For me it's Chel

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>>168970097I want to own Chel and make her dress up in cute and slutty outfits for me.

What ethnicity is this ?

>>168970284El Futuro Portador De Atrocodias y Abominaciones


>>168970097Movies that couldn't get made today

>>168970457I saw it for the first time yesterday and was pretty blown away by what they got away with.

>>168970097>native gets her pussy colonized by european>nobody complainedHow far we've fallen

>>168970097me on the right


>>168970097 For me it's Kida from Atlantis Idk why the fuck I can't post pics on Holla Forums

I once confessed to my friends that I wanted to fuck Chel and I thought they were going to judge me for it but they mostly complimented my taste. The only one who disagreed was dating a girl nearly a foot taller than him at that time, so his opinion doesn't fucking matter.

>>168970284iberian cum dump

>>168971348>tfw 6' talk and rarely even see women my height, and never dated anyone even close to being as tall as me.

>>168970457The left loves degrading raceplay trash nowadays, so it's right up their alley.

>>168970817We've gotten more and more pussy as time went on. The original Bad News Bears had a kid calling others wetbacks and niggers, and Jackie Earle Haley plays a 15 year old who smokes, rides a motorcycle, and tries to have sex with every female around him.

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>>168970457It could, it just needs to come from someone who wants to make a love story between a native and a conquistador. Which is nobody.


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>>168972195Why has this animal escaped the zoo?


>>168972232because she wants / need to mate with me AGOOOOOA

For me, it's Pocahontas.

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>>168972195Built for small white cock

indio women are repulsively looking irl the spaniards only took them because they had no choice

>>168972779>t. white, post-wall, vile, screeching harpy

>>168972571See, there ARE attractive looking Native girls. In North and South America. They're just kind of rare. Also you need to get one of them that hasn't fucked themselves up with alcohol and pills.

>>168972841>t. wannabe latinx

>>168970284I would have though South American but here's a map you figure it out

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>>168974984did you sneeze or something?

>>168971348Based manlet Chad with an amazon gf dabbing on his virgin faggot friends jerking off to cartoons

>>168970097For me its Kidagakash

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>>168972571You can tell this was written by a perverted white man who gets off writing shit like this.

>>168975324Clearly you have no idea how mentally fucked women are. Almost every girl has some form of rape fantasy.

>>1689725712022's raceplay trend is the cringiest shit on the planet. But of course you know that the usual Twitter fags will only have a problem with this while seeing the black version as perfectly normal. Honest to god I don't fucking get these zoomers.

>>168975277Built for nerdy white men.

>>168972195>black>normal nose>massive but shapely assim in love

>>168975731indian or certain south americans basically


Look at those thick legsI bet she would be excellent at CBTa kick from her would make you vomit your stomach out from pain

>>168970097why didnt tulio and miguel spend the entire movie doubleteaming this cup of hot coffee with the thick thighs and cute feet

>>168975277Kida would have been perfect with pointy ears

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>>168972122Nothing like the girl in OP. Keep dreaming, dude.


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>>168972195im on no fap stop this

For me it’s her

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>>168970097Why did they casually animate the most breedable woman of all time in this kid’s movie?

>>168977126>pissjaksgo game end your life

>>168977890All animators are horny as hell. They let their lust bleed into their work which is why you get girls like Chel. The next time you see a sex goddess in a cartoon or animated movie, you thank the director for allowing such a thing to exist and improve society.

>>168972195imagine las brappas

>>168975143>>168975191fuck off spics


>>168975731It's always about the nose, isn't it? It makes or breaks the face.

>>168970284la goblina

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>>168978590I'd let her sacrifice me to a blood god if she farted in my face.

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>>168978590i want to colonize her ass

Good thread.

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>>168972195I'm diamonds. I bet 10000 upvotes she's Brazilian.

Stop race mixing.

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>>168979001Black & brown women shouldn't be so sexy. I'm the victim, here, pal.

>>168979001built for ryona

>>168979001>he thinks white people still use this siteits 99% third worlders

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>>168979001God, she's adorable.

>>168979434Isn't she?

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>>168979001I would but that my Asian gf lets me violate her and I don't think I can find another girl who would indulge in my fetishes

>>168978613I need a source please

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>>168975277What race is she?

>>168979890>>168979926what a whore

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>>168970097>tfw you will never be a european colonizer that gets to fuck hot and thirsty native american women

>>168980594shame really


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>>168970097>>168972571>>168975277What did early 00s animation mean by this

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>>168979541Is there a Tangled 2 in the works or what? I want more.


>>168980868lower left?

>>168981175Hunchback of Notre Dame

>>168980868Every 500 years Colonizer genes start acting upjust like how Viking rapist genes started acting up for the ConquistadorsTale old as time.

>>168981175Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


>>168970284black/native/spaniard mutt.and yes, she makes me want to coom.

