Are SJW's destroying real Left?

Are this identity obsessed politics doing damage to true Left?

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Where's the problem OP?


By this point it's obvious the so called 'lgbt community has a pedo problem as bad if not worse than the catholic church's, the evidence is all out there, you just aren't supposed to talk about it, because the gays are supposed to be 'OMG so diverse and progressive!!!' and therefore capable of nothing wrong.

Probably "people into BDSM are a bunch of freaks".

You can even see it on their faces.






seriously all was all for gay marriage back in the day, but the way this 'queer theory' stuff is being pushed on younger and younger kids really creeps me out.

There is literally nothing wrong with Eurocentrism.

Yes, that's one of the pillars of faith on this board.

No real revolution before Germany does it.


There is literally nothing wrong with Gramsci.

meh he's a B-lister amongst Western Marxists imo, don't know why Holla Forums is so fixated on him. It's a common misconception western marxism=tumblr, but most of that intersectional jargon is actually a product of for profit diversity consultants and post protestant malaise, with nothing to do with leftism except for some missapropriated maoist concepts

that second picture is a hoax and only spooked moralists should care if kids see people on leashes

Are you implying futanari aren't the future of humanity, and a glorious master race.

that's still good.

because they read on a meme that he "invented" le gurltural margsism, so now people from here who can't read shit talk him because some other illiterate mocked them about it.

Fuck him, like all "theorists" he's another spooky BS artist. Fuck his shit. "His mother belonged to a local land owning family"
Yet another pseudo intellectual, I bet his hands are soft as shit, fukin gaylord.

The faggots have been a burden
The "progressive stack" has been a burden

It's all nonsense that works against us, intentionally or not.
The damage will be long lasting but not irreparable.

I could not agree more.
A future without futas is a future not worth living.

But this insanity is the travail of your relativism you must adopt in order to bring about your so called revolution, you are a tool.

the show is real, though. I've tried being 'tolerant' and all that jazz, but as time goes on the pattern becomes harder to ignore, there's obviously something shady going on here

the left is finished. Good luck convincing a bunch of disparate groups who hate each other into doing anything. I'm sure the muslims will really want to start a class war as they are killing the gays, while the blacks are busy murdering the whites for being too muh privileged.

Schlomo is laughing at you guys

Is there any image more sexy than that of a large breasted, chiseled goddess, with a huge gorgeous circumcised penis? I feel like this is the perfection of erotic art.

Congratulations, you're falling for Porky's attempt to divide the workers.

Dude everyone knows that picture's fake. I don't remember if it was made to bait fundamentalists or just to be a joke tho.

it's porky pushing this gay shit on kids, though. it's really creepy how quickly it gained the approval of the bourgeoisie and basically became part of establishment ideology.

You have two porky parties. One pretends to love gays, the other is the opposite. Both have the same economic and foreign policy. Pick your flavor of idpol and enjoy more foreign wars.

Draenei futa is cancer.

Why do you insist on using shit terms like "bourguse"
Its like you dont know how things work or does ur gay beard bloke's words get to be petrified like he should hav?

It's almost as if they were working against us

you know if you say borguse 3 times herbert borguse comes and grants you a wish


no, i mean the context of that picture from the show is wrong.
The character isn't trans and he isn't wearing a ballagag, but dentist gear.

circumcised dicks are gross and unnatural

He was a tight bastard like marx. Ever tried to get chicken and chips out of marx, no show m8.

Pleb taste in futa, fam.

therefore we should drag children to the bdsm dog man orgy, you know, for diversity and progress. And it's the little bigots problem if they don't enjoy their daily dose of state mandated gay. the apparent disgust on the children's faces is further proof of the bigoted nature of our heteronormative society, which is why we need more state mandated gay.

You used to you used to

Just about as hard as shlomo is laughing at Holla Forums for never doing anything useful besides spazzing out on the internet and literally acting like RJWs.

It's sad how few people on this board understand how critical theory works. As a far right wing religious wealthy white married man, I take the time to not only understand my position, but those of my adversaries as well. Every now and then I lurk on this shitty board and every time I am disappointed in you. I hope to God that you people are just young children peppered with a few genetic regects playing Pied Piper, otherwise I feel sorry for you all.

