As late capitalism develops worldwide, and climate change accelerates, what's gonna happen to this continent?

Capitalism hasn't really moved any of its manufacturing centers there, like they did with East Asia. At the moment Africa is mostly an underdeveloped shithole, full of corruption and political instability, constantly raped by corporations for natural resources (diamonds, oil, etc.). The population is multiplying rapidly as well.

Immigration from Africa to Europe will probably increase, because, while Europe may be in decline due to jobs being moved to Asia, Europe is still closer and far preferable for Africans looking for economic opportunities than staying in their poor, war torn homelands. (This immigration will fuel the rise of the alt-right among the locals in Europe, as well).

Climate change seems to be accelerating the desertification of the Sahel, causing even traditional agriculture in those regions to collapse, leading to famine, war, and all of that shit.

So, Holla Forums, what's your verdict on Africa? And if anyone has opinions on other specific regions of the world that aren't as looked at as often like South America when discussing globalization and the collapse/development of capitalism that would be interesting too.

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Africa is gonna be fucked hard by climate change, yet again it bears the brunt of western imperialism (this time economic). If we see mass deaths in the resource crisis, which I believe we will, the two hot spots to watch first are Africa and the Middle-East.



I'm pretty overwhelmed by the contenint tbh. Each region has its own very unique problems/conflicts, it really isn't as simple as "it's just niggers bro"


The entire continent is gonna be a desert. The Sahara is expanding southward 30 miles every year. With only 2/3rds of the continent south, that's about 100 years to total desertification at the current rate.

wait what

rly? source?

it's not that fast, but it is happening. The solution under socialism is to build a tree-wall and make the sand pay for it.



That's gonna be a lot of refugees…

more horror
and this will continue to be a huge problem
We will see mega cities forming in Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg. I think the first 20-30 million person city proper zones will be in Africa. I also think the first unions of states will be in the Middle East and Africa. I think Islam will continue to spread and there will be a massive culture war in Africa fought between secular humanism and islam. I also think huge pandemic outbreaks in these mega cities will be a regular problem. And there will be cartels, gang warfare, drug smuggling on the level of S. America in the 80's. I also think we'll see the first instances of governments mass murdering civilians just to prevent food shortages and other resource shortages. I think the FEMA camp shit will happen in Africa more than anywhere else

Climate change will be a driving factor but the main issue will be the lack of normalcy that comes with urbanization. I don't for a second believe that ferrying people into cities solves social problems. China has a horrific gang, human trafficking, counterfeiting and con artist problem. This got significantly worse with the introduction of urbanization. I think with Africa it will be 100x worse than in China. Online markets and services, combined with synthetic medicine and recreational drugs and then the added dynamic of the 24/7 hollyweird media cycle will wreak havoc on the African psyche. I worry for what type of person comes from a place like that, look at S. Korea the West literally turned them into robot psychopaths. I can only imagine what it will do to Africans. Our style of living is not appropriate for most people and is harmful even to Europeans. Its going to devestate cultures which have retained large amounts of their traditional culture, which Africans to their credit have done.

The last thing to keep in mind is that if the Sexual Revolution, especially if a third wave feminist one, were to hit Africa through the media and medicine it would totally fuck that continent up. There isn't a proper infrastructure to provide the necessary abortions or birth control, nor the sanitation technology to keep the drugs out of the water supply and out of people's bloodstreams to handle the amount of unthinking sex people have when you tell them sex is nothing. So that's probably another huge shift waiting to happen.

Its a horror show, a place where God goes to blow off steam. I'm not looking forward to what techno-capitalism, financialization of the economy and the free-love bullshit will do to them.

I swear each month it feels like I'm dipping into a surreal-science fiction reality.


Atheism is basically non-existent in Africa. Did you mean "Folk religion vs. Christianity vs. Islam"?

as agriculture collapses, how do you feed those cities?

better than AIDS and overpopulation, imo.



hell, speaking of religious conflict, the newest country in Africa (South Sudan) was a result of that Christianity vs. Islam culture warring.

Folk religion and to a smaller extend christianity have hundreds of liberal western secularist NGOs and governments backing them, under lessair-faire conditions africa would be muslim, they have the guns, they have the money, they have the media and higher culture institutions.

That's retarded.

I like how you instincittvely knew I meant Atheism when I said Sec Humanism because they're functionally the same thing. Developing world non-whites whole heartedly embrace atheism much harder than whites do. They'll be a huge backlash from well educated black africans against the sea of Islamic converts. It will be a serious issue. The first serious clash between atheists and the religious will take place in Africa and it will be extremely important for world history and the course of thought for the species
synthetic food, 3-d printing, gene modification, soft eugenic, literally exterminating people like mice (which I included as part of my predictions for Africa)
considering that first of all the sexual revolution will worsen the issue of STD's as it has in America and Europe and that second of all I stated that their infrastructure and social background will not permit the easy population reduction the west experienced after its revolution and that they cannot handle the power of contraceptives and the impact it will have on their Sexual Marketplace and Marrital structures. IT will annihilate them. The worst part is that without the transition period from the 60's to present they will be immediately immersed in porn, camgirls, strip clubs, escorts, mail-order brides and Tindr. God help them

yep and it took two genocides for that to happen and South Sudan, who were separated to protect them from the Arabs, are now mass murdering people themselves. Now imagine that but across the whole continent. Fun times ahead in Africa. Everyone buckle up

Send them food they said. Telling them not to breed too much is paternalistic they said. Their population won't explode and spill over to Europe and MENA they said. It will all just take care of itself stop being a paternalistic neo imperialistic white man they said.

Sending food without sending factories was retarded.

But it's not like it's self regulated, in the end, or anything!

Gaddafi actually wanted to do exactly that.

The same thing that has always happened. Niggers will kill, rape, enslave, and give each other AIDS. Meanwhile the last of the white farmers in South Africa that provide food clean water and hospitals for these people are about to be genocided under the orders of their chimpanzee president. All aid to Africa needs to be cut immediately.

Watching Africa "develop" in the future won't be pretty, I'll tell you that.

Ooohohohoho! This'll be good! *Grabs popcorn*

Source? Not to say I'm questioning that it just sounds awesome in everyday and my soul needs to know if this is true.

This applies to the whole thread.

Africa is shit now and, in some ways, is getting even shittier. That doesn't mean you can theorize elaborate doomsday scenarios about the future 50 years from now and have any basis in reality.

Gaddafi was actually amazing in terms of his economic and ecological policy. He didn't even tried to stop the desertification of the Sahara, he even build a massive artificial river through it to make farmland and secure the water distribution of Libya for good.

It's a shame hilldawg off'ed him

Bad shit will happen. Read Robert Kaplan.

The coming anarchy?