Refuting Jordan Peterson's Capitalist Realism


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somebody linked it on the jordan peterson subreddit lol


why the hell does anyone take Peterson seriously when he talks about communism? He's not an economist or a Historian. He isn't even a political theorist. At least older Right Wing propagandists like Thomas Sowell and Robert Conquest can claim that their an expert. Peterson's only claim to fame is getting triggered by they/them pronouns.

AFAIK he did study political philosophy. Didn't seem to help him overcome his prejudices tho.

Well that explains the like-dislike ratio on the video. Although the comments on the subreddit are certainly better than the ones on the youtube video.

Every pro-"capitalism" argument is a pro-market argument.
Nothing to refute there. No case has been made

Why is Doug Lain so based

you can't have a market without capitalism, and don't reply with a PDF of left-wing market anarchist thought, they are full of shit

I don't see how you can be all that left wing if you take as given that communism has killed 100 million people, so stopped watched it half way.

But markets predate capitalism.

sure you can you illiterate dipshit.
Markets existed long before capitalism did. I'm nearly positive you had take at least one history course in your schooling career. Did you just fall asleep during it or something, because anyone who has picked up a book or even has a vague understanding of history could not unironically make such a grotesquely autistic statement.


It's nice when 'leftists' have an understanding of socialism and capitalism as shallow as right-wing clowns.

Why does Peterson seem to think that all leftists support post-modernism and relativism?

Most modern rightists believe that everyone who disagrees with them is the same kind of person.

tbf we do the same with rightists. the further you are from a certain set of political alignments the more they look the same

forgot to take off my shitposting flag lmao

most of his supporters are the majority Canadian leftists, just not the retarded left– he'll either be on a stamp or PM by the time he is done, he hates postmodernism and untidy rooms and subversive aims at controlling language and from what I can see he is at war with the part of the left that keeps the left out of power so it is a good thing.

Is that autechre in the background? Zerobooks confirmed for tip top tier taste.

Thats mostly because there are barely any coherent ideologies with clear differences to each other on the right.

Does he offer any positive vision or is he just hitting on the left to hide that he actually ddefends the status qou?

Marx BTFO?


Amazon a shit.


Did Marx actually say this? He disagreed with the Iron Law of Wages, no?

He never thought that any of these things would constantly occur, short of during internal economic crises to capitalism.


that's odd. the sub itself seems pretty receptive, but the youtube comments on there are autism-tier. was it also linked somewhere else?

If you take literal fascist propaganda like Gulag Archipelago seriously you should just shut the fuck up because you're not contributing anything to the left.

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This level of ignorance can't last long

Jordan Peterson fan boys are purecancer

People should up vote this and leave positive comments just so this video doesn't only attain a hate mob of idiots circle jerking in the comments

/r/badphilosophy (best reddit sub) often shits on Jordan Petersson as he is the new Sam Harris

you dont have to be a leftist to post here, no need to be mad fam

…and that's why the core idea of Solženitsyn is that you should be able to say the n-word, no matter your skin colour

Yes he did. He explicitly derides the Iron Law of Wages as Lasallean retardation in the critique of the Gotha Programme

See page 57 of the PDF, part 9 of Ernest Mandel's intro to capital vol 1, he clarifies Marx's position.

He also talks about a tendency for wages to rise at the height of the industrial cycle.

*in Volume One