Hah I remember getting state mandated hetero BDSM orgies back when I was a kid. Times sure change…

Why must I adopt something that works against my interest?


Critical theory can be likened to tooth decay for the mind. / If your mind had teeth to begin with.

Indeed my man.

Why do you believe in this "shlomo" person?

Sure he is, bucko.

Fake comb over.
Not good enough blackman.

Without a doubt. However, I don't subscribe to a CIA conspiracy vision. Instead, I feel like it is the product of a culture of leftist hegemony (this is why I think we need to distance ourselves from Gramsci's ideas, the 70's were leftist as fuck but saw no revolutions in the western world) without significant material opression. That is why well-off petit-bourgeois college educated yuppies put the spotlights on race and sex-based muh privilege over class. Otherwise they'd have to face the fact that they are more opressor than opressed.

I completely agree actually, and this might sound odd coming from a narcho. But I like what Zizek has to say about it, putting values like univeralism over reactionary, tribal values (shitty anarchists have this obsession with the 'noble savage') is a good thing. Some people say this universalism and violently imposing it on people caused a lot of suffering, but I would say the opposite. The arguments made for segregation in the past were similar to the 'cultural appropation' that liberals talk about nowadays, 'they are different from us, we have to respect their culture and let them have their own neighbourhoods and so on'. I say fuck that, violently break up their reactionary social relations. The liberal idea of tolerance and cultural appropiation is racist as fuck.

Long live universalism. Screencap this maybe, I think it's a good post. Also I'm drunk.

This. I'm not gonna be a fool and say that there are no cultures that are better than others, but it just fucking kills me that right wingers have this sort of pessimism towards other cultures where they seem to think that they absolutely cannot change. Quite frankly European/Western/Faustian culture/values has a very special place in my heart, and I am of the conviction that it objectively "came out on top" because of the conditions and luck within that part of the world as Jared Diamond lays out in "Guns, Germs, and Steel", and that's ok. I am also of the conviction that there's at least something inherently going for Western values, as evidenced by leftist organizations like the Zengakuren in Japan, and the Naxalites in India, etc. What I'm trying to say here is that western values seem to at least be universally appealing, it's just that it had to start somewhere, and that somewhere was Europe.

With that said, with the world's focus on the Middle East and ISIS, these personal revelations are why I personally like Rojava and their efforts to synthesize Kurdish/Syrian/Muslim culture with western values of egalitarianism, etc. and it will kill me to see them betrayed, destroyed, and replaced with some fundamentalist idpol ideology that will cause more death and destruction like all the other Marxist/Leftist organizations before them. This seemingly endless cycle of robbing people of genuine development and likewise the blind reaction of such peoples are an absolute tragedy.

Precisely the reason I like Rojava so much is because they bring values like universalism (which modern pomo leftists consider eurocentric in their obsession with cultural relativism) to the middle east

also, the museum that painting is in (de nachtwacht) is at 5 minutes walking distance from my house

Bearded fruit, his square box tec so competes with our valley girl "Like, Totally Gay"


Cool. I must admit I'm a sucker for 16th-17th century aesthetics. I feel like we could really do something in advancing leftism if we somehow seized the right's monopoly on culture, or at least "old" culture to be for the proletariat, like my suggestion in

The only problem is the Left's apparent fear of reclaiming stolen aesthetics, like red arm bands, mass (organized) marches, etc., which is further enforced by Liberals' "Horseshoe Theory". See

Shit sucks man

the only damage it's doing is making people believe that the real left are these people. Ask most people and their idea of the left is neolibs or democrats.

Looking at leftytwitter it does seem like we've got the liberal idpol types (who identify as anarchists mostly) who won't shut up about GAY COMMUNISM, TRANNY COMMUNISM, PINK PILL, I HATE MASCULINITY and the nationalist idpolers (who make up the MLs) who won't shut up about IMPERIALISM, DPRK ARE MY COMRADES, UPHOLD ISIS THOUGHT.

