for extreme fuck-around & ass-grabbing, bucko>get my ship in order immediately, commander robbotman, or I captains' mast you in 10 Forward & broadcast it ship wide>Leutnant Worf...let's hit the chow hall, I hear they got killer chalupas...bring your security reports for the last 6 months>Navigator, get us to Geidi Prime, we gotta secure our spice routes from pirates, so any ship broadcasting "Millenium Falcom" is to be nuked from orbit immediately>Lt. Barkley, you are now second...comms, re-route all calls to him until 1500

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It was good at times

>Might be time for helmets and seatbelts.The Orville with the burn on Trek-like ship design.

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>>168980361Hotter blonde than Nurse Chapel on SNW. Seth knows the score.

>>169000648Neither can act.

>>169001194Pretty young women just need to be pretty young women. You only need talent if you're not young and/or pretty.

>>169000648>he watches SNW