Any other former Holla Forumsacks or aut-righters/nazis here?

Any other former Holla Forumsacks or aut-righters/nazis here?
I used to range from ancap to near fascist on a daily basis depending on how retarded I felt
finally started reading and listening to proper ancom/libsoc/egoist youtubers and reading proper material and feel the brainwashing by the cappies leaving my brain
any one here got stories of how they went from Holla Forums or /sjw/ to leftypol un classcucked

i've always been on the left, except when i embraced neolibs for a brief period.

I was an ancap until I read Proudhon and the work of individualist anarchists.

Same for me.
I pretty much became a mutualist by myself when I was 8.

I was briefly a libertarian when I was 12 after that I've always been left-leaning. Even when I was a teenager I was an FDR-style soc dem Democrat as cancerous as that is. After I turned 18 and got more involved in the real world saw the real effects of what Obama is doing I became an anarchist and later a socialist.

I became Holla Forumsack neo-nazi when I was around 14 or 15. I was your typical socially-awkward kid, hating on blacks and other non-whites (but almost exclusively on black people) made me feel good, and genuinely believed all of the world's problems would be solved if we just genocided Jews, niggers and brown people. When I was 17, I became more sociable, actually got to make friends with non-whites, some of them being very, very smart people, and then I abandoned Holla Forums's bullshit views on race. I wasn't until much later that I became a commie.

are you me

I have an idea, don't proclaim yourself as any ideology until you read [practically] everything about it and [agree] on most of its views and arguments.If you do this, won't have to worry about changing ideologies constantly and still being able to retain new [factual] information.

I was your typical direction last teenager who liked to browsethe chans .I was very socially awkward and with few friends and Pol got its claws in me I was very angry and let's just say that joining a blue collar construction workforce cured me of my racism and getting paid shit cured my libertarianism

Holla Forums and Holla Forums cured me of lolbretarianism

but i can't unsee all those ms paint infographics

I got introduced to white nationalism in juvy when I was about 15 but when I graduated high school when I was near 20 I parted ways with my white nationalist friends and eventually I realized there were more important things to care about

Are you kidding? That accounts for half the board. Where do you think our massive growth spurt has come from? A lot of folks used to be at least ironic chan nazis.

I was a SocDem until I realized that it's a dead ideology which lost all connection with the working class and its original ideals.
It was a pretty long process filled with doubts, since I'm not into politics for memes but a real program to enable the majority of people to have a decent life. I'm pretty much a reformist socialist, though I understand that regulating capitalism is at best a temporary concession which ultimately requires a structural change in the relations of production. However, fighting for reforms has always been essential to social progress, revolutions don't fix anything magically. I've yet to be convinced of the revolutionary purity a lot of people here insist on.

I feel like I draw closer to communism every day though, especially since reading theory on economic planning. Neoliberal economics is such a sham that I find it hard to believe anyone actually takes it for real.

Just like the former leftist Holla Forums threads. You fags are pathetic. Just the other side of the same coin.

a lot of people here had a Holla Forums phase and for me despooking was a lengthy process

you are right to some extent while at the same time being an arrogant fag, also the nigger that says he was in juvi, well thats basically the only real excuse stateside, it can be a matter of peer pressure but especially in an actual prison affiliating with AB can be a matter of life and death, of course very much dependant on location and a bunch of other factors

it doesnt matter what someone thought at some point, it shouldnt really to others. What matters is what they think and more importantly do now

construction cured me of my racism and getting paid shit cured my libertarianism

haw haw see that line alone is worth more than 3 sputtering paragraphs of lacan man autism

Fuck yourself, how do you expect to get people on board when you reject them out of hand, are you fucking completely retarded?

I used to be a typical spook Holla Forumslak, being against a final solution of the jewish problem because I couldn't get it over my heart to do such an immoral thing as gassing jewish children. Then I read stirner and realized morality is a spook and that I should do whatever I desire so now I'm a 100% for gassing every shitskin whose existence displeases me.

it's not srurprising that a Holla Forumsack became a stirnerfag, since both are very dangerous mindsets.

I’m inbetween Holla Forums and Holla Forums

I was there too for a while. Holla Forums was just funnier, and way back in the day Holla Forums was slow. I couldn't just stick around Holla Forums, though, because after a while pretending to be stupid would get old. There are only so many times you can laugh at the punchline "Jews."