I think any near-reasonable person sees the stupidity of tankie twitter. It's like the FBI's personal echo chamber. But the "anarchist" side has me worried. Most people are generally supportive of gay rights and such. It can all seem like memes until you see them start talking seriously about it and then it gets kind of weird and scary. I'm seeing shit like "being gay/trans is a choice" which mirrors right-wing ideology, and not just on the surface. The underlying argument is actually that homosexuality and transgenderism is transgressive and undermines the fabric of society - which is the same shit that right-wingers believe, only the hero and villain roles are reversed. The more I look into this stuff the faker it seems, like most of the shit out there is a combination of honeypotters and gullible larping kids.

It is


Yeah, a lot of people who'd usually consider themselves pretty left-wing have found themselves drawn to the right cuz SJWs are so fucking awful.

What's there to explain?
It's a choice, no one is forcing you to do anything.

tankies are tankies - forever stuck in the 1920s.

as far as the radlib 'anarchists', i know the ones you mean and they are mostly literal children who are only drawn to 'the left' because more authentic left-wing politics is just starting to float across their cultural bubbles. I'd be interested to see how many are still like this when they've had to live in the shitty adult version of capitalist society instead of the fluffy, easy-going, hurt feels are the most terrible thing to happen to me high school or college student version they are experiencing now.

Being gay or trans isn't an action though. It's a trait. Attraction isn't a choice. You don't choose who/what arouses you. You don't choose what gender is in your brain.

So if my beast is defiled by a (you) where do i receive recompense?

It's certainly not helping, and it's poisoning the idea of "the left" in the minds of a lot of people, sending chasing ideologies for the very purpose of opposing the left.

Attraction is irrelevant, the action is.
If those actions are detrimental (as they have been to the left), then discouraging them is justified.
If that scares you, consider how people get scared when they must associate with this:

The great reasoning.
Especially (you)

fuck, thank you for articulating something that i've been thinking about for a while now.
The worst part about it imo is that they often just end up reinforcing gender as a concept by associating femininity with being trans, which is just going to screw over other lgbt people who don't conform to that stereotype

That's easy to say if your attraction is normal and you don't have to live a lie not to be ostracized.
How has homosexuality been detrimental to anybody?
None of what you said scares me and this has nothing scary about it whatsoever. The first pic is shopped to begin with. I think it's crass to call people queer, but that's an entirely different argument. Kids wearing flamboyant shit is perfectly fine. It confuses my why anyone finds a problem with that at all.

Not to mention they seem to totally ignore trans men (again, just like the right).

I don't think i've ever seen transmen get mentioned in media or by social justice types ever. It's like they don't exist

Probably good for the trans men to be honest.

Oh who cares, enjoy your job with Starbucks nigger.

Even if it is easy to say, that doesn't make it any less true.
You are not judged as a homosexual/transsexual on your traits, but on your actions, the same as everyone else.
This is much different than being a member of an identifiable minority group.
If your inherited traits are a problem, like a predisposition to drink, that doesn't excuse being an alcoholic.

That is not necessarily mean these actions are bad, but you still have a choice in doing them.

If you can't see what's wrong with sexualizing children, that's fine with me, but I shouldn't be obliged to defend it to be a leftist.

That's bullshit. People are judged just as much for the attraction as the consummation, which is nobody's business anyway. And even if what you're saying here is true, those people are in the uncontrollable situation of having an attraction that can't be acted on without social consequences that other people don't have. That's a clear disadvantage, for fuck's sake homosexuals used to be put to death.
Yet you compare homosexuality with alcoholism, something that kills a lot of people directly and indirectly, and not just the alcoholics.

If you think a kid wearing flamboyant clothes is sexualization you might be a pedophile.

The left is destroying itself.

This is why SJWs are less of a threat than right wing idpol.

Is it because you approve of pedophilia or because normies find pedophilia abhorrent and therefore the SJW movement (which is heavily pro-LGBT) is less likely to have the same staying power among normies as the reactionary right?

Because you're a bunch of immature 4chan losers who lump in the lgbt groups with "da ebil child rapisss", a super old and super cliche divide and conquer tactic that the right uses, and I've seen an upsurge in on this board in the past lil while.
Get raped yourself fam

It's not just a meme though. I'm LGBT myself but there are people who identify as part of the movement who want pedos to be recognized too.

There are people who want aromantics to be recognized. There are people who think the end is nigh. There are people. Doesn't really mean these pathetic fear tactics are justified when it's obviously meant to be divisive.