>>168980719did Brianna Wu animate this?

>>168970097Puro chocolateI could really go for a hot mug

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ITT: virgins except me of course

>>168981693Retard, she's pure native.

>>168981905she isn't even remotely designed as one.


>>168970414>>168978590>>168981693Americans really shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion.

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>>168982042100% slampig

>>168982042Imagine the smell

>>168981986Flat nose, straight black hair, squat body proportions, red-brown skin and brown almond shaped eyes. She's just an exaggeratedly attractive version of pic related.It doesn't matter what you think she's drawn as, the character is a pure native American from pre-Old World contact.

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>>168982042Good Lord


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For me it's Satsuki.

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>>168982069Being naturally thick while also having muscle isn't even close to what a slampig is. Where are you retards coming from.

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>>168982090those women in your pic are mixed, and even they have nearly flat hips.chel and all her people are designed like modern mexicans, not natives. natives are flat and boxy.

>>168978590>>168982213How do you expect a bunch of Spaniards that have been trapped on a ship for months to get there and not fuck everything under Quetzalcoalt's sun?

>>1689790014chan is almost exclusively third worlders in 2022 posting from their smart phone. Because they are all jobless bored losers.

>>168975731>burgermutts dont known about brazilian native-black bundaSad to see

Jungle fever is just a urge white fever is a way of life.You can fuck all the brown woman you want but you have to settle down with a white woman. I can give you a pass on a asian woman since their relationships actually last long but you basically already made yourself look like a BETA

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>>168982073Why do people type this? It's not even a funny meme.

>>168972195Twerking is one of the most unsexy things a woman can do, almost as bad as smoking.


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>>168970284>>168970362why are you like this??

>>168975273This. Insanely based and high t.

>>168970097For me? It's Moner

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>>168979001There are absolutely zero people on 4chan who have any moral right to shriek about "race mixing". Every one of you is a horrific life loser who peaked at 12 and never developed a principle in his life.

>>168981308>conquistadors were 500 years agoOh fuck, time to conquer




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>>168971348His opinion doesn't matter if he was 5' and she was 6', because he's a Manlet. If he was 6' and she was 7' then he tamed the wild mare with his stallion cock and you should fucking respect him.

>>168984387>but not me though, heh

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Must resist contributing to the mutt problem...Truly it's no wonder America turned out like this.

>>168985155It really is hard to swallow how many leftist resemble the chud meme

>>168985852>too much mixing = brazilian monkey creatures>not enough mixing = ugly, misshapen British personThere's gotta be a happy medium in there somewhere.

>>168985447Does that activate the traps and cause the floor to start shifting?

For me, it's Amalia.

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>>168985952Channer cope

>>168985952Around those who browse 4chan,never relax

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i am horny

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>>168970097Can you imagine being a Spaniard sailing for months if not years without a woman and suddenly seeing this?

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White or black chocolate?

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>>168987059That's milk chocolate, and I'll have a mug of that

>>168977890Chel was Dreamworks trying to keep the older viewers entertained at the theater. It didn't work since the movie flopped, so they switched to pop culture humor not long after

>>168987035I wonder what the protocol was back then.>Rodriguez, what're you bringing back aboard with us?>"Coffee and spices, sir.">Bueno, bueno. What about you, Anontez?>"-Is there a limit on brown girl wives, sir?"

>>168987059Source on right?

>>168970284the >Must be colonised into a christian wiferace

>>168979041>>168985447How the hell did this get a PG rating?

>>168987786Nothing sexual here

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>>168970097still a better film than Shrek 2. Not as crass and pop culture heavy. El Dorado also has some charm and appealing art direction

>>168979890what did they mean by this ?

>>168988191It's one of those motivational posters that has 'TEAMWORK' at the bottom

>>168985447honestly 5/10 face 9/10 body ngl

>>168986640which one has the biggest child porn folder


>>168987059100% left. I like my girls cute and as pale as possible, blue eyes is a bonus

>>168988322they all have the same

Luc Besson and BUF Compagnie made a hotter character than Chel a few years after imo

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>>168979041I used to date a girl built exactly like this, except she was white Hispanic

>>168972195imagine stepping off the ship with Cortes and immediately seeing this on the beach

>>168988640That would be hard, as she clearly is part black>american education

>>168988462definitely hotter than Chel. Better personality too

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>>168988686>sticc knife ear>hotter than brown breeding machineoh right im on r/television

>>168986640All registered democrats

>>168987059Left for marrying and have kids, right for anal only.

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>>168978808she is

>>168988834ever watched the film?

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>>168984773>non-squishy hard metalI mean you do you dude

>>168986740>cutting out the feetbased, footfags and pitfags are a disease

>>168989381>board where trannies and black cocks celebrated>"shun the footchad! shame shame!"yikes

>>168989169Not him, but that movie is kinda terrible

>>168989447>nigger cock disgusting therefore footfag not disgustingSorry, doesn't work like that.