Always found it fascinating how this even happens. How do you go from looking at the world through materialism and then say "Nah, gimme the spooks, fam."

If a mindset is not dangerous, then it is not threatening.

It’s not Jews who I care about. Immigration and demographic change is what seems more important.

The "former leftists" are always ex-college liberals.

What does this even mean?

I would hope that most people talking about Jews as being a problem are just memeing. Internet anti-semitism is a joke that some stupid people took seriously.

Immigration is of course indicative of a problem, but I have come to the conclusion that the problem itself cannot be solved or even mitigated by national borders. The reason for that is that the people who control national borders as well as the individuals who set the policies for those borders all work for the very people who both caused the problem in the first place and who now want cheap labor to displace relatively expensive labor. Foxes run the hen house when it comes to nations. There is no way to have a nation that does not serve bourgeois interests without first making the proletariat the dominant class, and once you have done that there is little reason to even have a nation.

I would assume that he means recognizing that all real conditions have real causes.

So things are real. I can't imagine a more meaningless statement.

Then you have never ventured into idealism in which real things have imaginary causes.

Why wouldn’t there be a need for border under socialism?

Yes. Slowly working my way to a state of apolitical apathy. Nothing they preached on about could be done in real life, it was all disconnected from reality.

Which is pretty much modern physics.

What would be the point of having a border dividing a socialist society into pieces? When workers all receive the value of what they produce, there is no real need for them to migrate. Furthermore, those who do move for whatever reason would not be displacing other workers in the places that they move to. The workers own the industries, and they have no reason to want to replace themselves. The only practical reason for a border in a socialist society that I can think of would be like the one that California has where they stop people from bringing certain kinds of fruit into the state to protect local agriculture from invasive species.

Theoretical physics anyway, and they can't stop accidentally proving Einstein right.

Consciousness is determined by material conditions

There liberals not leftists


Then why do marxists hate neuro-science?

Everything consists of pure information.

Dark matter can't exist.

I was an unironic Nazbol/Turd Positionist/Eurasianist around 2013-early 2014. I kind of just realized over time that I didn't really give too much of a fuck about Nationalism, ethnicity and the other assorted spooks and mainly just leaned this way because I liked the edge appeal. So I kind of just despooked overtime by succumbing to my own nihilism. This all happened before I started going to Holla Forums though.

Some of it has to do with being mentally ill oddly enough. Other times its just being poorly read/and or liberal.

The gap in which you fit your god, no more.

back when "muh pills" (pic related) became a thing some years ago I unironically swallowed them all, this was actually really helpful in the long run actually, I understand right wing ideology better than most halfchan Holla Forumstards who don't read and simpy argue with muh feels

It happened gradually I suppose, in between sniffman talks and lurking here my worldview began to change, also reading Willhelm Reich and realizing my reactionary mindset ultimately sprung from my sexual repression and frustrations helped. The turning point was when I was reading Camus' The Rebel and finding out I actually agree more with Ivan Karamazov's "everyone or no one" than with whatever point Camus was trying to make (that revolutions are bad because his feels are hurt or whatever)

Introduced to leftism via Civil Rights liturature→first contact is r/socialism types buy found them to be little more than liberals trying to enforce progressivism at gunpoint-→ follow the leftist meme breadcrumb trail to leftypol -→ tell nazi's on pol their tan means they're not white and they should off themselves

Not a former Holla Forumsyp. But back in 2009 I was into that Ron Paul shit and listened to Alex Jones every day.

Was in the middle of navigating my exit from a religious cult and I guess the weird shit on his show made sense. That was back when he used to have David Icke on his show fairly regularly.

lol same here. I would go from full on ancap to fascist or even monarchist depending on the day and what news I read.

Not much of a story, but I came here for no real reason just to see what it was like. I was surprised by the actual diversity in thought here and wondered how all these different ideologies could interact with each other without being at each others throats. Seeing the contrast of Holla Forums being a hug box to Holla Forums made me really interested in this place and I became a regular poster. I was still an ancap/nazi/monarchist but eventually I read some in-depth posts on here about the inherent shittiness of capitalism. I couldn't argue against them so I dropped the ancapism permanently and was a neo-nazi. Not long after that, I saw that Not Socialism is not real socialism and that's when I had to drop the reactionary shit all together. I don't know what I am today, maybe a mutualist, but I'm very glad I came here when I did. I got to see the meltdown of Holla Forums from all of Trump's failures and I know that if I wasn't here, I would be on Holla Forums still saying he is a God Emperor.

