Is world peace possible?

Is world peace possible?

Until USA ceases to exist, no it's not.

Until we all get a trap waifu, no it's not

Humanity would have to "evolve" somehow.
From what I've seen most people are still merely "monkeys that can talk" which makes world peace impossible because it takes a great deal of "rationality" and brains to let it go all the dumb spooks and shit required to achieve world peace.
I remember watching one episode of Star Trek TNG where Piccard mentions that humanity had evolved and grew up out of their infancy, letting it go of stupid traits like greed and spooks alike.

Form historic perspective we are moving towards there. Wars are lot shorter than they used to be.

If it is, it's undesirable.

There's nothing "evolved" about eschewing conflict. Are plants a more evolved form of life because most aren't actively predatory?
We actively need conflict, because conflict makes life worthwhile.
It makes achievements meaningful, it makes existence exciting, it's a creator of historical content, of culture, of kinship and camaraderie.
"Peace" is the enemy of all this.

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Except it doesn't, soldiers are trash, heroism is forgotten, all the violence gets buried under the rubble and everyone dies

exactly the same way wagecucking does

maybe of that part of history that notices only wars

you mean ideology

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As someone who actually grew in a very conflicted area lemme tell you that there's nothing exciting about it.
Fuck off back to your shitty video game fantasies.

You can have peaceful conflicts.

Until humans cease to exist, no it's not.

I'm not just talking about war, and especially not the perverse nature of modern capitalist wars (including the colonial adventures of the past).
Gandhi's struggle was conflict. Peaceful ideological strife is conflict. Rojava is conflict (especially the internal struggle). But so was the space race. The exploration of the world. The elimination of diseases.

Violent war. Especially it's direct physical confrontations are only a small part of that.

There's conflict and there's "conflict". The latter being the soulless dehumanizing strife capitalism creates. It's the conflict that extinguishes people, and in every form leaves people disillusioned with life. It shackles people to debt, it robs them of their dignity it destroys them mentally and physically.
No sense of honor or just decency, no higher purpose, no loyalty, no belief. It's just debasement and destruction in the name of profit.
It's the Iraq war, it's the Congo wars, it's the Rwanda genocide, it's the prison-industrial complex, it's the clearcutting of rainforests, it's the sweatshops. That's not what I mean by conflict. That's just capitalism gorging on it's surroundings.

Conflict also isn't supposed to be "exciting" like some cheap hollywood flick, it's supposed to offer an elated sense of purpose. Not a theme park ride, not a cheap form of amusement, not a snuff film in the making. A source of self-reflection, insight, a shared journey.

It's telling enough that when people today think of conflict today they immediately imagine genocide, exploitation, senseless destruction, butchery, etc. And cannot phantom that "conflict" can occur with a sense of civility or even without physical interaction. Or that it can even bring out the best in people rather than transform them into beasts.

I should have probably clarified that.

Yes, but only when socialism has won.

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Finite space, finite resources, various groups competing for said space and resources, to add to that there is conflict based on abstract ideas, there is also basic human monkey-brain behavior. No. Peace does not exist. But that doesn't mean we can't do certain things to minimize conflict where possible such as securing strong borders between groups and promote the best methods for fair transfer of resources from those who have to those who want.



Not unless we all turn into cute little girls who never age.

America is currently engaged in the longest conflict in its history.

Imagine a world without strife. (No, I don't mean one without just capitalist wars and exploitation)
One where there is unanimous agreement about everything, there are no threats, no challenges, you're just existing. People can pretend all they want that's what they desire, but reality speaks volumes about what happens when they live without challenge. They either sulk in depression, or they will create new conflict over the pettiest of things.

It's one of the problems of capitalism and the "end of history": There is nothing to do but exist and consume.

And again, no, I'm not praising ethnic cleansing and wars for profit. The idea of conflict presented here is not some Hollywood or video game fantasy. Neither the wars of the past decades. It's not disaster porn I'm referring to, or fetishizing suffering.

I get though why people immediately associate that with concepts like conflict. Because in capitalism, everything must be a zero-sum game.
The only way you can "win" is if someone else loses. And if they lose, it automatically means they should be humiliated, stripped of dignity, if not outright eliminated. It's an almost psychopathic perception of the world, and it goes hand-in-hand with capitalism's dehumanizing nature.

You can still have challenges without strife and threats.
The challenge to improve yourself for instance is a never ending up hill battle that doesn't necessary requires conflict. Today I've learned mandarin, tomorrow I think I'm going to learn Icelandic just for the sake of it.

Large scale violence has been a thing since the dawn of man, achieving true world peace is impossible. Only a strict totalitarian regime could enforce it and even then they'd have to be infallible.

Only war that US is fighting is with the north Koreans and that war has been inactive for a long time now.

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We would be like bonobos messing around all the time

China will cause ruckus instead.

There are other primates who have little "wars" with each other
Has any research been done on elimating this behavior successfully?
Don't let me down here guys
I think we need to understand the psychological and evolutionary side of this as well

If we gave those primates species a large open range environment where all their needs are met, would they still fight?

Literally just not-very-disguised nuke delivery testing

It's possible

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Do you WANT to confirm what the people over at Holla Forums think about us?
And if the USA just disappeared tomorrow, I guarantee you China, Russia, the majority of the middle east, and parts of Europe, would freak the fuck out. Each trying to fill the power void left over. Each doing what they want because senpai isn't around to punish them if they fuck up. I would even bet that SOMEONE would go nuclear.

If we had world socialism I don't really see why there would need to be any wars. I mean what would there be to fight about?

war is natural to man… conflict is our natural state…

periods of peace create weak men because theres no natural selection anymore…

weak men create weak systems

violence is how civilization entered the historical stage

true comradery is only possible by brothers in arms on the trenches

peace? no thank you. Give me my katana, weakling.


None of those are really factors in modern conflict other than resources, which wouldn't really be an issue under socialism, and religion, which is only an issue due to resources and the CIA.

This is the right answer. World Peace can only come when capitalist-imperialism has been destroyed. Harsh as that sounds.


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When the fuck has a war ever been started because of language?

The Frenchies have invaded England in the past to remove their supposedly barbaric language to be fair it was practically German at the time.
Hence why english is so fucked up with tenses and the like Swim, swum, run, ran,are all germanic tenses. Jump, jumped, vote, voted, are all french tenses. It's also why we have two different words for the animal and the flesh of the animal. Cow was old english, Beef was french. The poor farmers were uneducated (see indoctrinated) so they were still speaking old english. as they raised the animal But the rich people learned french so they used the french term as they ate the animal.


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It is with demographic program that promotes noble genetic traits. And stopping recognizing israel.

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Yet another that completely misses the point.

Not the argument. Try and look beyond edgy Holla Forums philsophers and conflicts solely as "dying in the trenches", and perhaps you'll see the point I'm making.