What I'm saying is the right can point at these people as examples of their claims. Instead of simply denying what the right says, we should be explicitly denouncing the pro-pedo people.

The action is not limited to sex, but even if a person can not control their impulses, that doesn't make them acceptable.
They may be excused for not being able to control their actions, but if they are negative, this is rightfully called insanity.

The extent to which a certain behavior is negative is irrelevant, just that it is.
If certain behavior is detrimental to the left, then there is justification for it to be discouraged.

I think you might be full of it, or are being dishonest. It doesn't take a pedophile to see what is sexual and what is not. If an adult was wearing what is in pic 3 it would be sexual, and the same goes for a child. Children should not be dressed this way.

Everything was fine before people started demanding we be nice to LGBT, and worry about the progressive stack, and other horseshit.
That was when the left started to deteriorate. This LGBT shit used to just be called homosexuality, now it's a circus.

We should not be throwing the baby out with the bathwater and denouncing all the fags dykes and unpassing twinkhons either.

Progressive stack is bullshit, but you have obvious bias against other, non-homosexual sexual minorities, to be so outright divisive saying that defending them was what started to kill the left.

Wow that's really weird because it's not a matter of controlling impulses when heterosexual people have relationships with people they're attracted to.

Heterosexuality hasn't been a problem.
Homosexuality is becoming a problem.

I have a bias against all of them now, including homosexuality, which I didn't have before.
This increased focus on their problems as irrelevant and destructive.

We don't need to be so protective of them, particularly from criticism.

Your biases are right wing identity politics, they are divisive and useless, they will make you useless.

The only thing I see that is making the left useless is enforced liberal thinking.
We never had these problems before the new liberal focus in our politics.

Divisive right wing subversion doesn't make us useless? No, helping sexual minorities within the working class does? Strengthening our own class does?

Demonstrate this.

Subversion? The issue is the sex people have been bearing down on us like never before. For the longest time there hasn't been a question of if the left was in favor of sexual liberty. But now there is, and it's not because of heterosexuals suddenly wanting to push people around. It's exactly the opposite, the sex people have recently been on a power trip, and anyone who doesn't play by their dogmatic rules tends to get censored. The standards for what is acceptable have gone way up.

I'm sick of it and I'm not the only one. Our issues aren't limited by sex.
People are leaking for this reason, and it's hurting the left.
People with legitimate issues are being lost because of trivialities.


Definitely lots of those. Throw in an assload of ranting pseudo-intellectuals too. Lots of stupid arguments and circle-jerking. Being trans = being subversive. Lots of students diving into 'radical' politics without thinking critically about what they're absorbing. The tankie – anarchist/leftcom divide love feeding off each other's bullshit.

That pinkpill stuff is just larping for homos who like to broadcast their sexuality. The 'anarchists' getting paid via patreon to larp about gender are the funniest aspect imo. Little more than liberals lining their pockets from gullible morons – i.e. being true to form. Cultish behavior is everywhere. Irony is frequently a screen for some truly awful opinions, while other people are sincerely awful.

Twitter is an imageboard limited to 140 characters with mandatory tripcodes, basically. A minority of accounts doing interesting things surrounded by a sea of shit.

The fuck are you talking about? Acceptance of homosexuality is a very recent development in the history of capitalism, especially in the US. A 1953 executive order effectively barred homosexuals from seeking government jobs and anti-gay propaganda remained ubiquitous well into the '60s — it was even occasionally connected to anti-communism.

Reminder that the infamous 1965 "social guidance" film Perversion for Profit was directed and funded by a wealthy real estate developer and financiers.

He's intentionally trying to spread the narrative that the evil child raping gay trannies are a bourgeois plot. You can be more rude.

You know, you just made me get it. Regardless of the source of the ridiculousness, it gets reinforced by people donating to their patreons to say stupid shit. In capitalism it all comes back to money. And you know, I've seen enough to know that a lot of these people are not well off and can use the help. But they're incentivized to make worse and worse takes. The more extreme and bizarre their content gets, the more attention it grabs and the more money they get.

Holy shit, capitalism is so fucked up.

Wait, patreon is capitalism?

