Bruce kino coming in boys

Bruce kino coming in boys

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Please stop

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This is seriously cyberbullying

>you know humanoid amphibians, bunch of bitchy little girls

>>168969413>my name is Michelle Weston. I used to he a guy until...

>>168969219basedplay evil dead the game, its good

>>168969219>"Listen here "Aquaman" to the Atlanteans you ain't but two things: Jack and shit, and Jack left town."

>>168969219Does this mean he's going to underwater fuck Momoa

>>168970656*ring ring*


Ive never watched Evil Dead, is it really that kino?

>>168974746Does a janny do it for free?

>>168974746First two are. 3rd is like 7/10. TV show is ok.

>>168975074same actor?

>>168969219Only acceptable if they don't alter the script and have him act exactly through the role Amber would've played. Lots of sulky hair tossing, smouldering looks at Mimiosa. Being a sassy bitch, etc.

>>168975074I’d say third is a 10/10 in its own right but I recognize the genre shift is polarizing to those who wanted more evil dead 2 kino

>>168975074Army of Darkness is KINO


>>168975074how can anyone claim evil dead 1 is more entertaining than army of darkness?

>>168974746the limitations of budgets and effects hold 2 a bit back3 still has a low budget but decides to do grand crazy stuff anyway because it is what the story needs

>>168974746Every Evil Dead movie takes on a different tone and they're all very good and worth watching including the remake.

>>168969219I only know Bruce from Burn Notice (and that one guess appearance in Psych) and he is a funny and charming guy, wish him the best

>>168969219This may be reddit but I'm only okay with this if they deepfake his face onto a beautiful woman's body and play it completely straight.Kissing Aquaman and all.

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>>168969219HOLY KINO.

I hope they really lean into the sex scenes

>>168969219Fucking based.Amber is trash. Bruce rules.

>>168975579the 00s one is a female empowerment story right? does it at least do some cool effects with the demons or is it mostly just trees and zombie people again?

>>168975384ED1 was the best 'Evil Dead' in that it's the most about what the series is intended for, and is undeniably the most scary. There's something nice about its intentions being simpler. ED2 is between ED1 and Army of Darkness, which makes it many people's favourite in the series.

>>168974746What is Holla Forums's opinion on the 2013 or so reboot? I enjoyed it for what it was, especially the tonal shift in the ending. I would really dig a sequel with Mia.

>>168975791It's not so much female empowerment as it is a woman overcoming her heroin addiction. The upcoming film might be some female empowerment bullshit since it'll center around two sisters.

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>>168975791The woman is a dumb bitch who learns her lesson from her smart older brother who cares about her. It's only female empowerment in the sense of her being the protagonist. I wouldn't say the effects are that cool but it's an entertaining series of events, and though more horror-ish still retains much of the ridiculousness of the originals. Still it can't compare to them.

>>168975922It certainly isn't as good as the originals, but it's still better than most horror crap put out.

>>168975957I think that is the sole reason classic horror remakes get crap. They aren't as good as the original as you said but if you exclude Nightmare on Elm Street remake the rest hold their ground pretty decently against the generic horror crap we get. TCM with Biel was quite good and F13 was just as okayish as the originals.

>>168975922does the brother get some cool fights or are all the fights with her?

>>168969219This is the best thing to happen this year

>>168975916> The upcoming film might be some female empowerment bullshit since it'll center around two sisters.Sam sold out We never get a true remake with a young badass Ash murdering his way through hell

>>168976127Yes, definitely. Honestly he's probably half the protagonist of the movie.

>>168976225might watch it then


>seething people in the repliesbased bruce

>>168975074you absolute goose, the third is by far the best

>replacing actors out of nowhereThat worked out fantastically well for nu-Harry Potter. Short of the actor being dead or otherwise incapacitated, I think Hollywood should suck it up and stick with the original casts for sequels.

>>168974746I recently saw the first one and it’s good a bit standard but it might have been the movie that created the said standard.

>>168969219Amber looks like a guy with long hair in this photo

Bruce Redditbell

>>168969219If they do this then this may be the first capeshit movie I've watched in over a decade.

>>168974746Every single one with Ash in it is pure kino. The remake sucks ass and should be ignored.The TV show is pure kino. Starts off a little shakey but only gets better as time goes on. I kinda expected the show to be garbage, with the Jewish Female and the Mexican Sidekick, I expected it to be a typical "Old white man passing on the torch to the progressive new comers" only it isn't like that at all. They're show to be complete amateurs times and time again while Ash kicks ass over and over. Hell, even the strong female black woman dies very quickly. It's hilarious.