Thanks to everyone here for saving me from my own retardation.

Discovered Holla Forums junior or senior year of high school and quickly went from left-lib to libertarian race realist. A year of college helped me realize that a) I was trans and b) no one likes hanging out with antisocial fascists. Became a libertarian socialist identity politician once I discovered /r/anarchism, and a post-leftist once I actually read some theory.

I was an anarchist through childhood, a mostly apolitical liberal through most of my teenage years (not because anarchist principles struck me as any less ideal, but because I had bought into the "it isn't REALISTIC" propaganda), and then I was an ancap for about a semester in high school.

Even then I only hopped aboard the ancap train once I felt I had been properly assured that it wasn't a system that would be horrific corporate tyranny and destruction. Turns out I was lied to.

If you were truly unspooked you wouldn't give a single fuck about others to the point where they wouldn't even be able to displeases you.

I was nationalist as a young kid but that was before chans.

I've always supported and voted far left or in-between (like Mélenchon), and always trusted that far-left thought ultimately has the right answers, without being very well read. That holds to this day.

I went from a liberal sjw to a lolbertarian to an auth-right (civic nationalist, racism was never my thing), and unironically thought cultural Marxism was a thing, until I finally read a fucking book

I used to believe in the cultural marxist meme aswell and now I'm reading Adorno. Funny how things go.

I used to be full blown new-atheist/clash of civilizations crypto fascist around the age of 14-15. This was long before Holla Forums even existed. Eventually stumbled onto noam chomsky and realized what a con the clash of civilization rhetoric is, became an anarchist short thereafter

this is a criminally underrated post.

tbh I just prefer to loot the best best of everything where they are compatible

So how do you reconcile being able to switch your beliefs so easily with the idea that you're still brainwashing yourself?

What did he mean by this?

>I'm totally not a left wing retard now

this, embrace the non sectarian life and fuck the supermarket of ideologies.

seriously, what the fuck are you trying to say? 'you're still a bluepilled cuck shill'?

How do you know when you've actually grown in political thought, or as a human being, and not just switched the color of your flag?

Because I actually read theory now instead of artifacted infographs?

And you think this gives you power?

Knowledge is power dumbass

What the fuck are you on about?

no only people posting dbz pictures in obscure cantonese bulletin board systems give me power

There is only one power.

Former Holla Forumsyp here. What turned me off was the unironic neocon-tier establishment worship and abandonment of every principle I thought people there had.
What really unspooked me was reading about Rojava and the revolution, which led me to read more Marxist philosophers and actually understand what they were arguing beyond the "Cultural Marxism" meme. I've always sort of gravitated towards socialism, but never really understood what it meant.
That and my realization that my fucked up experiences in life had left me with a zero-sum predatory world view. (As it typical among fascists and capitalist neo-reactionaries) The world is much more subtle than that.

Now I still sympathize with the mythos of what Fascism was aiming for (Striving for excellence, embracing struggle as inherently meaningful, realizing that the material alone is not enough, etc.). I just realize that the methods (Capitalism, cult of personality, etc.) set it on a track for failure (as happened historically).
It is ironic that the Rojava revolution today much better represents the underlying (rather than overt) values of Fascism as described in the Doctrine of Fascism (minus the cult of personality) than Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany or many other imperial powers ever did.

It's less about spooks than the whole socjus and egalitarian "were all the same!"-meme.
That, or they genuinely want to talk about class relations and economics and get told to cut their "racism" and check their pri-vilege.
Liberalism has been very succesful in turning people away from socialism by associating "the left" with non-economic stances like trans-rights, etc. Which leave people either disillusioned or disgusted.
Populism in turn has been successful in using the alienation of the working class as a tool to divide and conquer them, turning them against each other rather than against the system.

Because when I was a Holla Forumsack I had no knowledge of politics, economics, history and so on. I browsed it with a constant suspense of disbelief, but in the end it was the complete retards (climate science denialists, hardcore conspiracy theorists about aliens and shit, people into esoteric shit) that turned me away from it.

We don't, but that's not what is meant by material conditions in this context. When marxists refer to material conditions they (mostly) mean the socio-economic context an individual resides in (relation to the means of production, market forces etc).