It's basically donation, which has nothing to do with capitalism.

Capitalism means they get paid so little that there's a reason to have a patreon, and they're already fucked up for whatever reason, so the circumstance molds them into a freak show. In other words, alienation has been commodified.

Fundamentally they're entertainers and are, in some instances, being paid to produce their content. The more absurd and direct the more follows and the more money rolls in. Chapo Trap House are getting 60k a month for some podcasts. That's serious money for an hour or two's worth of content. dril is getting paid 2k a month for his shitty tweets. If people get enough traction there's a direct incentive to monetize their popularity. I don't necessarily blame them for it. Wage labor sucks ass. Even if you only get 200 bucks a month or something that'll probably go towards rent or whatever.

Donations of any sort has everything to do with capitalism.

Twitter patreons are in the latter category imo.

That's not what commodities are. The entertainment is being produced directly for sale to the people who consume it. Patreon is actually a subversion of commodity fetishism where it asks the consumer to voluntarily come up with a value in terms of money (which is used for exchange value) to measure the use value they get out of it.

Patreon is a capitalist organization I would assume, but what I was referring to was the part where capitalism forces them into that situation. This post is also right. They're entertainers. Instead of these people maybe producing actual theory, they post bite-sized opinions or "takes" for the most efficient consumption. Their creativity and ingenuity isn't directed toward developing leftist theory, but toward saying the wackiest shit. The result is dilution of leftism. It might even be better if they just entertained with random shit instead of engaging in this farce.

So you guys are saying these guys deserve some kind of life taxes in order to make pure and truthful socialist contents?

Well what I'm saying is people should be able to live decently off their work and have enough leisure time and energy to write political theory for leisure.

I don't think these guys are starving to the point of needing patreon bucks to live man.

They are capitalists, they want the patreon bucks because it's easy cash.

That's not what that word means.

They are exploiting the good will of other wagecucks who donate money for them to say shit.

That's not exploitation in the Marxist sense. And patreon donation is completely voluntary.

Just like when you voluntary sign a contract.

Who are you fooling? That shit should be free.

It can be. You can't get paid for work without giving most to a capitalist but you can view this content without signing up for patreon. It's put online on twitter, youtube, blogs, etc.

Except it's not free anymore.

This group of wagecucks with their donations start to influence what these guys should talk about.

The innocent donation has turned what is supposed to be free dialog into a monetary "you fund me I talk for you" game.

Nobody is forced to fund them though, and nobody's surplus value is extracted. Call it shitty, call it a scam. It's not exploitation.

It's exploitation because it has turned into a supply and demand scheme.

The guys who pay get more attention than the guys who don't pay.

This is the new "left". They've co-opted it.
You want to stop people from associating you with this? Identity as 3rd position, or at least clarify that you're not a "leftist".

Doesn't matter. The moment you say "left" these days people will associate you with the pics posted in this thread.

Daily Reminder: Liberals need to be gunned down in the streets.

It's a form of monetization. In this case of politics. You're still essentially paying them for "entertainment", even if it's less overt than going to a store.



red arm bands and marches are dope as fuck, I give zero fucks if the nazis tainted it


The left is about substituting reality for an imagined, romanticized version of the truth so SJW goes hand in hand with leftism.

Not destroying. Destroyed.
It has already happened and the left lies in tatters because of it.


Holy fucking shit no it hasn't, idpol is so fucking irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

To add to this, the worst part is that the only major opposition to the SJWs (here I'm using this word to mean "leftist" moral authoritarians) comes from right wing moral authoritarians.
The libertarian left is shrinking fast.

It's not the only cause, but it's certainly a major contributing factor. Just because idpol should be irrelevant doesn't mean that it actually is. It's certainly one of the most effective ways to fracture the left and make us divide ourselves along identarian lines.

No it isn't, it has been instrumental in sabotaging the chance for even mild sucdem policies in the last election cycle, you mansplaining white suppremacist Bernie-bro.

It has always been one of the many instruments in porky's toolbox to try and divide the proles. Used to be they just used white idpol, now they have expanded the range to include all colors, genders, etc.

We cant even use the word spook anymore because of idpol.

Radical freedom, my spook.