>>168974746Army of Darkness sucks but the rest are good

>>168969219>It's over Amber. I have the high ground.

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>>168976614fuck off you weakling, AoD is by are best. ED is good, 2 is shit

>>1689750743 is the best one you fucking nut

>>168976529Yeah his sidekicks are great in their own right. Jewish broad on the show is an Italian irl and her throaty pornstar voice gives me wood and Mexican Ben Stiller is incredibly likeable

>>168978976>Mexican Ben Stillerwhy did I never notice this before

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>>168979109I think the same actor actually played his bastard Mexican son in meet the fockers

>>168969219That would be really fucking funnySo of course it wont happen

>>168969219Bruce Campbell might be the only based actor.

>>168975384army of darkness is a fucking kids movie

>>168974746The first one isn't that good. It's an ok b-movie, but 2 is basically a remake of it, and the best one in the series. Army of Darkness is one that you either love or hate. Just keep in mind it's an action comedy, not a horror movie.

>>168971170>ep*ci dont think i will

>>168976529They killed off the nigger? Maybe I should give it another shot. I dropped it pretty fast.

>>168969219FUCKING BASED. Always bothered me how Bruce Campbell was never a HUGE star.

>>168984514>being a mentally ill incel with 4chan brain rotkeep it up, then

>>168975074i like 3rd one more than the first 2 movies

>>168972670>We've got a verdict out on you. You're guilty.

>>168969219Lmao at all the "this is gross" "bruce pls you're better than this" comments on that tweet

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>>168986864He never wanted to be one.


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>>168974746It's good, but what you really need to watch is Jack of All Trades and Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. And also Burn Notice if you have the time.

>>1689875133rd one is the best indeed.

>>168974746The first one is a garbage exorcist rip-off on a shoe-string budget. The 2nd one good except half the movie is a rehash of the first and had a shitty claymation monster sequence which is laughably bad. Third one is both kino and boring.

>>168976614What's with this hate for AoD? It's schlock kino of the highest order.

>>168986968sup tim

>turn Mera into aquaman snarky best bro>let Bruce go wild and stick a bright red wig on him>doesnt even explained what happened to meraIll watch

>>168987797He's incredibly butthurt about never being anything but ash. Get educated.

>>168989110As well he should be. He's undeniable leading man material and should've gotten loads of comedic macho type character roles. It's just that they dried up just after he broke into the industry. It's not fair and understandable for him to be salty about it.

>>168974746Watch the remake instead.

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>>168974746Depends on how low your IQ is. It's absolutely redditkino to any midwit male.

>>168975791It's Evil Dead just played 100% straight

>>168969219Are DisneyDrones even human

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>>168969219Bruce saved Multiverse of Madness for me

>>168989437why would you do something so horrible?

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>>168969219based bruce

>>168969219>gay AquamanYou guys don't actually want this right?

>>168969219If I had the money I'd unironically do it, most money is spent on marketing but for a film like this it would basically market itself, everyone is aware of the trial and everyone knows who bruce is, and marvel made money from thor 3 by turning it into a comedy, so if DC decides fuck it, we'll just put campbell vs momoa and say amber was cursed by sea merlin and turned into bruce.Then have Raimi direct it and don't interfere and let him do whatever he wants.This would cut your supply to blackrock freshly printed dollarinos though

>>168987899women are children

>>1689747461 is the horror movie they made with like 500 bucks2 is peak horror with a perfect dose of Raimi comedy3 is a straight Raimi wack-fest, great on it's own, but pretty much all tension removed.

>>168971170Is it multiplayer only?I hate those games like dbd and evolve

I still don't understand the power level of deadites. Their power is inconsistent. They can take over you entirely or parts of you or just fuck with you. If they want to win why not just immediately take over Ash and have him kill himself?

>>168990823No arrow therefore you look like that and say that

>>168992077It has some single-player shit, but it's relatively short. Definitely not worth buying for it.

>>168992603that is partly responsible for how great the movies are, atleast for me. You have this obvious midwit as a protagonist and he doesn't really understand how anything works except shoot them in the head or chop them up, and neither do we.

>>168969219Based Bruce waiting on the script

>>168974746Let me put it this way: it's been made 3 fucking times and they're all good.

>>168994187I bet you think baby shows like blues clues are kino with a moronic opinion like that. >hurrdurr movie isnt consistant with it's own setting or make any sense period but it b gud.

>>1689944431st one is straight trash and not because it's age either. Better off saving some brain cells and watch the second since half of it was the first movie anyway.

>>168994637>1st one is straight trash

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>>168994539I apologize for not having autism

Why is Bruce so based but his son such a faggot?


