How do we get Americans to like socialism/anarchism/communism ?

how do we get Americans to like socialism/anarchism/communism ?

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Call it something else. Burgers are stupid, if you take away muh gorgillions or whatever they can't argue against the principles without coming sounding like massive cucks.

Flood the country with spics fleeing from communist hellholes, which is already happening


You can't make a silk purse with a sow's ear.

distribute more flyers
punch more nazis
set trash cans on fire
spend more time on nazi-infested internet forums
tell people to read communist literature
have communist meetings
organize and agitate
make more epic communist memes

that's not very leftcom of you :^)

promote cultural marxism via jewish hollywood and acedemia

If there's anything we Leftists and you Fascists can agree on, it's that Jazz music and Pop music are pure shit.

cute school uniforms and nifty summer camps

read zizek


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Capitalism kills that every five years.

Psilocybin mushrooms/DMT/LSD/Iboga

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Actually it's 100 billion.

On the individual level the most effective way of planting an idea or point-of-view into someone's head more or less permanently may be to allow them to arrive at the wished conclusion independently, on their own. Forcing a set of ideas that have no pre-existing roots in the targets mind tends to cause a defensive, countering reaction in the receiving party. In the mind of the target the forcing individual may end up with a label of a fanatic, neutering their ability to sway the target.

However, if one exposes them to certain subjects, for example by subtly injecting subjects and ideas that are more "acceptable" and common in the local cultural climate into discussions, such as criticism of capitalism and oppressive systems alike it —without forcing, merely mentioning apropos— then one might be able of nudging this "frame of acceptance" ever so slowly to the left.
Eventually one might mention some slightly less known (from the perspective of the receiving party) writers and spread their thoughts without explicitly revealing the ideological position of said thinkers.
Mentioning Marx may be a bit too radical at first, he is too well known, but one might quote him indirectly:

By doing so one reduces the risk that they would be branded with a negative, prejudiced label, as a fanatic. Appearing well-read and knowledgeable differs greatly from appearing to be a communist or anarchist. These titles need to be purged from the negative aura bestowed upon them by decades, centuries of propaganda and misunderstanding before they can be approached openly.

American from the most American part of America here
Once a century ago there was a worker's movement in this country large enough to literally battle the Government.
Once you strip away the confusion of propaganda and a few Spooks, I don't think those feelings have truely changed
First you make a big list of all terms related to socialism
Then, you compile a list of more modern casual, easily understood, alternative terms. In this way you prevent shit like people thinking that abolishing private property means "I'm gonna lose my home and my furniture and my cell phone".
Use those terms and talk to the people. Go out into the rust belt, the south, the Midwest, etc and spread the fucking word. Also, people need to be convinced that mass cross-industry strikes, without being organized by some so called 'Union' bootlicker, can accomplish alot. Imagine if one day, all working class Americans just had a "fuck going to work day". The worldwide impact of even a day of that would be impressive. People across the world need to learn to believe that the true power rest with us, not porky. With the internet we could make it happen

how do we get Americans to like socialism/anarchism/communism ?

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We travel back in time and make the United States lose the Cold War.

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Leftist really need to fix thier vocabulary
Bourgeois = Big money
Petite Bourgeois = small propeiters
Socialism = democratic economy
Capitalism = profit economy
Dictatorship of the proletariat = workers government
And so on and so on
Private Property = Productive)

study groups


There is literally no evidence for the 100 gorillions meme. One of the coauthors of that book (The Black Book of Communism) distanced himself from it because of the flawed methodology and poor scholarship. The methodology is to count every death that happened under a regime that called itself socialist/communist (whether it really was is also not a consideration). So if someone tripped and hit his head in his home, if he did it under a Marxist-Leninist regime he became a "victim of communism." If a smoker died of lung cancer, he was a "victim of communism" and so on.

Their methodology is so flawed, that if you use it in estimating capitalist deaths, you'd get a much much higher number. How many people died of smoking in capitalist countries? At least 100 million right there. And how many die of starvation every year in capitalist countries?

Now before you interject, "but that's not real capitalism" or "capitalism is a natural system not enforced by government," note that we're applying the same criteria, so all we need to show is that the leaders of such countries called themselves capitalists or said they believed in capitalism and free markets. When we consider the capitalist countries and the criteria for death caused by a system, then we can easily arrive at figures of over 100 million, even over 1 billion for capitalism.

No, not really, you are just pseudo-intellectual, hiding behind big words

Capitalism murders dose it. It has also fed billions apparently-cunt

So why haven't we made a meme/infographic with the actual, real death toll of "communism", aka the people who actually died by the hand of the state and the reason they were killed?

are there records of those?

An infographic showing both deaths under communism and capitalism while not applying the same flawed criteria to both would be nice.

My point is the opposite your idiot, the left needs to stop using uncommon and fancy terms.

this guy gets it, you will never sell your banker funded revolution with obscurantist terminology.


