Neonazi lynched by an angry mob in Mexico

Ukrainian Youtuber and self proclaimed neo-nazi was today lynched by an angry mob in Cancun, México after he stabbed a young man

A neo-Nazi, allegedly from Ukraine, had more than 20 videos on youtube insulting, hitting, pushing and assaulting children, women and men alike and the authorities never did anything.

The subject is identified as Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev. He resides in Cancún and presumably works as a diving instructor at Aquaword.

In Cancun more than 200 people besieged his house.

Organized by social networks, a large group arrived at the man's house, the thing got out of control when he stabbed one of the people and all the angry mob began to throw stones and various objects.

Some media in Cancun say that the he died and others say he was taken to hospital and still alive, but that he is seriously injured.

As for the person who was injured with a knife, he is in the hospital, in very serious condition, because he lost too much blood.



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behold the master race


I really hope he dies in hospital. What was this mongrel doing in Mexico?

I hope he dies

The irony is so thick in the last 20/15 minutes, it's hard not to be amused. Makeev is not much of an Olympian, huh?

People feeling sorrier for the neonazi that the guy he stabbed, who fucking died.

If your local neonazi doesn't look like this you are doin a bad job.

México - 1
Nazis - 0



god bless mexico

Gee, it's no fucking wonder the people did this.

he claimed to have raped a girl without a condom in one of the videos

murder is ok when they disagree with me and call me names tbh

fuck trump and fuck white ppl

oh look, pol defends a rapist and is too fucking stupid to even read or listen.

The guy did stab someone, shithead

Murder is a revolutionary act.

If only they had guns they'd do this to the cartel scum too.

t. buttblasted cumskin

Fucking shitskin spics.

fair game tbh

Why are slavics so fucking retarded.

Seriously they are a stain on western civilisation

i fucking hate slavs so god damn much

Neck yourself kike.



I'm ukrainian and I'm glad to hear that the world became a bit cleaner from the nazi garbage especially if this nazi garbage is from my country

Fuck off you mongoloid-turkish rape baby.

All slavs should just fuck right off and stop embarrassing everyone

He is Russian

Too bad Stalin didn't get all of you hebe subhumans.

holy fuck what happened to the fleg

Ukraine is Russia

I've never even been to reddit.

You're still a kike.

Stalin didn't kill enough ukrainians

Obligatory humans vs orcs thread post.

OP post says that he is ukrainian. Btw neonazis are scum where ever they are from

He didn't kill enough kikes either. I'm not even remotely an Ukrainian, but siding with dirty spics over them warrants rope.

He is wrong from the two videos and articles I saw.

fuck off



I'm not siding with anyone, they should both fuck off and kill each other. Atleast spics have spanish in them, which is 1000% better than any slavshit

Spaniards and Slavs are both 100% white, unlike you subhuman kikes.

Pretty pitiful when looking at other nations inventions.

Yes, slavs are white they're just really, really low-tier.

""""slavshit""" beat nazis while proud europeans helped them as their satelites


Slavs were allied to nazis.

Slavs dont even have to have war for their countries to be shit. Must be the turk in them.

I am not a dirty heeb.


You're either a kike or an anglo, both being equally trash racially.

Anglo/Aryan/Celtic/Maltese master race


Yep, a fucking slav


Kill yourself you Anglo-sandnigger mischling.

Anglos have never made anything, literally all the anglos have ever done is steal shit


What slavs?




Do you mean USSR was shit? Fuck off

t. Holla Forumsyp rapist apologist

Great priorities you have there, Mexico.

What's a neonazi doing in a 3rd world spic country?

t. Nations who were torn to fucking pieces by STRONK ANGLO IMPERIALISM

Also why the fuck do you think unifying europe is a good thing?

The anglo master race simply dried up the colony as much as it could before the pissy shitskin natives decided that whitey was taken al dey salt n shiet

You can literaly say that about anyone

Spoken like a true kike.

Reminder that Slavs are not white because they are superior to whites.

USSR was great. Probably the only exception. Otherwise look at Serbia, Pooland, Belarus etc

What unity do the europeans have with eachother? Federalists make me sick

Slavs are mixed race

There is literally nothing wrong with Belarus.


Holy shit, are you Evalions husband?

t. lying kike

Besides the murders, poverty and other slavic characteristics?