You're cherrypicking a minority position because it appeals to you. And even the fucking holographic principle regard that information as being encoded in a substance of sorts (it's really just a variant of string theory).
Why don't you actually try to get your understanding of science from something other than shitty popsci journals?

most of them are spooked by leftists conceptions

I was an ancap when I was like 5

How did the the right wing material you read compare to the youtubers?
I'm curious how you feel on the separate perspectives

how did you get that photo of every person in my town

i used to be Holla Forums until i READ A BOOK. now i regurgitate other peoples political beliefs without questioning them

They exist?


So you're still pol

You should really look at yourself in the mirror

The information present during gaymergate and other idpol bullshit was almost exclusively rightwing or sjw. That was the only information available and I didn't know there was any different understanding.

I get swept up by that shit. That's why I'm now very adamant about making our information available to the public, in public spaces on the internet and real life. There are so many sjws and altrights out there that just didn't know there was any other option.

Source please? I'm serious.

I always familiarize myself with extremist ideology of any kind but never take it too seriously. I easily switch between far left and far right depending on my mood. The only one I don't particularly care for is radical Islamism. Both far right and far left lolbertariansim and anarchism are ultimately cringe shit with retarded helpless spooked people anyaway so I stick to nihilism and egoism

This was always amusing. The utter lack of any understanding for politics on a politics board. Outrage porn from clickbait sites represented their full view of politics, economics, and civics.

Hint: most lefties are in with the cause because they believe that they can reap personal material benefits from joining. When you're working at a shit job, weighted down with debts a dozen times your net value, with no place to call your own, and no future you can look forward to, promise of justice for those like you is very tempting. But get a promotion, pay off those debts, get a car and maybe even some permanent housing, and suddenly none of it seems like your problem. Instead of receiving from shares, it's now you who has to share, and that makes for all the difference in the world. Suddenly, those in the situation you called yours just a little while back transform from victims of the system into morally destitute parasites; your oppressors are now your benefactors, maybe even friends if you work just a little bit harder; materialism becomes a buzzword that lefties use to justify robbing you of your earnings that you worked so hard for; and nothing is ever the same.
Not subscribing to just the right strain of socialism has nothing to do with it. People simply sell out, literally, for better living conditions than they had before. Really, it's despicable that people here so eagerly put the blame on liberal bogeymen — you just know that it's precisely their kind that will talk about Obongo being a Marxist not five years from on.

Have no debts. Have a shitty car. Have enough space, even if living in same house as parents.

Still don't like this reality.

Then again.. I understand what communism ACTUALLY is. Not sure if most of them do.

Gamergate made me an aut-rightist, then I came here to debate and troll, then I started reading the books recommended on here.

It's not about "understanding" anything. You think, say, climate change deniers actually believe a single thing they say about hoaxes and scientific conspiracies? People have always believed in what they think is convenient for them to believe. When spouting nonsense about communist plots to pollute our precious bodily fluids makes passing of laws pertaining to making life more bearable for those not as well off as you less likely, people will spout such nonsense. It's textbook doublethink. Ideology is a function of motivation, not the other way around.

I first became an anarchist at the age of 13, when I realized basically all the hardships I was facing at the time was all related to hierarchy. I later went full feminism/LGBT idpol at the age of 16 because I loved the feeling I got when I wore make up, and "girly" shit, and I viewed it as this revolutionary act to defy gender stereotypes, and anybody who said otherwise was "stuck in the past". By the time I was 18 gamergate shit started happening, and it eventually led me to Holla Forums, and I easily bought into all the idpol there and did an ideological 180, despite being half Mexican. (the Holla Forums isn't white meme is more true than you realize.) The election, the purity spiral shit, and people openly calling for racial genocide is what drove me say from Holla Forums, and ultimately led me here, and me going back to my anarchist beliefs.

How do racially inpure Holla Forumsyps rationalise it?
Did you also start wearing girly clothes again? :3

I imagine it's simulare to how somebody with cirrhosis feels when they walk in to a liquor store to buy a bottle of cheap vodka, despite the fact it's the very thing that's destroying them in the first place. Some people have strange ways they dance around reality inside thier head, plus anonymity of imageboards make it easier.

I've just began experimenting with it again, and even mustered up the courage to post a picture on /cuteboys/ a few months back.

I don't get it?
Could you repost it? Also, post pix from when you were sixteen, bretty blease :—-DDDDDDDD

I never felt for the aut-right meme, but I was a left-leaning liberal until I watched a Guy Debord film I randomly found on rym/ubuweb and bought a copy of the Society of Spectacle tbh fam.
I started to get into Sonic Youth and experimental rock when I was 15 though.

