So what will video games look like under socialism?

so what will video games look like under socialism?

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Think single-A budget in terms of graphics and production value, but with a lot more love poured into the design of the mechanics and the game as a whole.

no drm
no p2p
no dlc, just free updates
no appeal for normies (think FIFA and COD)
programmers actually get rewarded instead of rent collectors and marketing faggots

You will only have cheaply made video games about the wonders of the working class.

Alternatively there will be no more video game.

Tux Kart, (Free)Doom and Roguelikes aren't about the working class.

They will be video games and not "cinematic experiences" with 6 hours of content and shit multiplayer.


Then these will not be allowed. Maybe we will keep mario and tetris.

Why not Wolfenstein 3D though?

I still hate that Shenmue will not be finished. For a Japanese game, the characters were surprisingly human and relatable.

Communism is the only thing that can save gaming.

Under [spoiler]national[spoiler/] socialism good video games will be finished without kickstarter and good companies will not be bought out by the capitalists [spoiler]kikes[spoiler/]

hero: Where can I find sailors?
random person: Sailors hang out in bars.
*diary-update jingle*
New diary entry: Sailors hang out in bars.

Will you have a new CoD and Madden every year?
Will you have consoles?
Will you be able to mod the hell out of every fukcing game?


Will you have the time and tools to create games, organize and make AA or even AAA games, without stress and need for profit, thus letting creativity flourish?


AKA the party will be in control of production and only allow what promotes it's ideology.

No thanks.

I actually really hope video games under socialism don't just become one big idealogical circle jerk about the new current state of things or just socialist ideas. In my opinion, one of the wonderful thing about games is that you can be sent to a world of conflicting ideas and groups and also have to deal with facing some questionable decisions or scenarios that make you think.

The ultimate socialist game

How do you fuck up this bad.>>1686890

I know you're a gamer but this is mostly an art issue. And art under socialism would just be about how great socialism is.


It would be interesting to see how Second Life would function within socialism.

It was fun for being so low-key. You could seriously send your time working cheapo part-time jobs just to buy toys from vending machines. Half the time I completely forgot about the story and just acted like a suburban kid doing every-day stuff.

The furries would be purged, and Fort Longcat would be made party headquarters.

Realistically there would be a hell of a lot less video games and entertainment in general. And thats a good things because we are over saturated in this crap. Indie games wil probably have a boom though.

This thread has been posted a million times but this is one of the few spectacles I like to engage in.

The removal of the profit motive in the making of games will probably allow for high quality games that are actually innovative and original, rather than the trite shit that is passed off as gaming today: the same rehash of the old game, idiotic; shallow stories, unmoddeable games that can't be built upon because they are closed source, watering down of game play…

I hope that in the future games will be capable of holding long standing communities like happens with classics like Doom and DN3D. Games are flushed out so often that when you find a game that you really like, which also allows multiplayer, you can't play it because it is no longer being played by anyone.

I'll probably be touching on a few points others have thus far made, but this is what I think will probably be the case as it goes for video games.

The first and perhaps most important thing is that predatory marketing and sales tactics used by current devs and publishers will likely no longer be a thing. No more DRM (or anti-piracy laws/measures of any description), no more paid DLC, no more subscriptions/P2W, no more need for bullshot or fake game footage for ads, etc. The game is being made for use rather than exchange; it has no reason to deceive or extort consumers into paying for content.

How consoles work is likely to be very different than now, as much of what defines gaming consoles currently revolves primarily around the red tape of intellectual property, copyright law, and exclusivity deals, none of which would exist under a socialist society. If they were to exist (which is likely in some form or another), they would likely work more as a standardized and heavily-simplified gaming PC that groups of developers collectively decide to optimize their games for the specs of.

Perhaps the one negative trade-off you are likely to see is that large developments will tend to release slower than now considering workers aren't going to be pushed to work to the brink of exhaustive death to meet release deadlines that coincide with major sale times like the holidays. On the other hand, this probably means that the games that currently amount to the shovelware of the triple A world would not be feasible, thus that cleans up a lot of the trash that is setting unwanted trends in the industry. The other upside is that, with the lower barriers of entry (ie fresh devs no longer being put through the meatgrinders that is working for a current major studio), you're likely to see a lot of fresh talent rising to prominence and the emergence of new studios becoming far more organic in nature (operating solely as a persistent development team rather than the primary focus being financial viability). Prominence of studios is likely to be more a factor of the studio's actual merits rather than what publisher they were forced to sell their souls to. Assuming that there is still some sizable resources put behind game development, the actual volume of games being released is likely to only dip slightly, and the variability in the game design is likely to be far more vast when devs aren't worried about what is "marketable and trending" at the time.

tldr; The games and their updates are free. Modding for all. Less triple A shovelware. More innovation in game design. More game variety.
The future is bright.

I think there would be an explosion in entertainment. Singing, dancing, playing music, putting on shows, making art - these aren't things people do just for the money they're something fun that people like doing even on the production side and not just the consumption side. It's also quite a social activity and people really enjoy that.

