Antifa violently protests

Wow left wing violence and activism sure is a threat to the status quo. Keep fighting the good fight guys

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Liberals need the right, because without the right wing boogeyman they have nothing to offer but
rainbow soylent and 'humanitarian' regime change operations. There's only one party and that's the party of capital. Notice how Trump backstabbed you as soon as he had the chance?


Stopped right here.

Showing up on campuses to fight right-wing citizens who are not part of the establishment is not in any way challenging the status quo or any sort of effective activism, so why would the corporate controlled media care?
Antifa are pretty dumb here in North America

this thread is now my property

lol it was always my property you spooked kuk

there's no content to your politics, just resentment towards a half imagined other and the conviction you are being persecuted

You're delusional
Keep getting your views from memes

You have an infantile understanding of how propaganda operates.

You think the media would run 24/7 sensationalized stories on Donald Trump if they wanted him to go away? Do you really believe that? Be honest with yourself. We know right from the piggies mouth that the media saw Trump as a boom for ratings. He's been great for them, they gave him a massive amount of coverage, and now he's rewarding them with nice comfy tax breaks. Get your head out of the media spectacle and follow the money.

We watching thr same media?

Fox News is the only channel that even portrays them as violent thugs. If you turn on CNN or read the New York Times it's always virtuous students "protesting" literal neo nazis like Ann coulter and Milo

Show me these articles you're referencing.


>Blacks riot to protest supposed discrimination from police (boi)

The mainstream media tries to frame the left and the far right as indistinct and part of the same threatening 'populist' movement. I do believe antifa can really play into the spectacle at times, but milo and ann coulter ARE the spectacle. It would be better if people could just walk away from the glorified debt factories that are American universities and start building a better world. I've noticed the right lacks a positive message, it's all about fear of terrorists and 'thugs' who are about to kill you or black people with foot long dicks who are about to cuck you, imo a really basic, almost animal mentality

How? Between the class of Creationism 101? fuck off you cultureless american barbarian.

sauce or blow it out your ass

Antifa and BLM aren't threats in their current form, and insofar as they become threats they'll get treated the same way OWS was.

Hilariously there are probably more real creationist teachers and professors in America than there are any of the Marxist ones that Holla Forums seems to think are everywhere.




For the last time, Holla Forums, we aren't liberals.

you gotta be fucking kidding


Last semester I took a Latin American studies class in one of the most conservative states in America. Every day it was a lecture about how Castro and Chavez dindu nothing and the white imperialists were the real reason South America is a total shithole. If you actually think radical left wing shit is not being taught in most universities today you haven't been to college



just stop



things right wingers believe I wish were true
if only your 'cultural marxism' was an actual thing

I don't think it's a stretch at all to say they prefer traditional establishment politician Pence to wild card Trump who nobody knows what is going to do tomorrow.

Holla Forums is anti-trump, the only pro-Trumps are reddit niggers.


They support identity politics as a way to make the left unbearable and at the sametime make the left stop caring about class. You can get a bill that lower wages but also has trans rights and the liberal left will be for it.

Article related

The trans bathroom bill also had parts that prevented local governments to enforce wage and hours of workers.

Shit, forgot to change my shitposting flag.

It basically makes you look like a bigot and xenophobic for being against lower wages and hours. It's actually brilliant. The right won't support the minimum wage raise, and the left are divided by idpol and class.

Idpol before class
You'll get kicked in the ass
Class before idpol
See the bourg heads' roll.

Literally every single one of those is the opposite of reality

We've got a fucking prodigy over here.

that's not radical left that's Literally Anyone With Knowledge Of The Subject That Isn't Actively Being Paid Off


Also Holla Forums: Supports faggot rights, nigger culture, feminist sexual deviancy, miscegenation, sandniggers, uses smokescreens like "the bourgeois" to evade the Jewish question and are race traitors who hate their country, the nuclear family and their culture

I see no fucking difference between liberals and you cultural marxists


that's because you've got wheels in your head


So are all of you guys brain damaged heading into Holla Forums or do you just come out that way?


You do realise that Proudhon and Bakunin, two anarchist writers, were anti-semites, yes?

Go start and anti-Trump thread on Holla Forums and come back with the results then

is that where he's been?

This can be perfectly turned around you faggots who unironically have delusions that once you replace the bourgeoisie with whites only, things will be better since they will magically work for the betterment of the nation, even though the bourgeois class only cares about profiting. You are fucking idealists, kill yourself.

take your meds

So does Richard Spencer, a member of the alt-right. Is he a leftist as well?

Define black culture first? Are we talking about Jazz/ rap etc?

Also, which feminists? There are a lot. We dont honestly give a shit, so long as it isn't forced onto others.

You can easily turn them off and choose to disconnect. Why do a bunch of feminists trigger you so much?

Again, we don't give a shit. It's not our focus. If you want to breed with others, breed with others. It's not our job to tell people to fuck others for political reasons.

Rojava and the YPG yes, Radical Islamist terrorist organisations, no.

Spooky. There is no """"race"""" to betray.


I was making fun of him because "da joos" is very obviously actually a smokescreen for the bourgeoisie yet he is too ignorant to realize this.

Article unrelated. Bill is anti-trans and anti-worker. Libs were/are really against it.

If Marxism is taught in every college in America, how come Holla Forumsacks don't know what the deffinition of communism is?
rly makes u think.


Shit man, source? That's almost too good to be true.