>>168969367>>168987899She shouldn't have pooped on the bed.#amberturd

>>168988048was thinking the same thing

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>>168969219WB is so incompetent that I guarantee this would make the film more interesting

>>168974746Fucken ay.

Only cool reddit actor

>>168995867Damn, Bruce probably was a bad dad

>>168995867>>168996376His son is married to a short brown girl with huge tits. It's a shame he didn't inherit any of his father's charisma. I've watched a little of his stream and it was terrible.

>>168997608He does sound like him however.

>>168987899When you're actually proven to be a witch then what the fuck is the problem here

>>168997608Picture of said big brown tits would be nice

i guess we can officially change the name from soijak to redditjak jesus christ

>>168969219I have no problem with Bruce Campbell but his fans are about as cringe as it gets trying to force him into everything nerdy.

>>168987899On the one hand yeah, on the other that shit's been going on for years and there's been people way less deserving of being put through social hell than Heard so it's a weird hill to die on.

>>168969367You reap what you sow. Years ago people used to be publicly shamed in the streets for sacrilege and spreading false rumours. This is just the modern day version of that.

>>168998018From her twitter. Bruce's second wife(not the son's mother) is in the middle. She's a pretty thick lady on her own.

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>>168974746The trilogy are all different genres, the reboot sucked.Evil Dead is low-budget horror with campy acting that's comedic at times but has really innovative cinematography and a gripping third act. Definitely worth a watch as it really influenced a lot that comes after it.Evil Dead II is a sorta-remake-sorta-sequel to the first, it has a 10 minutes or so recap of the first movie with all of the characters except the main character (Ash) and his girlfriend cut from it, then goes into being a sequel but also hitting almost all the same story beats so it feels like a remake. The horror elements are taken to such extremes that they become comedic. Horror, but also slapstick. Some parts are just slapstick. Good movie.Army of Darkness is a slapstick comedy, Ray Harryhausen tribute film, with some horror-themed monsters in it. Sometimes funny, sometimes meh, worth seeing for the skeleton army and some of the quotable lines. There are two endings to it: a campy fun ending and the original, more grim ending that Raimi wanted to put in but got cut because of the production company interfering. You can enjoy both endings though as there's already enough weird continuity differences between each movie that either ending could theoretically be possible. Oh yeah, and this one has a recap at the start too that also changes how things went before it and the actress for Ash's girlfriend is different.Haven't seen the show yet, but planning to at some point.

>>168989110he's butthurt when people think he IS Ash, he's said multiple times that he doesn't want to be a 'celebrity' that people obsess over, but also that people are retarded if they think he is a character that he played

>>168990813that's the original Evil Dead, moron

>>168994539Why is everyone such a fucking faggot nowadays when you disagree with them?

>>168998948She looks old my boy robbing the grave

>>168998948the fuck, that's just bruce in drag

>>168999777Because they attach too much self-esteem to their opinions. Nice digits.

>>168999777Who knows? Bruce and Sam don't give a shit about continuity or muh "lore" anyway. They wanted to make entertainment and that's what they did. Anyone who overthinks this franchise is retarded.

>>168987986My problem with AoD isnt that's it's bad, as you said, schlock kino, but more that it really doesnt fit in with the the other movies. It's a really jarring change in tone from the 2, which I think had a better balance of comedy and horror.

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>>168969367believe me these people deserve it

>>168987985lmfao nice attempt at least, user

>>168971170I'm so sick of all these asymmetrical horror games. Isn't the upcoming Texas Chainsaw game one of those too? It's so fucking lazy, and will inevitably be worth nothing once the playerbase dies out

>>168969367Need the picture even be posted?

>>169000504>be bruce>relegated back to comicons & Motel 6 lobby meet & greets after show fails...again>see a chance to capitalize on a funny to get maybe one more day of work...i don't blame him, really.He's never shy or bashful about it.

>>169001042What are you babbling about?

>>169001267They should have made a horse shooter if they wanted to make a multiplayer game. People play like it's one anyway and it's frustrating.

>>1689750743rd one is the best

>>169001740Horde* instead of horse. ha

>>169001409few days ago ive watched my name is bruce and its still p hilarious, i like how its apparently canon that he always lives in some shithole trailer lol.

>>169001871He does make the trailer life seem comfy.

>>168969367Call attention to yourself and risk being bullied, it's just a fact of life mate. Any social animal engages in this behaviour to some extent because it works. Imagine some crazy cunt makes a load of shit up about you, you'd want to see justice done

>>169001409bruce is great charismatic actor he should have all the best things in life