If we were working less and were more comfortable it's probably something many more people would start doing.

You're probably right about video games though. Coding and shit does not look so fun. But games made for money rather than the creators wanting to make them are shit anyway.

The same.

You didn't know Yu Suzuki is working on 3 right now?

Less casualized.

This is a retarded fantasy.

In other words, nothing will ever be released and the devs will waste a lot of money.

there would probably be a lot more dwarf fortresses and katawa shoujos and i wanna be the guys


All forms of entertainment are going to be 100% hobbyist made.
Now if this is good or bad, I don't know. We will get rid of all the corporation ills that plague current video games but at the same time just because games will be made with "love" it doesn't necessary means that good games will be made. If you wanna get somehow of an image of what it'll be like take a look at indie games.

DLC will be kill

I need a game like this, but with the player character and most of the NPCs being cute girls. Slice of life is an underdeveloped genre of games.

Non-stop Tetris on repeat

A lot and I mean A LOT of indie shit is made with profit and markets in mind, even the no name stuff. Just take a look at /agdg/ both on here and 4chan.

Most indie games aren't made out of love for the game. If someone were to offer a licensed franchise to some indie developer, and gave them strict guidelines basically leaving no room for their own creative input, the indie developer is likely to agree to make the game.

Money spend on triple A games is a waste of societies money anyway. The loss of COD, BF or assassinscreed games isnt a loss to society at all.


There will be no video games under socialism. Video games are silly escapism for alienated people under capitalism.
It does not reward anything to the player, it's highly addictive, since players simply can not stop playing and forget all about the real world. Those people need to receive medical help.

Under socialism the board games must be revived, because the players are not just playing a game, they do so with other people thus raising the levels of socialization.

You can play video games with other people. What is splitscreen/hotseat? What are arcades? What is online multiplayer?

Prolly a lot better cuz consumers would have more time to spend on their hobbies and passions and would get a lot more into modding and create their own content for love of the community. Fallout Cascadia's proof of how a few dedicated gamers can create finished products that can rival what big companies like Bethesda release every 7 years.

Is this a new ebin copypasta?

Why does everything under communism have to be so hard and joyless?

Can any board game beat this level of socialization?
I don't think so.

Who cares? What, is this a deal breaker for you?

Not being able to spend the better part of your day playing some half-assed pixel time waster programmed by heroin addicts just to find yourself banned on Playstation Live or VAC is worth the deaths of millions of third world people? Shut the fuck up. None of you are socialists.

That is basically what I want My Little Pony the Video Game to be. "Hmm… today I think I'll go to the meadow with June Bug and pick flowers for Daisy, Liliy, and Rose so that I can afford to buy a slice of the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness from Mr. Cake. Maybe I will investigate the giant black crystals at some point too if I get around to it."

It needs to be a good enough simulation that you can actually fuck with the NPCs though. Throw in a powerful magic system so the player can, for instance, plant a few postit notes with exploding runes on them in an NPC's house and watch the devastation from a distance.

Videogames will no longer exist as there will be no reason for escapism.

An open-ended prank system…

You can't just go murder people and get in firefights in real life without any repercussions, and I doubt it's as fun to do as it is in video games.

If furries were purged from the main grid(which seems laughably impossible at best), under socialism, they could set up their own grid.

Have faith, comrade. When the revolution happens, goatse and spengbab will rain from the sky, and all the dogfuckers will yiff in gulag.

I don't know, but I would like to think a lot more games would be open source community projects.

All videogames will be analysed by me under such a system :^^^^^)

For starters we wouldn't have this """exclusives""" business. Shit pisses me off.

it won't exist as it does today, Madden and OW will not be possible as they are low effort trash carrot-and-stick games. DOTA, LoL, Destiny and all the other trash will be gone. You will be getting Ocarina of Time all the time, but for free and it will be updated for decades until something significantly better comes along. That said, socialists are into censorship and are hyper secular autists so their would be a lack of interesting thematics, aesthetics, plot, believable character development. In fact I think socializing and expressing humanity will be more difficult in general without traditional familial bonds and cultural grounding. I don't like the way that cultureless deracinated burgers interact, its very fake, vulgar and ultimately demeaning to everyone involved I think. But you would get lots of Super Mario Bros style gamplay-focused titles. But with garbage aesthetics and no-soul. :(

How would that even work, in theory? Big titles are extremely expensive to develop, GTA V for instance cost more than 250 million (including marketing, but you're still looking at a huge sum without it). Where all that money (or goods, devs need coffee) would come from? And people who don't like games, should they be forced to give up some of their work so many fat dudes can spend thousands of man-hours producing something useless? Who gets to decide whether Space Marine 3k or Loli Sim should get the funding? What about really bad devs, do they get funded too?
And if you think people would work in their own time, things would look like free software games today: only a few roguelikes here and there, and, of course, Tux Racer.

