Walter Cronkite - dead

This is the last of the honest journalists left.

Too bad Holla Forums is obsessed with believing the lies spat by Milo because he says things they want to hear, and the liberals convinced that Michael Moore is anything but a one-sided opportunist out to make money with fiction.

Yeah right.

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pilger and greenwald are the best journalists alive

who the fuck are those people?

John Pilger is an Australian Journalist

Watch his documentary "The War On Democracy" all can be found here cos hes a nice guy like that

Journalism was always bullshit, these guys are just from a time when you were too young and/or had too little access to information to realize it.


low-energy b8 thread that will inevitably turn into the same pedo debate it does on Holla Forums

to be fair, various changes in material circumstances have lead to a noticeable plunge in the quality of journalism. (or at least a terrible reduction in signal:noise ratio.)

of course by the time to catch a predator was on air, that process was already complete.
is about gaming journalism but gives a generally good example and narrative of the way things are set up in that specific area, similar forces are doubtless at work through the rest of it.

expect it to be mostly untrue bullshit then that ignores facts and tries to pin everything on a woman dumping her boyfriend so they can pretend the problem wasn't present since 1981.

it's from 2011 and is written by someone who was employed as a gaming journalist in the 90s.

gamergate really was a shitshow.

Quinnspiracy started because Eron Gjoni dumped Zoe Quinn and alleged she was cheating on him with a journalist who gave her favorable coverage.

Gamergate started shortly after when a bunch of game news sites published basically the same editorial saying that video games should ignore the consumers and find a new audience because they're a bunch of straight white male woman haters.

nice stonewalling, also nobody here gives a fuck about either side of gamerghey

the liberal media class is really fucking stupid

hello Holla Forums, reddit or summer. once again, we're not liberals

OP, please go rest at the bottom of the sea.

1. Cronkite was the one, who with one sly false and opinionated comment, caused the U.S. to lurch into open rebellion against our service members and those same hippies are the ones in charge of the left now. I hope all the hippies die in fire today.

2. Thompson was a drug-addled writer who thought he was a legitimate reporter throwing his opinion around like it was free candy (or LSD) He makes for cool movies, but he's a loser who killed himself. Oh, you still idolize Chris Cornell? Fuck him. I liked Soundgarden too, but that asshole took the good out of it.

3. Safer - Don't know shit about him.

Hi Kids. I work in online advertisement. This book from 2012 explains the media strategy, and btw, I think a lot of pol plays along with Trump and Milo for the keks and the but-hurt.

Stay mad forever faggot.



this terrible post is how I found out cornell died

What? I'm not opposed to Holla Forums. I lurk here all the time. Plenty of us are or were sympathetic to gamergate. I was just explaining why the booj liberal vidya press drew ire from gamers.

It still baffles me how much of a fucking rupture in society was caused by a controversy within children's toys discussion circles

Clearly they aren't because most people who play them are adults.