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Don't trust an american. Don't socialize with americans. they are not our friends, they are the inventors of neoliberal globalism.

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t. Vlad

hayek and mises were both austrian



Learn your history american barbarian

how new?

friedman and his monetarism contributed more to neoliberalism

replace merchant with porky
i saved it from here
was it that hard

American imperialism is the greatest existential threat facing human civilization in this day and age. And what do burgers do? They let it happen. They just let it happen cuz muh superbowl and radical moose-lambs. Almawt li'amrika.

God is an American. *Bald eagle screeches in the distance*


Does anybody have that American bald eagle version of Schlomo Shekelstein? I've seen it before, but didn't save it. It's a bitch to find…

>that means it is you who are wrong and new


some americans are ok, and if we want to win, we'll need to use all the help we can get

None of them are okay.

If borders are spooks, nations are spooks.

if nations are spooks, america is a spook.

if america is a spook, americans are spooks.

borders are spooks.

Remember when people got passionate about things that mattered?

passionately upset, rather

But the people actually pushing and implementing the policies were Americans.

It was Americans who sabotaged Breton Woods
It was Americans who provided most of the fearmongering over muh big gubmint
Milton Friedman was American
It was Americans who backed the overthrow of Allende
It was the American-dominated IMF that pushed the neoliberal meme out at full force even with the explicit aim of subverting democratically elected left-wing governments.

Now I mean, there are plenty of good Americans in spite of their american-ness and nations will always be pretty (but not entirely) spooky, but insofar as "America" exists it is a blight on this planet the likes of which we've never seen before.



t. american



i dont think anyone is as hard on america as america

nice to finally see one of you niggers talking about shit like bretton woods and the IMF

you are almost entirely correct with one small but very important caveat; the americans dont run the show, and no im not talking about the jews, althought they do run a large slice of US foreign policy. the financial center of the world is not wall street my friend

let me guess, you're one of those city of london guys.

if you're talking about London i would regard that as a joint project rather than transferring blame onto the UK, with the city becoming one ridiculous colony of finance insanity*
(my understanding being that London's position as a financial powerhouse was turbocharged by the eurodollar and other such buggery during the Breton Woods era.)

*my favourite trivia, if true: apparently segments of the London Underground railway need water-pumps active almost all the time because when they were originally built the level of water underground was artificially low thanks to industrial use consuming the water - as the city moved towards finance and de-industrialisation kicked in, the water is now rising back to it's natural level. it feels like a metaphor for something, like an abandoned city overgrown with trees. but London doesn't know it's hollow, yet.

America is the greatest country in the world. While all of you were sitting on your ass making hate speech, there were brave young men and women fighting for your freedom and safety in Iraq.

well look at father brown over here

Im not saying the ridiculous little ritualists in the city of london run the world but yes the density of true bankster scum is far greater there, it is the defacto finance/speculation capital of the planet

What I am saying however is that the british empire/east india company never really ended, that long before its end it morphed into a bunch of nebulous fraternities/dynasties/banking groups, and that it is behind almost every fucked up thing in the world and has been quite skillfully getting the brutish americans to do the dirty work of global finance towards some kind of insanely autistic goal of neo-feudal unipolar global domination over a greatly reduced preferrably docile percentage of humanity

Sounds a little cray cray im aware of this, but im uncomfortably certain its the truth.

they are at the hub of finance/speculation, which dwarfs the realeconomy of the world and the bond market combined a thousand fold, they are at the center of the intelligence complex which of course incorporates proxy mercenaries/rent a terrorists/narco trafficking/color revolutions, they set up saudi, they set up israel, they basically did all of it and got murika to do the heavy regime change lifting while also robbing them blind with austerity along with the english population as well

if you want a testament to the barbarism of the british "elites", you need look no further than early india. If you want to get a true sense of the sheer insidiousness of the perfidious albion you need to read preparata, which is absolutely seminal to understanding what in the fuck actually happened between 1890ish to 1945. Even if only a third of this book is accurate they are capable of just about anything including unleashing thermonuclear war


