Ready to take the gloves off, Holla Forums?

Ready to take the gloves off, Holla Forums?


I'll finish the job his cancer couldn't.

The people who do nothing are probably the first to do these ridiculous calls to arms. Belongs in /leftytrash/.


When has chomsky definitively lost a debate?




Yeah go for it Holla Forums, become Antifa. Vandalize. Punch people you don't like. Don't worry, the MSM, Israel and Wall Street have your back.

Fuck being friends with these retards.

Retards like Molymeme?

The media just ignores anything that can be considered leftist while amplifying anything on the right

They were obsessed with all things trump from the beginning while barely ever even mentioning Bernie until it was too late for him to win. Same goes for tea party vs occupy Wall Street

You can't violate NAP by killing those that don't acknowledge NAP. It is no different than murdering feral beasts, they are a threat to your safety.


Garbage. Of course they will.
We need more discussion and less shouting.
This kind of thinking causes its own problems.

Sam Harris obviously.

Clearly Noam has never conceived of such a stellar and clear understanding of U.S foreign policy as Harris has. Look, the US is good because at least they aren't al-qadea ok!?!?


go back to reddit







Nice one, guys

Stay spooked you fucking moron

What does /s mean?

A commie calling me spooked
Is the irony lost on you?


You say that like I don't hate both imageboard memes and Reddit memes equally.

You say that as if it's not exactly what your post implied

you say that like you're not both faggots who need to stop

That's my first post in the thread though.


Put this shit in /leftytrash/

Peace was never an option

Who the fuck is this guy?

murray that's not the proper way to hold a gun.

Yes it is.

It's like html tags. You know when people would do things like

But then they lost the and most of the word.
/s means "sarcasm"

No. :^)

It looks like he's not even holding the grip in that pic.

his critique of pop culture makes me think that hes some kind of Islamic Zizek

Can't accidentally fire the gun if you're not even touching the grip. Ultimate safety.

Since jihad just means "struggle" or "effort" in the broad sense I can safely assume it's not as deep as you're hoping it is and it's literally just a bootstraps meme

it could fall on the ground and go off. murray's gonna be one of those people that liberals use as an argument against weapons.

Does anybody else instinctively close the tab Stefan Molyneux appears in on the computer screen like a pop-up ad? I can't stand that faggot…

Like Alex Jones, you need to learn to enjoy the meme of his existence. Being a leftist is very tiring if you don't learn to laugh at the objectively ridiculous

Alex Jones I can still laugh at, but this guy? I really gotta stop myself from violating the NAP when I see his face and hear his voice.

There's definitely a religious connotation to Jihad. It probably means something similar to what hardcore Calvinists mean about hard-work - SpongeBob is so righteous, pure and hardworking that he was rewarded with a giant pineapple house.

At the same time Memri TV was made by Israelis to make Muslims look stupid so it might be a deliberate mistranslation.

"If Muhammed (PBUH) could rise above his circumstances to form the greatest empire the world has ever known, what's your excuse?"

Property violated the nap

I feel you. We now know for sure Alex Jones is just being a clown. Molyneux probably really believes his bullshit, but either way his followers do and he's pretty much a bona fide cult leader.

You can't commit a murder by killing those that don't acknowledge there is not God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. It is no different than murdering feral beasts, they are a threat to your safety.