What would a city look like in a leftypol society? I think it's imperative to provide housing but what type of housing...

What would a city look like in a leftypol society? I think it's imperative to provide housing but what type of housing? Commieblocks ( especially those farther and farther from the central urban center of a city) have always felt very off putting to me. Especially at there street level interaction with pedestrians. Would citizens have a voice in the process of urban development and planning ? And how would that happen?

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Arcology is bunk user

New Babylon

preferably something with a highly complex and efficient public transit system that would virtually eliminate the need for cars and trucks. and lots of integrated greenery and nature, so you're not just carving out a huge piece of the environment and burying it under tons of concrete and steel

Your opinion is bad

"We will leave Monsieur Le Corbusier’s style to him, a style suitable for factories and hospitals, and no doubt eventually for prisons. (Doesn’t he already build churches?) Some sort of psychological repression dominates this individual — whose face is as ugly as his conceptions of the world — such that he wants to squash people under ignoble masses of reinforced concrete, a noble material that should rather be used to enable an aerial articulation of space that could surpass the flamboyant Gothic style. His cretinizing influence is immense. A Le Corbusier model is the only image that arouses in me the idea of immediate suicide. He is destroying the last remnants of joy. And of love, passion, freedom." - Ivan Chtcheglov (Formulaire pour un urbanisme nouveau, 1953)

Commieblocks have to go.

What are you talking about?

they would under municipal confederalism :)

with communalism the ecology aspect is very important. this means mixed-use everything and not brutalist architecture (every sq meter of concrete surface is a wasted KW of energy)


Commieblocks are disgusting and only tankies like them. They almost make me wanna go anprim.

Don't think of single buildings. It is possible to have all the advantages of urban density with all green shit you would ever want. The key thing is that you have a metro system. Check out J.H. Crawford's stuff: carfree.com/

The second-best design is one-way streets in a simple rectangular grid.

How do you propose to build such an interconnected complex with de-centralized decision making? Such a city is only realistic under rigid central planning.

I think communism will have a more rural outlook. It will be a mixture between kibbutz and university campi.

They'll probably look mostly the same as our current cities, because they will be our current cities. However you'll probably see a few new cities pop up in various places and some of the older cities change some. As technology progresses you'll probably see more major changes, but that will depend on how new technology is implemented in urban areas. Idk how socialism will shape their looks tho.

Pyonyang, DPRK

why would you need more than a municipality to build a municipality?

Savage af


Confederated municipalities would ideally take the form of smaller cities, mostly in the tens or hundreds of thousands, organized into districts of roughly equal population. These districts would be mostly mixed use, medium in density, and close to industrial sites as possible. They'd each have some central public space for events and municipal assemblies, and be networked by communcations and transportation infrastructure to all other districts. At the center of the city are administrative buildings and a big open public space for citywide events and meetings.

Surrounding the each of these cities would be a mix of farmland, small agricultural villages and wilderness. Suburbs and sprawl development are to be kept at a minimum, to preserve natural space for human visitation and enjoyment.

High density is realistically the best possible option for dealing with billions of humans with the least impact on the planet, while also being the best quality of life.

We MUST end the tyranny of the motor car.
(pic just based on structure/density not actual cities in this reality)

Funny, when that's how most building for the poor are made, under capitalism…

That sounds kind of like a mall. All the newest mall out here you can live at too.

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fuck this, ill keep to my private farm. this looks shit.

like this right here fam

I think anyone living in the pic would prefer a commieblock in a heartbeat.

NK has great infrastructure, but no cars or transportation

lol dude, is that lord of the rings?

isnt that more a fuedal society than a capitalist or socialist one?

Will socialism give us elves n dragons n shit too?

Fully Automated Luxury Solarpunk

Under rated fucking post. I imagine communist society to look like the more agricultural parts of Central Valley California.


Why? Futurists even of the 1920's imagined humanity would start building mega structures on the scale of the planet, with cities that span entire continents on Earth. And really if we can build Dyson swarms, building massive arcology structures that would make 9/11 ineffective as it would be like the planes ran into the side of a mountain given the scale of buildings we could build, as we are talking about buildings that reach to the mesosphere 100 KM above sea level.

Sounds absolutely terrifying. Like those Hiveworlds from 40K.

If we make it to a K2 civilization those hiveworlds would be dinky compared to the fact we could build space stations in our solar system larger then Earth.

but i like cars

I thought you ancaps hated roads tho.

Like this:


You only like volkswagens and the illusory thrill of going fast while staying still

Shanty towns are fucking awesome, I want to live in one at some point

This. Can't wait for reclamation day. I love seeing those entire empty city blocks in China that are there 'for startups' yet people are starving in the streets below.

Or this:




I wonder if they'd let people walk on the massive windows…

Hey what's wrong with volkswagens?

why is this a bad concept though?

I love these.