Tfw no commie gf to bully me


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Weren't foxes meant to represent yankees?

Finding a gf who is into dominating is hard as fuck.

Finding a gf whos into dominating and also has good political beliefs? Fucking forget about it.

Straight male subs will die alone or settle for a domme who is a liberal. Go gay or become dominant.


Wrong. I'm into gentle femdom and i have a gf…biological woman.


Not quite bullying or what I'd expect a sub would want.

Are you a man(female)? And is she into pegging and stuff like that?

That's retarded. Gay doms are a lot more common than female dommes though.

It really isn't.
Just stay away from normies and you will have much more luck.
I recommend going to 24 hours stores in the late night/very early morning.
I have also had luck waiting on train-stations at night.
Social recluse girls are just the best; Kinky, Intelligent, tend to hold atypical political beliefs and in my experience have a much higher likelihood of being dominant.

My personal white rabbit at this point is a qt, dominant mtf.

It is quite trivial to change people.
Even more so when you are quite familiar with them.

In fairness.
90%+ of male subs tend to be incredibly creepy and have a number of personal issues.


Yes i'm male and I'm not into humiliation, aggression nor violence. I just like being dominated by a woman in a gentle and loving maner. I did tell her this and she accepted it
It takes a lot of time for me to have sex, i'm very autistic, i like to take things very slowly, so we still haven't had sex…it's a very recent relationshitp. We are dating for 7 months.

You do know sexual perversion is create by alianation and so on, right???

Howard, you're a fucking creep.

yes, she's from "squirrel and hedgehog" and a villain representing the US imperialists

Fuck off liberals

How exactly?
I work a dawn shift so I happen to frequent 24 hour stores and I do not drive, meaning that I use alot of public transport.

The fact that many social recluses only happen to leave the house at such hours is simply serendipitous for me.

those aren't exactly occasions to hit on people


I have been the one to initiate a conversation just as many times as I have not been.
Believe or not, people that make a point of only leaving the house when there are a few people around as possible tend to be quite lonely.

As long as you're friendly and understanding if they start dropping spaghetti, it is quite hard to not at the very least have a nice conversation.

S-shut up

but your goal is to fuck them right? how do you even strike up a conversation with people at that time?

My goal is typically to start a conversation with an interesting looking girl.
Anything after that is a bonus.

Sex is seldom more then just amusing stress relief for me.
It is not something that drives me.

All as I said, half the time I'm the one being approached.

Social recluse girls are always fascinating to me, so it is not exactly hard to find something hard to talk about.

Howard Scott here. I'm on another computer now and don't have the password memorized. Just want to clarify something:

Girl is technocrat-slang for train. I'm talking about trains with dominant personalities in that post. Should make more sense now.

If ANTIFA meetings were actually like this IRL I might start going


>tfw you're so tired of normalfag socialisation that you miss being bullied in high school because (a) it constituted acknowledgement and (b) rejection was explicit, instead of an ambiguous situation where you can't tell if people don't like you or don't like you enough to talk to you, but don't mind when you appear.

fucking bullshit the lot of it. i'm already 90% convinced that like enjoying videogames and having any hope for the future, friendship is a meme that only actually works in childhood.

I thought she was British and the wolves were Americans.

This nigger stole my laptop. I'm the real Howard Scott. If you see a black man with this laptop, call the police.

makes u think

Why are most chan users msubs? and lovelorn msubs to make things worse

But my point is that if OP is horny for a a commie gf why post a capitalist fox?

foxes are sneaky
obviously she's a spy.

this is my headcanon now.

this made me want to drink for the first time in 3 months. thanks user…

how do i get a tankie gf

What's wrong with being msub?

Nothing, just that they're way too many on image boards

You are just an extrovert/normie that happens to like introvert grills.


Most people on chans have dealt with their social akwardness by convincing themselves that their inferiority complex, created by alienation, is A-OK and they are supposed to be inferior.

While some of us accept the fact that we are forced to be unhappy by the capitalist system and insert absurdity and so on here.

That's very sad

I find people who enjoy being a sub disturbing, and I cannot understand it. Especially if it are men who want to be dominated by women.

What's the appeal, does the fantasy involve some kind of reversal of roles at the end, a revolution whereby the powerless finally seizes power?

No shit.

msubs are all over the internet. I agree though, 9/10 times it's totally just pussy men who need to work out more or actually have sex for once. Or they're probably just gay.

Is femdom the most commom fetish on this board?

Seems to be, that and chasing traps. Not exactly something that exudes revolutionary vigor.

I'm not really a sub but I do chase traps
Is bending one over and fucking them roughly not vigorous enough for you?

That is pretty vigorous. As we all know, the scale of sexuality from most to least manly goes like this:

fucking a free man > fucking a woman > fucking a slave > being fucked by a free man > being fucked by a slave > cunnilingus

Fucking traps goes between the first and the second.

Tfw no rightists to rape


Go give the ancap some dick, he's gagging for it. He's supposedly the "badboi" type.

msubs are just the noisiest fetishists you can find

Rape breaks the NAP

I'm not really submissive but I am very shy and a virgin, and I wouldn't mind a girl taking the lead with me, at least to make me comfortable, though I'm aware that will never happen. I'd probably prefer to dominate during sex but I like the idea of giving oral.