Can We Meme This?

I feel like if Holla Forums could come up with the most stereotypical neoliberal catchphrases to caption $$$The Eternal Eagle$$$ with we could subtly slip netizens a red pill or two with their keks. Humour and the internet are a pretty good combination when it comes to winning people over to your side. It's how I opened myself up to socialism. The "JaRulag" memes got me hooked and from there I started posting here and now I'm reading bout Thomas Sankara. This "meme magic" is how the alt-right gets it's new recruits too. They all start out as edgelords laughing at racist memes and poking fun at crazy feminists, but before they know it they're reading The Bell Curve and calling women's lib fun. Humour breaks down the psychological barriers we're taught to build against taboo topics like fascism and communism so is the left really doing it's part to utilize it to sway the masses? Can we meme it?

[Insert neoliberal catchphrase here]

The alt-right is 100% powerless as a political movement though, and the moment they'd get even the slightest amount of power they'd have infighting, sectarianism and splitting that make trotskyists look like good friends. What do you do with the legit nazis? What do we think about Israel? Libertarianism or protectionism? etc.

To hell with memes.

Don't smear eagles. They did nothing wrong. Use Uncle Sam.

And stop making derivatives of Holla Forums memes for fuck's sake.

Memes are private property too, by πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€stealingπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ them you ruin them !




We don't have to model our movement entirely round memes, just use them to refocus The Overton Window of class-cucks a little to the left is all.

Nice touch!



Leftypol memes have always been unfunny shit that have gotten in the way of constructive discussion.
The 'Spooks' and 'Nazbol' shit are prime examples of this; Think of how many threads have been high-jacked and destroyed by these shitty memes.

I have maintained for years that posting memes should result in an immediate 365 day ban.
It would dramatically improve the quality of this board.

No surprise that one of the most spooked retards on this board is assblasted by the spook memes


don't give attention to tripfags.

It looks like a Lord of Change

I can't get over the fact that's a Gilda macro


Using Holla Forums memes makes us look like we can't come up with our own. Appropriating Holla Forums culture has a place, but we way overdo it.

Eh, Holla Forums steals everyone else's memes, why shouldn't we take their memes and re-contextualize them?

I kinda like pop-art populism ala personally.

what's richard nixon thinking of?

I feel like the original summed it up pretty good

It's more like a prompt to use it as a template to incorporate other horrible things.

I did realize after posting, particularly considering the socdem flag, that it looks more like ignorance. I just think it's a good poster. The left has traditionally had the best posters by far.

"Washington-Style Peace"

this board man


lol i didnt mean it like that. no worries. good prompt. reagan would be a better one to meme though

Gandalf literally told them to fly but the party was too stupid to go get the fucking eagles.