Can someone explain to me why protestants in America vote overwhelmingly conservative...

Can someone explain to me why protestants in America vote overwhelmingly conservative? I know Catholics are also spooked on gay marriage and abortion, but at least they also emphasize the importance of helping the homeless, undocumented immigrant and other social reforms.

Protestants in general seem to really have a hard on for capitalism and I don't understand why

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Because not killing babies > social programs

Protestantism is the religion of capitalism.

Protestant work ethics and other spooks

Also this
Protestants are Christianity - "Good works"
So all that matters is you believe in Jesus and aren't gay.

Capitalism loves the protestant work ethic.
Keep your head down, keep working hard, don't question shit, be thankful, etc.

One finds that the closer to the teachings of Christ a sect is, the more anti-capitalist it tends to be.
This can be seen in Catholic distributionism or the Orthodox support for a planned economy.
If any such sect existed, I would imagine that Gnostic Marcionites would be quite rabidly anti-capitalist (as they would be the most pure sect of Christianity).

Protestants, especially American protestant sects tend to be quite far removed from the teachings of Christ, often focusing more on the Jewish texts of the Old Testament.

Read this book.


Because if you live in a perpetual cuckolded state to some all powerful, all knowing big other, why wouldn't you automatically become a conservative?

They're the descendants of all the people europe kicked out for being uptight killjoys and they proudly carry on their forebears' traditions.

Are Methodists typically conservative in the USA? In Australia they were historically seen as somewhat left-wing.

All the first capitalist countries were teaming with Protestant classcucks.

Tories are still a thing.

Better yet, don't. Weber's idealistic notion that the successes of capitalism are attributable to the "Protestent work ethic" is completely upside-down.

Protestants are like the Catholics from a bygone era, with exception to certain sects like the snake handling ones of Appalachia.

yeah, they're the same in the US

Look, if you're poor and starve to death, well you were just immoral and God didn't love or want you.

So the successes of protestantism are attributable to capitalism?

Why the spooked religious people vote for the most spooked type of politicians that panders to their religious spooks?
Gee, I dunno.

Read marx.
its the jewish faith according to him.

So smug, Emma.

Protestants are like, the worst kind of Christians, and that's saying a lot.

It's a dialectical relationship my dude

Today "christianity" is traditionalism + worshiping Jesus.
Christianity is about following Jesus, as Jesus intended it to be, and is therefore anti-traditionalistic.