It was liberals and kikes who bought down Great Britain. Nigel will restore it to it's glory and everything will be just

I know jack shit about Evalion

Mehmet wasn't just collecting taxes in serbia you know.

Is this someone going to ban this namefag?

Literally everything he says is run of the mill Holla Forums retardation yet for some reason he think he's one of us or something.

B-but I am a socialist…!


you have to give people some credit

Who also happened to be Anglos

No you're not.

Bit of both, really

No you are not.

and furthermore most Slavs weren't ever under Turkish occupation you fucktarded redditor, kill yourself

assuming you live in America, every Slav nation other than Russia has a lower murder rate than your stinking shithole. you literally have to have bulletproof glass at gas station checkout counters for fuck's sake



itt: Holla Forums spergs out and gets in a fight with itself

Here's his facebook.
He does not come off as a legit stormfag but more as a chris chan tier autist that was obsessed with madonna and nazi imagery.

ahahahaha BASH THE FASH

I'm starting to think he was pretending to be nazi like a real life troll. Doesn't mean he didn't deserve it.

Either he's mentally deficient or his street art performance went wrong.

Likely a russian imageboard troll.

I don't know if you've studied many insane internet autists who do this sort of thing, but this is a textbook case.

They always create this strange little world around their profiles, where they're obsessed with some random shit and have some sort of ideal or goal. In this case it's Madonna and Nazism peired with wanting to traumatize children and cut people's heads off, it could be Sonic and comic books with losing your virginity or whatever.

You can alsosee it in the video descriptions and video titles, they're always super drawn out and strange, using unnecessary and wrong punctuation!!!!!…., repeating certain words all the time, like "bastard" or "female", things like that .

I do love cases like this.

Someone needs to post this incident on kiwifarms or on /cow/. Obviously a Russian autist got killed by his own lack of social awareness.


To be fair, that probably has more to do with Mexican authorities in general rather than political bias.

Banderacunts are extra cancer even compared to other neo-Nazis

'Client States' aren't allies - they're literally totally until the control of the creator state


yes, mix between whites and gods

what is it with neo nazis going to third world countries, there's also that andrew anglin who engages in sex tourism in asia

never enough for you right?


Got off easy imho

So your only argument is cold blooded murder? Weak.

Actually, having read up on the gay he certainly wasn't a "Naz" in any respect. Seems to have been what one may call a prison nazi (i.e nazi for edginess and hsow). So I actually sympathise with you lads on this one never thought I'd say that


Nice strawman lass

By their very nature, fascists will not listen to reasoned argument against their ideology and will deflect, defer, lie, and then keep believing as they had before. There are arguments, but you wouldn't listen to them anyway so you get the bullet.

If it's any consolation, It'd take a bullet to get me to stop advancing social-democracy against neoliberalism. :^)

ok so you're not a hypocrite. well done

Incorrect, there is a reason this board is known for its censorship. Fascists listen and debate. I am a fascist of sorts and yet here I am listening to you.

Give me an argument and I promise to listen.

I don't really care enough to argue. Fascists don't really concern me at all. Neoliberalism is the primary enemy and any forces that could align to bring it down, including fascism, are potential allies.

so much for the memememememememememememememe amirite

this makes no sens.
just why?!

because stupid polcucks come here, say "prove that niggers are human," and then get banned


The reason is Holla Forumsyps spreading lies.

We ban shitposters who try to 'debate' here.

I do admit that recently there have been more bans than normal, some of which were questionable to begin with, but it's really not that bad. Especially compared to Holla Forums which can ban you if you disagree with them on anything.


Lefty pol doesn't ban stormniggers enough.



Why the fuck would you ban someone for this post? There are people calling each other kikes earlier in the thread and you ban this dude.

Fucking stupid mods, you need to post some consistent rules because its just total luck of the draw who gets banned at this point.


Somebody please post this pic without the phoneshit




Why would anybody go to that shitskin mongrel country filled of violent goblins?

thanks man

This guy was absolutely bananas. Here's his youtube channel

Apparently he gets really triggered when seeing children and starts rambling the edgiest shit uncontrollably, and records it and puts it on youtube. And thank god it seems that's all this fat slob did.

I wish more nazis were like him, lazy motormouths. It's the opposite types you got to worry about.