I wouldnt be so quick to assume the british fortuitously slid into the position they are in, their understanding of not only currency/metal manipulation but how to pit groups against each other is unparalleled, just the first few chapters of the book I mentioned which covers the financial machinations leading up to ww1 are a dark testament to this

the british empire is a vampire squid that always manages to somehow land on its feet and always has others fight its battles for it

I fear it will take more than the rising tides to wash away the evil that these "men" have perpetrated, I for one support the MaxKeiser bill to hang at least one banker per quartal, it would keep them on their toes

I am too inebriated to convey my feelings on the anglos correctly let me just finish by again saying I am glad to see someone here talking about finance even if it is a backstabbing socdemwer hat uns verraten

people here like to talk about the "global capitalist order" and i dont think they are wrong but I would counter that finance is what this mess is really built on, rampant fraud in so many different flavors it boggles the mind of even the seasoned confidence man, value out of nothing that can make entire countries dissapear economically as you pointed out above

The United States of America is not a real country. The United States of America is the government that controls a large portion of the North American continent, and has several countries under its dominion and many people in its slave ranks.

You're only triggered by American Imperialism because your people will never be great enough to conquer another.

peak idealism
I'm Dutch, and you could call us the inventors of capitalism (see: East India Company, Dutch Republic) yet I'm a full communist.


We've talked about the bourgeoisie, the jews and the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€irishπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€, yet the austrians never get mentioned.

there's something nostalgic about the outfit of that girl in your .gif but I can't put my finger on it

the austrians are too PoC for the kind of nefariousness required to keep this shitshow running, also thats the funniest goddamned comic ive seen in a while, hitlers deranged face, the one slav that is really mad and the other one thats enjoying it, so good

fits perfectly to my book recommendation


What do you think of the Anglos who argue that capitalism is British in nature?

What is the source for this quote?

pdf related for the first two paragraphs, bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=33825 for the last.
(well, that's where I found them. Naturally they originate in other books I don't have.)

I don't share either narrative 100%, but they're pretty reasonable stuff.


They're almost on par with the eternal german.

that isn't the American eagle

Sticky this

AAAB (All Amerilards Are Bastards)

t. latin american

What have you done to combat against the Eternal Yank?

But what about the eternal Greek???

pls no bully.
I just want to make friends here, snack on my burgers, and leave this hell hole of country someday so I can have health insurance.

you have to be super retarded to post this

Burger here, the vast majority of us are what you're thinking, but our country is fuckhuge so there's still a fair number of comrades here by sheer probability, and I don't mean LARPing liberals.

You can blow up the country if you need, but give us some warning first so we can get our families to Leafland or something.

Burger here. Yeah this place sucks and we are the No.1 evil in the world. HOWEVER, under the conditions of capitalism, if if wasn't America it would be another colonial nation. Let's not pretend that European porky nations are any good either. Some other porky would fill the vacuum, Americans just drew the short straw.


It's ok burgerfriend.

You'll soon have nowhere to go, as global neoliberalism makes all insurance private.

"hey guys I got an idea let's vilify the disempowered proletariat of the strongest country in the world so that when the revolution finally does come around they'll be fully in support of their government smashing us"
this is some antifa-tier shit

yeah but muh jews I mean muh irish I mean muh catholics I mean muh terrorists I mean muh ameriKKKans

they're hoked up on ideology anyway pal.

either they're smart enough to overcome it independently or they're a lost cause.

the "american proletariat" is racist, nationalist and jingoist as fuck. they see latinos and asians as inferior. ffs the us "working class" elected trump.

why in the fuck should I, as a south american whose effects of burger imperialism are still felt here, see americans as allies?
they can get fucked for all i care

tbf electing trump was a preferable choice for them, since the alternative - clinton - basically just promised them death. (and was no less imperialist)

disempowered? fuck off. They don't give a single FUCK that their taxes money pays for all the shit, not the drone killings, not the proxy wars, not the actual wars, not the military bases abroad. None of them cares.
They rather protest about transgernder people being unable to use the women/men bathroom. There's the american "left" for you.
All americans are equally garbage. They could stop all of this shit if they went outisde and protested about the actions of their leaders or they could elect someone which is actually into making USA following a isolationist policy.

