Free college tuition, universal healthcare, and universal basic income will pacify the proles and squelch the revolution

So Holla Forums, which is true?

The first, obviously.
But the first also leaves the ruling class with a lot of surplus resouces that they use to promote themselves, so that's bad.
Statist Capitalism that keeps the workers in their place without indulging them is the ideal environment for Revolution.

My stance regarding this is that you establish certain values that become pillars of society (universal healthcare, free college) and later on, when these are broken down as they are hindering reproduction of capital (privatization, deregulation etc.) there is a reason to revolt and build a new society enshrining these values which under capitalism are disposable.

But don't delude yourself that social democracy is revolutionary.

both are wrong

you struggle for those things but continue your agitation beyond it educating about how capitalism will continue to fuck people over even when it does give in to concessions. take fights for these issues and develop them further. point out any attacks against reached goals, expose capitalists sabotage against achievements and present socialism as the only solution.

Fuck you

if that were true, you're already a liberal who thinks these measurements are enough and actually work, that capitalism somehow stops being antagonistic and able to satisfy workers.
which it doesn't.

only if lead by a vanguard party that helps the masses to make the connection as said in
it does not work on itself, the mere struggle for concessions without the continued exposure of continued capitalist exploitation even in these will not lead anywhere

nobody wants people to suffer, we have no control over material conditions
we are merely pointing out how it's inevitable for things to go south


Why hasn't revolution happened in the first world then? They've had the state and private property and wage labor for over two hundred years, what's missing?

Capitalism's antagonisms have been redirected and dulled by a ruling class well versed in psychology and crowd control, how can you not see this?

So much for Social Democracy with guns, huh?

College is free in most of Europa. Prols are still not pacified.
Healthcare is forced to become privatized and that unpaicifies the proles more. Though even with it, they were still not pacified.
UBI though…

Well, it will never be enough, thus the poor will be simply not starving, and since we are not dogs, we will seek better conditions and yes, it will develop classcon. Cause you cannot have actual UBI, within capitalism.

So what does everyone here think Bernie would've done military-wise and foreign-policy wise if he won?

That was the media's go to thing when Hillary was getting rekt in the debates. Bernie's got the upper-hand when it comes to domestic programs(but you dumb burgers don't care about that you're too busy shitting the bed over ISIS or the defending our greatest ally Israel from sure Muslim destruction) but Hillary has the clear advantage on foreign policy.

Clinton: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE…

Commentators: Wowww….

I don't really remember what Bernie said in this regard and it's unclear what direction he would take when he had to make policy decisions with the existing power structure. (Flashbacks of Obama.)

So what do you think he would do?

Riots in Spain and Greece are not so much about muh social goods being destroyed but the general crisis, unemployment, lack of assistence to the elderly, and so on. If a properly ideological neoliberal came in and sent everyone into sweatshops instead of making vague promisses about pensions I'm convinced no one but soccermoms would be out to protest, speaking from experience.

make your own thread.

almost certainly the same as every other president

Ah, it's the "revolution will happen once people read up about our ideas" meme

You guys riot for entitlements and rights we don't even have in America, meanwhile antifa at Berkely puts the America in an uprorar.

"I'm proud to say Henry Kissinger is NOT my friend."

Same as every other politician. He seems to be a Nazi, and that would follow through in his policy. This is the main concern with Bernie, because the problems we are now facing needs international solutions, and Bernie's nationalist policies would be his biggest downfall.

*Meant nationalist socialist, not Nazi.

The latter.

Accelerationism is a meme evidenced by the fact that contrary to popular belief the third world has dick all chance of revolutionary success.

You're forgetting that he didn't vote for the Iraq war.

No? It's just Bernie dunking on Kissinger is a good summary of his foreign policy: namely that it's not just this specific decision or that one is bad, the entire establishment philosophy is complete poison.

I mean… that's what we have always been rioting for! The left I mean.

You think 8h work wasn't an "entitlement" under that era's standards?

So, the more they give you, the more you'll want, since they give you just enough.

And that's why UBI will benefit the revolution. They'll try to fix an unfixable system and sell us the rope.

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