Cheap processed grains boiled in water...

When did you realize that ramen is basically the gruel of post-industrial capitalism?

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coffee is hot african bean water sludge if u rly think about it



I wonder if the caffeine in my morning Joe is just a placebo. I tried taking caffeine pills for some time but they didn't work even though tbere was more caffeine in it than coffee

It depends on how thick you make your coffee.

Strong coffee can have more caffeine in it than your typical over-the-counter caffeine pill.

I hate to be a spooky woo-woo nature guy but there might be other natural compounds in the coffee that your body found desirable.

It's cheap ass Folgers instant coffee that sits in the Walmart break room as a tiny courtesy.


Damn I never thought of it that way. Like couple days ago I was listening to the Chapo trap house podcast where they were talking about how insane it is that my employer is allowed to say when I can piss, how long my lunch break is, when I'm allowed to take off, even my life outside work.

I never even considered in my life that was something which was completely fucked. and that made me extremely upset for a good two days. I swear y'all are making me think about everything differently

I've worked at a place that wouldn't even let us have coffee.

And they made us do 10 hour shifts with coding to opening shifts. Shit was fucked.

basically every processed food is like that.

Now that's bizarre. I'm pretty sure the proliferation of coffee in the workforce preceded the 10 hour shift.

Ramen isn't even that cheap, when talking about dollars per calorie. I still ate it when I was broke for variety, and because if I poured it over sliced cabbage it almost felt like my diet wasn't pellagra tier.

if you buy the cheapest ramen isn't it pretty difficult to beat? what's cheaper - rice and beans? lard?

not to mention it takes like 2 minutes to prepare and the modern laborer is often just as broke when it comes to free time as when it comes to their wallet

oats are pretty good

eggs are chicken period if you really think about it

Do you comrades try to eat healthy foods or you just go with whatever is cheapest?
Eating garbage everyday might have an impact on your health in the long run.

idiot yuppies eat processed oat bars that cost 1$ a piece and kale smoothies which cost like 5$
a reasonable person eats oatmeal, an apple and a boiled egg instead

You'd be surprised by what people throw out. Good bread, good vegetables, even good meat gets tossed in the bin if it doesn't sell.

Shit, why y'all gotta do this to me

Why not up your ramen game then user? Nong Shin for instance puts out bomb as fuck ramens. They're delicious and good for when you are in a pinch. Sapporo Ichiban is good to, it is supposed to be used as the base of a meal. I fry and egg and add that on top, and also add fresh sliced green onion, shitake mushroom and left over beef/pork as well. Cover all the food groups

Don't worry, I get all my food groups.

Anyone who's ever actually had to put in hard work know that fat and protein is what is going to get through through those long days without falling apart.

top kek

definitely some truth to this statement

That's the type of shit that makes not give a fuck about lazy, under-achievers. Every time some brown noser decides to put in more work because they had a couple cups more coffee than the rest of us, they start making that the standard. Laziness should be a virtue, given the circumstances.

egg not healthy

Fucking gross dawg. It's all about frying eggs over-easy.

Wait wasn't this one of those fake websites in GTA V?

go shill your vegan shit somewhere else

enjoy your extra fat bro