Holla Forums was wrong…..again

Holla Forums was wrong…..again.

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lol those stupid republicans over at /Pol? must be so salty ha hehehehe

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What does this random picture prove?

66 gorillion dimensional chess!

Oh sorry must need more labels huh

misplaced sarcasm won't change the fact that both Holla Forumss are just repackaged neocons at this point who think having a worse vocab makes them edgy

Lmao someone really should garrison this pic with a shitton of labels

Na fam, just because he didn't moab the black cube doesn't mean shit. He didn't bow to the kryptokike or make his wife wear a head scarf.

yeah, some woman's not wearing a cloth on her head is much more worthy of focus than the billions of dollars and weaponry. you really have your priorities straight



keep dancin'

You act like their military can actually use that shit. It's like giving a formula 1 car to a 7 year old.

Imagine having racism that is this ideological…

It's not like any of that shit is specifically "hard" to use or that it takes a super high I.Q.level to do so.

It's just that Arab armies are often [email protected]/* */ because of their culture of hoarding knowledge, leading to shit like training officers not passing on their knowledge so they can be the only ones with certain skillsets.


No idea how true this is though, considering the rest of the article is all about sucking off 'the west'.


this is like saying Italy was the best army of WW2 because muh Roman legions

Arabs haven't been good for a long time now.

The Saudis are struggling to contain a rebellion by illiterate Yemeni goatherders despite god knows how much US military stock they've acquired over the last decade or so

It's like that meme about who would win: The entire US army or some Vietnamese peasants

But the point is that they can do harm to the Yemeni people and a good portion of mankind by supporting reactionary Islamic terrorism. Their killing plenty of Yemeni peasants just like how America didnt win Vietnam but they still succeeded at killing millions of civilians.

Would this be proper accelerationism?

Sounds like Saudi command doctrine is literally like feudal Europe, rank is determined by family connections and social status, not merit. Saudi Arabia is literally a modern feudal state.

That was before they all started marring their cousins.

Holla Forums thinks the Saudis are Jewish. Not joking, they don't understand the idea of Arabs and Ashkenazi jews being related by ancestry. So they think any Jewish looking Arab is a Jew undercover. If there was a word for the level of pathological obsession that they have outside of mania I would use it. Totally insane worldview. I believe lots of sketchy, out-there things and I can't for the life of me figure out how you can justify being as delusional as they are, without being deeply jaded and aware of your own hypocrisy.

Read something other than marxist sophistry.


It varied from tribe to tribe when they were pagans. Inbreeding definitely became more commonplace after Islam took over.


And that is why America is losing its Wars in the ME and Central Asia and has to fall back on proxies. Made me think.

seriously you people have the most retarded convictions

god bless, he's helping

seriously stupid

Prolly he is just doing this to not make an officer in the tank angry at him

Except that time when we destroyed the entire Iraqi military in weeks.

Even worse.

B-but muh g-globalism!!

P.S. Blackstone Group is part of the ongoing FBI investigation. Lot's of Russian money laundered through it. Apparently Trump owes them ~500 million dollars. Good stuff.

A "Fourth World" country, then?



Oh wow, he didn't bow while he took Saudi cock in his mouth?
I'm impressed!

How do we stop the eternal neocon?

Also, the agreement made on bitter lake means the U.S. is eternally bent over backwards for the Saudis.

All goat herding cultures do inbreeding because of their dowry customs. Gotta keep the livestock in the family.



Holy shit

But the guerillas punked the US mil till the point they left Iraq with their tail between their legs.

Saudi Arabia is something of an anomaly since it is a hugely backwards feudal state that would be poor as fuck based on 'merit', but due to oil is able to sustain its current bloated slave oligarchy. Once oil begins to become a non factor I wager we will see bad shit.

You mean the US mill left after they extracted enough wealth from the land. Guerillas got BTFO.

Saudi Arabia is an alternate dimension - I say that from experience.

You're right in saying that it's almost feudalistic. That's because it pretty much is, aside the skyscrapers and 4x4's.Their 'Constitution' is a single page document that says "There is no law but the will of Allah. The Holy Qura'an is the constitution of Saudi Arabia". Your place in society is based on how closely related you are to the aristocracy, and how much 'wusta' (influence, connections) you have.

