Net Neutrality

The FCC has just started the process to outing Net Neutrality.

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I think all of my data should be mined by dataminers too
I hope the US follows in the footsteps of what the UK is trying to do too

Holla Forums will defend this

Net Neutrality must be defended at all costs.


Porky gotta take away that information from the proles, they're figuring out the game.

The internet has lead to a lot more information about socialism and socialist thought. Something Porky doesn’t like.

The FCC guy who did this is Ajit Pie.
This is his e-mail [email protected]/* */

And the FCC is located here
445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554
in case anybody wants to go do some kind of protest in front of the building or something.

Antifa should punch Ajit Pie.

This would be funny more because of the people who'd cry racist than anything else.

mind reposting email with spaces in it? Buggy-ass site loads it as [email protected]

That's not the site. I'm someone else and I just copied it.


Have you guys seen this fucker talk? He doesn't even seem human.


Net neutrality is a fucking meme, just more govt regulation.

We need more ISP competition, not mandated "fairness" which the govt can redefine on a whim.

dumb ancrap

It's not the 90's anymore. Most of the surplus created by internet is now captured by edge provider megacorporations like fb, google, netflix etc. Not the end user or even the ISP. This is why forcing ISP's to a business model where charging fees from anyone else but the end user is illegal turns into equivalent of a subsidy toward these megacorporations. Simply put, your monthly bill is used to fund part of the google data collection and marketing infrastructure, corporation that rakes in profits while the isp struggles and gets all the blame.

If this situation continues it will lead to ISP business being less and less profitable. Eventually government needs to step in and start providing tax breaks or subsidies to the ISPs. Yet still ISP profit continue to be garbage compared what off the edge providers get. The edge providers will call it net-neutrality or whatever and defend it to the bitter end, for them the best situation is when the entire network funded by the tax payer and where the role of the ISP is nonexistent aka the dumb pipe model.

Netflix benefits more from their connection to you than you benefit from connection to netflix. Yet netflix wants you to pay for the service which they receive surplus. It's completely lopsided system leading to inevitable isp subsidies. European countries display less problems because the ISP business here is in many cases already paid by the government.

Before someone tries to write a long reply to these, I copy/pasted them from 4/g/.

Except those ISPs aren't actually struggling, and they themselves largely hold monopolies. Comcast is notoriously hostile towards any competition or smaller businesses, and dismantling Net Neutrality only encourages the ISP monopolies to charge for content they don't own and profit off of more censorship and surveillance rather than improve their infrastructure.

This infrastructure itself still relies on technology largely developed with public funding. Rather than contribute to it, these corporations prefer to "throttle" and literally cripple functional infrastructure on purpose so they can charge more for a version they aren't artificially slowing. They then lobby the government to support this. Not only is this position anti-innovation - it's also fraud.

These companies already work with the government quite readily on surveillance and data collection, so posing it as an issue of big government vs. ISPs is a false dichotomy. Moving against net neutrality empowers government interference, and net neutrality itself is a longstanding concept in tech.

As someone who's actually run websites, I find the Netflix bit particularly hollow. In a scenario where ISP monopolies are allowed to freely throttle and censor, a larger company like Netflix could well stand more chance of surviving than smaller sites would. The internet, in spite of what some might like it to be, is really used for a lot more than just a consumer clickhole.

Too late.

Without Net Neutrality ISPs would slow down websites they political disagree with, like this one.

Holla Forums was divided on this issue. Dumbfucks if Net Neutrality goes than 4chan is probably the first website to get destroyed

This is great, this is going to be excellent for the economy. Who knows, some of you might be able to leave the house, get a job, meet a girl, not spend all day banning people online yelling HUUR DUUR GULAG

would this count as accelerationism

Like there will be any jobs left that would allow me to get a job that would allow me to move out and become attractive to females.

The internet is an industry that create millions of jobs.

They wont, because they're useless.


Laws get changed and modified.

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Make this happen, antifa, if you ever want to be not shit.

I'm in Canada but I don't look forward to my porn being slowed down.

It'll anger all the Holla Forumsirgins who's wifi will be fucked while playing online. Plus it'll make Holla Forums harder to browse.

So all third argues is there should be a baseline for neutrality so ISPs can't be bribed to throttle small sites on behalf of monopolies but heavy traffic sure like Facebook and Netflix should half to pay more

Damn ancaps are retarded


America is Atlas Shrugged and England is 1984.

Shall we take over nntpchan's politics board if Holla Forums dies?