I mean we cant without being punched due to being nazis.

Is it just me or are SJWs and the identity politics ridden left a really American phenomena? I feel like it's barely a problem in Europe. Maybe due to me seeing and reading all of this on the internet I get a kind of twisted view of the American political climate, is it even a big issue in the US?

I've gotta' disagree with you here, famalam. Idpol has long been a part of what creates 'culture' and it's unfortunately something that a lot of people derive their sense of self out of, and in the modern era it is no different.

To use a stupid contemporary example-

Imagine how many 'gamers' only got into politics (and right-leaning politics at that) because of the autism that was gamer-gate?

That shift was driven by widely publicized and often patronizing and factually lacking feminist commentary on 'gamer culture'.

The end result is two sides which double-down on their own ideology and tune out the other side, because they've been force-fed the dumbest and most egregious examples from the other side to the extent where they essentially cease to be considered human.

I think we both agree that idpol is toxic, but you can't deny that it has had a massive impact on culture and political identity. If it effects who you hang out with and what you talk about (and dare I say, what you care about) it obviously has cultural and personal significance, no matter how retarded those feels might be.

Autism doesn't care which side of the pond you're on.

Its a big problem in Northern Europe.

With the whole rapefugees welcome stuff and the push to make disagreeing with a feminist illegal.

I have a back up pond to keep me safe

SJW's are the practical result of what you call "the real left", which is based on envy, low self-esteem, and other human weaknesses. Leftism is humanity collectively rejecting the qualities that make us civilized in order to do what feels good or is more convenient in the moment, long term consequences be damned, and then making up excuses like "oppression" or "exploitation" to hide this fact.

It definitely is a problem in the UK, although to a lesser extent than in the US. Remember that Corbyn has been accused of being insufficiently feminist on numerous occasions.

The youngest generations in the UK have grown up reading exactly the same tumblr blogs as the SJWs in the US.

And dont forget the rapes that the police wouldnt investigate because it was all muslims raping underage white girls.

Isn't it mostly the right calling Jezza sexist/insufficiently feminist, though? It seems like they're doing everything in their power to smear him.

tfw being as exploitative as possible, to other humans and to the planet, is what makes us civilized. Capitalism and the political right care so much about long term consequences that they're willing to disregard climate change, pollution and wealth inequality for the pursuit of more money for anyone with enough capital to exploit someone else. This is certainly not because of "envy, low self-esteem, and other human weaknesses."

It seems to affect any place under American influence, the younger leftoids in my country seem to be sightly under the spell of "muh vagina" talk precisely thanks to the connection with the English internet, but in a way it's justified here seeing how churchcucked we are(some pro-church groups occasionally push for full abortion ban, as if the current law wasn't already restrictive)

It was mostly the right of the labor party during the leadership battle. It's hard to tell how much of that kind of idpol rhetoric is used by real feminists and how much is just the work of propaganda agencies, but they obviously thought it would work.



Just because cultural identity affects what politics people identify with doesn't mean it hasn't destroyed the Left. I know, I know the Left is always "dying" "self-destructive" according to certain doom and gloom prophets but you can't deny its alienated a large part of the population from our cause especially people who are just normal folks.

The Left in the US is weaker then it even was under the Bush administration when the end-of-history-Fukuyama-Friedmanite world view was the rage because of this shit. There's less unity now because Identity Politics is not based in a scientific outlook that can unite people. Now a leftist is someone who screams "fucking white male" while arguing Obama-style capitalism is good for POCs in the past a leftist was someone who was an anti-capitalist.

I feel this is also the reason why there are non-white Holla Forumsyps. It goes against logic but all males hate third wave feminist cancer so much that they will jump on any movement which goes against them.

Empathy for refugees isn't idpol but a large degree of the discourse around the refugee crisis on left and right certainly is.

The left is the strongest it has been since the collapse of the soviet union and the SJW movement is on the decline. Don't be so pessimistic.

He sounds like a successful capitalist.

Maybe your right comrade thanks for the optimism.


Fun fact: a lot of software doesn't care about the file extension. Most file formats start with magic numbers which distinguish them from other formats.