The problem isn't so much that the House of Saud exists, it's that they're totally cucked by the Ulema (the religious elite) and has been since they created Saudi in 1932. Turns out, the Prophet devoted a fair bit of ink towards saying that Monarchies were the most un-Islamic of all forms of government. The Saud family harboured designs on ruling all of what is now Saudi Arabia from about the early 1800s, and the Al Wahhabi tribe of Imams that lived alongside them and the other tribes that recognised the Al Sauds as their Sheikh, essentially cut a deal that said that the Imams would obfuscate the Prophet's words on the subject of monarchies as much as possible and actively support the Al Sauds, in return for gaining total control over religious life and worship in said new state. The arrangement worked pretty effectively up until the 1970's with the country's early attempts to modernise. It's speculated that the growing unrest in the 70's, culminating in the Grand Mosque siege was instigated by the Al Wahabs as a challenge to the Al Sauds, and meant to pave the way for a glorious Sunni Islamic Revolution rather than the bullshit that those idiot Shias across in Iran were doing.

I don't give it that long. The government is in an eyewatering amount of debt considering the amount of money Aramco makes for the state, mostly because the monarchy sees the state's finances as an extension of their own. Given their famed taste for all things expensive, combined with their vast numbers, this doesn't leave much at the end of the day to spend on running the country, especially seeing as the welfare state is used as a means to disguise the enormous flaws in their economy that sees 30-40% unemployment among citizens but hoardes of foreign labour imported to do everything from sweep the streets to designing said skyscrapers. The disillusionment in Gen X/Millenial Saudis grows as it gets harder for the government to keep up the enormous welfare payments that people have come to expect. Another global financial crisis, combined with current low oil prices, would bring the whole thing tumbling down.

The Yemenis are like the Afghanis - nobody has ever successfully conquered the place and the further you go into the mountains, the further you leave the 21st century behind.

Most of 4chan's Holla Forums has dropped Trump, 8ch Holla Forumstards are too proud to admit their God-Emperor is more like a ZOG Occupied Government Emperor.

Like fucking pottery lol.

Saint Stalin knows


Let's not forget when they funded Islamist militias on both sides including ISIS to tear the country apart turning it into an absolute shithole only into get pulled deeper and deeper into trying to restabilize their country after the withdrawal.
Holla Forumsyps continue to live up to their reputation as nothing but edgy neocons.

*US combat troops


Almost every single comment is about Jews or crypto-Jews. This is some retardation I didn't think was possible.

iirc it's a filter


House Saud literally calls themselves Jews.



Merkel didn't wear a headscarf either and she visited the Saudis before Trump and his botox wife.

I guess having principles didn't take cernobitch's call.

Trump should sell Melania to King Saudi's harem.The art of the deal!

You didn't stop to think for a moment, maybe it is the jews?
Why is Saudi Arabia allied with Israel?
Why is Saudi Arabia waging proxy war on every neighboring country except Israel?
Why does Israel help ISIS by healing wounded terrorists and by bombing SAA?
I thought muslims are supposed to hate Israel for what they did to their Palestinian brothers in faith.
Really makes you think
It's almost as if islam is a tool to herd inbred arabs. Same thing with christianity.

Who's in charge (pick one)
a) CIA
b) illuminati
c) capitalists!!1
d) globalists
e) freemasons
f) 6 million jews
g) reptilians
h) ayylmaos
i) interdimensional demons
j) families like Rothschilds, Rockefellers and House of Saud (all jewish??)



so predictable

wow what else is your crystal ball telling you

I never stop to think 'is it the Jews?' because I don't have brain damage.


Saudis fucked them so bad that basically the entire world is turning against them.

Saudi brutality in the Yemeni civil war caused many of their allies to switch sides and join the Houthis to drive the invaders out.

Spending all their attention on this poor country in the Red Sea has allowed Lebanon and Egypt to move far closer to the Iranian camp.

Saudi proxies in Syria have been soundly BTFO by Syria-Russia-Iran, and Trump (despite his on-and-off aggression against Assad) has distanced himself from these groups.

Their old ally Qatar, a nation geographically smaller than Connecticut, has spent the last several years moving away from Saudi and has convinced the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies (such as Turkey and Hamas) to end their close relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The deal is interesting. Why? Because Saudis are an economy driven by oil exports. If that revenue starts decreasing, so will their grasp on the region.

What they're doing with this arms purchase is basically a way to supress the region and pull it towards itself. I don't think this is a bad move from the USA, the USA has no reason to be involved much at all with countries on the other side of the globe. If USA benefits from this deal in the long run it's a good deal. The only problem is that it might come to haunt the US if they're forced to clean up a mess in the middle east.

Well memed, sir!

Is Saudi Arabia so fucked up because of capitalism? It's always easier to blame some impersonal system instead of finding the actual culprit.


Hey, I may be retarded but I didn't use mspaint!


And don't bother bringing up rare instances of brief indifference or collaboration with Israel against common foes, otherwise you'd have to have every single country in the MENA region, including Iran & Syria.
Holla Forums's ability to let their obsession get in the way of their purported goals never fails to amaze.