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You gonna load up on wikipedia links and the black book of communism excerpts to prove it happened?

No, i don’t have to. I have a brian and real world experience.

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Wasn't this guy an actual fascist? There are even quotes on him going about muh Jews

marx himself has quotes on him going about muh jews

t. hippie in the 70s.

Hey look its the guy who supported fascist regimes across the world and US wars of aggression and still had the nerve to call himself a humanist. Also the guy whose historiographical methods are so biased and faulty that most anti-com Russian historians and Sovietologists consider him an untrustworthy source except when it comes to muh feels about the nature of communism. This is the guy who claimed with a straight face that Stalin killed 110 million people.

Which is mainly tends to be bagging on religion in general (Judaism included) not just crying about how Jews are evil. Have you actually read this?

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Man I'll always resent Adorno for writing off jazz music

Either keep the SJWs going, and an entire generation of youth will be too feminized to fight back, or just wrap it up as patriotism. Neither will fully succeed. As the post-millennials aren't buying anything the Left is selling.


This is easily one of the best posts we've ever had on this board

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Don't worry, they will grow up eventually

stop threatening to kill all cops/all white people, burning American flags, assaulting people at rallies, etc.
Communist support in the US is already going up, but the whole "we hate everything you've been fooled into loving and we're going to kill you and take your toothbrush" thing is not a great idea.
basically just pull your head out of your ass and stop being intentionally antagonistic, only to turn around and wonder why Americans actively dislike you. Food not Bombs is a good idea. Antifa and the Austin Red Guard are bad ideas.

What convinced me to be a leftist was looking at the flaws of capitalism and that there are different ways of managing society that could be better.

The problem is that Black Book of Communism stuff is ingrained in the psyche of the American public. As soon as socialism or communism is mentioned it's immediately associated with the Kmher Rouge or Muh Venezuela

Literally none of that is a good idea. It's what we're doing now and it's not working. Our best strategy is to actively go against the American stereotype of socialists. Doesn't matter what you think of it, but Americans love freedom of expression, and they don't like what they consider to be elitism or naval-gazing. Beating up people who say bad things and sitting around having commie book club pays perfectly into alt-right propaganda and it reaffirms all the shit that the American working class already thinks about communism.
You're shit

You've got some good ideas. I'm gonna use those.

Yeah there's nothing that makes people stop listening to you faster than insisting on using pseudo-intellectual 150 year old German economic terms that are intrinsically linked to a system they've been raised to think is the devil. The moment you bring up "proletarian" or "bourgeois", the average burger isn't listening anymore.
I'd say that terminology reform and a strong, very strong denouncement of the Soviet Union and the other "but muh killed gagillions of people!!!" meme states are the two biggest steps to ending the red scare. "We hate the Soviet Union too" is a great way to knock the uninformed anti-commie onto their ass. In a good way, I mean. It's something they don't expect and it instantly challenges their notions about what a communist is.

All in all, we just need to focus on aligning ourselves as much as possible with the points of view that the working class in the US already hold. It kind of saddens me that communists here seem to treat being antagonistic as a sport, but we could do a lot more to win them over by criticizing the democrats and their neoliberal shit, playing up the self-management aspects,criticizing classism and coastal elitism, just focusing on the stuff we agree on. It's a lot easier to take a fort from the inside than to siege it from outside. I think we can all agree that beating people up and alienating the working class isn't helping at all.

I like "workplace democracy" myself.

lmao try picking a country that isn't extremely successful due in its current governmental system, one that isn't improving in employment and other economic indicators every day since the newest president came in.

Or how about a country that didn't sacrifice men overseas for years in Korea and Vietnam trying to prevent you pants-on-heads retarded, self destructive and system which has never been implemented successfully (but i'm sure your particular and extremely specific plan will work and is totally feasible) from spreading?

Unless you're going to force them to submit or go to the gulag, Americans (besides you autistic impressionable cunts) will not convert to communism without lies and propaganda being forced down their throats.

ok thanks


Austin Red Guards did literally nothing wrong.

I mean if you want to be the reason that Americans hate commies then go for it man. Just don't bitch when America backs literal nazis over you because you were a titmonger


Cops are basically vermin that need to be eradicated.

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You think the gommies are trying to brainwash you at every given moment because you are the brainwashed ones. Your country is a sad stagnant joke that is literally on the road to Orwellian dystopia and only avoids economic collapse through violently subjugating other countries. The whole mythos that burgers have surrounding communism was made up by your government and religious reactionaries to keep you alienated from the rest of the world; the Soviets were bastards, but leftists have been criticizing tankies since before the USSR was even globally relevant.

No one likes the Cold War M-Ls anymore, all we want is to help before a SWAT team comes to arrest you for thoughtcrime.

Many rich people took LSD. Steve Jobs would be an example. It helps their creativity, apparently.

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