To make money, son.

Well, it took 200 people to take him down and he managed to take one with him. I'd say that's a pretty good example of being master race.

Yeah now he gets to be somebodies bitch in prison and he'll be a good one because that's what white men are good for.

Because fascism has been historically pro-free speech amirite?

Typical hohol untermench.

Doesn't matter what fascism is historically. What matters is that the people labeled as fascists today are pro free speech and anti fascism has come to mean anti free speech.

who knew the answer to our alt-right problem would be just south of us.



eat shit

Fuck off, in Ukraine Nazis lynched and burned over a hundred trade unionists. When they got power and influence in the government they promoted policies banning communism and anti-Russian lingustic policy that helped ignite the conflict in East Ukraine.

There's no evidence to suggest it would be different if neo-fascists came to power they'd act different anywhere else.

like pottery

Fascists lie as reliably as the Sun comes up in the morning. If they're being consistent about a position just wait a few minutes they'll flip-flop when a different person enters the room. They don't have any strong beliefs, just contrarian blood-thirsty authoritarians who hate people that aren't pretty. They're just vain, narcissistic savages.

the Uke fascists were worse than the Germans, they took way more pleasure in mass murdering Jews, socialists, masons, gays etc.

No sympathy for Ukraine, I understand there was resentment from the holodomer but what they did was pure evil. I hope Putin glasses Ukraine some day



They're pro their own speech and anti any other speech. Which is exactly what every fascists has been, always. It always brings a smile to my face seeing fascists complaining about censorship. I hope they keep doing it, most hilarious shit ever.


He's a not a neonazi, but a provocateur troll similar to SurveillanceCameraMan and Joeysalads.

I was only pretending to be retarded but the pic really is homosexual, it's a character from a gay furry VN called Morenatsu

Antifa faggots could learn a lot from Mexicans.



He's in a drug-induced coma lol

Yes, because we all know it took 200 people exerting themselves at full capacity to finally overpower the demigod himself. Holla Forums has a cartoonish level delusion of superiority.


Just like leftists then.

Just like leftists then.

Just like leftists then.

Just like leftists then.

keep posting the same shitty arguments, you are convincing everyone you are right


According to the news, the mob that participated in this event has announced that even any corrupt politician that enters their state, Quintana Roo, will be lynched.

More than ANTIFA…

It's not like people haven't been forming self defense militias that then get co-opted and disarmed by the government or anything right?

So much for the """master race"""


dreaming of utopia


Why are these Neo-nazis so fucking retarded?

Look, it's a typical pol shithead post. Note the not-so-subtle time inversion. Compare that with what was posted by OP: that he got attacked by the angry mob after he had stabbed a young man and after all that other shit he had before that. This tactic is necessary for the pol shithead to turn a real perpetrator into a victim for propaganda purposes.
>He didn't attack, he just retro-defended himself. You are spooked by the linear-time Jew!!

Spics come to America uninvited, form street gangs, murder, rape, kidnap us in our own country
Then bitch endlessly about HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES OH THE HUMANITY when ICE puts them on a greyhound back to Guadalajara

One homeless nutcase white shows up in Cancun from third world Russia, acts like the meth head spics I interact with in LA at the 7/11 down from my house on a daily basis, they form a 100+ strong lynch mob to kill him and declare all participants national heroes
fuck spics, get out of my country mierda monkeys

Looks like mexicans have more balls than you then :^)

Why the fuck was this user banned and not the derailing namefaggot nazi? Get your shit together mods.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a window breaking last year, came downstairs with my gun to find some beaner rifling through my shit. I didn't shoot him or beat him to a pulp or try to humiliate him in some act of retribution because I'm not some insecure turdskin who's gotta get back at anyone who "be disrespeccin me", just pointed the gun at him and held him there till the cops showed up to remove him and let a judge decide adequate punishment because I'm white and can control my emotions. Maybe I'm a pussy and should've tortured him to death with a blowtorch like those "real niggas" in those Brazilian liveleak videos because somebody owes them $50 dollars or smashed his head in with a rock like those badass cancun monkeys over mean words on youtube.

Cool story bro.

And then you woke up.


Blood is freedom's stain

Nobody in the whole of the multiverse will ever love you until you unlearn being a Holla Forumsack.