This, I can't imagine video games existing in a world where there is zero incentive and reasons to make them.

what money

Every budget issue can be circumvented. Creative process is not some linear money+work=product

I'd use an artificial market to allocate funding. Basically all games are released for free under GPL licenses, but citizens are free to "vote" for which projects should receive a share of the government's art/culture budget.

There would still be an incentive even without funding. That's how Dwarf Fortress started, as well as thousands of other hobby projects.

Money is just a proxy for labor and resources.

we wouldn't need to make games about socialism if socialism is hypothetically already a fundamental part of societal structure. this is moreso applicable now if anything

you're probably trolling but yes, game addiction is a product of capitalist alienation so people would probably game a lot less. and that's probably a good thing

so there would be copyright under socialism?

yes and no?
The creator would probably be recognised either by the community or official files, he just wouldn't have any authority over the editing , sharing and use of his creation.

Not if I had any say over it. There would be no point in copyright anyway, since everything would be free.

Vidja would be produced by state industry (AAA) and hobbyists on their own time (indie). Making a successful indie game grants you the right to move into management of coders/designers etc under you in the state industry who didn't come up with popular ideas themselves.

Video games are purely a product of capitalism.

GPL is better than public domain. If software could not be copyrighted, there would still be closed source in software as a service.

Even so, there would still be people nostalgic for their recreational experiences during the days of capitalism.

What do we produce that isn't a product of capitalism?

pls go hate jazz elsewhere

disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Sun Ra is planting an idea in my brain and the idea is to take you with us on the mothership and then throw you out of the hatch when we pass Saturn

Should I listen?

You joke, but the auditory system is definitely a vector for exploitation of the human brain. We can expect things like music to get used for more and more propagandistic purposes as the propagandists get more skilled. It already is used that way to an extent.

all free to play :)

as opposed to all other sensory systems?

infinitely better
capitalism is cultural cancer, particularly the form of stagnant neoliberal capitalism we currently live under which has lead to one of the most small-c conservative periods in human history. (call of duty 17, we're really fucking afraid of risk, out now!) for all the language of innovation used, the absolute fear of taking risks that paralyses the industry leads only to derivatives of derivatives.

I never said that. All sensory input is vulnerable, although it's harder to simulate tactile sensations than audiovisual ones.

sounds like Hotep abduction ritual. if i get qt 8/10 black gf (female) who will do yoga with me and make me fruit smoothies then I am all in.

I wasn't joking I legitimately believe music has mind altering effects that can be used to prime people up for certain stimulus response loops. Like with house music and drugs and sex OR with pop music and consumption/socializing etc etc

My McLuhan senses just went off

Anyways that won't be the case for long, VR is the magnum opus in MK technology. I'm excited to see how badly it fucks up Gen Z's subconscious psyche.

This. I've seen what video games like league of legends do to people, they look like zombies, they don't eat, they have very weird sleeping hours. They are no different than heroine or cocaine junkies.

that's largely because online games are usually more like skinner boxes than videogames, due to the profit motive.

(obviously to some degree similar effects would exist with any form of entertainment, but capitalism adds the profit motive to things like this, hence insanity producing grind in something like war thunder.)

Spotted the guy who has never met a fucking heroin junkie

spotted the person whose never looked at themselves in the mirror after a 6-10 hour all night vidya session

your eyes are bloodshot, i get a splitting headache, you're disorientated, your back is fucked up, your neck is fucked up, your eyelids look like you just got "A Clockwork Orange'd". It makes you tired, it fucks up your metabolism, unless you mount your TV or have a tall desk you have to do it sitting down which is terrible to do for hours on end. It fucks up your information processing and marathon vidya sessions are correlated with autism and ADHD in men. Its not actual content you made or something you're helping create, its someone else's rip-off of other people's ideas. Its almost always a time-sink, its repetitive as fuck and not in a good way like lifting.

I could go on. I still play vidya but my god is it bad for you and I wish I played less

Sounds like you have a problem. Believe it or not most people don't over do the vidya.

i'm not sure how that's relevant given that the causation blatantly runs the other direction.

also tbqh you should be greatful you still enjoy videogames on some level. my skinner-box is imageboards, which are far more slippery since they hold the potential for genuinely new or amusing things and the risk of "missing something"

This. I've found imageboards far more addicting than games.


That's a common problem on Holla Forums.

They're almost all universally shit anyway, so who really gives a single fuck. The only response for the rest of your nonsense is read a fucking book.

It sounds like you have the imagination of a cheese wheel.

Guess we better set up booths where people can pretend to trade stock, and or buy licensing rights.

Just keep Eve Online online. Maybe add better stock trading options to it.
Is there anything out of Cuba?

Assuming communism will give people more free time to pursue their pet projects, I don't see many .problems.

Game development isn't much capital-intensive anyway. It doesn't require much more than computers. Most of the cost comes from labor. You just need people volunteering to do programing, animation, design, music, etc.

And it's hard to make quality stuff for free when you spend 8 hours a day being porkie's bitch.

Are you retarded?