>>168989526They are weird, they had potential, but its all squandered in non sense. Frenchs really can't write.

El Dorado director's next film was Shark Tale (released more than 4 years later). I thought it was slightly

>>168990174Oscar's faces during the growl are hilarious

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>>168987059>sthlm subway>i've probably sat in that very seat

>>168990490Now you must sniff every seat you come across.

>>168979890>>168979926bullshit. everyone know Miguel and Tulio were gay for one another. Well, Miguel was definitely gay, Tulio might just have been Bi.


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>>168985447James Baxter is the GOAT

>>168991100Too bad she ruined her body now

>>168970284She is 100% Dot Indian, which makes her 100% Asian, a descendant of Noah's son Japheth.

>>168982315>those women in your pic are mixedSource: I made it up bro

>>168989526it was a nice isekai love story

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>>168978128I thank the lord every day for 2000s Raven

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>>168991267Who is that?

For me it's Holli Would

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>>168970097For me it's Sarah Gadon in The Nut Job

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>>168991785Left leads to failed families with missing fathersRight leads to elevation of quality of life for both parties and a happy family with 3 children minimum, resulting from intense mating press sex.

>>168991267by getting skinny?

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>>168992644makes sense you'd self insert as shitskin on the right since you type like a pajeet in some thot's instagram DM's

>>168988462>This character is the love interest of our 10 year old hero>Let's make her adult looking and as sexy as possible>Who can voice her? Why, 47 year old Madonna, of course.Not sure if creepy or incredibly based.

>>168975528Colonization fetish is hot. It's a return to normalcy and a departure of clown world. When society starts lauding White men for blessing darkies with children that are a little less animalistic, that's when you know we're back on track.

>>168993997Do you have brain damage?

>>168970284Coloured, South Africa has this shit figured out



>>168979001>>168979541God I wanna breed this barefooted bitch so badI'm black btw

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>>168979193i hate these mongolian looking indio bitches

>>168972571lol she has an OF if anyone is interested

>>168970097can't believe mi espanol profesora made the whole class watch this during which i had to piss real bad but had a massive boner for reasons unrelated and as i niptucked my dick and walked up to her to ir al bano i noticed she took a quick glance down to my crotch and let me go while giving the cheekiest smile ever.

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>>168970097this movie would be canceled by the trailer alone if announced today

>>168983507Why do jungle fever fags LARP as alphas when you're the most beta demographic of them all?

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>>168995779Post it homie

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>>168996040Kind of sad tbqh. Colonizer kino is the best kino. As a matter of fact, any kino with a WHITE main character x Non-white female

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>>168985447dear lord the animation & design on this movie was made by gods

>>168988463Kek same, but she was Filipino. She was all ass and thighs and hips. Spreading her open was heaven.

>>168996254What is this?

>>168995779Link. Now.

Not big on animation movies but the character design is quite good.

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>>168992644right literally leads to Brazil

>>168972195did we ever find a source

>>168996125>>168996615onlyfans zedlav9

>>168970266Go to Oaxaca, México, you can buy a girl for little money

>>168975731Blacks in the US don't have hair like that.

>Fucked plenty of goth girls of varying sizes/body types.>Fucked a skinny, flat, pale ginger.>Fucked a skinny black girl with huge tits.>Fucked a chubby puerto rican.>Fucked a thick asian.>Fucked a half filipino/half black chick with an ass that could stop a semi-truck.>Never fucked a native american girl.I have conquered so very many mountains, yet it is the people of the plains whom still haunt me.

>>168996813That doesn't look like her at all.

>>168996337animation is fine, but not the best or the smoothest. Tarzan looked better the past year

>>168970284Yummy chocolate

>>168997089Nice, buddy.

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>>168997171it is. looks like she got fat now lol

>>168997089nice blogpost faggot

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>>168996595The Course of Turandot. One of the best Chinese movies ever made

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Holla Forums and cooming to Chel, name a more iconic duo.

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>>168997289Doesn't seem like a blogpost to me. user probably cries himself to sleep every night, knowing he'll never taste the native flesh.

>>168979041>>168980174>>168982042>>168982270>>168985447>>168987901why did dreamworks have to stop doing 2d animated films

>>168997319I'd be seething if I was a chinese guy

>>168997418Pic related is an even better movie though

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The thinking man has long since realised that fucking brown and black women is the way forward.White women aren't worth it and I won't even talk about asian women.

>>168997418>>168997445Wrong pic. I meant this one

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>>168981175Theo Von

>>168997445Just fuck my shit up senpai

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>>168991785no we fear what the government will do to us if we don’t let their pet negroes destroy our neighborhoods

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>>168997295Uuuooohhhhhhhh cute and funny!