Wow, good job spics. No wonder autodefensas never took off.


Weren't they fighting the Templar Knights (lul)

That was only in a few rural states, and have since been coopted by the state. Not to mention the theft and drug trafficking allegations.

Spics are fucking idiots. And I'm a spic.

Fuck off lol

Never seen that before

Well, you wanted mexicans to attack the cartels and that's happened already.

Yes, that's exactly what the first post says. A lot of shit gets coopted by the state.

Inbred kurd. Have fun getting fucked by King Roach and his little roachies.

Reminder that this is a Jew trolling method.




t. literal falseflag

t. buttblasted Holla Forumsyp

"everyone who disagrees with me is the liberal boogieman"


Stop it Holla Forums - it's painful to watch

so your best comeback is literally something that grade-school kids do when they can't think of a comeback. Amazing.
This place is more and more like tumblr by the second.

Muh boogeyman
Who are the real fascists?
Butthurt much?
All you have to do now is claim you're not from Holla Forums and are in fact a classical liberal/centrist and you've got the full house of cancer.

Of course he shouldn't have been lynched.

If he stabbed someone, call the police and and that's that.

The people who lynched him should be punished too.

no, but their reading comprehension leaves something to be desired, I said


Hello reddit.



How am I reddit?

You mean to tell me they don't have police in Mexico? They have cartel problems etc. but a guy stabbing another guy - they have enough of a justice system to sort this out without resorting to lynching.

Do I? Because I don't think I said that once.
I know you have a hard time arguing unless you make horrendous strawmen of your opponents, but please.

gullibility, blind acceptance that the authorities will work everything out, redditspacing.

Good point. Many times in Mexico some folks are falsely accused of crimes by neighbors and only after they beat them and set them on fire do they find out they were innocent.

Should be in the US for example just kill anyone who is accused? Is that what I'm reading here?

So lynching him was the right thing to happen?

It's not the case this time though.

I guess they want the good old days when lynching was the solution.

Let's see how that works out when a Black guy is lynched. Then all of a sudden it's bad.

Stop responding to yourself. You even type the same way.

But that's a "trial" is for.


It's bad either way.


go back to tumblr

I agree with you, and am somebody different.

Yes, we should trust the police they are our friends and protectors.

cocks taste great

Should he have gotten lynched?
Should the people who lynched him face consequences?

Simple questions.


yes, government should pay them for a job well done

stay mad you Nazi faggot

Only thing they did wrong was leaving him alive and not finishing the job.

no such thing as russia or ukraine, its all SOVIETA

fucking lol

Youtube removed his content.
Anyone save any of his videos?

When a spic broke into my place I chased him out with a hammer laughing like a maniac. Good fun.

he died for our sins

really makes you think

Here's a little clip. That's what he did half the time, the other half he would talk shit in Ukrainian for his Internet audience.

lol at the mexican thinking he's american when alex has a heavy cossack accent.

wow, really makes me think!!!

When a fascist manlet broke into my place I beat the piss out of him and chased him back to his home where he killed himself

good fun

neo-nazi: "shit"
mexican: "your country is shit, mexico is the best"
neo-nazi: "you are shit"

lol at the other guys like "lol, gringo"

how the fuck do you want us to protect ourselves you ignorant chicano asshole.
most guns are illegal and the good ones, you can only obtain them from the narcos.
many cities have military patroling the streets, having a gun makes you a target. also you wouldn't want a corrupt police to stop you and find a gun. even if you did organize, read

Mexico is not Baghdad. Stop calling yourself a spic, you're just a brown ameritard.

looks like a fucking Sasquatch

or he can read

The only reason you were home is because my uncle who works at Nintendo kicked your ass and you were afraid of running into him again

Of course

lmao spics take the LARPing to the next level

This. It always comes off as a pathetic Holla Forums-pandering

Why is Ben Garrison hiding behind Mireless Medic?

how is that larping?
he's a real priest who led the group

Normally I hate Spics and Commies and would applaud this guy for gutting a bean, but this guy was no better than your typical nigger and should;ve died tbh

What the fuck was he doing going to another man's country and fucking with the people there, and children at that?

Take notes you cuckholds, you don't punch them, you lynch them

We /leftyhammer40k/ nao

Slav cock





The absolute state of Holla Forums.

there are no neo-nazis then.