Why aren't you a libertarian yet? Why do you hate freedom and prosperity?

Why aren't you a libertarian yet? Why do you hate freedom and prosperity?

wtf I'm an ancap now
Taxation is literally worse than rape guys

Libertarian Socialism = yes
Ancap retardation = no

Working for the commune is voluntary tbh

Because only pedos are libertarians.



Not an argument.

Never change, ancraps.

Imagine my shock when an Ancap unironically says this


because ive seen what Kansas has turned into the past few years

Asking "Why do you hate freedom and prosperity?" isn't an argument either, especially since you would throw those away to ally with Nazis.


pick one and only one

but why

He's a literally autistic manchild.


Fucking retarded commies. Even in communism you'll need growth to meet the desires, needs and wants of the population.

Any system without growth stagnates and eventually collapses under it's own weight.

The NAP violates my individual freedom to steal your stuff and is thus in violation of the NAP. Checkmate atheists.


because anarcho capitalism is a spook.

[citation needed]

Nice feels-over-reals. I desire a solid gold house and a car that runs on bald eagle heads, that doesn't mean that lifestyle can be sustained by me or by the system.
proofread and turn off your autocorrect off incoherent shitclown
Population growth usually stops after a certain point in modern developed countries. So no, I don't think we necessarily will.
Citation needed. I'll even show you mine first; systems that rely on perpetual growth that have fallen apart when economy of scale, resources or some other factor prevented that include the Roman Empire and the dot-com bubble.

>you are free because you can choose which parasites extract the value from your work without producing anything themselves, even when conditions exist whereby you cannot work without some parasite
Wew. Nice defense of feudalism against liberal critique you've got there. Unless you mean it as some ad hoc argument and not a general principle, in which case, nice internal inconsistency you've got there.
Also your right hand side merely asserts that a system in which people have their jobs chosen for them under threat of force is an undesirable one. It does nothing to establish or even argue that left-anarchism is such a system in the first place. It's just begging the question.

ah yes the freedom to do the exact same work but for a different person, truly this is the way

What if the workers' council was headed by a small body of people each independently given absolute discretion in economic planning over those that sign on with them, and you could choose which one you work with at any given instant? Then you'd have the Free Choice between "several employers operating in the job market," but it's still a command economy, which you oppose.
This should go to show the vacuity of your analysis