>>168986640The Dayton Shooter was a leftist who followed "Some More News" by Cody Johnston on YouTube. A Leftist pundit.



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>>168997398good riddance. They weren't very good writing-wise. In fact, i'd say they're partially to blame for audiences losing interest in 2D

>>168998562>storyits mainly just animation and songs that matter as long as youre not making the story some tranny feminist bullshit or something

>>168998649i need more than good animation and music to be satisfied. Prince of Egypt looked amazing and had nice tunes, but the story and characters were a bore. Same goes for Spirit and Sinbad. I did like the El Dorado characters (not so much the story tho)

>>168998817these movies are literally for children. are you a fucking retard? im talking specifically only about childrens animation movies


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>>168997398Dreamworks 2D department's first computer generated film was Shark Tale. It was a worthy sacrifice to leave 2D behind. I don't want to live in a timeline where Shark Tale didn't exist

Attached: shark-tale-original-lobby-cards-x12-9x12-in-2004-bibo-bergeron-will-smith~2.jpg (1200x1200, 216.36K)

>boring, ponderous and historically innacurate Exodus musical adaptation with an unsympathetic protagonist>derivative Disney Renaissance clone with a weak second half, a rushed ending, and some of the worst Elton John songs>80 mins of a horse with eyebrows wandering around with Matt Damon narration and Bryan Adams songs breaking all inmersion>whitewashed Sinbad in a greek setting and full of CG rendered environments and monsters straight out of a PS2 gamei don't miss 2D Dreamworks

>>168999995>boring, ponderous and historically innacurate Exodus musical adaptation with an unsympathetic protagonist>Exodus>Historically accurate why do mexican girls look like that

>>169000043regardless if it happened or not, it took too much liberties with the source material. Aaron's portrayal was bad

>be hwyte man>current fuck is a short mestizo qtLife is good

>>168999995El Dorado is the best of the four films, but still nothing great. It only mildly succeeds because, unlike the other films, the characters are enjoyable. Tulio, Miguel and Chel's interactions carry the whole thing

>>169000246>Movie about Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt>Most of the dialogue is Aaron speaking for himnah

>>168975324Invader's Fetish.Not everything needs to revolve around black cock, Shekelstein.

>>169000161>get excited to look through webms of that thicc latina booty>doggy style, nice>more doggy, hell yeah>riding again, niceall of the sudden>peggingWhat the fuck, ruined


>>168988463There's no such thing as white hispanic juan.

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>>169000393fair enough. Still an uninspiring movie. I wish that animation talent and enthusiasm had gone to something better and more creative

>>169000537me on the right

>>168975324Yeah it's really obvious.

>>169000537Conqueror bros…


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>>169000792>that indentation on the ass gripunf

>>168970097>>168972195>>168972571>>168977126>>168978590>>168978613>>168979041>>168979193>>168982213>>168985447>>168987901Imagine sailing across the Atlantic for 2 months on a boat with nothing but disgusting smelly men and as soon as you hit land you see a village with women that look like this

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>>169000161Need spicy latina gf to ride my tiny white cock.

>>169000792this dude got bubonic plague or something?

>>168997418China is a nation of cucks, Mao seriously offered Kissinger a fuckton of millions of chinese women because they had too many babies.

>>169001426its sand


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>>169000453thank u

>>168986284I'm sorry you got no (you)s for this anonI really think you deserve itAmalia isn't really for me but I accept that she is attractive and I really admire that you posted on-model art of herI think you're a good person

Actually the answer is not just "lmao BOOBA" or "POOPA", The real thing is that the instict of Spaniards was to integrate the new lands and people, thus racemixing was almost completely okay. This make sense as they come from the roman civilization, which also integrated the civilizations and natives they conquered.

>>168979541why do irl bitches like flynn so much?


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>>168983669I agree, It gets my dick hard but it softens everything else

>>168975324Calm down, Chaim. Plenty of other ways to satisfy your black cock needs.

>>168980868White writers writing about their crushes from college.

>>168984387>I'm definitely not a projecting faggot

>>168981308>0 ad: christ rapes the jews>500 ad: germans rape the romans>1000 ad: norse pagans rape the christians>1500 ad: colonizers rape the world>2000 ad: ???>2500 ad: PROFIT

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Fuck bros, I need to colonize. I just love the way my white cock looks against native/black/Spanish/Asian pussy.

Attached: 1592201861080.png (1080x1080, 1.81M)

>>169002738>0 ad: christ rapes the jewsThis makes no sense if you consider that Jesus was executed and christianity was heavy prosecuted for a long time

>>169002863Go on the hunt. Supposedly these bitches go crazy for white dick but you'll never find out if you don't try.

>>169002863whats her name? real life niggresses smell bad and have thick black hair stubble all over them