I've studied cognitive science faggot

People becoming leftist for their personal material benefit is the only acceptable reason

Holla Forums actively monitors us, and already has a started collecting images of us, along with our dox, so that's not a good idea. Sure they make a lot of empty threats, but it's all fun & games until one of thier autists actually swat somebody, or get somebody hurt.

Like feminists, ethnic minorities, and immigrants, amirite? People who join the left for their own sake will abandon the movement without looking back the very moment a better offer comes up.

If they were capable of taking real action, they wouldn't have become Holla Forums regulars in the first place, fampire.

As it should be.
The left isn't some kind of sacred cow.
It's only viable because it's advantageous to so many people.

Well, guess what: global revolution as Marx predicted didn't happen despite the tensions increasing according to predictions exactly because the populations in industrialised countries were offered better deals than that. Have fun living under capitalism for the next half a millennium.

Of course I will

The statement that people support an ideology that benefits them is a truism: ideology is the believe in an ideal and the holding of an ideal is innately intertwined with your wish to improve to or through it. People may claim they are doing it for the broader benefit of society, they in the end still benefit from that support - this is nothing new.
However: that does not mean people will flipflop any given chance of meager improvement in physical well-being. Although it is true there are fencesitters in any group, there are enough people who cling to any ideology despite the material grounds pushing them in a different direction. There is more to supporting an ideology than material gain alone.
Don't fall into the trap that the holding of ideology is bad or that one can be without ideology. Remember we don't choose ideology, but fall into one.

Also: I don't partake in the slandering of outgroups myself, but it has a communal function. Petty as it might be it gives people something to unite over. Liberals, especially the stereotypical ones, in many ways represent everything people here detest on a surface level. Most notably 'the status quo': you don't expect self-styled radicals to accept agents of the status quo, do you? (The same goes for "SJW"s, though don't let that be a defense of the lack of knowledge and understanding of feminism common among Holla Forums-posters.)
It is a pariah, not a bogeyman. Something to grumble at or make fun off, nothing more. You can see this position affirmed whenever (misguided) posters propose cooperating with fascists. The response usually being, "Liberals may be annoying, but you will try to kill us!" After all many people here hold liberal believes, even if they do not support the ideology over communism.

was born in a tank

I guess that's why the left is so strong today. Though it is gaining popularity — exactly as more and more people are getting worse and worse deals. But I guess material conditions is a meme and Marx was a hack.
That's why the left, and the far right for that matter, is so prone to divide into splinter groups all the time.

Your hostility is entirely unwarranted and uncalled for. Nowhere did I imply materialism is not relevant: I mentioned it is not the single, decisive factor.

This tbh

I didn't even intend to trigger you, fucking relax.
Singe? No. Decisive? It's un-Marxist to say that it isn't, matey.

Fascism and liberalism are two sides of the coin. And I dislike both on a very deep level. Liberalism exists essentially to paint the left as the side of "Altruism", as though you don't need to be part of the left, and that it really just exists as a means of showing you "care" about people other than yourself. No no prole, fascism is or you, libertarianism is for you. All of you selfish types who are looking out for your own interests should join these groups instead. We on the left are the faction of patience and kindness, peace and tolerance. The biggest trick the right ever pulled was this shit right here.

I got into politics when I was very young (my Dad was always a strong democrat, probably leaned a little aut-left and moved lib-left over time), but I was surrounded by rednecks growing up in a rural area so my pool of political opinions was pretty empty during my childhood; only knowing that Bush was an asshole and saying that in front of my Mother's family during thanksgiving dinner was a bad thing. When I got into politics more in middle school, I moved into socdem and eventually anarcho-syndicalism. Now I'm leaning more toward De Leonism the more I read about it.

tl;dr was never right-wing but started out Democrap.

I was on the right when I was like 16-18
They say you move further to the right as you age, but I became a commie at 24

If material conditions are the only thing that matter, why shouldn't I just push for ancap or fascism? Socialism, in terms of material conditions, actually doesn't really offer me anything besides what I already have.
Ancap and fascism on the other hand give me the opportunity to lord over the masses. And even if I was impoverished, both ancap and fascism offer me more than socialism.

If your personal material conditions are the only thing that matters, then your're at loss with socialism.