Again, good luck with your glorious revolution with the largest army in the world against you and their population totally supporting them. If your imaginary boogieman of le racist american is that important to you that you'd give up any chance at revolution to keep it alive in your mind, then whatever I guess.

well hey, how about you, glorious and brilliant foreigner, come over and fix it then? I mean, if it's just le dum american XD that is the only reason we don't have communism, then why don't you just come over here with your boundless intellect and fix everything? Hell, better question, why doesn't your country have socialism?
Oh, that's right, it's because you're blowing hot air out of your ass, and because Americans are interested in their own material conditions just like every single person on earth (despite your idealistic and disingenuous suggestion that you aren't) and because you're just as bigoted and impotent as the imaginary boogieman-version of Americans that you made up in your head. Until your magical superior culture suddenly and magically stops the crimes of your country and establishes socialism, quit your xenophobic, bigoted whining.

be like john brown

Nice try FBI

trying to divide the global working class

kys ameritrash, you're literally subhuman
fuck you and fuck your tumor of a country

indeed americans, socialists all hate you and think you're subhuman, please do not under any circumstances support socialism
Again, just to be clear, fellow socialists of which I am also one, America is terrible, we all hate your guts, please leave and do not support socialism, thank you

the primary goal of american socialists should be to oppose US imperialism
until the US' global power is toppled, there's no hope for socialism

t. clueless comfortable amerilard who has never left his basement, never talked to a native latino or east asian, will never understand why the whole world hates his shithole country so much

MAYBE (maybe) we'll stop being hostile against the us when they apologize to every single country they ever hurt through imperialism and remove all their military bases across the world
until that you all can jump off a cliff

wow, how'd you figure out that Americans who have no role in their government were personally responsible for every bad thing the US government has done?
I mean, I've just been sitting around with the ability to personally overhaul the entire American system and end the military all by myself this whole time, I just didn't think to do it. Thanks for the suggestion!
Also, I live in San Antonio. Literally all of my friends are either Hispanic or East Asian.
Go back to tumblr.

look man, I was just born here alright? Don't blame me for the fucked up shit this government has done.

wow and i, right as a i sit here in my bed poor af and unemployed in the middle of bumfuck Brazil am a registered employee of the CIA and i wasnt even aware of that! how did i do it???

hmmmmmmmm see that i said "native" latinos? like, people actually born in latin america, not third generation sons of immigrants conditioned to love america and support their shit in expense of their southern cousins?

same shit different asshole. americunts are irredeemable

Good thing I'm a traitor!

God I hate this place and feel the same way. Had the money I would fuck right off and burn my citizenship but oh well.

first and second generation Mexicans, fuckhole.

Wow this thread sure is Idpol.

Eh. I love my city, and my friends, and my family. This land isn't tainted, just the government that illegitimately rules over it.
I don't consider myself an American, I don't support the US government, etc. All the stuff the idpol tumblrites want to hear. That doesn't mean that I'm going to abandon my life and my community to impress some edgelord bigots on the internet.

Americans are all subhuman, comrade

Fuck America


look, until you come to say, brazil, who spent 24 years under right wing dictatorships financed by presidents your people (or should i say, "proletarian comrades") elected in landslides (looking at you Nixon) and spend a year living in our shoes, all your arguments are invalid.
t. actual latin american and not a gusano bootlicker

I got banned from a leftist discored for saying America is not that good.

Really they are the most right wing nationalist retards I have ever met.



Found the butthurt americuck.

Feel the same about not being American in spirit but I have no attachments to this country in friends or family(I'm an orphan).

At this point lefty pol is pretty much pols other side on a quarter so I don't give a shit About impressing anybody here.