Normal gays are fine. However these people deserve to be gulag forever and forever. Show them no mercy

Yeah, we are just dressing up those prepubescent boys in drag for our outdoor BDSM orgy, definitely a completely innocent and normal thing to do. A neccesary step in every child's development. dont be so close minded, smh

only 10 years ago, pictures like these would have resulted in a national outrage, today, nobody bats an eye. And if any one tries, BAM, your life's over after the first outward suggestion of 'wrongthink'. Remember the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water, I shiver to think about what might be considered 'politically correct' in the future if things keep going the way they are.

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children????????

Hmm.. isn't that the joke?

This is actually a very good post.

if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it's probably a dog. Just stating the obvious fam

All well and good, but do you have any proof of harm coming from this? You can't just oppose things just because they look yucky to you, that would be irrational.


Of course they don't. They let their gut emotions make the decision and then they invent whatever pseudo-rational justification is needed to make it sound like a reasonable position.

I think there is real harm being done though, in that the rates of self-reported non-normative gender/sexual identities is skyrocketing. It is more psychologically comfortable to think of yourself as a man who likes women's clothing, than to think of yourself as someone who is trapped in the wrong body (go and ask any transgender person how much fun this is). We're creating a culture where you people agonize far more about their identities than they should, which is a kind of harm.

Not even getting into the problem of kids who report some transgender feelings early on, for whom the "grow out of it"-rate is something like 80-90%. If we start pushing them into embracing their transgenderism early, with medical treatments and all, that's a lot of psychological and physical struggle to go through that they really didn't need to endure.

yeah, maybe concepts like 'pedophilia' are just constructs of dominant discourse that should be deconstructed. Think of it as 'queering' consent and thus freeing the child from the dynamics of cishet patriarchal oppression. These people have obviously never read Foucault and Judith Butler, smh. But I'm glad the liberals in the mass media and academia are finally seeing the light, though.

Just prove harm bro, it's not that hard. Get some death rates, crime rates, drug use rate in the lower age groups shooting up. Oh, wait, you can't.

The only thing going up is prescription drug use like antidepressants, but that is just capitalism at work.

so fucking kids is a-ok in your view? hmmm

Show me a post where I said that. Don't attribute opinions to me, shithead.

what? think i'm fucking stupid, man? think i don't know what the implications are? I know perfectly well what the implications are.

If you want, we can debate the relative pros and cons of childfucking out here in the open, just stop dodging the question and stop hiding behind bullshit political correctness

Nice argument retard. What are you implying, that people who dress their kids gaudily are child rapists?


It sounds neocon-ish and imperialist, but liberation is violent, Zizek explains this in his analysis of Fight Club. Like I said, segregation in colonies was actually justified because the colonizers wanted to give the colonized the opportunity to 'preserve their unique culture'. Just look at how much violence went into establishing liberal democracy.

Quality sources truly.

I suppose you think huffpo is more trustworthy. You literally have to dig for these stories, there's an unspoken agreement amongst most of the media not to print this kind of stuff.

Is it by any chance a 🍀🍀🍀Hibernian🍀🍀🍀 conspiracy?

you can't deny there's been a an orchestrated effort by the corporate media to push this 'queer theory' stuff. Just look at buzzfeed or Bill Nye's show. It's also worth keeping in mind that, Homosexuals are just 2-3% of the population at most.

You are part of the problem, liberal.

you are both liberals

don't be spooked, gay community has no pedo problem



well, maybe they are? idk, some of the evidence posted so far seems pretty damning to say the least. I am now 100% convinced that all gay/trans people are part of a massive evil pedo conspiracy and probably pizzagate as well.You gotta admit it sounds pretty reasonable.

See you in hell, idiot.

Children have no clue what anything means, meaning the only reason that the SJW is supporting these "progressive parents" is that they see an exploitable resource to push an agenda.

What "sex people"? What's the problem about someone pulling off an "absolute-fucking-faggot" spectacle? It ain't violence, so no problem. Get yor fee-fees in check.

exactly this, people aren't stupid - just plain insane

dem tits tho

nothing, but why are they so obsessed with dragging kids into it? it's like an even creepier version of those child beauty pageants, but of course we aren't allowed to say that.

why do you care?


get off the internet and seek help

where can i read more on zizeks opinions on universalism?