Private property needs a state to protect it

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Right, so the community polices itself when people take each others personal property, which is rare, because who wants a used toothbrush?

the state hardly protects personal property as of now. if something of yours is stolen there's virtually nothing the cops can do about it

you'd protect your own personal property

communal/collective property would be protected by the community

it's not hard


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yeah, offices, hotels, factories, government buildings, stores and malls are all up for grabs. it's a squatter's paradise out there


Idiot who doesn't know the difference between the two.

& This.



guess all those homeless should just walk their way into the nearest hotel and move in. i might go do some shoplifting later, seeing as no one will stop me or punish me

it does though

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nope self defense is still law here

are you being ironic?

Personally I don't think abolishing the state is a good idea. It should just be replaced by an artificial superintelligence.

but this has to be possible first

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I expect it will coincide with the introduction of communism, or maybe come very shortly afterwards. Capitalism will cling on until we're deep into technological unemployment.

Due to most resources being post scarcity if something is stolen you literally get another one, or its never stolen, because why wouldnt a person just get their own? The means are also commonly own, worse case scenario make your own and avoid possibly being killed.

Or you know get on the council and democratically ask for increased automation, which we literally can do tho, capitalism blocks increases in automation as it destroys jobs.

do you have any reasoning behind this?

You're not doing a very good job. These are all softballs that anyone with even the most basic concept of theory can field without having to do any thinking.

You're assuming this is the only thread I've started.

Fucking this. The cops are completely useless when it comes to protecting personal property. You can be sure that if someone steals something from your home or car they will never be caught. Chances are that the cops will not even bother to investigate.

I just don't see the public becoming seriously class conscious until there is a real risk of them going hungry. As long as bread and circuses are available, the most we'll get are liberal soc-dems. Propaganda technology is only getting better, so winning public support for a revolution will become harder and harder.

Well, here's hoping that you managed to bring up some more complicated questions elsewhere than you did here.

The state doesn't call it's own violence law. Central government do.

States have the right to enact whatever rules they want within their legally recognized territory and jurisdiction. If you don't like it then leave. The fact that you stay means that it's voluntary :^)

My personal property is a Gatling Gun. I believe the phrase is: Molon Labe?

Is that ironic lolbertarianism?

Well alright. If you really want to make that argument, I'm not gonna stop you.

The cops actually know most of the regular perpetrators, even the ones with clean rap sheets, it's just that most of the time it's too much of a hassle to actually prosecute them unless they catch them in the act.

If you report a theft there's a 70% chance the cops know where your stuff is, they just can't go there and grab it.

again. do you have any reason why your AI fantasy is possible?

Humans exist. If it is possible for a human brain to exist, we will reverse engineer that and figure out how to build our own.
That is sufficient to convince me, and honestly I don't care about convincing you. Time will settle this disagreement far better than words.

"Only might decides about property, and, as the State (no matter whether State or well-to-do citizens or of ragamuffins or of men in the absolute) is the sole mighty one, it alone is proprietor; I, the unique,[Einzige] have nothing, and am only enfeoffed, am vassal and as such, servitor. Under the dominion of the State there is no property of mine."

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Look at the U.S. For decades opposition was basically non-existent until material conditions/propaganda worsened. People wont do shit unless their livelihoods or their ideas of justice are threatened.

Everything needs something to protect it. including communes.

yeap, people's militia bb.

I think you kind of missed the point he was making. It is unlikely the human brain is optimal.