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That post reeks of american logic, i'll give you that nazifag

All whites must die for communist revolution to succeed!

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EyeQueue is real and most Holla Forumsyps have a double digit EyeQueue.
That's why they waste their time with idpol bullshit like this all while porky is fucking them in the ass.
So yeah, Holla Forums is stupid.

We know pol/yp.
But your conception of race is still based on pseudoscience. (Humans vs Orcs)

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What's this thread supposed to achieve?

Thanks for sharing those my dude.
You are history in the making.

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If Autism Level is a measure of cultural knowledge then doesn't this prove Holla Forums right that culture matters and that diversity will always result in conflicting methods and goals, failure to communicate, erosion of trust and ultimately social breakdown? Why yes, I do believe it does.

You wouldn't let them tend to YOUR culture though.

So Rojava (a socialist country with Christians and Muslims fighting side by side against Islamic terrorism and fascism) is on the brink of social breakdown?

Australia too?


I'm REALLY feeling the upcoming world wide Nazi masturbation fantasy.

Why not? What if they are of my culture? We speak the same language and tend towards the same desired results. I can not say the same for someone I can't even communicate these ideas to. That would be a waste of time.


Ponzi schemes work by getting new people to pay into it. Eventually though you run out of suckers and the whole operation collapses. Immigration is the last wave of suckers.

1-800 don't use daily mail for anything, politicalness isn't really an indicator on Autism Level. Also if you're in the west then you're pretty much all equally as intelligent seeing as the Autism Level in the west usually goes from 95-105 for the average person. If you look carefully you'll see autism on both the left and right too.
To be fair cuckservatives don't deserve life though.

As you can see, USA a so called "first world country" with god tier standards of living only ranks "medium" on the global peace index. Because it lacks a propper culture and national feeling, since people always separeted themselves and don't trust each other. There's jew neighborhoods, italian neighborhoods, blacks neighborhoods, Little China, Irish neighborhoods and so on.

As opposed to Namibia a so called 3rd world country ranks "High" because people there have developped a propper national feeling, so they trust each other.

Little background on Rojava:
Different ethnic communities, while they fight alongside each other, essentially live apart.
Rojava doesn't try to be a monoculture, it is multicultural in the original sense of the word and similar to what European countries were like before "nationalism" and capitalism smothered their diverse cultural palettes.

No. Rojava isn't falling apart. And if you think it is, feel free to provide a source.

Rojava is united in opposition to, not in support of. This means that when, if, the so-called "radical islam" is defeated, what will bind the nations of Rojava together? The answer is nothing.

What will you say when Rojava actually break down?

So you're saying this more or less a cultural thing as opposed to racial?

This would make sense, considering Seychelles and Mauritius isn't on the brink of social collapse.

Rightio, lad

Nothing can't bind something together that doesn't exist. It's a bottom-up confederation, not a top-down nation(-state).

What's more important - what is said or who said it?

For convenience culture can be categorized by race. Remember, for many African-Americans, English is a second language, and language is cultural. Also, to say that race doesn't matter at all denies the very real biological differences between races. Unless you deny the differences between various breeds of plants and animals which are eugenically bred to produce desirable traits, then you are denying science and evolution.

It will fail because it is on a course towards failure.

Nation = people. A nation-state is not a nation as much as a botanical garden is a plant.

You forgot to mention how it's said. That tends to be the most important when considering how something might be biased to effect influence.



So anything can be said as long as it contains the appropriate meme-stuffing?